tagBDSMBlinded by Silk

Blinded by Silk


Everything is dark...the silk wrapped around your face covering your eyes, the much harsher rope around your wrists binding your arms together behind your back.

You feel hands grab you by the shoulders and shove you down hard onto the floor. The stiff carpet scrapes at your knees. Hands wrap themselves into your hair, pulling you forward until your leaning chest against the ground, bare ass up in the air, your knees already protesting against the cruel terrain.

You hear a satisfied grunt, and know, deep down, that the man behind you is staring down at that lovely ass of yours, thinking all sorts of evil thoughts.

The sting of leather straps slap against your bare bottom hard and sudden, not the playful lovetap of a "dom" lover, but the insistent, deliberate strike of one who knows how to properly inflict pain

Your body spasms as fire races from your tortured backside up to your brain, over and over, without comment or pause. Hands wrap themselves into your hair.... two of them...and that's when you suddenly realize that it isn't just you and your tormentor in the room.

The hands in your hair squeeze so tightly, nearly tearing your hair out by the roots you gasp in shock and pain. The leather straps coming down on your poor tortured bottom in time with this newest assault. As your mouth opens, a hand presses against your jaw, shoving it open...

Suddenly your mouth is filled with an unknown cock.

This stranger, using your hair to guide your head, starts thrusting hard and deep into your mouth, barely allowing you to breathe.

Meanwhile, your original tormentor seems to be timing his swings as the other drives you backwards, causing you to squirm forward, and thus impale your mouth upon the other's swollen cock.

The one in front pulls you roughly down against his cock, forcing it farther down your throat than you imagined possible.

Behind you, the one with the lash.... seems to pause for a moment before your back explodes into pain, leather straps tearing cruelly into the tender flesh of your unprotected torso. You try to scream, your voice muffled humiliatingly by the plunging cock in your throat.

Your mouth is clear. Your chest draws back hard, filling your lungs with cold clean air.

Hands reach into your hair, pulling you off your knees and onto your back, in a quick, excruciating movement.

Rough hands force your head back.

Other, equally strong hands force your legs apart.

You feel a cold line of icy fire against your throat...Instinctively, you recognize the razor sharp blade against your throat.Your body goes rigid in fear for a moment, and then suddenly you feel him pushing his cock into you.

Slick with your saliva, it makes its way far too easily into your clenched pussy.

As desperately as you will him away, pleading in your mind to have him stop, he drives into you. Hard, deep, bruising you as he fills you, nearly tearing your most tender parts as he moves inside you, over, and over, and over...

The one with the whip holds your head down, pinning you to the floor by your hair with one hand...and ever so gently stroking your cheek with the other. The mixture of the two sensations is jolting, shocking to you...that he could treat you so badly, and yet...

The one inside you wraps his hands around your waist, using the extra leverage to plunge ever more cruelly into you.

You feel yourself being raised up and then over, so that you're now leaning over this brute, this savage, as he pulls you down onto him. You know without a doubt, there is nothing between his cock and you, you feel the pulse of his heartbeat throb inside of you.

Hands reach around you and roughly grab at your breasts, squeezing, kneading, until your nipples are pressed like grapes in a vise, one in each hand.

You hear the one beneath you start to breathe harder, his grunts getting ragged, feral.

There is a searing shock as the one wielding the straps, the one who for a moment you thought was concerned for your wellbeing, without warning or hesitation buries himself in your ass, his hips bruising your already tortured cheeks.

Your pussy is aching, your entire body quivering in shock, terror and outrage, Hands wrap around your throat.

Time seems to have no meaning. Your head is awash in red haze, your body nothing but a series of insults and anguish...

Against all reason, desire, and respect, you start to feel the spark burning inside you. His cock is no longer slick with only the saliva forced from your mouth.

Losing any sense of dignity at all, you start to match his thrusts. As he pulls you down, you grind into him, rotating your hips to pull him even deeper into you.

As you thrust backwards, you begin to moan, whimpering, as you push back against his cock, drawing it even deeper into your ass.

Sweat covers your body.

Blood dripping down your tortured flesh, mixing with your sweat, covering his skin as he presses against you.

Beyond any hope of control you start to moan, deep and primal. Your nipples hard against the air, aching for the pain that now is gone, throb in expectant hope.

You start to time your thrusts against theirs, deliberately changing the pace, so that they both drive into you at once, nearly touching each other through you.

Your wrists, still bound, are raised up, causing fire to lace through your arms and back...but that is nothing compared to the fire inside your belly now...

You can feel the purely animal grin and snarl crawl across your face...You're closer to howling than moaning, your pussy soaked, and burning like a flame, as you clench down on his cock, changing the balance, choosing that you will NOT cum until he has first.

You grind into him, deliberately slowing and then speeding up, almost ignoring the other for a moment. You focus all your will, your passion, and your pain into your belly, letting it wash down through your cunt into his cock.

You start to scream, "Cum, Fuck you, you bastard! Cum in me NOW!

The one behind you tightens his grip on your waist, pushing you down onto the other cock, harder, harder, so painfully hard.

You begin to laugh; hysterically, rapturously, as the one beneath you, who tried to take your dignity, your everything, explodes into you.

His cum fills you, his cock throbbing inside you. His breath a ragged gasp, his voice barely recognizable as human, as he screams in release. You can feel it, the power, the lust, the pain, the control, the release, he has poured all of it into you.

The hand around your throat tightens harder.

HE, pulls you roughly off your conquest, his cum still hot inside you, and throws you to the ground HARD, without missing a beat.

Your violated ass screams in torment, while at the same time, your clit, your pussy, your cunt, your everything, starts to burn with growing pleasure.

You feel the pressure build inside you, stroke after stroke, your face pressed carelessly to the floor, friction tearing at your knees, your arm, your cheek.

As you get closer and closer, he starts thrusting harder, nearly splitting you apart as you move beyond redemption.

Your breathing gets short, husky. Your moans acquire an even deeper tone.

You concentrate on the aches filling your body in an attempt to slow yourself, but the pain inflames you even further...

And then suddenly, your body begins to spasm

You scream in pure release.

There is no thought behind your voice, your howl, your entirely primal shriek of lust as you start to cum and cum and cum.

Orgasiming against him, your body convulses as he drives into you, over and over and over....until suddenly you feel him shiver, pouring himself into you.

Your vision, already blinded by silk, goes red, then gray, then white...


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