tagLoving WivesBlizzard Revisited

Blizzard Revisited


It had been a full month since Cindy and I had crashed a swingers party by accident. A blizzard had forced us to abandon plans to go home and fate had forced us to stop at the big new house. They had obviously been having a party and we were out of options. The party had been an orgy and we had spent the night there until the plows had paved the way home.

Neither of us had even thought about swinging before that night. I know I had had fantasies of being in some of those situations, but I had never considered it seriously. I guess I had always liked porn on occasion, but never felt a compunction to go get much of it. I think Cindy was in the same boat. She had fantasies but never the energy or time to seriously chase those thoughts.

Several things surprised me. That night I was surprised at how aroused and horny Cindy had become. No we didn't have sex with anyone else, but she had been a tiger toward me. We had never been nudists or anything but we had both felt natural about nudity that night. Not only had we not been self conscious, but we had both been turned on. We had both been aroused watching other people fuck and Cindy had obviously been turned on by having other people watch us make love.

The main thing that surprised me was that Cindy didn't talk about it. She never brought up the subject and when I did, she just dismissed it. She didn't pretend that it never happened, just seemed to put no significance to it. I wasn't surprised that neither of us felt any guilt, hell we only made love to each other. What did surprise me was that she didn't acknowledge how turned on she had been.

The funniest part was that I knew that that night had had a very significant effect on Cindy. It was apparent in the bedroom. There had not been a night since that Cindy had not practically attacked me. She didn't always wait till bed time either! We'd been married for 20 years and we moved into this house when the kids were just starting school. In all that time we'd never made love on the kitchen table before! I had always thought that our coffee table was solidly constructed, but I have discovered that it is kind of wobbly when a couple bounces on it a bit!

It was a Wednesday that it all came out in the open. Cindy had beat me home from work and she was already in the middle of making us a steak dinner. I didn't say anything just watched her sexy butt working at dinner. I saw the flush on her cheeks when she kissed me and the stack of mail on the table.

Most of it was the usual collection of bills and junk mail but one letter was stuck aside unopened. I glanced at it and saw that it was from Ron and Diane. I knew who it was from immediately even though I had never known their last names. The next thing I noticed was that it had no stamp. It had been hand delivered but how was that possible? They knew we were neighbors but I didn't think that they knew our last names or exactly where we lived.

I decided that Cindy knew all about that letter and that I'd just pretend I hadn't seen it until she told me about it. It might make her talk about it. I stacked the mail and moved it off the table as I set it for dinner.

There was a real flush of excitement on Cindy's face and I knew her well enough to know that something was bursting to get out. We ate dinner in near silence. I was waiting for her to start this conversation. She didn't. I continued to pretend that I had just stacked all the mail and put it aside without noticing the letter from Diane and Ron. The flush on Cindy's face just got deeper and deeper. I nearly chuckled to myself.

I'd done a lot of thinking in the last month. All that soul searching had led me in circles. I didn't really know what I felt about the swinging scene. That one experience had left me turned on, but then we had not been fully involved it the activities. No matter what Cindy said, I wouldn't be upset.

We finished dinner and started the cleanup. Cindy washed, I dried. I groped, damn Cindy has such nice tits! I just couldn't resist.

Finally, the work was done and Cindy threw her arms around me and gave me one deep passionate kiss. She was dying to get into this conversation but she wanted me to start it. I let her stew.

"Hun, did you see the invitation from Ron and Diane?"

"No, I guess I didn't." I still pretended I didn't know. Invitation, I thought, Cindy definitely knew much more than she was telling!

"I had lunch with Diane today." Cindy told me. My mind whirled. How had Diane found her? "In fact I've been having lunch with her at least once a week, since we met them. I felt sorry for her. Ron works in Chicago and he's gone most of the week. She doesn't know anyone here. So I have been having lunch with her."

