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Blind Date


For Sarah, dating had been very depressing the past couple of months. Sarah's divorce had been finalized last year, but it had only been the last few months that she felt ready to start dating again.

The divorce had been very sudden, starting when her husband came home from work and announced his shocking news: he had found someone else, had taken a job in California and wanted a divorce. Sarah was devastated. Even though she was unhappy, it was not her personality to want to be with someone who didn't want her. Sarah gave her husband the divorce without argument. She hadn't heard from him since.

Today was a beautiful, mild summer day and Sarah was meeting her friend for a quick lunch between meetings. Sarah wasn't successful in her love life, but she was successful professionally. She purchased a condo after her divorce and lived very comfortably. Sarah had shoulder length light brown hair that she had highlighted to look like the sun had kissed it; 5'6" and 120 pounds.

Sarah's body was petite and feminine. Her hips weren't very curvy, but she was all curves on the top with full breasts. She knew she wasn't ugly and thought she made the most of what she was born with, but thought her looks were average. However, her friends told her otherwise and perfect strangers followed her every move. Today she was wearing a tailored soft blue suit with heels. Her slim hips looked great in her pencil skirt and the heels made her feel sexy, which she desperately needed after Saturday night's disaster of a date.

As Sarah arrived at the café where she and her friend Karen met regularly, she saw that Karen had snagged a booth by the window and waved. Sarah entered the café and said hello to the owner, "Hi Joe".

"Hi, Sarah, can I get your usual?" asked Joe.

"Yes, I can't go a week without my Philly steak and cheese," replied Sarah with a smile. As usual, Karen noticed that every male in the café had their eyes on Sarah; meanwhile, Sarah was oblivious.

As Sarah neared the table where Karen sat, she noticed that Karen had that "I'm up to no good" smirk on her face and glint in her eyes. Uh oh, thought Sarah. Sarah was either going to get a really good laugh at lunch because of something her friend had done, or her friend was going to try to sucker Sarah into some supposedly great idea.

"Uh oh, what are you up to now?" Sarah asked Karen as she sat in the booth opposite her.

"Nothing, what are you talking about?" Karen said, trying to act clueless.

"I've known you too long to not know that look on your face!" replied Sarah, laughing.

Karen smiled and said in an unusually soft voice, "Alright. I'm going to tell you. I just thought we'd order first."

"I ordered on my way to the table, and you always do, too. Spill it." Sarah said to her friend.

Karen hesitated and shrugged her shoulders. Again, Sarah knew that this was Karen's way of trying to act casual. Something was up. "Jimmy and I were talking this morning on the phone." Jimmy is Karen's boyfriend. Jimmy's a great guy, who wasn't great looking, but has the best sense of humor. Karen continued, "Jimmy's Uncle has this cabin up North that he is going to let us use one weekend next month. It is supposed to be really nice, on a huge piece of land with a pool, hot tub and walking trails; very secluded. His Uncle just had it built a couple of years ago. He brings clients up from Detroit to the cabin, it's that nice."

"Wow, it sounds like a great weekend. A very romantic weekend!" Said Sarah

"Not romantic, just relaxing!" replied Karen quickly, as she looked out the window. Karen and Jimmy were always going on "romantic weekends," so her friend's reaction was new to Sarah.

"Not romantic?" Sarah asked, as she tried to look her friend in the eye. "Okay, what gives?"

"Nothing, we just all work really hard. Jimmy and I thought we would go to the cabin and relax," said Karen. Karen started fiddling with her silverware on her napkin. "We also thought we would bring a few friends with us," said Karen, who was trying to look innocent.

Aha! 'Light bulb moment' thought Sarah as her stomach dropped. She knew her friend very well; they had been friends for a decade. Sarah hadn't misread that look on her friend's face when she first came into the café. "Who are you and Jimmy inviting?" asked Sarah.

"Well," said Karen, "you, of course."

Sarah rolled her eyes and said, "Karen, stop playing games and tell me everything."

"Alright, just don't say anything until I'm done, okay? Jimmy has this friend at work. He talks about him all the time. After hearing all about him for months, I finally met him this past weekend. I've decided I want to set you up with him. Jimmy agreed and you know he doesn't ever do matchmaking. Jimmy only agreed because we both know you and his friend will get along so well," said Karen. "Even just as friends," Karen added quickly.

