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We had always spoken of taking risks. Turning each other on with fantasies which I believe neither one of us would really try. As the years rolled by, one fantasy in particular seemed to be brought up more frequently than any other. Her and I with another man. I know, most men fantasize about two women, but for some reason, call it the voyeur in me, the thought of watching my wife with someone else, while I was still able to take part, turned me on to no end. And from her reactions to those fantasies, I could tell it turned her on as well.

We're both in our late thirties, and keep ourselves in pretty good shape, although Claire, my wife, is a fitness fanatic. I'm not complaining, mind you, Claire is in incredible shape, looking as good, if not better, now than she did when we first met over ten years ago. Most people believe she is still in her twenties.

I had been at this one company for several years, and had made quite a few business acquaintances over during that time. But there was one guy who my wife simply drooled over. Rick was a little over six feet, about 190 pounds, and kept himself in great shape. Dark hair, kept a little on the longish side, with an olive complexion and pale blue eyes. He was quite a hit with the ladies. The best part was that he had no idea how good looking he was.

A few times a month, my wife and I plan evenings alone together. Private time, supposedly just for the two of us. This one particular night was no different from countless others, at least it started out that way.

We had planned this evening all week, which when you have kids, is sort of a necessity. Our children were with my Mother, so we could have the house to ourselves all evening. As planned, I pulled up in our driveway just past sunset. The sky was just beginning to change from that light blue of sunset's afterglow, to the darker indigo of the night sky. Instead of heading inside, I walked around the back, around the pool and to the side of the house where the master bedroom lies.

The warm night air of an April night in Arizona drifted across my face, perfect shirtsleeve weather. I settled into a lawn chair facing the French doors to the bedroom. Also as planned. What Claire is unaware of, not part of our, but part of my, plan is that Rick settled himself into the chair next to mine. He whispered to me, "Are you sure about this?"

I opened the ice chest I placed there and hand him a beer, opened my own. I took a sip. My pulse began to race slightly in anticipation of what was going to happen. I merely nodded back to him, then wanted to make sure he remembered what I had told him earlier, "But if she ever tells us to stop, we do. Immediately. Understood?"

"Sure," he said smiling, toasting me with his beer, "Your game. Your rules."

"Did you put on the cologne I gave you?"

"Yup. Can't you tell?"

I smiled, "Not yet, at any rate."

We turned our attention back to the darkened bedroom. Claire entered a short time later, flicking the light on. With the interior light on, I knew she could not see into the night filled yard, while we had a perfect view of the entire bedroom. She was drinking her favorite: white zinfandel. Dressed as she was when we both left for work that morning, she put some music on the CD player. Swaying lightly to the music, she began to undress. First the blazer came off, the thin fabric of her camisole barely concealing her large breasts. Next, she unzipped the side of her pleated skirt, shimmied it to the floor.

She knew that I, at least, was watching and was putting on a great show, swaying to the music, letting it fill her as she moved to its beat. She was now only wearing thigh high stockings, thong underwear, her camisole and heels, and she crossed to the dresser to take a sip of wine. She put the wine down, reached low and grabbed the hem of her camisole, slowly raising it over her head. Her large, brown nipples were hard, her aereolas contracted tightly, raising the nipples higher. She took another sip of wine, then swayed sexily into the bathroom, out of our line of sight.

Rick drained his beer. "She has an amazing body."

I smiled, knowingly. "She does, doesn't she?" I paused to sip my beer, relishing the possible moment of discovery about to come. "We should move back into the shadows a bit." Rick takes another beer, opening it as we stood and stepped back into the shadows of the mesquite tree by the woodpile.

A moment later, she came back into room, wearing a short yellow silk robe. Placing the wine on a night-table, she crossed to the French doors, opening them to the night. Santana's "Smooth" drifted out of the door, as she sways her hips to the beat. This is the one possible moment of discovery. She peered out into the darkness, knowing I was there, looking for me, without seeming to. But the night's shadows provided sufficient cover. She slid the screen closed, keeping the insect invaders from attempting a beachhead.

The music continues. As does her dance. I finish my beer and open another. Claire is now solely dancing for what she thinks is my pleasure alone. As she reaches the middle of the room, she turns away from the doors, her fabulous ass barely covered by her short robe. I turned to Rick. "I'll signal you when to come in. Make sure you're ready."

"I'm ready right now," he grinned back at me.

"You know what I'm talking about."

He clapped me on the shoulder. I headed for the doors. Claire krpt her back to them, as planned. I picked up the few items I'd left in place on the patio, then quietly slid the screen open. It made no sound, nor should it after the oiling I had given it the night before. Fully in the room, I appreciate the beauty before me.

"Don't move," I said quietly.

She started, surprised. "What...?"

"Don't say a word. I'm not here to hurt you." This was a game we'd played many times before. She began to turn towards me. "I said, don't move."

She stopped. "Sorry."

I moved directly behind her, my breathing becoming deeper as the excitement of what we were about to do enveloped me. Gently I place one of the items from the patio, a blindfold, over her eyes.


"Shhh. No words." I whispered into her ear as I kissed that place where her neck meets her shoulders. Her skin prickled with goosebumps. Good. I continued kissing her there, as I slid the robe off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. I guided her to the bed, made her lie down on her back in its center. Gently but forcefully, I raised her arms up, tying first one, then the other to the corners of our four poster bed with the restraints I had pre-positioned there. Next, I slid her panties down her legs, threw them into the far corner. Then I positioned her legs in a similar fashion, towards the other two posts, and fastened them tight. I saw the wetness already between her legs.

