tagGay MaleBlissfully Hooked Ch. 08

Blissfully Hooked Ch. 08


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Kyle Parker vs. Aaron Hunter

Dedicated to Hutchison12



"Why the fuck is he not waking up?" Kyle growled. "It's been nine fucking hours already." Kyle felt like kicking at something.

"Calm down, Kyle." Michael said calmly. "He will wake up...eventually."

"What the fuck do you mean by eventually, dude? You said he collapsed due to dehydration. You've given him enough IVs. Shouldn't he be up by now?"

Kyle and Ken were in Michael's office, with Kyle pacing like an angry bull. Aaron had been out for hours and Kyle was going out of his mind.

"Sit down, Kyle." Michael said in a low but firm voice and waited till Kyle sat down. Then taking a deep breath, Michael addressed his frustrated friend. "I don't know what is going on in his life Kyle, but the guy is...not fighting. Yes he should be awake by now. All his vitals are good but it looks like he just doesn't want to wake up."

"And why's that?" Kyle growled.

Michael shrugged, staring his friend down. "You tell me. Let me explain something to you. Know how the brain sometimes forgets things...when people sometimes suffer from amnesia...because the brain doesn't want to remember something painful?"

"You mean..." Kyle whispered.

Michael nodded slowly. "Uh-huh. He doesn't want to wake up, Kyle. He probably thinks he's better off wherever he is. What the fuck is going on?"

"Oh my God!" Kyle groaned.

"Listen Michael." Ken spoke for the first time since entering Michael's office. He was worried about his brother. Kyle was losing it and Ken wasn't happy. "If we talk to him, can that help?"

"If he talks to him," Michael said, pointing his pen at Kyle, "'Cause I have a feeling, whatever Aaron is running away from, it has to do with him. Dude, what did you do to him?"

Kyle just stared at Michael. His heart was pounding, he was breathing hard. He didn't know what to say.

"Could you please excuse us for a moment, Michael?" Ken asked quietly, looking at his brother.

"Sure. I have some rounds to make anyway." Michael said, standing up. "But you better let the guy know he has something to come back to, asshole." Michael growled, glaring at Kyle. "Take all the time you need." He muttered as he headed for the door.

When the door closed behind Michael, Ken turned to face Kyle. "He did something to you, didn't he?"

Kyle looked into his brothers eyes and swallowed hard. "Ken..."

"Tell me, Ky." Ken's voice was low and clipped.

"We've resolved it, Ken. We're okay." Kyle said quietly.

"No you're not. At least Aaron isn't. What happened, Ky? It was that day wasn't it? Whatever happened must have happened on Saturday, the day Aaron graduated. Tell me, what did he do?"

"Listen, Ken..." Kyle started but got cut off.

"I won't do anything to him, Ky. Jesus, I'm not a monster. Besides you were never in love with any of those other people. Hell, they were not even your friends. This is different. I like Aaron. And I know he loves you. That day...in your house...he was asking for forgiveness wasn't he?" Ken asked softly.


"Well, to err is human; to forgive, divine. He's obviously regretted whatever he did and that's good. Now I want to understand how serious whatever it is, was. Well, it must have been, if someone's life is on hold because of it. What did he do?"

Kyle took a deep breath. "He took drugs and...got violent with me." He muttered.

"How violent?"

"He...had sex with me."

Ken's eyes widened. "You mean he raped you." Ken said in a flat voice.

"He wasn't himself, Ken. And immediately he started, he stopped." Kyle sounded defensive.

"And what made him stop?"

"What?" Kyle looked at his brother as if he'd suddenly sprouted horns on top of his head. "What do you mean what made him...I don't know. I...I must have screamed or something. What has that got to do with anythi..."

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

"Fuck!" Ken cursed and then stood up. "Fuck." He muttered again as he run his fingers through his hair in frustration. A gesture so much like his brother's. Ken took a deep breath and turned to look at Kyle. "Okay, did you forgive him?" Ken rasped.

"Yes. I told him I'd forgiven him."

"Did you mean it?"

"What, you're a shrink now?"

"Just answer the damned question, Kyle." Ken said in a hard voice.

"Yes. I felt sorry for him. He was...well, you saw him. I meant it."

"We both know he loves you. But do you still love him?"

"Of course I still love him. That's never going to change."

"Did you tell him?"

"What?" Kyle asked, looking up at his brother.

"Did you tell him you loved him after you had forgiven him?"

Kyle took a deep breath. "No, I didn't. I couldn't. I wanted to but...I just couldn't."

"And how often were you telling him you loved him before all this?" Ken threw his hands in the air.

