tagLoving WivesBlizzard Revisited Again

Blizzard Revisited Again


March had come like a lion and it was receding like the lamb it was supposed to be. The sun had finally eaten its way through the gray snow clouds and left only an azure sky with pretty puffs of cotton ball cumulous clouds. Here and there, were signs of spring bursting forth. The grass of the lawns I passed were showing signs of green. Soon it would be time to discard even the light coat and enjoy the buds bursting forth on the trees and plants as the days grew longer and warmer.

All around me were the signs of spring, the beauty of a new beginning. The country road on the way home was dotted by potholes caused by the winter melting into spring. Some of them deep enough to be used as bomb shelters! I kept the windows rolled up tight against the cool temperatures. I saw the tractors towing their multi-ganged plows behind them, dredging up fresh black earth as they turned the fertile soil, the moist earth throwing no clouds of dust. I was glad that my windows were rolled tight because I knew that outside those windows the smell of the fresh manure would sting my nose.

I passed the huge new house where Ron and Diane lived and memories came flooding back. My life had changed in that house. Now I had only to decide if it had changed for the better or the worse.

I could almost feel the bite of the merciless wind that had driven the powdery snow in drifts across the road and forced us to stop here that December day. I remembered the shock that had struck my wife, Cindy, and I as we discovered that we had been forced to crash a swingers party. I remembered how the shock had turned to excitement as we became accustomed to the nudity and the sex around us. I remembered how excited Cindy had become, how she had nearly raped me while others around us fucked and watched us and each other.

I remembered how Cindy had dealt with the unexpected excitement that had come over her after that experience. She, my best friend, the one who could talk to me about anything, had experienced feelings that she could not discuss. Feelings that had overcome her. She had had to work out those feelings for herself. Now it was my turn.

The memories faded as the huge new house shrunk and finally disappeared in my rear view mirror. My thoughts returned to the beauty of spring.

I pulled up to the mail box and scooped the mail out of the back of the plastic mail container, throwing it on the seat beside me. Our home was several hundred feet off the road, set back in an idyllic pine forest, hidden from the road. Several hundred feet up a rutted and pitted and holed gravel lane that I made notes to have fixed. Three truck loads of fresh gravel should do the trick, that or several thousand dollars worth of asphalt.

Damn!!!! Three deer were having their evening breakfast in our front yard. One brazenly demolishing the shrub by our front door! They looked up and paid scant attention to the car entering the clearing of our front yard. The one munching the shrub into sticks watched the garage door open and calmly wandered to the edge of our yard and resumed eating the tender grass while the car slipped inside the garage.

I grabbed the mail in one hand and went outside. The three deer just stared. I waved my arms and screamed an obscenity. Two meandered into the pines with hardly a care. The third, the one who had been converting our shrub into scrap wood, just stared, stomped his/her front feet and snorted at me. I moved closer and the deer glared, then turned and calmly walked into the pines, obviously as upset with me for disturbing his meal, as I was at him eating it at my expense. I was conflicted by the emotions evoked by the deer. One couldn't help but be annoyed by wildlife destroying a hundred dollars worth of shrub, but one had to smile at the beauty and the audacity of the wildlife. We obviously considered each other as mutually obnoxious but harmless neighbors.

I went inside and kicked off my shoes on the rug by the laundry room door and threw my light jacket on the dryer, a move sure to upset Cindy when she got there. I would hang it properly when I was done with the mail, hopefully before Cindy got home.

I sat down at the counter and carefully sliced open the envelopes. Were it up to me, I would have ripped them open to get at the interior contents, but Cindy objected and so I carefully sliced the edges to leave neat envelopes. Once they were all neatly opened, I looked at what I had opened.

Two bills. Three offers for new credit cards. One offer of a new mortgage and.... And.... The memories came flooding back again. An invitation from Ron and Diane. Earth day was as good an excuse as any other to hold a swingers party.

More memories came back to me I saw images from the Valentines Day party. I saw myself looking into the eyes of Carolyn, the woman Diane had introduced to me as my cock first slid into her warm and welcoming pussy. I remembered how Diane and Carolyn had teamed to lick my gooey penis clean.

