The sun had now gone down. Alex knew that it was much later in the day. Suddenly the door opened. "Alex, are you here?" asked a voice he'd known all his life.

Lilly walked in, seeing him under the sheets. "I'm so sorry, Alex."

"How'd you find me? How did you know? Fuck," Alex said, his head spinning slightly less now due to the sobering effect of lunch.

"Amy came to my house thinking you'd be there. She seems really broken up. She told me everything. It just spilled out of her and then she literally vomited while she was telling me the story. After she left I remembered what you said about the hotel," Lilly said, waving an access key.

"The front desk just gave you a key, like that?"

Lilly blushed. "We have the same last name, remember? I told them I was your wife," she said, climbing up onto the bed and sitting atop the Egyptian cotton comforter. "Move over, make space," she said.

"Are they allowed to do that? What if you weren't my wife? What if you were my wife and I had another girl up here?"

"Look at me. Who'd cheat on...," she stopped, mid joke covering her mouth with her hands. "I was joking. Sorry, that was really insensitive."

"No, it's true. I sure as hell wouldn't cheat on you," Alex said, with a long face.

Lilly wanted to read deeper into his words, but refused to. It was the response of a deeply saddened man. "She was an idiot for what she did. Don't even think about reconciling or anything yet. Come out, just the two of us we'll hit the clubs. It's Valentine's Day. She fucked around. You do the same thing to even things out and then you two can patch things up."

"It's not that simple, Lilly!"

"Well then, we'll make it that simple," she said, jumping from the bed and grabbing his arm.

"Are you really going to make me beat you up and force you to shower and change?" Lilly asked.

"Yeah, like you could beat me up."

"I did that one time when we were kids."

"The time I slipped while we were rollerblading?" Alex asked.

"No, that other time," Lilly said with a childlike voice.

"You always had a knack for fiction," Alex said, getting out from under the covers. He was completely oblivious to his nudity in his zombie like state as he walked toward the washroom.

Lilly's eyes followed Alex's swaying body longingly. She could sense his pain.

"I'll take a shower, alone." She didn't understand the alone part, but at least him taking a shower was progress.

Her eyes somehow ventured over to his night stand, spotting a wrinkled up piece of paper. Lilly picked up the ripped up piece of paper and felt an instant flashback as she read the note. It was signed "Love, LF."

Her heart rate quickened as she stared at the love note, wanting to rip it up. Just then Alex exited the bathroom with his pants on. "What's this?" Lilly questioned.

"You know how I never throw out anything in my wallet, right?"

"Like George on Seinfeld."

"Ha, yeah well, back in senior year of high school someone slipped that love note into my locker. I never figured out who did it though. Remember, I told you about this. Long story short, I had forgotten I still had it in my wallet all this time," Alex said, poking at the clothes in his bag.

"That was a really long time ago."

"Well, I forgot I had it. It's only when I was looking through my wallet to remove memories of Amy that I found it. To tell you the truth, it made me feel better. It's a truthful expression that doesn't change as long as I hold on to it. You know what? I'm being crazy," Alex said, pulling out his bag of clothes

"No, it's not. It's kind of sweet."

"It's gay and pathetic," Alex retorted.

"Hey! No it isn't. I doubt it was a guy who wrote it," Lilly said, getting Alex to smile.

"Ha ha, yeah, okay. I always wondered who it was."

"It was probably Sophie Kelson."

"Yeah, right, the head cheerleader." Alex stood there at his mirror and the image of the tongue pierced cheerleader came to mind. He quickly returned to reality answering Lilly.

You sell yourself short. Everyone always put her on a pedestal," Lilly stated.

"No, not because of that. Whoever wrote it has the first name L and a last name that started with F."

Alex continued to talk but Lilly was now on internal panic mode. "You stupid bitch! Why would you sign your nick name?" she questioned herself in her head. "Because you secretly wanted him to figure it out. How hasn't he, yet?" Lilly said, arguing with herself.

"Lana Felton!"

"What?" Lilly asked.

"Where have you been? Did you not hear my explanation?" Alex asked.

"She was in all of my AP's. We hung out a few times but nothing ever materialized."

"That makes sense. So, what do you think she's doing now?" Lilly said, changing the conversation.

"Only God knows. She was big into diseases," Alex said, now fully dressed.