"The invitation is for their Valentine's day party, but Diane wants us to come over tonight and talk about it. I thought it would be fun. What do you think, honey?" I studied her face. I saw lots of emotions there. Fear of my potential anger. The thrill of my positive reaction! I decided that we had not talked about this. I felt a slight resentment, not at the idea but that Cindy had not talked to me before and obviously it had been important to her.

"Oh? And you want to go?" I tried hard not to show anything in the sound of my voice or the look on my face. I had seen Diane in all her glory, in action even and I must confess that I was slightly interested.

Cindy was almost squirming in her chair. I knew her too well, she was trying to be as matter of fact as I was, but failing. "Yes, I want to go!" The enthusiasm leaked through her attempt at deadpan response. "They don't know anyone in town and it would just be neighborly of us to go."

"It seemed they knew plenty of people when we were there before Christmas."

"Yes, but all those people were from Chicago, they don't know anyone here."

"And what do you think we should do? These people are swingers. Are you suggesting we should sleep with them?" I tried not to show Cindy the fact that I knew that Diane was one sexy woman and I wouldn't mind..... The question was, could I stand to see Cindy with Ron?

"Nothing like that, she just wants to talk."

"Then why the invitation to a swingers Valentine's party?" I had her with that one. I thought.

"She thought we had a good time at Christmas and thought we might like to go for the Valentine's party."

"Do you want to go to the Valentine's party?" The flush deepened on Cindy's face.

"Yes!" Her answer was almost a whisper but also a scream.

I smiled at her. "Then we'll go tonight and talk about it. If you want we'll go to the Valentine's day party. I just want you to be honest with me. Do you want to swing or just go and just us?"

"I don't know, honey. I was so turned on and I don't know what I feel now. I honestly don't know what I want. I don't know if I could stand to see you with another woman. I don't know what it would do to us. I don't know how you'd react if I was with another man."

I looked into her face. "What has Diane been telling you?"

"Diane thinks we'd be fun and have fun."

"You've been talking about swinging with Diane?"


"And, your conclusion was?"

"Diane says that we need to make that decision, but she's made me think."

I probably should have been angry but I was more curious. "You think you'd like to sleep with another man?"

I should have been the one to be mad, but it was Cindy who was getting upset. "I didn't say that! I don't know what I mean, what I want!" She was angry, confused, but not at me.

I pulled Cindy into my arms. "It's all right, babe! I love you. I understand what you're feeling. It'll be O.K." I kissed her lightly, then I kissed the salty tears that were starting to form at the corners of her eyes. She broke the kiss and smiled at me. All thoughts of the anger and frustration gone.

Things went from strained to strange as we got ready to go to Diane's. First, Cindy led me by the hand into the shower. I had expected to be raped, but instead I was prepared. Then Cindy helped me get dressed. She fawned over me like a mother prepping her son for his first prom!

On the short drive over, Cindy was fidgety and quiet. I still had the feeling that more was up than she was telling. More was up besides the front of my pants.

Diane greeted us at the door with a huge smile. She threw her arms around me and gave me a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. I felt her breasts pressed tight against me and I was aware of a slight smile on Cindy's face. She was next and got an equally warm hug. I vaguely had a feeling that that hug had more significance than even Cindy knew.

I think I was expecting a recruiting speech, but I didn't get it. We just talked about the weather and Ron's job that kept him in Chicago all week. And how Diane loved the country and their 20 acres of heaven, but she missed having Ron home and she missed her "activities". The way she said that word told me that she meant, sexual activities. I kept waiting for one of the women to bring up the party. I kept waiting for Diane to start the swinging sales pitch. I kept waiting.

I kept looking at my sexy wife and she was fidgeting too. She knew far more than I, what this discussion was about and she kept getting more and more anxious. I looked in Diane's eyes. She was in control. She had this planned and she was working the plan.

