tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBlindfolded Wife Gets Fucked

Blindfolded Wife Gets Fucked


My wife and I have been married a few years now and we like to spice things up a bit once in a while. I travel a lot and was on my way home when she called and asked where I was.

"I'm almost home, darling, just getting off the highway."

She giggled and said she was horny and missed me all week. My wife is a gorgeous 5'1" redhead just over 100lbs and turned 24 recently. She has fabulous perky 36D tits that have grown in recently. She was a C cup when I met her. I am 6'2" and try to hit the gym with her as much as possible though I don't always do the best job of it. I want keep up with her as she is still smoking hot with her toned legs, arms, and tight little ass. She keeps her pussy shaved because it looks better in the slim dresses she wears when we go out to dinner.

I am often gone for weeks at a time for work so I am always excited to see her when she is not able to travel with me. The best part is that she is a frisky little minx and always wants a good fuck when I see her. Tonight was no different.

"I have an idea" she said in her sultry voice.

I grinned and asked what the idea was. She said she wanted me to tell what kind of outfit I wanted her to put on for me when I got home. I told her to put on a white buttoned up blouse, a short black skirt that showed off her ass, her lacy black thong, white knee-high stockings, and a black pair of 5" closed-toe heels. She giggled and said she would put it on now. I started to feel my cock stir in my pants as I heard this and told her to stay on the phone while she got dressed. She then slowly went over the details as she put her sexy little outfit on.

"I'm in the bedroom and am pulling out the panties now."

"I found those stockings you like.

"Let me find those heels. "

"What was that blouse you wanted?"

"Oh yeah, the white one."

"You wanted the really short skirt that you can see my ass in right?"

I responded with a yes as my cock got harder listening to my little wife go over the details of the outfit she would put on and fuck me in. I told her to continue.

"I am sliding on the little black thong with the heart in the back. I can't wait for you to pull them off me."

" I am sitting down and rolling on the knee-high socks. Last time I wore these, I was pretending to be your little school girl."

I laughed and nodding remembering bending her over my knee in her school girl outfit and fingering her tight little pussy. I asked for her to go on as I rubbed my cock a little through my slacks still doing my best to watch the road. The most challenging part of the drive was going the speed limit as I just wanted to get home and fuck her deeply all over our house. She went on.

"I just slid on the silky white blouse you bought me and am going to button it up. I can't wait for you to slide that hard cock inside me tonight. You have no idea how much I missed you."

I responded, "Me too."

She continued, "I am slowly sliding the skirt up my legs and now over my ass around my waist."

"Now where did I put those heels?"

I heard her fumbling around a bit and asked her if she was ok.

She didn't respond for a second and then said, "Sorry honey, I had to find my heels and put the phone down for a second."

I laughed and said I totally understand and she asked, "Are you home yet?"

I responded, "No honey, I am hard as a rock and wish I were, but I won't be home for another 10 minutes or so."

I heard her sigh and then asked a little desperate and pouty, "What am I supposed to do until then?"

I had a moment of clarity and responded as my cock throbbed in my pants, "I want you to go get your blindfold and dildo and go bend over the couch and fuck yourself until I get home."

She was quiet for a moment turned on by my authoritative tone and then went over to the bedside table and got her little silver vibrator I bought her as a play toy for us to use on her. She leaned over the bed and grabbed her blindfold she used to sleep on occasions from under her pillow and headed out to the living room. I listened to her heels clicking along the wood floor into the living room. She whispered that she was in the living room now. I smiled and told her to unlock the front door and open it a little bit.

She asked a little confused, "Why?"

I licked my lips and responded, "So I can sneak into the house and slide my cock into you without you knowing it."

I paused and then continued, "I want you to open the door and go over to the couch, bend over and put on the blindfold and tell me when you have done so."

I heard the door unlock and then a slight squeak of the door as it opened. I could hear crickets making noise in the background and a car in the distance.

She sighed and sounding a little worried, "Are you sure? What if someone sees me through the door?"

The couch arm that was perfect for her to lean over would have her facing away from the front door and her ass would be seen easily from our front yard if anyone ventured by.

I chuckled and calmly said back to her, "Then you might just have some stranger's cock sliding into you before I get home."