"Diseases? What?" Lilly asked Alex as she walked with him to the hotel room door.

"Researching cures. She wanted to be some sort of Medical Researcher."

"Okay, that makes a lot more sense," Lilly said, exiting the hotel room.

Alex stopped at the door. "I can't do this. I can't just act like everything is normal."

"Alex, remember when I had that break up two years ago just after having moved to California? You flew to LA all the way from Palo Alto to cheer me up?"

"Yeah," he said, standing at the door.

"Remember what you said when I refused to leave my house?"


"Get the fuck up and get the fuck out."


"You don't have a choice."

"Yes, I do," Alex said, turning around to head back inside.

"Come on."

"Nope," he said, closing the door.

Lilly took a deep breath as she made a bold move. "If you go clubbing for an hour, at the end of it I'll tell you who wrote the damn letter."

The door opened slowly to a wide eyed Alex, "You know? You wouldn't keep something like this from me for so long. I know you. You don't know shit."

"Don't believe me," she said, walking away.

"Alright, I'm coming, but at the end of the night I'll know?"

"Yes, but you can't ask until then."

Alex thought for a few second before finally saying, "Cool," and walked beside a now distressed looking Lilly.

"We're heading to my place so I can change, and then we'll hit Club Jay."


Alex waited in Lilly's Prius while she changed inside. In actuality, the first thing she did upon entering her house was guzzle down three shots of vodka. She now exited her house in a short, form hugging black mini dress. Before calling Alex out of the Prius, she pointed to the taxi she had rung up.

"You look really good," Alex said, causing Lilly to blush. Knowing that he meant it in the most non-sexual sisterly way made Lilly regret her decision to confess her feelings tonight, the day after his life shattered in front of his eyes.

The taxi driver could barely focus on the road as his eyes drifted to his back seat. He had the strongest feeling that he'd seen the girl somewhere before, but he couldn't place her until a minute after she left his cab.

"Lilly Flowers, lucky bastard," The cabbie proclaimed, instantly getting hard in the privacy of his confined workplace.

Lilly pulled her cousin past the long line of people and many lingering eyes, male and female following the familiar looking figure as she faded away from their periphery, hand in hand with what appeared to be her tall handsome boyfriend.

With a nod the bouncer moved away, giving Lilly and Alex clear passage as another bouncer brought them to a booth stacked with alcohol.

As Alex watched the women dancing uninhibitedly, thoughts brought him back to yesterday. Lilly tried multiple times to get him onto the dance floor but failed. He was content around the booth, looking, thinking and drinking, but mostly drinking while thinking.

Lilly swam through her colorful cocktails with the alcohol flowing through her veins calming her nervousness. Her internal battle between, "Do I?" or "Don't I?" fading to the beat of the club.

The two sat drinking, thinking away at their separate dilemmas, Alex thinking out the horror of telling his parents, and the two hundred guests, "I'll just have to tell them the truth," he thought. However many times he thought about the topic he wanted to punch the table as he also thought of Amy's betrayal.

He wanted to yell at a top volume but instead settled on taking a large gulp of his screwdriver. Every single time the urge came over him he drank. Pretty soon his anger subsided as the alcohol inhibited his senses and subdued his aggression.

Four hours of drinking had a toll on both bladders. When they came back from the washroom it was the more intoxicated Alex that now proposed the question of dancing. "You want to... dance?" he said with a slur.

"Okay," she yelled over the loud music.

He guided her onto the dance floor and for the first time since he had first seen her outside of her house he noticed her long endless legs. His inebriated mind allowed him to think deeper on her appearance than usual.

She slowly danced into him stealthily, closing the divide between their two bodies. She drifted her body closer to his as the music ringing into her ear changed. His head buzzed and his body swayed to the ever closer glowing warm form.

As the next song mellowed, he moved his lips to her ear, slurring. "O..'kay tell me who now." Lilly's stomach tightened a bit as her lips opened up to tell him. The escalating loudness of the song changed, enough for her to not be heard. Instead she found her lips nearing closer to his than it should have, from an inch to a millimeter to nothing, turning nothing into something as her soft seductive lips covered his.

His head jerked back after five seconds of shocked delay. As couples shacked, grinded and bubbled around them, they stood frozen in place. Lilly watched the cogs turning in his head, his pupils rapidly widening and locking into the blue-gray eyes that now avoided him. She feared the worst, her body tensed up and began to drift away from him.

