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This is an official entry in the 2006 Literotica Halloween Story Contest. The contest runs from Oct 1st – 22nd. The winners of this contest are decided solely by the votes of you the readers. Please enjoy what follows and then, please, take the time to vote.

* * * * *

Daniel Chamberlain slumped morosely in the corner surveying the crowded, smoky room. His half finished pint sat on the sticky table before him, looking almost as sad as he did. He had really thought that tonight his luck might have changed but, oh no, the curse of Daniel had struck once again.

The impromptu blind date had been set up by his (supposedly) best friend Mark. The lady in question was Mark's cousin Lil, and apparently she'd grudgingly agreed to go out with Daniel for a test date – just to get a woman's opinion on why he was having no luck with the ladies.

It was bloody obvious really, thought Daniel - he was a sad bastard and women could spot a loser ten miles away. All his life he'd been overlooked. As a child he'd had a speech impediment and been shy to the point of muteness. He'd been bullied right the way through school and when all the other boys had grown up into hulking great thugs, he'd stayed small and skinny, with thick glasses and acne. It had taken him until the grand old age of sixteen to pluck up the courage to ask out his first girl.

Monica Thistlewaite was fat, ugly and almost as unpopular as he had been. Quite logically he'd assumed that she would be as desperate for a boyfriend as he was for a girlfriend. He didn't fancy her in the slightest, but he was prepared to put up with her buck teeth and shrill laugh, just so he too could take someone to the end of term disco.

Unfortunately, Monica Thistlewaite wasn't as desperate as he had first thought. He had spent a whole week plucking up his courage to ask her out, when finally the momentous occasion presented itself, as Monica sat down at his lunch table in the school canteen. She promptly began to tuck into a huge pile of chips and meatballs, paying absolutely no attention to Daniel whatsoever, in her eagerness to shovel the food down as quickly as humanly possible.

When she paused momentarily for breath, her bulging cheeks chewing the food like a bloated great bovine; Daniel leant over the grubby plastic table and forced himself to say apprehensively,

"Ermm.... Monica.... I wondered if you would come with me to..." he coughed nervously as the words dried up in his throat – this was harder than he had ever thought possible. Monica had actually looked up from her plate by now as she realised that somebody was unexpectedly talking to her. Her piggy eyes were firmly fixed on Daniels blushing face, a small glimmer of curiosity lighting up her pasty complexion.

"Well I was wondering like... if you had anyone to go with to the disco?" Bright red now, the words flooded out of Daniels mouth like verbal diarrhoea. He hung his head, hardly daring to look at Monica; his question hovering in the air between them like a monstrous stink bomb about to erupt in a malodorous cloud. Staring fixedly at the scars in the worn table, he awaited his beloved's response with nervous anticipation.

The sound of choking and wheezing dragged his attention back up unwillingly. To his surprise, Monica was clawing at her throat and rapidly turning an attractive shade of puce. She had obviously shovelled in one gristly meat ball too many, (they had even been known to contain bits of toe nail in the past - cook wasn't too fussy about the origin of the meat), and was seemingly choking to death right in front of him.

Daniel sat immobile; horribly aware that he ought to help her, but slightly concerned that his reputation would never recover from the stigma of having a fellow student die at his table. When Monica eventually turned purple he stood up shakily and announced,

"Ermm... somebody help her?"

At first nobody looked in his direction at all. This was normal of course so he said it slightly louder. Still nobody took a damned bit of notice.

"SHE'S CHOKING TO DEATH!!" He finally yelled angrily at the top of his voice.

The whole room went as silent as a morgue and for the first time in his life Daniel had everyone's undivided attention It was actually rather nice and he was enjoying it right up until the point when Tom Duggan, most popular boy in school and self-confessed 'Master of the Art of Cunnilingus', yelled back from a table nearby,


Good point really, and Daniel could think of no plausible excuse to explain why he had sat there watching Monica Thistlewaite choke to death, as a direct result of him asking her to the school disco. All hell broke loose at that juncture and in the pandemonium that ensued, Daniel was forgotten again as Tom Duggan leapt the rescue and performed the Heimlich Manoeuvre with the professionalism of a future paramedic. The meatball was promptly ejected with enough force to propel it several metres across the room and straight into Pamela Rowlett's cup of Pepsi. Unfortunately, she didn't realise this, and when everything had calmed down and she took a large gulp of her drink, she wondered why it tasted slightly meaty...