"After the date I had this weekend with 'drunk-crying-man who's in love with ex girlfriend, you want to set me up on a blind date?" asked Sarah.

"Exactly!" replied Karen. "You need for us to set you up on a date, your track record with picking men is horrible!" Karen looked relieved as their food arrived. There was no conversation as they fixed up their meals with ketchup and salt, adding sugar to their tea.

Sarah had to laugh to herself. Her friend was right, even if she didn't want to admit it. She just couldn't pick out the right guy for herself. It was so obvious afterward. She was tired of always going everywhere solo. And although she hadn't wanted to be intimate with any guy immediately after her divorce, sex was about all she could think about now that she had gone almost two years without it. Wouldn't it be awesome to finally meet a wonderful guy and have great sex? She felt daring today and not in a mood to argue with her friend. Her life was predictable and boring and this would be an adventure, Sarah tried to convince herself. Oh, what the hell, she thought. Nothing could be as bad as her last date, right? "Alright, I'll go. Just let me know what weekend."

"Really!?" Karen asked as she grabbed the table. "You're really going to go, without arguing with me or asking questions?"

"I'm surprising myself, too. I realize how much I trust you and you know that if this doesn't work out, I'm never doing it again, right?" stated Sarah.


The next several weeks passed in a blur with everything Sarah had to do at work. It was almost Labor Day weekend and Sarah was getting nervous. What had she agreed to? This had to be the stupidest decision she had ever made. What was she thinking? What did this guy look like? She didn't even know his name, how crazy was that? What if she met him and immediately didn't like him? What if she was repulsed by his looks or personality and then had to spend the entire long weekend with him? Sarah felt nauseous the entire week as she thought about the upcoming weekend.

Packing for the weekend was almost as bad as thinking about it. Sarah was so nervous, she couldn't figure out what she needed to bring. Finally, she called Karen and asked her to come over and help her pack . . . and to ask questions.

"What does he look like?" Sarah asked.

"You know," said Karen, "anything I tell you will make you more nervous." "It's called a 'blind' date for a reason. Just go blind and you won't have any preconceived ideas about him. I know what your type is, so just trust that I picked someone that I think you would be attracted to and that you would happily get along with."

The next morning Karen pulled up to pick Sarah up. They packed up the car and stopped at the gas station to get gas, coffee and snacks. The entire ride up north, Sarah and Karen talked, joked and laughed. Sarah was trying really hard to act like she wasn't nervous and this was just a normal weekend outing.

As they pulled into the tiny town outside where the cabin was located, Karen asked if she'd mind if they stopped to use a restroom somewhere. Sarah agreed since she was getting really, really nervous about meeting her blind date. She could freshen up some after the long drive. She wanted to act normal when they arrived at the cabin and she couldn't do that with a nervous bladder. The girls stopped at a gas station to use the restroom. There was only one bathroom and Karen went first. When she came out, Karen said, "I'm thirsty, do you want anything, Sarah?"

"Can you get me a Pepsi?" Sarah asked.

"Okay," Karen said, "I'll go get my purse out of the car.

As Sarah came out of the restroom and was walking back to the car, she noticed that Karen was searching for something in a state of panic. "What are you looking for?" asked Sarah. "My purse, it's not here!! I've looked everywhere!" said Karen. Sarah helped Karen look throughout the car, even taking everything out of it. No purse. "I think I left it at the gas station when we first got gas," said Karen. Sarah got her cell phone out of her purse and called information. Thank God there was a reception out here. Yep, it's an omen, thought Sarah. Here we go with a horrible weekend! Sarah got the telephone number for the gas station and dialed the number.

"Hello? Yes, about two hours ago we were at your station getting gas and my friend thinks she left her purse there?" Sarah stated.

"You have it? Great!" exclaimed Sarah. Sarah told Karen the good news, "the station has your purse behind the counter." "Great," Karen said in a monotone voice, "now I get to spend the next 4 hours driving back to get it and coming all the way back up here!!" Sarah told the man on the telephone that they would be back to get it in two to three hours.

