tagRomanceBlind Love

Blind Love

byGrey Eagle 286©

Martin Murphy listened for the sounds of the nurse bringing his afternoon meds. According to the radio he had been listening to it was about that time. The nurses were punctual enough to set your watch by. He heard something. No mistaking that sound, he only ever heard it on Monday mornings when the nurses stood inspection on each ward. The rest of the time, they wore rubber-soled shoes.

These sounded different yet familiar. He knew he had heard that exact sound before. Where? The clicks got closer and he heard them enter his room he was sure. They slowed and stopped beside him.

He heard a sob and gentle hands touched his. Hot drops fell on his hands. Soft lips pressed briefly against his.

"Oh! Marty, I am so sorry! So God damned sorry! I just heard yesterday morning. I didn't know anything until your mother called me before I was leaving for work."

"Hey, Mi Lee, why should anyone tell you? We are separated, waiting for you to sign divorce papers."

"Marty, I couldn't sign them until I could talk to you in person. I just couldn't do that."

"Why not? You said you were through with me, you were ready to move on."

"I was wrong. Terribly wrong! I knew it the second you walked out of the door. It was like half of me left. Then when I heard you volunteered for active duty I wanted to die. I called every Marine Base in the country and couldn't find you. No one would tell me anything. Then your mother called to see how I was doing. I cried with her for a long time. I even went and spent the night with her. She said you had called her but couldn't tell her where you were."

Her hands were holding and caressing his. He felt the hot tears again, "Marty, when is your operation?"

"Tomorrow, then in another day the bandages come off and I will know if I will ever see again."

"Marty, I am still your wife, I never stopped loving you. I just thought you were controlling my life too much. I thought I wanted to be free. I was so wrong. I didn't know how much I needed you to tell me what to do in many cases. You wouldn't let me go wrong. I thought you were being bossy, you were protecting me. I was a damned fool."

"Were you a complete fool? Did you go to that Romeo who was trying to get in your pants?"

"No! I talked to some other girls at work about him. I told them what you said. They all said you were absolutely right about him. He has screwed almost every one of them. I felt like such a fool. A stupid fool. I had the best husband in the world and didn't know it until I ran him off."

"Well girl, I tried to tell you. I think you wanted him as bad as he wanted you. You wouldn't listen. I'm sorry things didn't work out like you wanted them to. Thanks for stopping by to see me, it was very sweet of you."

"Marty, I am not going anywhere. I am going to stay with you until you are well. I took a leave of absence to be with you. Work was wonderful! Just as I was leaving the big boss called and told me that since my husband was wounded in action they would put me on paid leave until you are well. I can't believe they did that."

"They must like you."

"No, it was for you they did it. You are a hero."

"I am happy to hear you voice, I will not pretend I don't wish I could see you."

He felt her take his hand and place his fingertips on her face. He gently touched her face, her eyes, her little pug nose, her eyes and her lips.

"I can tell you are still beautiful, girl. I wish I could see all of you."

"Marty, I never stopped loving you. I never cheated on you. Ever! I never really wanted to cheat on you. I just thought Fred was a nice guy who liked me as a friend. I never wanted him as a lover, I had you."

"Well, I think you were spending more time with him than you were with me, you met him for coffee in the morning, had lunch with him, then stopped with him for a drink on the way home. How would I believe anything else?"

"Honest, Billy, I thought he just wanted a friend to talk to, his wife didn't understand him. I told him you didn't understand me. He said you were a fool, and that I was so nice and wonderful you didn't deserve me. I can see what he was doing clearly now. Seduction, he is very good at it. You knew it, didn't you?"

"Yeah, I listened to you brag on how nice and sweet he was and I knew what he was after. I am a guy too! I knew you are a beautiful, sexy, sweet and wonderful desirable girl too! I knew what he was after. My wife! So she chose him and I left."

"I guess that is how it seemed to you. Only I never went to him. I knew I was wrong when you were gone. I tried to find you. I hunted all over town. I was heart broken the next day when I called and asked for you at your work and they said you had called in and quit and were leaving town. I never dreamed you would go back on active duty. Then when I found out I had nightmares that you had gone off to get yourself killed because of me. I wanted to die. I couldn't find out anything."

"I gave it my best shot."

