tagIncest/TabooBlessed Ch. 14

Blessed Ch. 14


This is a work of fantasy. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, and the actions contained herein should not be duplicated. All characters are 18 or older. It's all pretend, folks.


Days blur together.

Kit wakes in his mother's bed, stumbles back to his rooms, has sex with Gabrielle, stumbles down to lunch, spars with Fiona then beds her, spends the afternoon with Grace, meets Belle for dinner, then finds his mother's apartments so that they can cap off the night. At least twice a week Kit takes a break and goes riding with Eva.

Kit and Eva traverse the near reaches of the island. They take several day trips, featuring visits to some of Kaido's more interesting architectural marvels. Yet Kit doesn't feel much interest in everything his sister finds marvelous. Once you've seen one gambrel roof, you've pretty much seen them all. But every time they spot a barn or house with such a simple architectural detail, Eva gets really excited.

Seeing Eva excited, at least, is worth the hours spent poring over minor variations in house construction and design. She is so serious most of the time, constantly frowning at her sisters or unobtrusively withdrawing from conversations, that seeing her smile and hearing her laugh in delight is an absolute pleasure. The comradery and friendship is welcome as well. There's none of the pressure from Eva that he feels from his mother or the rest of his sisters.

Not that Kit has much cause for complaint there, either.

Since the resolution of their brief spat, Serana has been nothing but devoted to her youngest child. Their nights are spent in athletic contests, each one trying desperately to tire the other one out. So far, no one has gained any advantage. But Kit has lost count of the number of orgasms he has made his mother succumb to, as well as the number of times he has pumped her receptive womb with gallons of his spunk. Or pumped her throat and stomach full of the stuff. Or sprayed her massive, maternal bosom with his spend. Serana gives as good as she gets, and is seemingly inexhaustibly hungry for her son's cock and cream.

Both of them are enlivened by the release of energy that comes from their frequent mutual climaxes. Neither of them gets much in the way of sleep, but their supernatural stamina mitigates the lack of it during the day. Indeed, when morning arrives Kit feels more invigorated than spent. Within a month's time, he notices that magic comes quicker and easier to him as well. His abilities are not as complete nor as effortless as his mother's, but he can see and feel a noticeable increase in both power and facility.

One of the more pleasurable side effects of this is that Kit discovers his ability to prolong Fiona's giantess form also increases. Fiona doesn't adopt her magical form every time they couple. For the most part, in fact, they have normal sized if far from conventional sex. Fiona has a taste for the unusual. She is the first of his sisters to successfully get Kit to attempt anal entry, for example, and surprisingly not when she is giant-sized.

Still, the thought occurs to both of them when he is fucking her titanic body from behind one afternoon following their usual sparring session. They are in her bedroom, the furniture pushed to the walls so that Fiona can position herself on all fours in the middle of the room. On her hands and knees, enormous breasts swaying beneath her, Fiona moans appreciatively as Kit stands at his full height behind her, his powerfully muscled arms wrapped around her huge, perfectly taut ass as his thick cock plunges repeatedly into her cavernous pussy. As Fiona's ass ripples from the impact of Kit's chest against it, her little star-shaped opening winks at him.

Without hesitation, Kit slides one of his big hands across the bronze curved globe of her right cheek and teases the opening with two of his fingers. Fiona seizes up, her head rising above her shoulders. With a flick of her long brown hair, she looks backward at her tiny brother. "Do that again," she commands.

Who is Kit to argue with a giantess? His fingers caress her once more and her huge body shivers. Her green eyes grow hooded and a lustful grimace contorts her full lips. Emboldened, Kit plunges both fingers into her ass. The effect is immediate and stunning. Fiona howls with delight and slams her hips backward, her huge ass all but knocking Kit off his feet. Only her incredibly talented pussy, suddenly clasping tightly around his plunging cock, keeps him upright.

With a lusty laugh, Kit starts thrusting his fingers in and out of Fiona's ass. Her deep, husky moans fill the small space of her bedroom. Her hips move quickly to match the thrusts of his hand and cock. Kit holds on for dear life to her other cheek, his fingers and her flesh both turning white at the strength of his grip.

