tagErotic CouplingsBlind Date Ch. 2

Blind Date Ch. 2


Chapter 2: The Next Morning

I awoke several hours later, and looked at the beautiful creature sleeping next to me. I couldn't believe that we had made wild love within hours of meeting each other...a friend had set us up and we had really hit if off. So well, in fact, that I became the aggressor and asked him to come home with me. We had had wild, passionate sex and now, amazingly, I had awakened to want more.

I reached over and slowly started to trace a fingernail up and down the length of his cock, keeping an eye on his face to gauge his reaction. Nothing...but I could feel his cock getting slightly bigger. I kept tracing little patterns and increasing the pressure to see if anything else would happen. Little by little my maneuvers were working. His cock was ever so slowly getting harder and bigger. Intrigued, I grasped it in my hand and cupped it loosely, letting my thumb delicately brush back and forth across the head. Definitely getting some reaction now. I kept this up for some time, just brushing, feathering, stroking -- thinking, What else I can I with it. I was turning myself on with my lusty ideas.

I leaned forward and planted several tiny kisses on the head...Mark stirred a little and I held my breath...he didn't wake. I decided to see how long it would take for him to realize what I was doing to him. I kept kissing his penis up and down the shaft, while still rubbing the head with my thumb. He stirred again, but still didn't wake up. Finally, I licked my lips and leaned over and licked the entire length of it with my tongue. Just barely touching it I ran my tongue up and around the head, circling it again and again.

He made some unintelligible noises...sleep talk, and shifted his hips...even in his sleep he wanted more. I carefully placed the head on my lips and, so as not to disturb him, slowly took his penis into my mouth. I was careful to only apply the lightest pressure with my lips and tongue. At last, I had his entire cock in my mouth and instead of sucking it in and out I just sucked, like you would suck a Popsicle. He really liked this, moaning a little in his sleep. I looked up and found him looking back at me. I smiled around a mouthful of hard cock...he made motions for me to continue.

I kept up with the sucking motions and he slowly moved his hips to meet my mouth. He groaned quietly and reached down to caress the back of my neck while I was busy. I felt cold shivers of pleasure run down my spine at his touch. I was still keeping things nice and slow, waiting for his next move. He pushed a little harder now, and I sucked his cock deep into my throat. He moaned again, making his thrusts a little faster.

I wrapped a hand around the base of his cock, squeezing and releasing and his hips suddenly thrust upward. He grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth. I licked and sucked, still cupping his balls and massaging them. I pulled away and tasted his balls, licking them first, and then taking one and then the other into my mouth. He moaned loudly this time and I done it again. Then I popped his huge dick back into my mouth with a slurp.

He pulled it back out saying, "I want to fuck your tits...".

I eagerly complied, pushing my tits together around his cock to form a nice tight warm spot for it. He began to thrust long and hard between my breasts, and I licked the tip of his cock whenever it poked out. I could only imagine those long hard thrusts in my pussy right now. I let him take my tits into his hands and he began to play with my nipples. Rolling them between his fingers, kneading them. I let out a small gasp of pleasure.

I let my now free hands slip underneath him and grab his delicious ass. I held his ass cheeks in my hands and began to knead them. He suddenly took his cock away from my breasts and slid it back into my warm, slippery mouth. He held onto the back of my head again and began ramming it in and out with abandon. I could hardly keep up he was thrusting so fast. But I tried. He was panting by now and I could feel his balls getting tighter as he got ready to cum.

I slid a finger between my pussy lips and gave my clit a few flicks and he said, "No, I'll take care of you later. Right now, I want your hands on my body."

Excited and aroused of what he might do for me later, I complied and ran my hands up and down his legs: feeling the big muscles in his upper thighs, quivering, wanting release. I sucked harder and harder, feeling his cock slide in and out of my lips, over my tongue. I could taste the pre-cum and wanted the real thing. I got my wish as he started to cum in my mouth, filling it. He took his dick out and started to jerk it, cumming all over my tits and face. I swallowed what was in my mouth and took his cock back in it. I wanted to suck him dry. I pumped back and forth, going more and more slowly as his spasms finally stopped. I looked up at him as he lay back with a very contented smile on his lips.