However, he wouldn't let her go. His disjointed animalistic mind ran wild assessing her endless legs, the smell of her hair and perfume and the sexy black mini that made her flawless full breasts just pop.

Pulling Lilly's sculpted hourglass body close, Alex's lips cruised towards hers meeting like perfectly matched magnets. Her tensed long frame relaxed at peaceful ease.

Now her swimming mind heated up, her heart beating joyously as his tongue entered her mouth. His tongue actively tangoed alongside hers. At that moment he was doing what she had wanted him to do since they were teenagers.

The music began to pulse calmly, mirroring the slow saliva filled kiss. The dance floor darkened as Lilly closed her eyes, taking in the feeling of his swirling tongue. The dynamic between the two of them forever changed. She grinded into him, her hand taking in all of him that she'd admired for so long. Her left hand freely squeezed his firm buttock and her right hand glided over his cloth covered hardened crotch. His eyes widened, her actions not giving him pause, but cause.

His hands roamed her hot curvaceous frame; running over her plump round ass before lowering to her legs where they slipped under her tight black mini dress. He looked into her twinkling eyes as his fingers made the realization that there was no barrier to part. She gave him a seductive grin with her pink lips; she had put her panties in her purse while in the club's washroom. He inserted his middle finger into her wet hot pussy, slowly pushing against its tight grip. This set her tongue wild in his mouth. In a sea of distracted eyes they were alone. His middle finger slid gently into her eagerly accessible wet vagina. She moaned as he added another, her muscles rocking around them rhythmically.

The fingers running through her made her needs run rampant. "Let's go!" she said, pulling him off the dance floor and out of the club and into a cab. Still unable to calm themselves, their tongues clashed and collaborated, around and around and back again.

Long after they had left the cab their tongues were still competing for supremacy, slipping and tangling over each other. Her legs followed this mantra wraping around his waist, unable to wait to exit the elevator. She guided the disoriented Alex to the hotel room where they tripped over each other after having entered it, falling to the floor with a thud. Alex began to laugh alongside Lilly's uncontained giggling.

She rolled on top of him kissing his face softy while her fingers in one swift move unbuckled his pants. His painfully hard head popped out, her hands instantly took hold of his length. Her tongue reentered his mouth once more, stealing saliva.

Her hand slowly moved along his shaft, her body now drifted downwards passing his waist. Her blue-gray eyes stared up at him while she made her descent; her tongue running up the underside of his cockhead, slowly running over the sensitive head.

By the time Lilly's lips took Alex's cock into her hot moist hole(?) he had begun to huff and moan without control. Her hands continued to work his saliva covered pole. She moved up and down his cock slowly watching the blissful expression on his face as she did so.

She felt a fulfillment she never felt while going down on a guy and wanted him to cum for her again and again. This thought drove Lilly further as she moved her head down around his cock, her mouth and tongue sucking and licking his head, causing his fingers to dig into the carpet.

He yelled out, "I'm goanna.... Ohhhh!"

She went down deeper now moving up and down with quickened speed. His body jerked sending rope after slimy rope of his white seed into her mouth.

"That was great...Lilly... Flower." Alex mumbled as he began to stand.

Lilly smiled as she heard his words of praise. Still her hunger overcame her. She pulled him back to the floor, pulling off his shoes and pants in the process, kicking hers off as well. Handicapped by his well-oiled state he fumbled with the buttons on his shirt.

Finished with his pants and boxers she shifted her body upwards, her hands taking hold of his shirt and ripping it. Even with a gallon of alcohol flowing through him, Alex's cock jumped to attention in response to her body's soft warm flesh rubbing against his.

Her feet positioned around his waist she began to lower herself down, his cock rubbing against her pussy lips. Unlike Alex she still had a keen mind and didn't do it to entice him, but for the sake of remembering the moment.

Lilly held his patient cock in place, lowering her readily wet lips around it, causing an honest moan to escape her depths. Her drenched pussy slid down his shaft when to her sudden surprise Alex stood up scooping her up as well, he held her in place with his hands while pushing her down on his shaft while carrying her.