In seemingly no time at all, Fiona is coming, her pussy and asshole clamping down tight upon Kit's invading digits. Her massive body shakes and shudders deliciously, her head dropping momentarily as she gasps for breath. Enjoying the feel and spectacle of his giant sister losing control, Kit lets himself go, pumping her fertile womb with jolt after jolt of potent teenage jism. Her howl of delight nearly deafens her brother in the small confines of the room, and they both hear a crunch as one of her long, muscular legs kicks out and destroys a dresser.

Kit pulls himself free from his sister's clasping pussy, still hard, dripping with both their fluids. His hand is surprisingly clean, but he doesn't want to dwell too much on where it has just been. Fiona basks for a few moments in the aftermath of her explosive orgasm, before awkwardly turning around in the tight confines. Between her pendulous, massive tits glows the glyph that Kit drew there to keep her gigantic for as long as she wants. He is slightly surprised that she doesn't shrink down immediately as she usually does after he fills her to bursting with his seed.

Instead, she surveys the damage and frowns slightly. Then her large head swings towards Kit. Still on all fours, she looms over him. With a sexy smirk, Fiona reaches for his wrist with two of her own fingers and brings his hand up to her lips. She sucks nearly his entire hand into her mouth and cleans him off sloppily, coating his whole hand with saliva and running her large pink tongue all along it.

Then she licks her way across his arm, down his chest, and captures his thick cock between her lips. With only mild effort, Fiona is able to coax another epic load from her little brother's swollen balls, moaning theatrically in pleasure as she swallows his latest offering.

"I haven't had anything up my ass since I left home," Fiona rumbles. "Seeing as how the whole point of the summer is for you to pump your seed into my womb, I haven't even asked you for a good old-fashioned ass fucking."

Kit, always in awe and a little bit fearful of his sister at this size, only chuckles. "Grace and I tried, but I was a little too big for her."

"Poor little Grace," Fiona says with a smile. Fiona reaches out with a forefinger to tease her brother's softening cock. Her finger is not much smaller than his dick, and she rubs it along the underside, gradually stiffening him to full thickness again. "You are frighteningly large, little brother," Fiona admits huskily, "but not much bigger than my husband. I'm sure I could take you."

Kit is privately excited by the prospect. He has never broached it with any of his other partners, especially after the disastrous attempt with Grace. "I don't want to hurt you," he says automatically, recalled the painful look Grace made when they tried.

Fiona laughs and kisses the top of his head. "Don't worry. A little bit of pain is part of the attraction," she says ominously.

To his surprise, she then shrinks down to her normal height, which is still a few inches taller than Kit. She stretches her long limbs, thrusting her big tits into prominence, and groans. He admires her magnificent body, the athletically muscular build of a warrior woman, scarred and hard-used but still curvy and beautiful. "I think I'm getting too used to that size," she says. "I feel compressed lately after one of these sessions."

Fiona smiles, thinking. "I wonder if you or mother could make me that height permanently." She pauses again and adds in a quieter voice, "Or bigger."

Kit chuckles again, feeling that now familiar uncertainty at the pit of his stomach. "I doubt it," he says. "But weren't we going to...?"

Fiona is brought back to the present. She looks him in the eye and smirks. "Oh yes, Kit. We are. But I want to feel the full size of your big cock in my ass."

Maybe it's the words themselves, maybe it's the look of determination in his sister's eyes, maybe it's the steely purr in her voice. But Kit's erection throbs and jumps between his legs, a fat dollop of precum spurting from the tip to spatter on the floor. Fiona cannot help but notice. She licks her lips, a lusty gleam in her eyes.

"The only problem," she says, "is that my bottle of lube was in the dresser I just kicked."

At that, Kit can only laugh. Fiona gives him a sheepish grin in return. Together, the naked siblings turn to the crushed pile of drawers and panels and begin to sift through the contents. "Are you sure it's not smashed?" Kit asks, as he separates fragments of wood from some sultry looking and, to his eyes, foreign lingerie.

"I keep it in a bottle of Tikor crystal," Fiona says, eyes searching the wreckage gamely.

"Hey, why is it that you never wear any of this stuff when we're fooling around?" Kit says, holding some kind of filmy green garment.

Fiona looks over at him. "I packed a lot of stuff that I wasn't sure I was going to use. So far you haven't needed the enticement offered by sexy nightwear. Our schedule demands more armor and less lace, anyway, and we usually just get down to it when we're ready." She reaches out and takes the garment from his hand. She brushes some splinters away. "Do you like lacy things, Kit?"