She began to breathe more deeply, her hips undulating slightly as I finished the last knot on her ankle. I stood up from the bed, admired my handiwork. Her beautiful body lay before me, writhing slightly as she anticipated what she believed was about to come. Her full breaths moved her breasts up and down, her tight stomach in and out. Her perfectly shaped legs, gliding up to her full hips, the rough patch of dark hair (belying her true hair color) at her thighs' apex. I was aroused.

Even though the French doors are open, the room was comfortably warm, I knew she would not grow cold lying there. I moved to the stereo, raised the volume to cover any sound Rick might make upon entering the room. Then I began to disrobe. I knew she was wondering what I was doing, and I was content to let her wonder.

Naked, I circled around to the other side of the bed, motioned out into the darkness as I id so. I hoped Rick sees that motion. I briefly feared that he might have been looking down, or away at that moment. I knelt on the bed next to Claire's knee. Bending forward, I ran my cheek up her leg from her calf to her crotch, smelling her growing excitement. Her body was quivering.

I straightened and look back over my shoulder. Rick has entered and was now beginning to quietly disrobe. I could tell from his hardening penis that he was quite excited as well.

I knelt between her legs. I kissed her inner thighs, softly using my lips and tongue. I worked my way northward, starting just above her knees until I reached that concavity right before her labia. I paused momentarily, exhaling lightly on her pubic hairs. She groaned. Using my tongue, I parted her lips, ran my mouth up and down her engorged labia. She was extremely wet. I used my tongue to play with her vaginal lips and her clitoris. She raised her hips, pushing herself into my face.

I worked my way up her mound, then kissed her abdomen, her belly, coming to rest on her breasts. I paid special attention to her huge nipples. I continued upwards, kissing her chest, her neck, her chin. I placed my lips just above hers, she strained to kiss me, but I pulled my lips just beyond her reach.

I repositioned myself so that I am straddling her face. She knew what was coming, even though she could not see it. I knew that her eyes were closed behind the blindfold, as her breath came raggedly through her mouth. I love watching her wait. I positioned my cock right above her face, its engorged head pulsing with my heartbeats.

I moved slightly, ever so gently brushed her cheek with my penis. Her head turned, seeking to take me in her mouth, but I did not let her. I played with her lips, gently running my shaft across them, before I allowed her to take me in her mouth. She sucked me in greedily, slid her mouth up and down my shaft. I closed my own eyes, enjoying the richness of her lips around me. Her body strained against her bonds, seeking to grab me, hold me. I was becoming too excited, I pulled back from her. Then maneuvered myself from the bed.

"Where are you going?"

"I want this to last." I whispered, as I motioned to Rick. He moved to take my place on the bed. Once in position, I placed my head next to his. "You have beautiful lips," I said to my wife as Rick lowered his stiff, rock hard penis onto her lips. She eagerly engulfed his shaft, believing it is mine. She sucked hard, as he closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation. She rocked her head back and forth, running her lips and tongue over his rod, his head.

I could take it no longer. That was the moment when she would understand. When there could be no doubt even in her blind state as to what is going on. Softly, I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh, began to lightly caress between her legs. She stopped sucking Rick immediately. But she did not release his cock from her mouth. She knew at that point that there were two men in the room. But who was who? And who was the second man? I could only imagine what was passing through her mind in that moment as she let Rick slide out of her mouth. Who was watching her suck on me? Or, who was she sucking on while I watched?

Yet she was still aroused. That much was obvious. I knelt between her legs. She was breathing heavily, but remained silent. I moved the tip of my penis so that it rested against her opening. She swallowed, her mind racing. By the tautness of her muscles I knew how turned on she was by the thought of two penises touching her. She did not know who is who.

Rick has continued to softly stroke her lips with his cock. I began to apply pressure at her opening, the wetness allowed me easy entry. "Wait," she whispered, unsure of what was going on. Both Rick and I stopped immediately. Either the night ended there, or we continued on. It was her call. She waited just long enough to understand it was her decision, then she throatily said, "Oh, yes...."

I finished sliding into her. She turned her head back towards Rick, took him once more into her mouth. I glided in and out of her, her body quivering, at the point of orgasm just knowing she had two men inside her. She was no longer working her mouth up and down Rick's shaft, instead letting him thrust it in and out of her mouth.

Her body began to gyrate as her orgasm crashed through her. Her legs tried to wrap themselves around me, but were constrained by the ties at her ankles. Her scream of pleasure was muffled by the cock in her mouth. But as all her muscles contracted, Rick pulled out of her mouth, leaving a trail of come down her lips and throat. Seeing him come all over her, I thrust deeply inside, unleashing the wild horde of sperm into her vagina.

Spent, we lay there for a few minutes, then Rick got up and quietly dressed. We agreed it was better for her to not know who the third party was for the moment. As Rick dressed, I pulled a tissue from the dispenser and gently cleaned his come off her face and neck. He winked at me before exiting, then I nuzzled Claire's neck. She turned her face towards me, we kiss. I tasted the still salty flavor of Rick on her breath, without actually feeling his come. Sort of like tasting the beer on someone's breath without actually having the beer. My cock instantly hardened. I untied one of her hands and legs, rolled her onto her side. Laying down behind her, I raised one of her legs over my hip, and she used her free hand to guide me inside her. As I thrust in and out of her, I reached up and undid the blindfold.

She pressed her ass against my pelvis. As my own excitement mounted, I could feel her muscles contracting yet again. She whimpered as her second orgasm thundered inside her, her vaginal muscles pulsing around my cock. I exploded inside her again, although greatly diminished from the load already spent, still no less pleasurable.

Afterwards, we lie in each others' arms. She asked me if it was me or the other man inside her. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders. Playfully, she punched my arm, "Then at least tell me who he was."

Running a finger over her lips, I smiled again, "All in good time."

She smiled and kissed me.

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