Monica was taken to hospital for a check up, still gibbering and pointing manically at Daniel. Clearly the trauma of the whole incident had deranged her fragile mind and quite frankly, thought Daniel with some relief, it was just as well she hadn't had the chance to agree to go with him to the disco – he was unpopular enough without a loony girlfriend as a sidekick. Jesus, he wasn't a fucking charity!

After the ambulance took poor Monica away, Daniel was hauled off the Head's office for a grilling.

"What on earth happened in there?" boomed Reverend Loftus from across his shiny mahogany desk.

"Well Lofty...er...Reverend Sir," Daniel remembered just in time it was less than diplomatic to refer to the Head by his nickname.

"It all happened so quickly really." his voice trailed off as he spotted the photo of Lofty's teenage daughter Eva. Fucking hell, he thought in admiration. She had sure grown up into a hot piece. Reverend Loftus saw where his attention had drifted to and glared at him with more venom than a King Cobra

"DANIEL!" Daniel nearly jumped out of his seat in shock. "Did you not take First Aid last year along with everyone else? Did you not learn the Heimlich Manoeuvre along with the rest of your class?"

Daniel stared at the floor, wishing rather fervently that he was somewhere else but here. Yes, he had attended the First Aid course like everyone else. The trouble was he hadn't learned very much because he had developed an instant crush on the instructor. She had been a busty brunette with a penchant for tight trousers and he had spent most of every lesson with a hard-on and a head filled with various fantasies's involving Miss Jones sucking his cock. Funnily enough the Heimlich Manoeuvre had not been on his list of things to memorise from that class. It was a miracle he'd even passed the exam at the end and it was only because he had an exceptionally good memory, that he gained enough marks to scrape a C pass.

Reverend Loftus was not an especially harsh man; he genuinely believed that there was good in all children even when the evidence mostly pointed to the contrary. Despite this, he really did wonder if there was any hope that the pathetic boy sat before him might ever become a useful member of society. Daniel was lazy, a social misfit and he seemed to have no empathy for other members of the student body whatsoever. He was a loner and as far the Reverend knew, he had no real friends at all. According to other witness's in the canteen, Daniel must have sat there for a good five minutes watching poor Monica choke on the ill-fated meatball before he finally sought help from anyone.

It was lucky for poor Monica that Tom Duggan had been nearby. Without timely intervention, she could have died. Not a good result for the school. Publicity like that would hardly endear him to the governing body and there were only few years left before his retirement. He had every intention of serving out his remaining time, here at Sunnydale High, peacefully. Student deaths were not conducive to that plan and best avoided at all costs.

Sighing heavily he looked at Daniel with a smidgeon of sympathy.

"Look son, it was not a nice thing to have happened, but you should have reacted quicker. Luckily Monica is going to be fine, but that's only thanks to Tom. I can only hope that you failed to act sooner because you were in shock."

Daniel nodded encouragingly. "Yes, I was in shock. I wanted to help her but I just couldn't move. It was totally weird."

Maybe that was what happened, he thought wonderingly. Shock could affect people like that – he'd read it in his Dad's Readers Digest magazines. Exciting tales of intrepid hikers; people being attacked by grizzly bears in the Rocky Mountains; victims lying frozen in shock, totally unable to move from fear... Yes; that's almost certainly what had happened to him, he reasoned. Maybe he needed post traumatic shock counselling. Yes, he thought, that would be good.

He had had a counsellor for a while when he was younger. The school had insisted he attend sessions for a year after several of his teachers had complained about his strange behaviour. Miss Munroe was Scottish and rather sweet; he'd spent all those sessions trying to see up her skirt while she prodded him for pivotal childhood memories.

Eventually he had made up some just to try and make her happy. At first she'd been ecstatic to hear about the time his uncle touched him inappropriately during a family holiday to Cornwall, and the games they had subsequently played in his bedroom. Unfortunately this had snowballed into an avalanche. His parents were called in along with representatives from Social Services. It all got rather embarrassing when it emerged that he didn't have an uncle, they'd never had a family holiday in Cornwall and he was forced to admit he'd lied.