She purred with the delight at my suggestion of danger and I heard the heels clicking against the wood floor again. She sighed a little heavier and I hear a click on the phone.

I then heard a hard breath and her voice in a whisper, "I just put the phone on speaker phone and am going to put on the blindfold."

I turned onto our street just then and slowed as I rolled to a stop as I reached the front of our house. I bit my lip as I looked inside and saw my wife's ass bent over the couch wearing the white knee-high socks, black heels, black skirt covering nothing and a little thong sticking out of her heart-shaped ass. I unzipped my pants as I watched her pull her thong to the side and lick her fingers.

She spoke again in the phone as I watched, "I am rubbing my fingers and am going to slide them in my pussy to get wet."

She moaned softly as I watched from a distance as her fingers rubbed her soft folds and poked a finger into her pussy. I slid my hand down my pants as she pulled her hand back and picked up her dildo.

I heard her start to pant as I saw her slip the vibrator deep into her moist folds. I asked her what was going on innocently.

She started to pant as she stroked the vibrator in and out of her and said, "Wouldn't you like to know?"

I muted the phone and opened the door of my car. I quietly closed the door of the car and walked towards the front door watching the vibrator slide in and out of her perfect pussy.

I finally took the phone off mute and responded, "Yes. In detail. I am not going to say a word to you when I get in the house or while I fuck you."

She giggled as she continued to masturbate with the vibrator. I slowly moved towards the house quietly taking off my shoes as I got near the front door. I stood at the entrance as I saw her blindfolded and bent over the couch.

"I am fucking myself with the little dildo you gave me for my birthday so we could play with it."

I watched intently as I moved closer to her pulling my pants down with my boxers revealing my hard cock. Her stocking covered knees pushed together and her heeled toes pointed to each other as her right hand continued to pump her vibrator inside her. Her other hand held the string on the back of the thong to the side on her left ass cheek. I began to stroke my cock slowly as I peeped on my wife bent over before me.

Her voice trembled as she continued, "God it feels so good. I can't wait for you to fill me with your hard cock."

Her legs trembled as her juices began to run down her legs and she stroked faster. She moaned and then spoke into the phone again.

"Oh god baby, I am so wet. I am going to cum in a second. I want you to hear orgasm. I wish you were inside me."

As I saw her quiver, I grabbed the vibrator from her hand and shoved my cock deep inside her. She yelped and asked excitedly and with just an ounce of doubt.

"Is that you?"

I did not respond and just started pounding my wife from behind and held both her arms together in front of me as she started to orgasm. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and watched more juices flow down her legs. I kept my cock deep inside her as she pulsed around me.

She then started bumping her ass into me and begged, "Keep fucking me. Please. I want to make you cum like you made me."

I let her bounce back and forth on my cock as I started pumping inside her again. I slid my hands up her arms and over her shoulders. I grabbed the front of her blouse and yanked the buttons loose releasing her firm tits. I looked up and to the right to see our reflections in our blank TV screen. I smirked as I saw her beautiful breasts bouncing back and forth. I pulled her open blouse down her arms and used it to tie her wrists together.

I grabbed her hips and pumped my dick in and out running my arms up and pulling her to a back arch holding her breasts in my hands squeezing them together. As I kept pulsing inside her, I started to feel myself cum. I had gotten so excited that I just released inside her womb filling it with my cum. She tightened up and screamed as she felt me inside her.

"Oh my god. I feel you filling my pussy with your sperm. Fuck me. Fuck me so deep. I'm going to cum too."

With that, I felt her knees buckle and shove her ass up and pull my cock deeper inside her. She had the hardest orgasm I have ever felt and collapsed on the couch with me still inside her. I looked down at her bare back and lacy panties pushing against my cock. I ran my hands down her now bent legs and pointed heels curled around my torso and felt her knee-highs against the tips of my fingers. I looked at the mirror once more to gaze at my wife's beautiful ass sticking up in the air and the curves of her breasts against the couch. She licked her lips and turned her head towards me as she pulled off the blindfold.

"That was amazing darling, Thank you."

I winked at her and pulled my cock out of her watching my white hot cum ooze down her pussy lips and onto the floor. I slapped her on the ass lightly and moved around to kiss her.

I then said happily to her, "That was amazing for me too. Let's go to bed and do that again."

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