After a moment of silence, Kyle answered quietly. "All the time. I was telling him every fucking chance I got. Fuck!" Kyle stood up and started pacing.

How the fuck hadn't he been able to figure it out, Kyle groaned. He'd told Aaron to expect those words from him all the time and get used to it. Now, he claimed he'd forgiven Aaron, but he hadn't even managed to utter those words.

"Maybe you should remind him, Ky." Ken said quietly.

Of course he had to tell Aaron again, Kyle groaned. Aaron probably thought he'd fallen out of love with him. Kyle didn't need another person to tell him how ashamed Aaron had been. The guy obviously hated himself for what he did and had probably assumed Kyle hated him too...

"Fuck!" Kyle growled and stormed out of Michael's office. Then he broke into a run on the corridor with one goal in mind.


Aaron heard a door open. He felt numb all over. He tried to open his eyes but couldn't. What was happening to him? He tried to move his hand but it wouldn't move. Then he felt someone touch his hand.

"Baby, come back to me." Aaron heard someone say...Kyle. No, he couldn't face Kyle. Not after what he did...hurting him like that. "I'm sorry if..."

Sorry? What was Kyle sorry for, Aaron wondered even as unconsciousness claimed him once again.


"...I gave you the wrong impression, Aaron." Kyle said softly as he gently squeezed Aaron's fingers. "I love you, baby. What happened is not going to change that. I'm sorry I didn't tell you I loved you earlier. 'Cause I really do." Kyle's breath hitched with emotion. "I really do."

Kyle felt Ken rub him on the back and actually felt comforted by his brother's presence. Who said people didn't change? People did change. He'd seen how his brother had struggled to come to terms with the news. Kyle had instinctively known that Ken would pardon Aaron after his speech about Kyle not being in love with people Ken had mischievously dealt with in the past. He was grateful for Ken's understanding and support.

"Keep telling him, Ky." Ken said softly. "I gotta go. Chris is here."

Kyle nodded and wiped at his eyes. He'd had to persuade Peggy Hunter to go home and get some rest. He'd promised to take good care of Aaron. After a slight hesitation on her part and a shaky apology, for which Kyle hadn't known why, Peggy had given him a hug and left. Could Aaron have told his mum about what he'd done, Kyle had wondered. He really hoped not. But why else would the woman be saying sorry to him?

Kyle stood up just as Chris walked in. They hugged each other fiercely. Kyle remembered Chris' accusatory question that morning when Aaron had collapsed. He'd burst into the hospital room and promptly demanded to know what Kyle had done to Aaron. Michael had explained what had happened and Chris had instantly calmed down. And just like that, Kyle knew that Aaron had gone to Chris. He was grateful for whatever his friend had done. Because from the way Aaron acted the night before and that morning, Kyle could tell it had taken a lot of push and courage for Aaron to come to him to ask for forgiveness. Chris could do that to a person.

"You okay?" Chris asked Kyle. At Kyle's nod, Chris patted him on the back. "Hang in there, buddy."

Damon, Tristan and Dean came next, then Matt and Cole. Tyron had travelled so he couldn't be there with them. Aaron's room was a private executive room and was big enough to make all the guys comfortable. The perks of having the owner of one of the classy private hospitals in the country as a best friend, Kyle thought with a chuckle. The guys watched a live soccer match in Aaron's room, laughing and teasing each other till it was about eight p.m.

"I just knew Arsenal was going to get whipped." Tristan laughed.

"Yeah whatever." Matt fumed.

"Just tell old man Wenger..."


"...to start buying players, man." Aaron heard...Cole's voice?

Everything felt heavy. His limbs and eyelids refused to obey him. Nothing would move. He heard the guys teasing Matt, who was obviously an Arsenal fan and wanted to tell them to go easy on Arsenal because even Tottenham, who bought players all the time, were still not able to make it to the top four. Aaron really wished he could partake in the fun the guys were having but...his eyes and mouth remained resolutely shut, unwilling to open. Those guys sure could have fun.

Even as the guys kept arguing amongst themselves, Aaron felt hands combing through his hair. Kyle. Then he heard Kyle whisper something he never thought he would ever hear Kyle say to him again;

"I love you, Aaron. Wake up please. I miss you."

Aaron willed himself to respond. To tell Kyle that he loved him too. He tried...he wanted to scream his love to the whole world. God, why couldn't he move? Even as he felt the darkness closing over him, Aaron tried to scream 'help' but he fell into oblivion.


"Oh my God, he moved." Kyle gasped, making all the guys go quiet.

"I'm going to get Michael." Tristan said as he dashed out of the room.