"There is no way I'm ruining your weekend," said Karen. Give me your phone and I'll call Jimmy. He can be waiting for me outside of the cabin and drive back with me," explained Karen.

"What am I supposed to do?" replied Sarah in a scared voice.

"You can start on your blind date. It will work out better this way because Jimmy and I won't be there to make you self conscious. You can get to know Tom while Jimmy and I get my purse."

Sarah sat there in stunned silence as Karen called Jimmy and made the arrangements.

As they pulled up to the cabin, Jimmy was outside waiting for Karen. Jimmy was his usual, easy going self and had a smile on his face. He was already cracking jokes and didn't look at all upset that he was about to spend 4 hours in the car to get Karen's purse. He was a little overweight in Sarah's opinion, but Jimmy's personality more than made up for that. They were a perfect match. Sarah got out of the car and grabbed her purse and duffle bag and stood in the gravel drive in front of the cabin as the car pulled away.

Sarah realized she was standing like a statue in front of a beautiful 'cabin', if you could call it that. She took a big breath, wondering what she had just gotten herself into. How could this day have turned out this way, she thought as she headed up the steps to a large front porch the size of her condo. The cedar cabin looked clean, warm and inviting. She could smell the cedar, it was still so new. The cabin was two stories with lots of windows. Each window had burnt orange shudders, the color of the leaves in the woods surrounding the cabin. The porch had ferns hanging above the railings and two large outdoor rugs with rocking chairs and a porch swing on either side of the mahogany front door. The cabin was a beautiful home!

Okay, here it goes thought Sarah, as she knocked on the front door. When there was no response, she decided to walk in considering this wasn't her blind date's house either. Sarah once again questioned her decision to come this weekend. Sarah opened the front door and stepped inside, setting down her duffle and purse. She closed the front door and what she saw was amazing! The 'cabin' was huge with an open floor plan. In front of her were the living room, dining room and kitchen. There were couches, chairs and tables in front of a fireplace covering the entire west wall. On the east wall was the kitchen that was part of the same room with a large island. This "room" was two stories high with several skylights in the ceiling.

On the north wall to the left were French doors leading to what looked like the pool and hot tub, two doors on the right went to a bedroom and bathroom. In front of the north wall was an open staircase that led upstairs to an open balcony with three doors. From Karen's description, Sarah guessed it was a bathroom and two more bedrooms up there. Sarah looked back at the French doors and thought the hot tub looked very relaxing through the glass.

Just as Sarah was wondering where her blind date could be, she heard a sound on the stairs. Sarah looked up. Coming down the stairs was a man in jeans and sweater with dark hair. He was trim with a "V" shaped upper body and looked like he was in excellent shape. He seemed very at ease as he descended the steep staircase, watching his step. Sarah realized she was already attracted to this man, just as Karen said she'd be. She had butterflies in her stomach. "Wow" is what came to mind and she hadn't even gotten close enough to see his face or talk to him yet!

As the man came further down the stairs, he turned to look at her and said, "Hello Sarah, I'm Tom, your blind date". They both caught each other's eye. With a huge gasp, Sarah froze and her hand flew up over her mouth. Tom stopped in his tracks, one hand still on the banister of the staircase. It couldn't be! She had to be imagining things. Each stood staring at the other. You could hear a pin drop.

"Tom?" Sarah said in a whisper. "Is that you?" She kept blinking, thinking the sight before her would change.

Tom stared at Sarah with wide eyes. Tom, also whispering, said "Oh, my God!"

Tom and Sarah, both on opposite sides of the large first floor of the cabin, very slowly started walking toward each other to get a better look, as if they were each seeing a ghost. When they were on opposite sides of the area rug in the center of the room, they each stopped again, testing their eyesight.

Sarah couldn't believe it. It was her 'college sweetheart'. She hadn't seen him in over 15 years. What were the odds of them being set up together on a blind date? It was shocking. For one fleeting second she wondered if this was some joke. What surprised her even more was the fact that her attraction to him was even stronger than when they were dating all those years ago. Heat and desire struck her like she had never felt. Once she realized who he was, and how good he looked after all these years, her body instantly reacted. Those butterflies headed south. She was instantly wet and started breathing faster. It took everything she had not to run to him. She didn't know what he was thinking.