"You wanted to die?"

"Yeah! I guess I did. I really didn't care one way or the

other, my life was over."

"OH, NOOO! Marty, I did this to you. I hurt you and blinded you. Oh god, how can I live with that?" She put her face in her hands and sobbed. He was very distressed to hear her sobbing and pushed the nurses call button.

The nurse came in and asked what the problem was. Mi Lee sobbed and said that it was all her fault he was hurt. She had almost killed him and had blinded him. The nurse calmed her down and told her that she would have to leave if she could not control herself. The nurse took his blood pressure and was upset that it was elevated.

The nurse said his wife would have to go. Marty said, "If she goes, I go with her. She is all I want to see after the operation, if she isn't here I don't need the operation."

"Let me come back in ten minutes and see how things are going. OK?"

"I'll be good, I promise, I just realized I was the one who caused him all this pain and suffering. It is hard to handle, when you know it was all your fault."

The nurse smiled at Mi Lee, "Honey, I don't know what you did, but I do know he has already forgiven you. You are all he talks about. His doctor will meet with you at four this afternoon as you requested."

Tears ran from Mi Lee's eyes as she looked lovingly at her husband. Mi Lee and Marty talked quietly for an hour before She told him she had to go talk to his doctor. She tenderly kissed him an said she would be back as soon as she could.

When she returned she was excited. "Marty, they have a room for us for a few days with a double bed. I can stay with you. Isn't that great?"

"Do you really want to?"

"Hell yes! Do you?" He heard the half sob in her voice.

"More than anything in the world, yes, yes, yes." he answered.

An hour later Marty sat in an easy chair. He heard Mi Lee moving around the room putting their things away in drawers and in the bathroom. She was humming softly as she worked.

"Mi Lee, you sound happy, are you really happy to be here?"

"Oh! Yes, I really am. I will always be happy to be with my man anywhere."

"Come and sit on my lap, girl, I want to touch you." He felt her weight as she settled on his lap. He felt her soft lips against his. He sighed. She felt damned good. He put his arms around her. She kissed him harder. He rubbed his hands over her body and knew she had to feel his erection growing.

He heard her giggle. "Marty, would you like to take a little nap with me?"

"Jesus! I sure would!"

"Let me call the nurses station and see if they have anything scheduled for the next hour or so." He heard her talking to the nurse.

Then he heard her giggle, "Yes I will, you can count on that. Bye!"

"What can she count on, Babe?"

"That I will fuck your brains out. She said she thought you needed that."

"I DO! Yes I really do.?"

"Me too! Let me lead you to the bed. Here. Now turn this way and step a short step back. Now back a little more."

"Good, I feel the bed. The head of the bed is to my right isn't it?"

"Yes Dear. There you are, all set. Lift your rear end off the bed and I'll pull your briefs down. OH! My goodness you are ready to play. Wait just a second and I'll be right with you. "

He lay still on the bed then he felt the bed shift a little bit. A small hand grasped his erect cock, soft lips brushed the head of his rampant penis and were gone. Her lips touched his own lips softly and slightly open. His lips opened and her tongue slipped in to twist and turn with his. His hands reached out and found her. He pulled her up close to his chest. He felt her breasts rub smoothly over his chest. He turned her a little so his hand had free access to her body. He found her breasts instantly. His warm hand closed gently around one breast, softly kneading it and squeezing it. His fingers located the fully erect nipple and pinched it delicately. He twisted it and manipulated gently between his finger tips. She moaned a little.

She heard him suck his breath in sharply as her hand found his cock again. "God! That feels so good, Mi Lee. Just hold on to it."

She said, "Let me get on my back and you can move to the side and play with me all you want. Then it will be my turn to play with your body."

"Wait just let me hold your body against mine for a minute, it feels so damned good. God! How I have missed you girl. I hurt so bad when I left you I wanted to die."

"I know, I cried for hours and hours and wished I could die. I never knew I could ever miss anyone so damned much. It was like half of me was dead. And at night it was horrible, I just knew I would never see you again and I knew I couldn't endure that. I was so lost without you, everything was hopeless."

He moved down and moved his lips to her chest with his hands, his mouth found her breast and he kissed his way around until he found her nipple. He sucked it right in. he nursed at it like a baby. She loved how that felt. She tingled right down to her pussy. She grasped his head and moved it and herself until his mouth fastened around her other nipple. It was so delightful and she never wanted him to stop.