He colors slightly, then recalls himself. He does happen to be squatting naked beside his equally naked sister, whose thighs are streaked with his semen, while his semi-hard cock bobs between his legs. "I do," he says. "Although it's mostly mother who likes to wear such things. I like how she looks in them." He laughs. "And out of them."

Fiona laughs lightly as well. "I bet. Well, why don't you keep looking for the bottle. It's hard to miss. I'll slip into the bathroom, freshen up, and slip into something lacy." She smiles nastily. "Then you can fuck my ass, little brother."

Kit watches in open admiration as Fiona strides to the bathroom, swinging that perfect backside of hers the whole way. Then he begins to frantically search for the Tikor crystal bottle in the wreckage of the dresser.

It takes him a few moments, but eventually Kit's hands wrap around a bottle and he pulls it from the pile. It's a thick, transparent blue crystal vessel with a wax stopper. The liquid inside looks viscous. As Kit is examining the bottle and trying to see if the contents will slosh, he hears his sister clear her throat behind him.

He turns and climbs to his feet, casting an admiring look up her long, well-muscled body.

Fiona stands framed in the doorway of the bedroom. She has her long, brown hair piled up on top of her head in a casual way that leaves her neck and shoulders bare. The lingerie she wears is a diaphanous green nightie which ties around the back of her neck and fastens at her chest, falling in waves down to the top of her thighs. Her full unfettered breasts sway beneath the fabric, her hard pink nipples visibly denting it, and looking duskier beneath it. The garment parts with Fiona's every movement, showing her bare, flat belly and shaven pubis, as if the garment is designed to reveal rather than conceal.

Kit grins, feeling blood surge between his legs, thickening his stalk. He has no idea why a half-clothed woman is more enticing than a fully naked woman, but he cannot help his reaction.

"You found it," Fiona says, sliding into the room on bare feet. She jiggles to his side and plucks the bottle from his hands. Fiona turns towards the bed, letting her garment swirl around to reveal the taut bronze globes of her backside. She scampers to where the bed lies wedged against the wall and climbs atop it, being sure to emphasize the curve of her backside and the length of her legs as she does so.

Fiona looks back over her shoulder. "Kind of hard to do this without you, Kit. You coming?"

"Just admiring the view," he says. She laughs and rolls over on to her back, spreading her legs. Kit clambers onto the bed between her thighs, his thick heavy cock leading the way. "Shouldn't you roll over?"

"You already fucked me from behind, today," Fiona says. "I want to see you this time. Especially since you're going to be in my ass. Just relax and follow my lead, and we'll have that thick dick of yours stretching me wide in no time."

Kit chuckles despite himself. He appreciates Fiona's bluntness, almost as much as he appreciates her dedication to sensuality.

Fiona plucks the jar from Kit's hand and sets it down beside her. Then she proceeds to show him how to prepare her for entry, relaxing her muscles and opening her up. This takes a little bit of time, during which they kiss and caress one another. Kit slips his hands under her covering to cup her full tits and tweak her nipples. Fiona openly plays with her pussy while Kit's fingers tease her asshole.

At last she claims she is ready. She picks up the jar, pops the cork off, and reaches in with two fingers to scoop out the contents. It is a clear, viscous liquid that smells faintly of oranges and lavender. Kit barely has time to put names to the scents before Fiona is gripping his thick cock with the same hand and smearing it up and down his length. It is initially cool against his skin, but Fiona's vigorous stroking soon heats it up.

She takes another scoop out before carefully capping the bottle once more. Her hand descends to her ass and she coats her opening liberally, even plunging her own fingers inside to spread the liquid around. Then she grips him again and pulls him gently toward her.

Kit watches Fiona's face, her eyes cast downward as she guides him. He feels his broad cockhead press against her opening and sees her chew on her lower lip, despite her bravado. Sensing his gaze, her green eyes flick upward to meet his. She smiles in reassurance before looking down between them again.

"Press your hips forward," she says softly. Kit complies. He feels slight resistance and then his cockhead slides into her. She hisses and her thighs bunch and her heels kick against the bed. The lube makes things easier, but she is still very tight.