Was he feeling the same way? Was her instant need for him so strong that it would cloud her perception of this moment? They had had a love affair in college like she had never known before or since, not even with her ex-husband. Maybe because she had loved Tom so deeply, enough that she wanted to crawl into his skin, she had never allowed herself to get that close to anyone that way again.

They had been crazy in love. Missing classes and abandoning their friends just to be together. But they were also too young and not ready for the strength of their relationship. After two years together, they had both strayed at the same time and decided to call it quits. They were both too young and inexperienced at the time to realize the awesome bond they had. Sarah had often thought about what would have been, had they been older when they met. She knew neither of them were the typical cheaters, just young and stupid at the time.

She was now standing in front of Tom, her breasts swollen from desire, her nipples so hard they hurt and she was so wet her panties were soaked. What if he was appalled at her being his blind date? He sure wasn't saying anything and her own look of shock was mirrored by his. She finally found the nerve to pull her eyes from his and started to look him over. God, did he look good. He now had some graying at his temples and slight wrinkling around his eyes, which made him look worldly and intelligent. He had filled out beautifully since college and obviously went to the gym. Sarah thought that without his clothes, he could be her version of the perfect underwear model. Her heart was beating so hard, she thought it would leap out of her chest.

She swallowed hard, trying to breathe normal, and continued to check him out. That's when she noticed the huge bulge in his pants. Oh my, yes! He was having the same reaction she was. Could there be anything more of a turn on than a guy in jeans with a hard on pushing against the zipper? Sarah had read that guys were embarrassed by it, but if they only knew what it did to a woman when she saw it; especially if she was the cause of it. Even as she was thinking this, Tom was putting his hands in his front pockets, either adjusting because they were becoming uncomfortable, or trying to hide the fact. Sarah had her arms crossed, trying but failing to cover her nipples poking out of her shirt and her knees locked together, trying to hold back the flood that was trying to escape between her legs. At the same instant, they both noticed how turned on the other was and their eyes flew up to meet each other.

Who was going to make the first move? They both had known each others bodies and thoughts better than anyone and that had not changed. While looking into each others eyes, they both knew what the other was thinking without having to say a word. They both knew they wanted each other; wanted each other enough to make up for 15 lost years.

Sarah had agreed to this weekend thinking she needed to take action with her life. She might as well not stop now. With a little hesitation, she took a step forward. Sarah could hear Tom's sharp intake of breath when he saw her move toward him, and took a step, as well. Slowly they took the steps necessary to bring them face to face, staring into each other's eyes during the entire journey across the room. They stopped close enough to almost touch. Sarah was very conscious of the fact that if she moved another inch forward, her breasts would touch his chest; his erection would touch her stomach. Still they stood staring at each other, both with a look of heat and not believing who was standing in front of them.

Tom was the first to pull his eyes away and he looked directly at her mouth. He raised his hand and placed it on her cheek, his thumb slowly rubbing it. As he leaned forward, his hand moved into her hair and down to the back of her neck, his other hand moved onto her hip. Tom pulled Sarah closer by moving his hand from her hip to the small of her back. His lips met hers as they moved forward; meeting their bodies, as well. At the same time, Sarah put her hands through his arms and wrapped them around his ribs and up so her hands were on Tom's shoulder blades, also pulling him in. Sarah's movements smashed her breasts to his chest. Tom's movements ground his erection into her pelvis and stomach. They both moaned at the connection of all of their body parts. They pulled away slightly, breathing into each other's mouth, holding each other's body tight, looking into each other's eyes. They were both thinking about the stunning last 10 minutes and what they wanted to happen next. It took each of them a second to make a decision.

"God, Sarah" Tom's voice rasped out. He took her mouth fully, running his tongue along her lips and then seeking her tongue with his own. Sarah let him find it and their tongues played. Sarah started sucking on his lower lip. Just like years before, they couldn't seem to get close enough to each other. Tom began to rub his erection against Sarah as his hand moved down to her tight rear end. Sarah in turn wrapped a leg around him, raising herself up enough so he was rubbing his erection right between her legs. "Tom this is all so crazy! But, please, I want to be with you." Sarah begged in a throaty voice.

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