She didn't complain though when his hand rubbed down over her flat little belly and slipped over her smooth bare mound. She pushed his head down too. He ran a fingertip over her pussy. Then he parted her labia with his thumbs and licked the tip of his tongue along her slit.

A shudder coursed through her body. His fingers pulled her inner lips apart and he licked his flat tongue from her opening to her clit again and again. She felt a strong orgasm sweep over her. She keened deep in her throat, holding his face into her wet pussy.

His tongue probed deep inside her vagina then slurped at the juices now gushing from her. He did not recall her being that wet before. He found her clit hiding in its small cave and sucked it out for his tongue to love. She trembled and shook harder and harder. He inserted two fingers inside her and touched every place he could reach. She let out a scream and jerked violently. She pulled at his head and then his shoulders trying to get him up over her body.

"Inside me, I want you inside me. Yes! Let me help, there he is in. God that is good. I love it. Really, really love it. Oh! Yes, fuck me just like that. That is just what I have needed for so long. Anghunnn, Unhunnnn, Unhuhhhh. Unhuhhhh. I love you so much Billy, Ahieeeeee! I need to feel you cum inside me. Hurry, my Darling Lover, I am still cumming. Yes, I feel it. I feel you spurting your cum inside me. Give me your babies! No! Don't get off, I want to feel your body on top of me. I can't get enough of you."

"Mi Lee! Wow! That was amazing. Was I able to please you at all?"

"Please me? I have never felt so loved in my whole life. Your love filled my whole being. It was awesome."

"Sweetheart you have had me in heaven since you first touched my cock. I love you."

"I love you too, I always will."

Early the next morning Martin was being prepped for his operation and asked if Mi Lee where there. The nurse told him she would be with him during the whole operation. She would join him after they finished prepping him.

Later he felt the gurney moving and turning various ways. When it was still he felt a small hand holding his. "Mi Lee?"

"Yes, Dear, I am here with you. I will be here for you if you need me."

He heard a voice he did not know say it was the anesthesiologist speaking and that he was going to start injecting something in his IV and that Marty would start feeling drowsy. Then everything went quiet.

He woke up and lay still for a few minutes. Then he said, "Mi Lee? Are you there?"

"Of course I am. I told you I would be here for you. How do you feel?"

'I feel fine. What time is it?"

"Eight o'clock."

"Wow, the operation was real quick, wasn't it. Oh! No! Does that mean they weren't able to do anything?"

"No Dearest! It is the next morning. They kept you sedated all night. They should be coming for you very soon to remove the bandages. I have to tell you that both your eyes were destroyed. They had to give you a transplant. Just one eye though. The other eye's nerves and things were too damaged to salvage. They will try to replace those in about six months. You should have one good eye to see with until then."

"Hey! That sounds great! Where did they find a donor for the eye? They couldn't find one yesterday."

"They had a volunteer show up."

"They had a live donor? Wow!"

Martin heard someone enter the room. "Are you guys ready to go get the bandage off? You know it will only be off for a short time then you will have to wait for a couple of days before it comes off for good."

"Let's go. I can hardly wait."

They took Marty to another room and sat him in a chair. He was told to not try to move his eyes at all. He was to look straight ahead. When the bandage came off the room was very dark. One light was shining in his eye. He could see the light. Then he could see the doctor and the machine the doctor was using to look in his eye.

He wanted to see Mi Lee. He asked if he could see his wife. He was told she was there with them but he wouldn't be able to see her for couple of more days. He heard her ask how the things he could see looked to him. He told her that the things he could see looked a little blurry but he could tell what they were.

The doctor said that was normal. That the vision should clear up in a few days. The doctor asked Mi Lee how her eye felt. She said it was fine.

"Wait!" Yelled Marty, "OH NO! She was the donor?"

The doctor said, "Mi Lee, didn't you tell him?"

"No, I was afraid he wouldn't let me do it."

"Oh! Mi Lee, how can I ever thank you? Sob!"

"Just love me a little. That's all I want, I know you would do the same for me without hesitation. Right?"

He sobbed, "Right, I'll always love you."

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