She nibbled on his lower lip kissing it while he lowered her unto a chesterfield. She sat up, wanting to be closer to him, her lips moving from the corner of his mouth down to his neck. Alex moved his cock in and out of her slippery adapting hot pussy, moaning "Umgh," like a barbarian.

Lilly sacrificed her need for closeness by lowering her back to the dresser's cold wooden surface. Propping her legs on his shoulders, Alex now drove deeper and deeper. In truth they were closer than before, his cock driving in and out with bruising speed.

His right hand took advantage of her splayed out position. Taking hold of her soft naturally firm breasts and squeezing them gently, Alex licked his lips together while Lilly's tight pussy provided a competing distraction to her fully engorged breasts.

Minutes later she was screaming, her pussy quivering as his hips slammed into her. The more she screamed the faster his hips moved in. His discovering fingers ran along Lilly's thighs while her ass glided on the dresser trying to meet his every inward thrust.

"Yes yes, Alex," she moaned as he drove forward.

"I'm goanna... I'm goanna cum," Alex breathed.

"No," she said, greedily wanting her long awaited fantasy to continue.

It was too late. Alex shot deep inside her, filling her up before his legs started to shake. Keeping his balance, he picked her up and carried her to the bed, intending to continue their fucking when suddenly the dizziness that had been with him since the club overcame him. A heaviness now weighed down on Alex's eyelids.

She cuddled next to him, attempting to get him hard again, but the night and the alcohol had taken its toll. Rubbing her hand on his now lifeless form, Lilly realized he was fast asleep.

Still naked the two cousins lay side by side. Lilly caressed her fingers along his body, mapping it by touch. Soon she too could not resist her exhaustion and fell asleep next to Alex.

Hours later the sun shone through the large windows of the Love Bird suite.

Alex began to rouse from his sleep, his head banging. "What the hell happened last night?" he asked himself inwardly. "Fuck," he said, feeling the weight of last night's beverages and the grinding pain. Then he felt a body stirring next to him.

With his head still hazy, he parted the thick comforter to see the back of a long curvaceous beauty with long light brown hair. "I can't believe I scored last night. When did I go out?" he thought full of questions, his eyes looking longingly at the beauty. His cock hardened in immense approval.

His hand took hold of her round left cheek, shaking it, asking, "Hey, are you awake?"

He heard her squirming but no words came out. His attempts to get her to turn over were not working.

"Are you okay?" he said, crawling over her seductively fit frame. Her eyelids were forcibly shut, but she was awake. His body rolled over hers, his eyes taking a few seconds to adjust to what he was seeing.

"Oh God!" he yelled, falling backwards and off the bed onto the floor, his rigidity now dwindling into insignificance. "Lilly?" he shrieked.

Lilly's fear that Alex wouldn't remember their night together became a reality. But she was not prepared to confess all over again, at least not like this.

"Alex!" she said, rolling over to his side of the bed, offering him a hand up. He stood there on the floor in a daze.

"Did we?" he asked.

"Yes," she said with a tear rolling down her face, while his stomach contracted heave ho-ing up and down.

He calmed enough to ask "Did we use protection?"

"I'm on the pill."

"Lilly, I'm so sorry. I swear I didn't mean to. God, I hope I didn't force you." he said as he scratched his head. Suddenly, the reflexes of his throat began to flex as a feeling of nausea overcame him.

Alex ran to the bathroom as Lilly followed, choosing to cover herself up due to his negative response. She looked on from the washroom door with a saddened, terrified look. "God, this is how he feels," she mouthed quietly.

Lilly left the passage of the washroom for the hotel room's doorway where she began to dress, taking her panties out of her purse. Putting on her ankle boots and preparing to leave, she was all dressed and at the door when Alex came out draped in a robe. He stopped her and was about to touch her shoulder when he recoiled, thinking touching her to be inappropriate.

"I am sorry, Lilly. I'm so sorry I took advantage of you while you were drunk," he said, putting together what he thought were the pieces.

She turned around with tears streaming down her face and moved into hug him. "I am so sorry," he said once again, afraid to reciprocate her hug with his hands.

She rubbed his back not wanting to let him go. "No," she whispered as she sobbed wildly.

"It was me", she said, resting her head on his shoulder.

"You don't need to do that," he replied.

She pulled back staring into his eyes, "I love you."

His eyebrows arched upward, confusion running over his face as her lips moved toward him, giving him a soft purposeful kiss

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