After nearly an hour and a half of small talk and the first two rounds of drinks, Diane smiled at us. "How bout we all continue this discussion in the hot tub?" Cindy didn't have to be told twice. She practically jumped up and hauled me after her. I noticed that her breathing was rapid and shallow. Her nostrils were flared and there was a touch of a flush of excitement on her face.

We hadn't brought suites but there was no hesitation in Cindy. It was as if she couldn't wait to get the three of us naked and dunked in that hot tub. There was a huge lump in my pants. At least there was until I had no pants.

Diane went for towels while Cindy and I got naked and into the hot tub. Cindy said nothing. She just wore an excited expression.

She snuggled close. Diane had shed her clothes before she entered the room and came to the tub naked. My eyes watched her as she entered the water. I could feel Cindy's eyes watching me look at Diane.

Diane crawled languidly into the tub giving me a good look at her naked body and then she settled in close to me. I was lost! A beautiful naked woman on each side of me. My mind was no longer functioning.

My wife pulled my face to hers and kissed me deeply. Her tongue explored my mouth and I felt her arousal. When we broke our kiss, she pulled back from me and smiled. Then she turned my head toward Diane. Diane leaned close as her mouth met mine. My eyes were clouded. I felt the thrill of an unfamiliar kiss. I felt Cindy's breast against me and her head on my shoulder watching the kiss. I felt Diane's lovely tit pressed against my arm and then I felt her hand. She found me and softly caressed my cock! For a moment I was worried about Cindy, and then I felt her hand find my balls. Cindy was well aware of what her new friend was doing to me.

My hands tried to find a pussy on each side, but the closeness of us foiled my plan. The girls were just too close and my arms too restrained. Cindy pulled my face to hers and kissed me again. That kiss was full of excitement and then she moved away and pulled my hand to her pussy as Diane kissed me again.

Two fingers found the warm entrance to Cindy's love as Diane kissed me and caressed my manhood. I was beyond knowing. Beyond caring.

Diane moved and broke the kiss. Cindy was quick to take her place at my mouth. Kissing me deeply as I felt Diane's soft wet body move over mine. I felt my cock between the pussy lips of a strange woman and then I felt her settle down on me. Cindy's kiss became more passionate. She was excited by me fucking her friend! I could hardly believe it.

I felt Diane's warm pussy sliding over my cock. I felt Cindy's tongue probing my mouth. Then she broke the kiss. I looked into her face, expecting anger, but found only lust.

The situation was so strange to me. The feelings a swirl. The strange pussy milking my cock and yet my emotions held out for Cindy. Diane convulsed and exploded around my cock. She stopped, my cock still inside her, still excited, in need of relief. She kissed me lightly.

"Thank you lover, that was wonderful," Diane said to me and then she dismounted like a cowboy after the rodeo.

Cindy was on me in a flash. I felt her excitement as she mounted me. She was wild! She fucked me hard. There was nothing loving in our union, it was pure lust. We exploded together in a mind numbing orgasm.

After we recovered, Diane led us out of the tub and into her bed. We snuggled together and a while later I fucked Diane again, this time until we were both satisfied. Cindy watched with lust on her face and then I found it in me to rise to the occasion. Diane moved over me while Cindy bucked over my cock and presented me with a succulent pussy. Then we all collapsed.

After we had all recovered, Diane propped herself on one elbow and looked over me to Cindy.

"So, can you handle your man with another woman?" Diane was smiling, she already knew the answer.

"Damn, I've never been so turned on! I love to watch and I love it when you're here to watch us!"

I knew what had happened. This had been a test and more. Cindy had been testing herself to see her reaction to me fucking Diane. I sensed that it was more though. She was also setting me up. She wanted to swing and she was conditioning me with a strange woman before she did what she wanted, to be with another man. I was prepared. I thought I could handle that.

Diane smiled again. "Make sure you buy Cindy the sexiest outfit you can find before you two come to my Valentine's day party!

I knew I would. It would definitely be a different kind of Valentine's day!

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