All the guys gathered around Aaron, staring down at him, each person looking intently at a motionless Aaron to see whether he would indeed move something.

"You sure he moved?" Cole asked, staring down at Aaron.

"I know what I saw." Kyle muttered, willing Aaron's fingers to move again. "He mov..."

"Oh for fuck's sake allow the poor boy to breathe." Michael bellowed from the doorway.

"Fuck off, Dr. Dickhead." Dean growled, sitting down beside Aaron on the bed.

"Why do I even bother?" Michael muttered and proceeded to check Aaron's vitals.

"What's happening?" Kyle sounded worried.

"He's fine." Michael assured the guys.

"Why isn't he waking up if he moved?" Chris asked.

"He'll wake up when he's ready." Michael spoke slowly as if he were talking to children. "Just give him some time...and space. In the meantime, be assured that he's fine. Aren't you idiots going to work tomorrow?"

"And aren't you supposed to be helping Mary change diapers at home, asshole?" Damon retorted.

"Okay, I give up." Michael laughed. "Keep doing whatever you're doing, Shlong." Michael said as he patted Kyle on the back.

After making sure Kyle had eaten a good meal, all the guys left, leaving Kyle to take a quick shower and jump into bed beside Aaron. He lost count of the number of times he told Aaron he loved him before he fell into a fitful sleep.


God, he was thirsty, Aaron thought, turning his head to look around the quiet room. The light was on so he could clearly see that he was in a hospital.

"Fuck!" He muttered, wincing at the dryness of his throat and mouth.

He needed to brush his teeth and drink some water pronto, he thought urgently. When he tried to lift his right hand, he realized he was connected to an IV. What the fuck happened to him, he groaned. Then he turned to his side and his eyes widened. Kyle was fast asleep beside him, breathing softly. Aaron couldn't help the smile that lit up this face. He'd heard Kyle say he loved him lots of times but couldn't respond. Now he understood why. He'd probably passed out or been in some sort of coma. Shit! What a wimpy thing to happen to him, Aaron thought with a moan.

"Aaron..." Aaron heard Kyle whisper and lowered his eyes to stare at Kyle's sexy lips. Oh how he wished he could devour those lips right then, Aaron thought longingly. But Kyle was still fast asleep.

Well, Aaron needed to use the bathroom so he slowly and carefully sat up so as not to disturb Kyle. He swung his legs off the bed and planted his feet on the ground without a hitch. But when he attempted to stand, his legs wouldn't support him so he sat down hard on the bed, waking Kyle up in the process.

"Oh God baby, what are you doing?" Kyle gasped, hopping out of the bed and moving swiftly around to the other side of the bed to stand in front of Aaron, who was surprisingly, smiling. Kyle couldn't help the answering smile that widened his own lips. "Hi." He said softly.

"Hi." Aaron whispered back. "I love you too." He added softly.

"I know." Kyle shrugged. "Now where were you going?" Kyle asked, looking up at the clock on the wall. He'd fallen asleep for almost thirty minutes.

"I want to pee." Aaron muttered. "And I need to brush my teeth. It feels like something crawled in there and died." Aaron scowled when Kyle laughed. "And I'm damn thirsty."

"Which one do you want to do first?" Kyle stared at Aaron, the look on his face partly amusement, partly relief and partly pure, unadulterated love. He couldn't believe he was actually talking to Aaron. He'd missed him so fucking much.

"I want to kiss you so bad right now, Kyle." Aaron moaned. "But I need to clean my mouth first."

"You don't need to clean your mouth to kiss me, bab..."

"Oh please. I can't do that. Can I pee first?"

"Okay let's do it this way. You have a catheter so just go ahead and pee whilst I get Michael and the nurse okay?" It didn't even occur to Kyle to simply press the bell to summon the nurse.

"A what? Shit! That's...eww..."

"Hey shut up. You've been using it for the past seventeen hours...well, almost." Kyle chuckled, ruffling Aaron's hair. "Better do it fast before the nurse gets here. She's hot." Kyle threw over his shoulder as he went out, making Aaron laugh softly.

By the time Aaron's IV and catheter came off, some feeling had returned to his legs so he felt strong enough to move to the bathroom on his own. After brushing his teeth, he couldn't resist taking a quick shower. When Kyle heard the shower running, he rushed into the bathroom and drew aside the shower curtain.

"Are you nuts?" Kyle sounded incredulous. Aaron stood under the shower, head bent, his back to Kyle and his palms planted on the bathroom wall, with water cascading down his body.

"I'm fine, Kyle." Aaron said, turning his head to look at Kyle. "I'm starving though. Could you please tell them to get me something to eat?" Aaron asked.

