tagNon-EroticBlessed Samhain

Blessed Samhain


The air was cool, and the mist thick. Such things were to be expected on this night, when the dead walked once more among the living. A hooded figure stood upon da chich anann, the Paps of Anu in the mortal tongue, surveying the great bonfires on this sacred night.

"Samhain." said the figure. He stood six feet tall with hair as yellow as the sun. "I long for the sensations of mortal flesh, and tonight I may once again experience its delights."

Lugh Samh-Ildanach, the many skilled, leaned on his spear as he walked the fields of Eire again, for the first time in many a year. Content had he been among the mounds of the Sidhe for many a long year, but such things are always fleeting, and the special delights of mortals so intoxicating.

He roamed the fields until a home presented itself. a farm of average dimensions. Boldly kingly Lugh knocked upon its doors, "I am a weary traveler, skilled in all things, open and let me in this fell night!" he proclaimed, for no man of honour could refuse a guest, especially on such a night. It was a mere moment before the door was opened, and at the threshold stood one such as to live in legend.

"I am Finnabair, daughter of Connlongas, and you are welcome on this night sir." Her voice was sweet as honey, and her form perfect. Queenly was she, in stature and shapeliness, and Lugh was taken with her.

"Hail Queenly Finnabair, daughter of Connlongas, and blessing of the good people upon ye!" Lugh said bowing deeply. Finnabair opened wide and welcomed him in, taking his cloak and spear.

"A fell night indeed to be upon the bogs, sir, and Samhain of all times." she said, putting water on the fire to boil. "Pray thee tell me what has you a-roving?"

"Tis the greatness of this night, when the veil of worlds is sheer, that has me a-roving." Lugh replied.

"Pray tell sir, why thou wouldst travel this night when the veil is so sheer? Evil fortune is sure to visit you." Finnabair replied, bringing him bread and ale.

"It is my lot to do so, and thanks be to your hospitality!" Lugh said, gratefully accepting the bread and ale. "Tell me, I pray, where I might find your worthy father, to tell him of his daughter's quality?"

"You'll not find him tonight my lord, for he has gone this dawn to the king's rath, for the festivities there."

"And he left his daughter alone? Scandal!"

"I chose to stay my lord, for I fear the eyes of the kings warriors."

"Devils you say?"

"Nay sir, brave and bold to be true, but free with women are they."

"Tis often the way of warriors, crass and violent, but necessary."

"I confess I am awed and frightened by them sir."

Lugh finished his meal and his eyes took in her form as she bent to her tasks. Truly he had rare seen a finer creature among all the peoples of the world, perfect was she in form and flawless in shape. Her hair was raven black and her skin white as milk, her eyes shone the color of emeralds.

"Queenly Finnabair, Come with me this night, for I am of the people of Danu, and my time here grows short."

Finnabair dropped the cauldron she had been carrying.

"You are of the sidhe?" she asked him, her eyes wide with wonder.

"Aye I am, I am Lugh Samh-Ildanach, and were you to come with me, I would show you wonders."

"My father always said to respect the tuatha, but I fear to do as you ask, for you are a lord among others, and I fear the evil ones."

"You need have no fear, for I am skilled in all things, and none shall dare to harm you." Lugh looked into her eyes and she felt unable to resist him.

"I will go with you my lord, for I am brave and I trust you will not allow harm to come to me."

Lugh held out his hand and she took it. Together they went out into the night and he whisked her through the veil, and her eyes were opened to all that truly was. Images and shades of the past appeared before her in all their glory, more then her eyes were prepared for.

"Look upon them queenly Finnabair, for these are the glorious dead, engaged for all eternity in heroic deeds."

She saw visions of ancient battles, with a dark ill-favored people against the shining tuatha, upon a field awash with blood.

"Magh Tuiredh, where we vanquished the Fir Bolg." Lugh said, and the images continued. Before them stood three heroic figures, like in form as brothers. standing alone against a mighty tide of foes.

"The sons of Uisliu, who for Naoisi's love of Deirdre, died in battle to the treachery of Eoghan Mac Durthact and Conchobar Mac Nessa."

Before them stood a man and a woman, warlike in aspect, at the head of thousands, moving into the plains of Ulster.

"Ailill and Medb of Connacht, on their great raid for the brown bull of Cualigne."

Now a betrayed warrior, heroic in aspect, turned against his home, with sorrow in his eyes.

"Fergus Mac Roich, turned against Ulster by the deception of Conchobar."

Next a vision of two combatants locked in fierce blade work in the ford, one a giant with skin of horn.

"Ferdiad Mac Daman, an unshakeable barrier of battle, who knew none to master him, save the hound of Ulster."

She saw visions of a great warrior and his band of followers.

"This one I know, for that is surely Fionn Mac Cumhaill and his Fianna." Finnabair said, her eyes wide with wonder.

"Aye, it is indeed." Lugh said smiling. His smile warmed her entirely, and she felt strange somehow, as if she might melt in his presence.

"Look now Finnabair, upon the greatest of warriors and the mightiest of men, for here you may find him."

There stood a proud youth, alone against multitudes, upon the Muirthemne Plain, fair in form was he, and his irises were set with jewels. She saw but a fraction of his mighty deeds, bloody work done while Ulster was in its pangs.

"CuChulainn Mac Sualdaim, the Hound of Ulster. None shall you ever know who are his equal in the works of war, a rock upon which the tides of battle break. He is the very fury of the men of Ulster, he has killed hundreds upon the fords, came they in ones, twos, or twenties."

Finnabair drank in all there was to see, the great warriors of legend alive before her eyes. She turned to Lugh and looked upon him in his glory among the tuatha, and she desired him. She bade him end the wonders, and return her to her home so she might repay him for what he had shown her. This thing he did, and she bade him follow her to her chamber.

"You have shown me wonders, and I find my heart quickened and my blood afire." She dropped her dress at her feet, and lay back, her own self the offering to the greatest of the tuatha.

He smiled and cupped her chin in his hand, staring deep into her eyes.

"Queenly Finnabair, I accept your offering, and swear that by this act, your sons shall be known forever among the gaels." He kissed her, and soon he entered into her embrace, working in her and again, resting his head on the sweat of her breast, having been brought by her ministrations to his pleasure, through their long coupling.

But such was not to last, for the sun would soon rise, and Lugh laid upon her his blessing and to her tears of sadness, he departed, to return to his place among the sidhe. His hungers sated, in the magic of Samhain.

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