The thing was - he had never meant any harm by it; he just liked the way Miss Munroe's pretty blue eyes welled up in tearful sympathy at the thought of the terrible crimes committed against his innocent person. Of course when she realised that he'd made it all up, she refused to see him again and said he was completely beyond her professional help. The school agreed with her and the counselling sessions ceased. Unfortunately, so did his pocket money for the rest of the year.

"Daniel!" Reverend Loftus's voice jarred him back to the present again.

"Yes sir?" he said brightly.

"I want you to go home tonight and think about what happened today and whether or not you could have done anything differently. You can't always stand on the sidelines and watch others do the dirty work. Sometimes you have to step forward and jump feet first, regardless of whether you are afraid – it's called being an adult son."

What the fuck is he waffling on about? Daniel was utterly bemused. There was no fucking way he was going home tonight and dwelling on the humiliation of his first potential date practically choking to death, mid invitation to the disco. He just hoped like hell nobody had overheard him ask her before she choked!

"Yes Reverend Loftus, Sir." Daniel muttered, casting a quick glance back at the photo of the delectable Eva in her tight t-shirt.

Reverend Loftus intercepted this look and realised with a heavy heart, there really was no hope for the boy. He was truly a lost cause although it pained him to admit it. Failure was not something he liked to contemplate, but in Daniels case, six years at Sunnydale High had had no effect whatsoever.

"Back to class please and stay out of trouble. You haven't long left here and I really hope I don't have the misfortune to see you in my office again."


Sitting at the pub table alone, he contemplated how weird it was that ol' Lofty had reappeared in his thoughts, especially after all these years. Daniel wondered idly if he would be surprised to see him, sitting here and apparently stood-up by some woman. Probably not, he thought ruefully, a faint spark of self deprecating humour peeking out from beneath his heavy depression.

All in all, he hadn't done so badly really given his appalling start in life. He had developed an interest in computers - mainly becasue he'd had no friends to socialise with. This had lead to a degree in computer programming and he was now officially a techno geek. He wrote software for a living; mostly violent pornographic games aimed at nerds like him. Despite his spectacular lack of success with women, he had slowly gained respect at work over the last few years. His colleagues actually seemed to like him, and Mark and he had become friends in a casual kind of way. They had the odd drink together and even talked about 'lads stuff' whilst watching the footy.

It had been Mark's idea to go on this test date with his cousin Lil. He had got totally hacked off with Daniel moaning about his lack of success with the fairer sex. Mark of course had no such problems. He was handsome, intelligent, had the gift of the gab and seemed to pull women the way a magnet attracted iron filings. On the few occasions they had gone out on the 'pull' together, Daniel had actually found women would talk to him when he was with Mark. Of course he knew it was only so they could gain access to Mark via his nerdy friend; but he found he didn't care. A woman actually talking to him - without either choking or vomiting - was indeed a novelty.

It wasn't even as if he was hideous anymore! His acne had cleared up and he wore contact lenses most of the time. He even went to the gym once a week, (mostly to letch at the fit women in tight sports wear), so his body wasn't all that skinny. It just didn't seem to make a difference. Women were still repelled by him on some feminine subconscious level. This probably explained why he was still a virgin at the ripe old age of 28 - truly tragic in anyone's book. Even Mark didn't know this. Daniel would have been mortified to admit such an embarrassing fact.

They sometimes talked about sex, as men do, but he'd bluffed it out and used his extensive knowledge gained through millions of hours watching porn, to pretend he'd actually had some sexual experience. As far as Mark knew, he'd had a few casual tumbles with drunken girls who'd known no better. The sad truth was, he'd had no encounters with ANY girls whatsoever and his right hand was his best friend when it came to sex. That and his favourite DVD of Jenna Jamison.

Daniel glanced at his watch morbidly; Lil was over half an hour late and it seemed a certainty she wasn't coming. His pint was nearly finished, and he had no intention of wasting any more time waiting when he could be watching Jenna get down and dirty, all for his eyes only. Daniel swallowed the last tepid mouthful of beer, and went to stand up, shoulders drooping.

