Put me against a wall and get down on your knees! Slide your hot hands up my trembling legs and press your thumbs into the crease of my thighs. Have your groping fingers wrapped firmly around my hips and drive me against the wall. Run your warm tongue ever so slowly across my stomach, your thumbs caressing and exploring the crease of my thighs. Put me on notice with your most demanding voice that I'm going to cum for you, cum like I've never done before.

Order me to open my legs for you, wide, more, till you're content. Am I open enough for you yet? My pussy is waiting with unbearable anticipation. I ache to feel your breath on me, your mouth pressing against me firmly, your tongue sliding into my lips. Can you feel how soft I am, how incredibly hot I am? I need to feel your mouth covering all of me, sliding the tip of your fantastic tongue into every fold, your hands still firmly locked to my hips. Make my pussy swell, making me ache with your long slow licks and urgent nibbles. Let one of your hands slide from my hips to urgently explore more of me, my tummy and my tits.

I can feel the waves rushing through my groin, making my nipples burn and ache; touch them, circle them with your finger tips. Pull on them and pinch them, feel how they harden in response to your abuse. Don't let me move; press me harder against the wall. Keep me still; tease me slowly but ever so firmly. Look at my eyes and run your hand up to my neck. Dig your thumb into the base of it and pin me back against the wall. I can start to feel how wet you're making me. I can hear your anxiety too; tell me to watch you.

I can feel your hand leave my hip, moving inward, closer, slowly sliding between my swollen lips. So insistently; it's causing me to squirm. But don't penetrate me yet, just circle me with your fingers; bring your mouth back to me and be firmer now. It's time to slide just one finger inside my cunt, letting the tip of it linger inside me. Tell me again just how I'm going to cum for you! Now slide that single intruder deep into me before I can catch my breath again, deeper, firmer.

Your tongue is so soft on my clit. I'm absolutely aching and I can feel myself throbbing against your warm mouth. Do you taste the sweet honey you're creating as it rolls down your chin? I hold your head in my hands keeping you fastened to me. I can feel my body tighten like a spring, more and more with every stroke of your tongue, every penetration of your finger.

Demand that I look at you! I can feel myself succumbing to your mouth, your hand. Can you feel me tightening my pussy muscles around your hand? You're making me moan now; it's so hard to hold still for you! Demand that I look at you when I cum; tell me that you have to see my eyes. Your hand is gliding in and out of me now; when did one finger become three? Your tongue is diving into me! I can feel myself release to you; it's taking my breath away and I squirm uncontrollably, - and you demand that I be still.

I can feel tears flowing into my eyes as my body releases around your hand and your mouth as you drink from me. Then I feel my body go limp and weak. Tingles like the touch of a feather race over my skin and ecstasy fills my senses. Make your free hand pull me down to my knees in front of you still leaving the other one still fully occupied inside me. Run your tongue across my bottom lip leaving my sex honey, sticky, wet and warm for me to taste. Kiss me deeply, hard then soft. Place your hand under my chin pulling my mouth open. Guide my hand with your other hand to where I can caress you.

Command me to keep my mouth open and like a "little bird" I will receive you and caress your cock against my eager lips. Take my hand and guide it against your cock so I may slowly and gingerly slide my fingers around it and stroke the length of you, my tongue softly licking you, my lips wrapped around just the tip of you.

Take total control of me; push now and slide yourself into me, slowly and ever so deeply. My hands are still caressing the length of you, guiding you in and out of my wet eager mouth. I want to tease you; I want you to look at me as I suck you deep into my throat! Hold my hair back from my face and watch how I make love to you with my mouth, my tongue, and with my lips. Pull my hair to tell me how I am exciting you and then force my head tightly against your groin as I engulf your raging prick.

I can feel you hardening with each stroke as you grow larger and stronger deep inside my mouth. I can feel your pulse throbbing against my tongue as I suck you in deeper and faster. Your sweat is dripping down onto me; I want to taste your semen! I want you to expel all of yourself into me!

I begin to have my hand take over the strokes from my mouth. Looking up at you I want you to see my satisfaction; ask me to hold my mouth open like that hungry little bird that is waiting so eagerly to be fed. I wait impatiently to feel how warm you will be against my tongue as it slides down it. Rub yourself across my lips; I will lap it up like a little kitten.

Please talk to me! Please tell me how good I am making you feel! I want to take you deeply once more into my mouth. Please! I need to feel how strong you are inside me! I need to feel your power as you release yourself against my lips and deep into my mouth that is now gaping wide open for you.

I must have you watch me as I lap you up. Then I will take you once more and slide you back deep into me, making sure I get all of your cum, every drop, with my tongue, caressing every inch of your wet cock. I want all of your energy my love. I need all of your breath and all the power you have built up inside you. Release it into me and I shall drink it up!

I absolutely crave to feel your weight come down on me as I bring you to ecstasy. Now let me hold you close and caress you with tender kisses. For now I am fully satisfied and I smile up at you angelically. I know you can see it in my eyes, how complete you have made me. And I draw you closer and closer and lay my head against you.

Will you give me this my love? For I beg of you! I need this to make me complete.

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