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Blind to the Races Ch. 02


We're all aware of stereotypes in the Interracial Love category - everyone's come across their fair share of Geishas and Magical Black Pussy, and most of us are past the point of being offended. Most stories like this are, while inaccurate, not half as ridiculous of some of the scenarios that we've read about in our online porn lives.

Something that I have noticed, however, is the high number of stories that involve white women, black men, and white husbands engaging in some kind of odd, psychological threesome. The woman is always portrayed as a raging slut, the black man is the noted 'dick with legs' (see Blind to the Races I), and the white man is purported to be a wimp of ridiculous magnitude. On the surface, it doesn't seem to make any sense. The people don't seem to behave the way normal people do; they don't really have any emotions, and just kind of go through this creepy melodrama where they behave like bad, poorly paid, community-theater actors. They spout lines like "I'm gonna fuck your white wife's white pussy with my big black dick!" and "Oh, Gerald, his dick is so much more fantastic than yours!" The husband sits around like Charlie Brown, lamenting his circumstances and watching the whole thing happen with a "What the fuck should I do?" expression on his face. I was confused as well - why would anyone tolerate the kind of behavior that the people in these stories display? People don't act like this!

Eventually, I realized something I think we've always known - that often, characters in stories represent ideas and inexpressible feelings and attitudes more often than actual people. How many books have you read where a hero has magical powers and overcomes all of the evil in the world? Where he gets the beautiful, unattainable girl that would never go for someone like him in real life? How many stories have we heard and movies have we seen where there is little or no character development, and actions rule? Where the 'bad guy' gets punished and the values the creator of the tale holds are affirmed?

Answer - too many times to count.

Erotica is an unregulated medium of expression - and when I say that, I mean it in the most liberal way possible. Things can happen in porn that would be totally intolerable elsewhere, including in other types of fiction and art. In porn, we see things that we never imagined were possible, and honest feelings and desires are thrust into the spotlight, with no daytime shields to hide them. In short, porn is the land where genitalia talk and bullshit walks.

We know that relations between blacks and whites in America throughout history have been, well, tense, but we've come a long way from the days of Amistad. That said, many of the stereotypes and unspoken societal rules that were set in place during that time are still around - especially those that have never been formally addressed. We all know now that it's not nice to turn people away from businesses and refuse to sell them homes based on the color of their skin, but many of the sexual stereotypes have prevailed, and find expression in outlets where they will not be judged.

Like erotica.

Now, it may seem contradictory for me to talk about Blacks being stereotyped and mistreated - after all, isn't it the white husband who is being made fun of? The answer is yes, but bear with me. I have a point. I promise.

Those of you who stayed awake for the slower portions of history class will be familiar with the term 'miscegenation.' For those of you who weren't so conscientious, it's a term that refers to interracial sex/marriage or racial admixture, or more specifically, it's used to suggest that the white race is being polluted by the other, 'lesser' races. It is considered offensive, so don't go calling your friends in interracial relationships 'misceginators.'

Now, back in the day, they had laws called 'anti-miscegenation laws.' I don't think I have to explain what those are. If a white man broke an anti-miscegenation law, it was no big - it was just a man being a man, getting some of that exotic twat before he came home to the wife. However, if a white woman dared to have sex with, or God forbid, marry someone of a different race, she was forever considered a traitorous slut. The white woman who married the black man was considered the worst of these blood-traitors; having sex with a wild buck from the fields (His dick is dangerous! They're rapists!) was considered the utmost rejection of whiteness and could get the pair of them killed.

A few decades and a vocal civil rights movement later, we've now arrived at a place where interracial couples are tolerated. But Black-White relationships are still considered taboo, and that goes double for the black-man-white-woman variety. So now, we get to the heart of what I think is behind all of these wife-slut-black-lover-wimp-husband stories.

A white woman who has sex with a black man is considered a slut - no arguments there. A white woman who has a white husband and then takes a black lover is a MEGA-slut, and her husband is implicated in her sluttiness; if he were doing is manly, ruler-of-the-house duties, his wife wouldn't have to stoop so low as to actually have sex with one of those darkies-of-the-field.

This also brings me back to what I was saying about characters not always representing actual people, especially in porn; in reality, it is extremely unlikely that an actual couple who was not previously into cuckolding would suddenly get into it just because the wife had sex with a black man. But what they do represent are attitudes - attitudes that say that black men are inherently unable to control their sexual drives, that white women are pure, and for the two to mix is to soil whiteness; the husband that fails to recognize such a woman who would fuck a black man before they were married deserves to watch his wife's vagina defiled by the likes of a 'beast.'

This theory is further supported by the lack of stories that flip the script - white men and black women are almost never portrayed in this light. The white man is respectable, honest, and always a good fuck, and the black woman is extra-special, beautiful, nice, and never, ever a slut. This is because a black woman who dates/marries a white man is said to be making a move that is status-raising; after all, even if he's not perfect, a white man is still better than a black man. (According to society, not me. Also, in the good ol' slavery days, white men could have all of the black women they wanted, and a black man who had sex with a white woman was always, always, always a rapist. A black woman who hooked up with a white man was considered lucky, even if she was a slave.) A white woman who dates/marries a black man is ruining something perfect.

It's not appropriate to discuss racial misgivings, especially those of a sexual nature, out in the open; thus, they remain as strong as ever, due to inability to address them. It also shows that the legacy of slavery is not dead, and that everyone involved in the whole dirty business has been tainted by it. The damage has followed us through the generations, and continues to make us uncomfortable to this day. How long are we going to let it go on? The slaves and the owners have had their years; isn't this time ours?

I don't know the answers to these questions, but I do have a better understanding of the stories that I have read that involve this type of behavior. I get now that what I'm reading doesn't make sense because it's embodying something that isn't true, and that it serves as a marker to identify biases that we have in our society. But becoming aware of biases is the first step to getting rid of them. Isn't that what whey say?

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