Much to his surprise a foxy looking woman suddenly appeared in front of him. Habit made him look behind to see which stud she was really looking at, before he belatedly remembered that he was sat at a corner table and therefore nobody could possible be behind him. But why was this vision of feminine loveliness stood smiling at him? And why was she exhibiting all the sign's that she had the hot's for him?

He was struck dumb and immobile by her beauty. She had waist length coppery hair and a slim figure clad in a tight red dress. Her tiny waist was accentuated by large, perfectly round breasts, nipples protruding through the low cut bodice. Her eyes were an unusual shade of emerald green, and when he finally dared to look into them, he was almost hypnotised by their sultry expression and the promise of carnal bliss.

"Are you on your own?" the girl asked huskily, her plump red lips moist and kissable.

"Er...er...yes...I am..." Daniel stuttered, virtually paralysed.

"My name is Lily," the temptress cooed at him as she sidled round the table to press her delectable body against him.

OH MY GOD! Thought Daniel, all my Christmas's have come at once! Mark had never hinted that his cousin was the embodiment of sex on legs. In fact he'd strongly suggested the exact opposite, the lying bastard! Last night on the phone, he had virtually told him that Lil/Lily was no oil painting, but she had a nice personality to make up for it. Beggars can't be choosers, he'd thought philosophically at the time.

This woman was all his pornographic wank fantasies wrapped up in one delectable little package. Her arm had slipped around his waist as she leant into him and as he dropped his gaze into her milky white cleavage, he could almost swear that her breasts were virtually talking to him as he gazed at them hungrily.

His cock was harder than he had ever felt before and so far, she'd hardly said a word to him beyond telling him her name. He could smell the feminine musky heat coming off her in heady waves and he swooned with desire. Oh how he wanted to fuck this woman – he had never wanted anything so badly in his entire life before and he was almost on the verge of embarrassing himself right here in the crowded pub.

All the disappointments of his previous encounters with women were instantly forgotten. This woman wanted him and only him. She was so damned beautiful she could have had any man she chose. But she was with him. A nagging thought that maybe Mark had bribed her to come on to him did occur, but he swept it away quickly. No, he truly believed that Lily had been overcome by his manly sexuality, and she was the first, indeed the only woman, to fully appreciate his outstanding qualities.

Lily pushed her moist tongue into his ear and groped his thigh urgently, causing him to groan loudly. If she carried on much longer he was going to shoot his load in his pants! It might be sensible to see if she wanted to go to his flat now rather than later. She certainly didn't seem all that interested in conversation.

"Uhmm... shall we go to my flat?" Daniel asked tentatively, all too used to blistering knock-backs, and still half expecting the erotic bubble to burst in a spectacular fashion.

"Ooh yes baby. Is it far? I can't wait much longer..." Lily panted in his ear encouragingly. Her breasts heaved temptingly and her nipples stuck out like bullets. One hand slid between his legs and squeezed his throbbing cock hard.

"Oh God!" Daniel muttered, trying with all his might not to blow it too soon. "Quick, let's get out of here; I only live in the next street." He stood shakily; uncomfortably aware his cock was obviously bulging at the front of his jeans. Surely everybody would see his erection as they walked through the pub... God how embarrassing!

Luckily all eyes were firmly fixed on Lily. Men gazed at her in lust, and then in jealous envy at him for accompanying her. Even women seemed drawn to her beauty and for the first time in his life, Daniel felt glad to be himself. He was positively gloating as they left the pub, his expectations of what was to come, feeding his feverish lust to ever increasing heights.

The journey back to his flat was a blur; one moment they were stood outside the pub in the drizzling rain, her hand down his trousers. The next moment they were at his front door while he fumbled with his key. The lock opened and Daniel staggered into his living room, suddenly wishing he'd tidied up at least once this week.


The short, plump girl with the frizzy, red hair stepped into the crowded bar and paused for a moment. Briefly she consulted the photo in the hand and surveyed the room. There were several men sat alone but not one of them looked anything like the bloke in her picture. Unless Daniel had had plastic surgery in the last month, he had already left the bar.

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