My male member rose to greet the thought and then I remembered watching as Ron fucked my Cindy and feeling what he felt, the wonder of her. I felt pride at how well she pleased our new friend and lust for my wife. I felt Cindy's pleasure.

Cindy had come after me to check on my emotions. She had been worried about my reaction to watching her fuck another man, but I assured her that I was OK with it. I gushed out the way I felt to her. I could almost see the concern turn back into desire.

Later I watched as Cindy pleasured two men. Perhaps I should have felt disgust or anger but instead I felt lust and pride as one exploded in her pussy and another in her mouth. Perhaps my anger was dulled by the presence of Diane bouncing on my lap as I watched my wife.

I felt strange feelings when she introduced me to her two lovers. Society told me that I should feel anger at her promiscuity but I didn't feel that way about her at all. She did not fuck anyone who asked but chose her lovers carefully. She spent time getting to know them as people, before she took them as human dildoes. Perhaps, I should have felt anger at the two men who had just had my wife, but we just exchanged knowing smiles and I knew that they thought I was a lucky man to have such a sexually skilled wife. And I did.

I felt even more lucky when we got home and my woman showed me the depth of her feeling for me. We talked for hours and I understood that she only loved me. She made love to me with her heart and her whole body but there she fucked the strangers with only her pussy. That night she showed me the depth of her excitement and fucked me till my toes curled and my heart melted with love for my girl.

My problems began the next day and they were still unresolved. I was not jealous of her other lovers. I was not angry with what she had done. I was not ashamed of the strange pussy I had enjoyed. I was jealous of the depth of her emotions, emotions that I did not feel to the same measure and perhaps I could never feel as strongly.

I was the man. I was the one who was supposed to be hot to chase strange pussy. I was the one who should be enthusiastic to rush back for more. Instead, I found that the experience had awoken things in Cindy, instead of me. She had found her exhibitionist side. She had found a great release in her sexuality. Once she thought she had my permission, She had flung herself emotionally as well as physically into swinging.

Cindy, like most women, had been taught to seek the approval, the desire, the praise of males. What more praise could she receive than the appreciation of her naked body, the compliments about how well she performed sexually? She basked in the praise. She gloried in the knowledge that many males openly lusted for her as they gazed upon her spectacular naked body and watched her sexual performance with other men. Those things had smitten her. She was beyond enthusiastic!

I was not jealous of what she did, or what she wanted to do. Instead I was suddenly turned upside down by the depth of her emotion, her desire, her enthusiasm. It should be me who felt that and instead it was her! I felt a stirring in my groin at the thought of those women open to me, but it was dull enjoyment. I would enjoy it, it would be fun to go, but for Cindy it would be a thrill that would envelop her thinking for the next few weeks.

It was strange. I was upset, not at what she would do if we went. Not by the jealousy of her taking other lovers. I was upset at how much she would want to go to the party. How did one explain that? How could I talk to her about it? I felt something totally irrational. Instead of thinking about how to discuss it with Cindy, I pondered whether I should hide the invitation.

As I was thinking about my strange internal conflict, I heard the scrunch of tires on gravel that signaled Cindy's arrival from work. It was too late to hide the invitation. Instead I steeled myself. I would just suppress the emotion and try to pretend that this strange feeling did not exist.

I met Cindy at the door from the garage to the laundry room with outstretched arms. I pulled her into my arms as she smiled coyly at me and then met my lips with her luscious ones. Our tongues reached out to do battle with each other. I was actually thinking about distracting Cindy while I recovered my coat from the dryer. It sort of worked. She didn't notice the coat. Instead she came into the kitchen and noticed the mail on the counter. The first thing she picked up was the invitation.

I watched the color rush to her cheeks and the broad excited smile come to her lips. She looked at me and almost beamed. Suddenly, I knew what she was thinking. She had misinterpreted the kiss at the door. Instead of understanding the camouflage of my misdeed, she thought it meant I was as excited by the invitation as she!

Cindy rushed to my arms with that excited smile still on her lips. She threw her arms around me. I felt her heat as she held me close. The quickness of her breathe, the heat of her skin. The girl was positively on fire!

