Blind Massage


I felt the sheet being lifted and then felt it slide down my body. I guess they dropped it to the ground although having seen how neat and tidy everything was, they may well have folded it and put it away, I didn't know. What I did know, however, was that I was now naked and that both Fung Soo and Tao Sec would be looking at my nudity. But not just my nudity as it might be in a communal shower, but aroused, excited and hugely sexually stimulated nudity. No one other than my husband, a lover with whom I had an affair and some teenage flings had stared at me or even seen me like this; and certainly not two people who were not only total strangers, but also women. I didn't feel embarrassed as I imagined I would, I wasn't worried, disturbed or put out. It was as if I was an actress and was putting on a show.

I have a good body, I know that. I am quite shapely with full, D cup breasts that have little sag, yet. My tummy shows only the most modest swells of carrying two children, my legs are reasonably long and shapely and my bum is pert and rounded. As I lay there with them presumably reviewing that I felt odd. I realised I wanted them to look, I wanted to flaunt my nudity and expose my body to them, I wanted, I suppose their approval or maybe their compliments. But of course none came, well not in words, but I did hear them sigh softly. And then I felt something better than words for both massagers started moving. One moved downwards and again worked my breasts and nipples whilst the other started that journey that now I so much wanted it to complete. It reached my thighs, I groaned and they fell open a little. It stopped for a while clearly teasing me. It moved a few inches so it was within 'striking distance' of my lips and clit and then it stopped, tantalisingly close to where I now desperately wanted it to me. I moaned and sighed and my legs involuntarily parted, now no longer worried at what they would think of me. I was now theirs to do with pretty much as they wished; I was certainly putty in their hands.

"Oh God, yes, yes," I whimpered as the vibrating head of the massager closed that small gap and rubbed me right on my clit. I moaned loudly, my back arched and my body bucked like a young horse being broken in, but then from a woman to woman sex viewpoint, that's exactly what was happening to me. If the sensations had been strong up to then, now they became super powerful, almost too much to stand. Was it, I wondered, possible to have sexual pleasure to the extent that you can take no more?

I had to hold something, I needed something to grip as the massager sent wave after wave through me from vibrating right on my clit as the other moved from breast to breast and nipple to nipple. I reached out hoping to grab the silky material of Tao Sec's tunic. I got a big surprise, a pleasant one too for where my hand went to where I thought her tunic would be by her hips, it wasn't there. My fingers didn't come into contact with material and, my hand didn't find the silk. No they found bare skin. I ran it up and down. Up past her hip bone to her waist and down to the tops of the outside of her leg. There was nothing there. Nothing apart from gloriously smooth soft skin. I reached out with the other hand towards Fung Soo, but she was closer to me so my hand didn't go round the side of her body, but more the front. I was even more amazed to feel my fingers on her stomach, which was also bare.

Obviously, when earlier they had stopped moving the massagers around, they hadn't only removed the sheet from me, but also their tunics from them. They were naked, I assumed, for I was sure that neither were wearing bras.

I squeezed their hips and legs. That made me realise that I was touching female flesh in an intimate way for the first time in my life. I was surprised that I wasn't surprised and shocked that I wasn't shocked. It seemed to natural, so appropriate and so right.

They resumed the massaging of my clit and now my legs fell wide open, I bent my knees and brought my feet towards my bum. That opened my lips and gave them easier access to my most private places. The massager left my breasts, slithered down my body and went between my legs. I was now being hugely stimulated right on my clit and along my lips towards my anus by two massagers; I really did think I might be moving to that state wher I would be unable to take further sexual stimulation.

I was now continually cumming. That long, rolling breaker just kept on rolling and rolling wave after wonderful wave of immense feelings over my entire body. I thought that the intensity of it was so much that I would faint. I may well have done, I don't know. But I was gasping for breath, my head was rolling from side to side, I was moaning and groaning and I was gripping each of the girl's. I was moving my hands up and down them alternating between the soft fullness of their bums and the firmer smoothness of their legs.

Tao Sec took hold of my wrist and pulled it towards her. I didn't know and in my hugely flustered state I couldn't work out what she was doing, but then Fung Soo did the same. Then amazingly they both placed my hands on their breasts. God what a shock that gave me. But it was a nice shock, I was surprised that I no felt no revulsion, no objection and no guilt as they both let go of my wrists and I kept my hands there, right on their tits. It was a gorgeous feeling. She pushed her breast against me and I squeezed and stroked her. I liked doing that and I heard her give out a deep sigh. It felt so natural, so apt and, I realised, it felt so right.

Fung Soo moved a little and I could no longer reach her breast, but my hand, guided by some other force, my latent lesbianism perhaps, slid behind her and I cupped the taught, yet wonderfully rounded cheek of her bum

With both massagers still working between my legs, one of my hands fondling Tao's breast, the other squeezing Fung's bottom and my body continually climaxing I was giving into their lesbian advances and, evidently, my dormant bisexual at least tendencies. Surprisingly, it didn't worry me. I was thinking that sex is sex, almost irrespective of who induces the feelings. Maybe it was not being able to see anything that was enabling me to do what I would previously have thought I would be unable to do. I didn't care or think about it; I simply gave into the demands of my mind and body.

Caressing Tao's breast came so naturally. It was just like caressing my own as I had done so many times. Cupping it, squeezing it, lifting it and pressing it. Running my fingertips across her areola, lightly pulling on her nipples and then hearing her grunt and push her breast towards, pinching it more firmly, just as I like. All that came naturally to me. With my other hand now on Fung's back I felt her leaning forward, I felt her hands on my breast, I felt her squeezing that and then lifting it. Tao did the same on my other breast. My hands slipped round both bodies and I found myself caressing their buttocks. The massagers were still working between my legs as they caressed my breasts with their other hands. They were both squeezing an orb just beneath my nipples, which made each of them more prominent. They did that so their tongues, simultaneously found them.

I think I did then probably faint. I think the intensity of my pleasure became too great for my mind to cope. My orgasm, which must have been going on for twenty minutes or so, reached a peak of sensations the like of which I had never experienced. Both girls had buried their faces in my breasts and were holding and cuddling me as they witnessed the enormous strength and sheer intensity of the orgasm that they had produced; perhaps they were used to it. I don't know whether they were or not but they consoled me through the final explosive intensity of my climax until I found myself once more laying on my front with the sheet covering me. I had no idea how I got there. I raised my head as I felt someone removing the eye mask. I looked up expecting to see Fung or Tao, but it was Leena who was there, the other girls were nowhere to be seen.

"You shower again now, Caterina?" She asked leaning over me and pulling the gown together and fixing the Velcro fasteners.

In the shower, at my hotel and later when I had returned home I thought about many aspects of the evening. I worried a little about being sort of unfaithful to my husband, but thought it better than the escort, one night stand or affair options. I pondered over the intensity of the, probably half to one hour long orgasm, marvelling at the memory and the fact that it could happen. I felt a little perturbed at how easily I had adjusted to being aroused and, in effect, being made love to by other women and I was somewhat torn by the ease with which I had caressed them. I felt something of a conflict over that and wondered if it meant that I was bisexual.

I couldn't answer most of the questions raised by the events of that evening, but I could answer two of them. One answer was that I had enjoyed it. The second was that I would most certainly return to 'see' Leea and her girls and experience another blind massage.

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