Kyle almost groaned. Aaron standing under the shower with water cascading down his face and body was so sensual and hot, Kyle felt his cock hardening up. Fuck, it had been too long, Kyle thought, lustfully. Since their last encounter in the glass room on his birthday, he hadn't gotten any release as he hadn't been in the right frame of mind. It was therefore not surprising that his body was reacting as it was, though he knew Aaron wasn't strong enough for anything. Kyle swallowed hard and left the bathroom to go place an order for Aaron. He called one of the top restaurants to order chicken noodle soup, and then decided to throw in strawberry milk shake and red velvet cake, which he knew Aaron loved. Then he called his driver to go and pick it up as he didn't want any delays. Michael had promised to come and check out Aaron himself immediately he was done attending to an emergency case. Kyle hoped he would okay it for Aaron to indulge. Eating some cake wasn't going to send the boy back into dreamland was it?

Kyle turned around to face the en suite bathroom when he heard Aaron enter the room and almost dropped his phone. Aaron had around his waist a white towel and he was using another to dry his hair. Before Kyle knew what he was doing, he was already in front of Aaron, pushing Aaron's body against the bathroom door, with his lips hovering over Aaron's.

"I'm sorry, baby." Kyle muttered huskily against Aaron's lips. "But I need to do this."

Then slowly and so tenderly, Kyle covered Aaron's slightly parted lips with his. It was the softest and sweetest kiss ever. Kyle was tentative, he didn't want to cause Aaron any discomfort so he kissed him softly, teasing him with his tongue. He moaned low in his throat when Aaron opened his mouth to join in. The first touch of Aaron's wet tongue against his felt so goddamn good it made Kyle dizzy. The kiss became greedier when Aaron sucked Kyle's tongue into his mouth. Kyle moaned lustfully...he couldn't get enough. The kiss was an odd mix of desperation, tenderness and fierceness with both wanting more whilst still savouring that first taste... that first kiss. And it went on for God knew how long, both men totally lost in each other. Aaron moaned brokenly and curled his arms around Kyle's neck. Teeth clashed, noses collided, and tongues tangled. Both knew they needed to come up for air but were unwilling to part.

"Are you kidding me?" Kyle and Aaron heard Michael's incredulous tone and reluctantly broke apart and turned their heads to look at a surprised Michael, standing at the door with his mouth opened in shock. "The guy wakes up after hours in lala-land and all you can think of is a face-fuck? Jeez."

"Fuck off, Michael." Kyle growled, trying to calm his breathing, whilst Aaron laughed shakily. "Your timing is shitty, man."

"Yeah, sue me. Get on the bed, Aaron." Michael laughed.

Kyle lovingly wiped at Aaron's swollen lips. "God, I missed these lips." Kyle whispered, bumping his forehead against Aaron's whilst willing his hard-on to subside. His balls ached, heavy with cum, needful of release.

"Hmmm...I love kissing you." Aaron whispered back.

"Aaron, bed, now." Michael growled but both guys could hear the laughter in his voice.

Kyle flipped Michael off and helped Aaron onto the bed. Michael went to work, checking everything he had to until he was satisfied.

"You're okay. But you have to take in more fluids. It's important to stay well-nourished and hydrated. Eating smaller portions of food more frequently will make it easier to steadily fuel yourself through the recovery process. And contrary to what you think, food is important, buddy." Michael said sternly. "Listen to your body to determine when you're actually hungry and give it the food it needs no matter how upset you are, got that?"

"Got it." Aaron responded.

"Good. Now is there anything you'd like to ask or tell me?"

Aaron shrugged. "Congrats."

Michael burst into laughter, reaching into his pocket for his cell phone. "Wanna see the little tyke?" He asked as he sat on the bed beside Aaron, ignoring Kyle's groan. "There he is." The proud father said, scrolling through the pictures of his son on his phone. "Sweet isn't he?"

"Too cute for words." Aaron said with awe.

"Can't wait to get home and hold him in my

arms." Michael muttered.

"Isn't he supposed to be asleep by now?" Aaron asked with surprise.

"Dude, he's a baby. They don't sleep at night. They just make our lives a living hell. And we love it. Gotta go."

Aaron and Kyle couldn't help but laugh at Michael's words. Michael ruffled Aaron's hair and got off the bed to give Kyle a one-armed hug.

"I know you want to. But don't fuck him." He whispered to Kyle. "He's still weak." Then Michael quickly turned towards the door before Kyle could regain his senses after that incredibly shocking directive, and tell him off. At the door, he paused. "Just to be safe, I'm going to leave instructions that you're not to be disturbed." Then with a wink, he was gone.

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