She never noticed my misplaced coat. In fact all of our clothes were misplaced as they all wound up in a pile in the middle of the kitchen. She pulled me to her and then us to the kitchen table. She sat on it and then lay back and pulled me to her. The table was the perfect height and I slid easily into her slick tunnel. We made love hard and fast. She, inflamed by the invitation on the counter, and me by the invitation of her open thighs and her obvious need.

The lovemaking was incredible. The tenderness shared between us, after the explosive orgasms, even better. The evening was one blur of passion but I was left even more jealous of Cindy's new found exuberance for swinging. That night we made love again and Cindy made it plain that it was me she loved. Still I was even more jealous of her excitement for the upcoming party.

The next weeks were strange. It wasn't like we weren't talking. We were talking plenty. It's just that I wasn't telling Cindy what I felt. How could I? I didn't know what I did feel or why. The feeling was irrational, but real. As her excitement built for the coming party, mine increased as well but not to the same degree as hers. My irritation level increased markedly as the day grew closer. I tried very hard to conceal that irritation.

Perhaps we had been together too long. As hard as I tried to conceal my feelings, Cindy knew that something was bothering me. She knew and I knew she knew. Still, I could not find a way to discuss it with her. What could I say? "Gee, Dear, I want us to go. I want you to enjoy yourself. I just don't want you to be more excited about it than I am?"

Cindy did her job, as the swinging wife, incredibly well. She made me totally aware that it was me she loved, that the party was just fun sex with no meaning. I was special. I felt no fear of her leaving me. No jealousy of her other potential lovers. I had no problem with how much she would enjoy the meaningless sex. I only had the strange irritation at her enthusiasm.

I knew that I could say NO, we're not going at any time and Cindy would not have objected, she might have been disappointed but she would have agreed. The problem was, I wanted to go. I wanted those new experiences. I had no problem with Cindy going. I just didn't want her to be so damned excited by it all!

The weekend before the party, Cindy took me shopping. I'm a guy, what the hell do I know about fashion? I barely cared what I wore. Cindy, however, wanted me to look sexy to her new friends. I kept thinking that I didn't much care, I wanted out of my clothes as quickly as possible anyway. I wound up with jeans so damn tight I felt like they'd rip if I bent over and a T-shirt that scooped low enough to show off a couple chest hairs and let my moderately developed biceps show at the arms. To keep with the earth day theme, the shirt was a sky blue with a picture of the earth from space on both the front and back.

I found myself getting slightly excited, knowing that Cindy was trying to make me more sexy. My wife was trying to help me get some strange pussy! The very idea was exciting.

Then it was her turn. A trip to the intimate attire shop and some sexy shopping for her. Damn that girl looked good in anything! It put a twinge in my twang to know that I was dressing her up for someone else. Finally I was beginning to feel the excitement that I was supposed to!

Finally we had the sexy inside attire chosen... damn seeing Cindy in that black teddy took the starch out of my knees and transferred all that hardness to another part of my anatomy. Then it was time for the outside attire. She chose some black spandex pants that clung to her sexy hips and fairly showed off the cleft of her pussy. On top of that came a white frilly see through top. The girl looked positively good enough to eat (something I planned for as soon as we got home)! Not much for the earth day theme, unless one figured that it would make the guys want to throw Cindy immediately on the ground and fuck her silly! That idea must fit into an earth day celebration!

The thrill of that shopping trip put me in the mood, for sure! In fact I was probably as excited as Cindy for several days. When my enthusiasm equaled Cindy's, my irritation faded to nothingness. By Wednesday though, Cindy was flying even higher and I was coming down from that excitement. I felt that twinge of resentment for her enthusiasm creeping back, by Friday, it was full blown annoyance once more!

The irrational emotional roller coaster had fallen to the bottom by Friday night. Cindy fairly raped me and then she talked into the night about how much fun we were going to have. She teased me about how many beautiful women I was going to fuck and how proud of me she was going to be.