Kit slowly presses forward, sliding deeper into Fiona's bowels, her muscles tightening reflexively around him. Kit huffs at the delicious pressure. Fiona puts a hand on his chest to emphasize that he go slowly, although he is already taking his time.

Her other hand glides through her very wet pussy lips and teases herself as Kit's cock stretches her asshole wide. She smiles lustily at him. "You're doing it, Kit," she says. "You're fucking my ass."

Kit can't suppress a groan. There is something especially nasty about this act. There is nothing procreative about this joining. Certainly, all the blowjobs and titfucks and cunnilingus defeat the purpose of the summer's sexual activities, but those could all be defined as foreplay, even if his mother and sisters usually insist on bringing their blowjobs to completion and swallowing Kit's voluminous spend. At any rate, this is actual penetrative sex, but it's purely sex for sex's sake, not an attempt to make a baby. This is sex because his sister wants to have sex with him, wants her brother to get off inside her. The distinction is purely academic, given all that has transpired between Kit and his female relatives to this point, but his lust-addled mind and incest-addicted libido is happy to make that distinction.

Kit's cock throbs inside Fiona's ass, swelling in anticipation. She moans in appreciation, still diddling herself as Kit eases into her. Suddenly he sinks to the hilt into her ass, surprising both of them. Fiona's eyes roll back and she shudders. Kit's thick cock, fully embedded, throbs hungrily again.

After a moment that seems like an eternity, Fiona's eyes focus again on her brother. The hand on his chest falls away. Her fingers dive deep into her gushing pussy, making wet sounds that punctuate her words. He can feel rippling contractions caused by her fingers somehow, like vibrations through her flesh and across his dick. "Go ahead," she says breathlessly. "Fuck that ass."

Kit grins and proceeds to do just that, sawing his cock halfway out of her and then sliding it back in. He goes slow at first, but picks up speed, especially as Fiona shows her enthusiasm. He grips her waist in his big hands and her legs rise up into the air as he continues to hammer mercilessly into her lubed ass. Her vaginal secretions, flowing like a waterfall, pour downward onto his cock as he drives home again and again.

Kit feels the pressure building at the base of his cock almost too quickly, but he knows that Fiona has already enjoyed at least two orgasms and doesn't try to hold back. With his heart hammering in his chest, Kit drives into Fiona's flexible ass as deep as he can go and unloads inside her. He paints her bowels white with an enormous volume of potent, semen-rich cum. His juices should be pouring into her womb, but neither of them seem to care.

They cuddle afterward, Fiona's hair and lingerie in disarray, both of them coated in sweat and other fluids, sprawled on the bed against the wall. Fiona does wince a few times as Kit carefully withdraws.

Kit offers to heal her while they are cleaning one another up in the bath, but Fiona demurs. "The ache in my ass is going to remind me for a while what we just did," she says, giving him a sisterly kiss on the cheek. "It's been a while since I had my ass pummeled so deliciously. I want to enjoy it for a while."

Kit can only shake his head. Fiona's voracious sexual appetite is almost as much of an aphrodisiac as the fact that she is his sister. His time with her is always intense and always fun.

Time with Belle is very different. No matter how many times they couple, Belle remains emotionally distant. Sex with her is more like a business transaction than anything else. Not that there is a lack of affection, but there is none of the intimacy or abandon that marks Kit's trysts with his mother or other sisters.

Where Fiona is ready for anal sex, Gabby is practicing blowjobs, Serana is as happy to be anointed with his sperm as she is to receive it in her pregnant womb, and Grace is willing to do anything at all with him, Belle keeps their couplings confined to simple penis-in-vagina sex. She is happy to let him warm her up, to suckle her full, pendulous and pale breasts, or to bury his lips and tongue in her blonde pussy, but she refrains from putting her lips anywhere but on his face. And while her hands roam freely over his shoulders and back and even ass, and once in a while she will grip him to guide him into her pussy, she has shown no interest in so much as jacking him off.

Kit could ask her to do these things, he knows, and Belle might even acquiesce. She might even muster up some enthusiasm for them. She certainly enjoys the climaxes he coaxes out of her, and she cries out in genuine pleasure as his cock plunges into her and fills her with virile sperm, searching for a receptive egg. But even now, there is a part of Belle that regrets what they are doing, regrets cheating on her husband, and in so doing having her own brother's child. Kit doesn't want to make her feel worse by asking her to do more for him.

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