"I can see we are in for a very interesting relationship," he said to me. "Now why don't you come back up here and see what I can do for you?"

I smiled and climbed back onto the bed, ready for the next round...

Once I was on the bed, Mark's hand reached over and began lightly caressing my breast. Rubbing it softly, flicking at my nipple every now and then to make it hard. Ahhh, it was going to be a good morning.

He caught me watching him and smiled, "Good morning, hon...having fun yet?" I nodded my head and smiled.

"Wanted to find a way to pay you back for last night," he said, still massaging my breasts. mmmm, delicious, I thought.

"Well," I said, "you could always keep this up. I'm liking it already." Mark kept rubbing and flicking and leaned over to nuzzle my neck. I sighed and let him do whatever he wanted to me. His hands were warm and soft and I suspected he had found my massage oils...he smelled lightly of mandarin oranges. Yummy.

He lifted one hand away and let it trace up and down my ribcage, tickling softly, up and down, side to side. I closed my eyes and let myself be lulled by the motion. Then I felt his mouth on my nipple, tonguing it, making it harder. I arched my back to press it further into his mouth. He was still tracing circles on my torso, dipping further down with each pass that he made. I could feel myself wet -- wanting him.

His hand finally cupped my pubic mound grinding into it. He was still licking my nipples, taking turns with them. I wound my fingers into his hair, tugging gently at it, letting him know I appreciated what he was doing. He must have felt how wet I was getting, because he slipped a finger into my slit, rubbing his finger up and down my clit, making it stand to attention. My legs parted slightly, giving him better access. He slowly lifted his head from my breast and kissed me full on the mouth, letting me feel the velvet touch of his tongue.

He started kissing my neck and shoulders, moving to my breasts again...down my stomach and finally my pussy. His tongue lapped lightly at my swollen lips, darting in and out to flick my clit every so often. My hips were making slow circles, keeping pace with his relaxed rhythm. I reached for his neck, pushing his face into my crotch, wanting him to please me. He kept going slower and slower, making me whimper in need. I was moaning his name now, as he stopped. He looked up at me with my juices all over his face, smiled devilishly, and flipped me over onto my stomach.

He started to rub up and down my back, from the crack of my ass to my neck in long, firm strokes. I curled my toes in pleasure and let out a groan. I felt him shifting around, parting my legs and thought he was getting set up to start eating me again...he didn't. He positioned himself over me, spread my legs with his knees and slowly, slowly entered me from behind. I bit my lip to keep from screaming...his cock felt bigger than it ever had before. I relaxed my pussy and let him enter bit by bit.

I felt his weight settle on top of me and he started to move his cock in and out in long, slow thrusts...kissing my neck and back while doing so. I had yet to lay a finger on him. I kept moaning and rotating my hips to keep up with him. Keeping that same slow pace, feeling an orgasm coming on already. He felt it too and sped up a little, still using that long thrust that was driving me crazy with desire. My pussy started to clench and I started to pant, vibrating, cumming quietly.

He whispered in my ear, "Wanna do it again?"

I nodded my head.

He brought me up to my knees, grabbed my tits in his hands, and let his cock slide completely out. I wiggled my ass invitingly and he took a hold of my hips and plunged the length of is in to the hilt in one swift movement. I screamed his name this time, probably waking the neighbors and not caring. He done it again and again, sliding his cock out and slamming it back in. I could feel his balls slapping off my ass and smell my musky scent in the air. We were both grunting now, panting and sweating, frantic to cum. I fell to my hands for support and one of his hands reached around to finger my clit. Sweat was rolling off my body and his; we were making slapping sounds now. I was saying his name again and again, telling him to fuck me harder, deeper, faster...I wanted us to cum together.

He listened to me and started pistoning his cock in and out of my juicy hole with abandon. He was groaning now and I looked over my shoulder at him. The concentration on his face blew me away and I started to cum, pussy muscles making a slick fist around his cock. He yelled that he was cumming too and we both shuddered and groaned and screamed our way to a simultaneous orgasm.

I fell to the bed exhausted and he fell on top of me, saying my name softly.

I rolled him off of me, putting him onto his back, kissed him and asked, "Wanna have a shower? It's big enough for two..."

To Be Continued...

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