tagRomanceBlindman's Bluff

Blindman's Bluff


It is a cold moonlit night. The wind blows with such a chill that you feel it deep within your bones. As you climb the stairs to the apartment, they ache and seem to protest with every step you take.

You reach my door and enter. You immediately feel the warmth rush at your face. Gratefully, you soak it in and as you inhale to prepare for a sigh of relief, you smell incense. At first, it seems dark in the hall way, but as your eyes adjust, you can see a faint, flickering light on the far wall, just before turning in toward the main part of the apartment. Curious, you remove your boots and jacket, then cautiously make your way out to the kitchen. You see candlelight everywhere: on the table, on the knick-knack shelf, on the counter. The T.V. is off, but you hear music--soft music. The bedroom door is closed, so you open it. As you enter, you see still more candles: on the dresser, on the night-stand along the wall under the light switch, on the window sill. The smell of incense hangs in the air like a dream, and the bed is decked with white sheets, and red rose petals.

"Where is she?" you ask yourself aloud, as you stand there taking in the sight, feeling a stirring in your pants that you haven't felt for a while. You hear a slight noise and feel hands slide under your shirt, slipping it over and off your head. You feel fingers trailing over your skin, making you feel a shiver all over. You want to turn around, but the one touching you will not let you. You feel a bind-fold being put over your eyes, and hear a soft, sultry voice saying, "Don't be afraid..." So you relax and allow the mysterious seductress to work her magic on you.

After she puts the blind-fold on, she trails first her fingers, then her kisses, and her tongue, down your neck...slowly, painfully slow. Over your shoulders, down your back, then up again, in endless, aimless rhythm, till you think you will go mad from desire...Each time she goes down your back, she goes a little lower, until she is trailing her fingers, kisses and tongue down to your pants. She creeps her fingers around and unfastens your pants, then slowly, carefully eases them off over your gorgeous ass. You can feel her soft breath as it brushes your ass while she removes your pants...her hand brushes your belly and then your cock...and then you can feel the smoothness of her skin as it accidentally touches you as she eases your pants to the floor....

By now, your cock is rock hard and you are dying to touch her, to take her, to drive your aching cock into her...

But she will not remove the blind-fold. Instead, she guides you slowly to the bed and carefully lays you down. You can feel the silkiness of the rose petals on your skin and smell their subtle fragrance as your body crushes them. You can hear her breathe coming softly as she bends over you to give you a slow, passionate kiss. You reach out to touch her, but she pulls away slowly. "Not yet," she whispers, and kisses you again, a lingering kiss that gently breaks off and softly continues down your neck, mingled with nibbles. While she kisses your neck, you feel something wet and cold on your nipples, trailing down to your groin, down the length of your cock and back up again. You tense up a little and she croons reassuringly, "Relax..." After your body has been covered with the coolness, you then feel something very warm drizzling on your body. After the coldness of the ice cube, your body responds even more dramatically to the warm (almost hot) honey. You feel her tongue starting to lick it off, her breath against your skin, and your cock feels as if it will explode. The smell of the incense, the flickering light of the candles, and the soft music (Eagles, Moody Blues, and Fleetwood Mac) and the heat of her tongue on your body has ignited your senses, and burns into your soul...

But she won't let you touch her, or remove the blind-fold! She pauses to reach for something and you feel something else warm being spread on your cock. It smells like......hmmmmmmm fresh roasted peanuts! You are strangely turned on by this smooth warm stuff being applied. Then you hear a strange noise and feel through the peanut butter a slight coolness, starting near your balls, and gradually moving up your cock to its head. You have a funny feeling that someone is making a midnight snack out of your cock, but are very turned on by this, rather than afraid. You hear her murmur, "Hmmmmmm....." and start to feel someone licking and tickling around your balls and working her way, inch by delicious inch, slowly, deliberately. You are so worked up that you swear you will cum. You reach for her again--she holds your hands down against your body. You begin to shiver and shake just a little because you want her with every fiber of your being--and she is just beyond your reach!

You hear her muffled "Mmmmmm..." as she laps and licks the creamy stuff off your impatient stallion. It seems like a painful eternity before she reaches the head, and as she licks around (and around) it, she alternately takes it into her mouth and sucks on it, driving you slowly out of your mind. You then feel her move up closer to your upper body and feel her straddle you, so your hard ready member just barely touches her very wet pussy. You reach out your hands to grab her hips so your love rocket can take off into her. She gently grasps your hands in hers and holds them up and away from both your bodies. You are aware of something else warm touching your cock, enveloping it. As you feel her legs close around your hips, you suddenly know what that something is...Your cock is being stroked in and out, slowly she brings your hands to her breasts and her hard erect nipples. Funny, it feels like she is wearing clothes, yet you can feel her pussy and her nipples. As if reading your mind, she bends forward mid-stroke and slides up the blind-fold.

You see me. My hair is up in a loose knot and I am wearing a lacy, burgundy-colored outfit, with crotch-less panties and nipple-less bra. I whisper seductively "Surprise!" and continue to stroke you. You look up at me and feel a rush of warmth, seeing the candlelight flickering on me, making me look like a goddess, yet you think of me as a little devil for the charade. You become so turned on by it all, that you pull me toward you and roll me onto my back, where you proceed to ravish me as payback. Driving into me and kissing me deeply, I cum--really hard--and I try to reach your buns to pull you into me. You pin my hands to the bed and smile: "My turn!" you mischievously growl, as you drive harder into me until you finally explode your heat into me, filling me with fiery love....

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