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Blind Date?


Three months have passed, and my cyber lover and I are still trying to find a way to be together again. The phone sex and the cybering are not quite taking care of things so we have agreed to branch out...find some physical action and share the details with each other. Finally getting up the courage to venture out on a blind date, the man I chose has been chatting online with me for two weeks and I have yet to see either a picture or hear his voice on the phone. But here I am...driving to the restaurant that we have agreed to meet at. A little nervous as I pull into the parking space, climbing out and pulling at my skirt, plucking nervously at my top as I open the glass doors and step out of the heat and into the cooler air of the lobby.

Stepping up to the hostess stand and giving my name she leads me to a booth in the corner, far from the door. The booth so tall and deep my only view is of the seat in front of me which stands empty. The waiter appears with iced cold Diet Coke in hand and I wonder how my blind date knows what my drink of choice is. As I ponder the question, my cell phone vibrates and I peek to see who is calling.

Ahh my cyber lover...raising my eyebrow as I answer the phone, I listen as he asks me to leave the connection open while I have dinner...just slip the phone on the table and ignore it...he'll just listen. Knowing that arguing will do me no good, I plunk the phone down hard on the table...hoping it thunked loudly in his ear.

Also knowing that I have an audience, which makes me wriggle in my seat, the exhibitionist in me causing a tingle to travel my spine and my wriggling becomes erotic and sensual, all nervousness evaporating instantly.

Glancing at my phone, checking the time...hmmmm 15 minutes late, frowning, my brows knitting together, the waiter appears with a note..."This was just left by a gentleman at the hostess stand."

Thanking him, I wait until he leaves, I rip open the envelope, expecting a 'golly gee...sorry...can't make it', but instead, typewritten the note says: Come to the ladies room, third stall...NOW

A little annoyed, but more than a little aroused as well, I do like a man who can give clear instructions, I slide out of my seat and shoulder my purse. Moving quickly, without seeming to hurry, I push open the door and count down three stalls. The doors of this ladies room are tall, no chance to peek over and they just clear the floor, so no peeking under either. Swallowing the lump in my throat, my pussy quivering with anticipation, I push open the door.

A hand reaches forward and grabs mine, pulling me bodily and forcefully inside. I find myself standing, toe to toe, with my cyber lover. Too shocked to even speak I lean forward, my lips parted, my hands on his waist and as my lips touch his, the electricity sizzles in the air as he whispers, "Surprise."

Heart hammering in my chest, my feet dancing with joy, I hold him closely, just breathing in his amazing scent. Tongues dancing a tango, give and take as we revel in each others touch. The sheer proximity causing my breath to catch in my throat, my thighs quivering as I remember the last time we touched.

He pushes me away, turns me and places my hands on the door. "Don't move, or I will stop." his voice is filled with lust and I obey his command. He bites my neck, just hard enough to make me buck forward before releasing my heated flesh, his hands caressing over my clothes, and his foot nudges at my feet, spreading them, my ass jutting backwards, rubbing at his crotch.

He leans over me, his hard body pressed to my trembling form, he places his hands on mine and I can feel his hardness grinding to my ass as his teeth sink in hard and deep into my neck once more. His knee travels on the inside of my thigh, as it climbs it pushes my skirt up with it, I can feel the cool air on the bared flesh that is exposed between the top of my stocking and the hem of my climbing skirt. Gasping, almost forgetting to breathe...biting on my bottom lip as he pushes his knee to my sopping crotch, no panties to impede his knee which rubs an my now exposed and puffy nether lips.

My breath exploding from my lungs, and then when I hear the door open...silencing my voice, I start to push back, pull from his scissoring teeth. He lets go of my neck long enough to whisper, "Let it go, come on, let me hear how much I excite you." and then the teeth tear into my tender flesh once more.

I can hear the rustle of clothes in the next stall, but I cannot hold back the long, low moan, close to a scream, but tinged with such raw sexual need that it drowns out any other senses I have. My desire urgent, my pussy spewing, dripping and soaking through the fabric of his pants. Only serving to make him more demanding, his teeth more insistent on my neck, biting in, I can feel the moment that his teeth break through, the suckling sounds, driving me to the edge of sheer madness...a scream escapes and I bury my teeth into my own arm, muffling the sound.

Too distracted to notice that his knee has withdrawn, my hips now grinding to the air, brought back as I hear and feel the sharp crack of his belt on my bared ass. Sucking air audibly over clenched teeth, I can hear a giggling on the other side of the wall...the flush of the toilet and my unchecked scream as he drives his turgid cock into my ass, from tip to base in one thrust, balls slapping my swollen clit. The door rattles with the force of that thrust, impaling me on his steely rod, my ass spasming in protest, the pain a white-hot light burning behind my closed lids. His hand wrapping around me, pushing four fingers into my mouth to stifle the keening.

Gagging on the forced in digits, causing my asshole to tighten more, the pain shooting down my legs as his other hand dives into my wetness, finding my clit and stroking, fast to the rhythm of his pistoning cock as he fucks my ass to destruction. Fingers gagging me, my body convulsing violently as I cum. My pussy spraying its juices, the liquid spewing forth, a volcanic eruption forced from within by the violent contractions of my convulsing muscles.

Teeth tearing into his fingers as I drag sharp short breaths into my lungs, my nipples swollen to grotesque proportions as my breasts swing forward with every jab from his cock. The moment of his release heralded by teeth once more marking my neck, too weak to resist, my body reacts by letting my orgasm ride over me, thrilling every nerve ending. Alive in my exhaustion, hot spunk heating my bowels, his hips tight to my ass cheeks as he tweaks my orgasming clit to prolong my release, my body bucking and jerking against him.

My ass, once protesting the invasion, now desperately trying to keep his waning cock inside, it grips tightly and releases reluctantly with an audible popping noise. My groans echoing within the confines of the stall walls. He spins me around, kisses me quickly and pushes me down...hard strong hands on my shoulders, his thumbs grazing along the teeth marks on my neck, stroking over them.

His still rigid cock jutting out from the hard lines of his body, I obediently lick its length, cleaning his spunk and mine from it...sucking it deep into my mouth, letting my tongue bathe his shaft. Grabbing a fistful of my hair he pulls me up, pushing my back to the door and kisses me...hard bruising kisses as he zips his cock back into his pants.

I can hear the jangle of the belt buckle, as he pulls his lips from mine. Pulling me past him and bending me over the toilet, his belt kisses my quivering globes over and over again until I am writhing with the pain, until my thighs are coated with a fresh coat of my juices. Until my breath stops, and my tears coat my cheeks and until I cum, one more time...a screaming howling mixture of pain tinged with an erotic touch of pleasure.

My skirt pulled roughly over my reddened cheeks, pulled upright he holds me tight. Whispering soothing words in my ear, his hot breath chasing the chill from me.

Leaning past me, he opens the door and propels me forward, leaving me standing at the sink, staring at my reflection in the mirror. My eyes wide, my hair in total disarray...and he calls back over his shoulder, "Only wash your hands, nothing else."

Quickly washing my hands, and checking to make sure that my skirt is covering my aching ass, and that the trail of cum is not too evident, I return to my seat. He stands and lets me slide in, then slides his long lean body in next to me. His hand instantly going to my crotch, and smiling, "Good girl, you didn't wash up." He pushes his fingers into my mouth, "just an appetizer, let's eat." As if on cue the food materializes at the table...my favorite foods, and a new iced cold glass of Diet Coke.

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