I think she sensed that something was bothering me and she didn't mention once how much fun she was planning to have. I tried to kid her back, but those comments were half hearted, at best. Still, I did feel a stirring when I thought of watching her with someone else and more than a little excitement at the thought of me with some of those women! By the time I fell asleep, the irritation had faded as my own excitement had slightly risen from the bottom. Damn it! I wanted her to have fun. I wanted to watch her being fucked. I just didn't want her to be more enthusiastic than me! I knew this feeling didn't make sense and I was slightly annoyed at myself for feeling it!

Saturday started wonderfully. I think Cindy was like a little girl at Christmas! I don't know how much she slept but I know she awoke before me. I know that, because what woke me up was the feel of lips on my penis!

As I came awake I saw her lips sliding up and down on me. I pulled her up and looked into her eyes before I kissed her. I felt her wiggle her very moist pussy until it found the tip of my cock and she pushed herself down onto me. A gasp escaped my lips as I felt the warm slippery splendor of her tight pussy enveloping me. My arms wrapped around her waist and rocked her on my cock as I pulled her lips to mine. I was lost in the wonder of her. The smell of her skin. The taste of her kiss. The soft brush of her hair against my face. The feel of her full breasts against my chest. The slick wonder of her pussy sliding on my cock. My emotions were lost, there was just the splendor of the two of us locked together in body and mind. Then the excitement overcame me. It felt as if my soul was rushing to my cock, trying to merge with her! I felt the spasms of her pussy contracting in orgasm around my cock and I exploded. In that heavenly moment, it felt as if we had joined to form a single being. We were one, enveloped in joy.

For half an hour, after our loving was done, I just held Cindy. Her head laying on my shoulder as her body laid on mine. My softening prick slowly sliding from her juicy hole. We savored the touch of our bodies and said nothing. I basked in the feel of her against me.

Slowly my reason returned. I did, after all, want to go to this party and there was a lot to do first! The annoyance was gone and the excitement was coming back! It was I who broke the embrace.

I led Cindy into the shower by the hand. We washed each other and as my bare soapy hands lathered her pubic hair, I thought of another man touching her there and my cock rose to the occasion. She felt the head of my prick touch her waist and her hand pulled the bar of soap from me just before that same soapy hand locked around my shaft.

"Mmmmmmmm", Cindy moaned. "Something got your motor running." She snuggled her wet, warm, naked body against mine. I kissed her lips lightly as our wet slippery bodies crushed together under the warm spray.

"I was just thinking that someone else was going to be touching you there in a few hours. Kind of got my motor running."

She giggled. Her hand stroked my cock. "And another woman will have her hands on this. I can't wait to see that!" Her hand went up and down my cock again. "So what do you think of watching another man touching my pussy?"

The image of the two men fucking her ran through my mind. If it was possible, my cock got harder. "I can't wait to see it!" And I knew that was true, I just didn't want her to be more excited than me! "I can't wait to see them do more than touch you! Now let go of my cock and lets get moving. I want to save some of it for the other girls."

She giggled and snuggled. "OK, you naughty boy! Lets get going then. We don't want to use him all up before the party."

Out of the shower, into street clothes, off to breakfast. Off to get the price of admission. The invitation was clear. It was Earth day, almost anyway, the Saturday after. Ron and Diane had a new house with minimal landscaping. The price of admission to their party was a tree or shrub to be planted during the opening ceremonies of the party. Two cases of beer, a couple bottles of wine, and two fifths of liquor all went into the back of the explorer. The final stop, a trip to the drug store. Cindy insisted we buy two dozen condoms. A dozen for her and another dozen for me. It always made me think of my youth on those rare occasions when I bought condoms and brought the red to my face.

We wouldn't have been in any hurry, if we hadn't gotten up so late but it was already pushing 2:00 P.M. when we got home. The planting ceremony was scheduled to 3:00. My irritation was totally gone. I was starting to feel the same excitement that Cindy did. I could hardly wait to get there!

Suddenly Cindy was in a hurry. I shaved again and put on the Cologne that Cindy told me to. Cindy was fixing her already flawless hair, shaving her legs, doing the makeup that she didn't need, and whatever else women had to do or thought they had to do, to get ready for a sex party! I just watched and smiled. There was something intriguing about a beautiful naked woman contorting her body to shave her silky legs.

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