tagInterracial LoveBlonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 14

Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 14


I got one of those cravings which simply will not go away. What that craving happens to be is the subject of this tawdry little tale. Simply put, I crave power. The power to do good things. The power to change lives. Absolute power. And oftener than not, I get my hands on it and have trouble letting go. My name is Dana Hawthorne and I'm a blonde-haired and green-eyed, tall and slightly plump Irish-American lady of Jewish heritage living in Milton, Massachusetts. I am the Dean of Admissions at Milton College. Lately, it seems that my appetites have affected my job performance and also been behind some decisions I've been making. I have no excuse to offer. Simply put, I can't help myself.

As Dean of Admissions, I basically got to choose who got accepted into the school and who didn't. I've stressed diversity during my entire career. When I was hired by the college in 1998, the school's student body was eighty eight percent caucasian. Also, male students made up less than forty percent of the overall student population. I wasn't pleased with such demographics. So, I talked the school's president, Dr. Leonard Reyes into changing things. Fortunately, he saw things my way. I have a special way of negotiating with powerful men. I use sex as one of my favorite tools. An ice breaker and sealer of deals, if you will.

Leonard Reyes is a tall, dark-haired and burly bronze-skinned man of black and Hispanic origin. He considers himself black, which is okay by me. I don't tell anyone how to define themselves. He's married to my friend Rachel Dawson Castillano, a shrill Italian-American socialite who only cares about money and spends her time spending her considerable wealth on travels and purchases. That left Leonard very lonely. Easy pickings for an experienced seductress like myself. We had a lot of fun together. Leonard was a kinky dude. We sometimes had sex in his office after hours. Yeah, those were fun times. Leonard loved it when I knelt before him and sucked his long and thick cock. I loved sucking his dick and licking his sweaty balls. When he came, I drank his seed without spilling a drop. Very few women will do that for a man. I'm a first-rate sexual adventurer so the prude stuff isn't for me. I like to get wild.

And get wild I did. I would push Leonard onto his desk and climb on top of him. I would impale my hot pussy on his long dick and ride him for all he was worth. Leonard loved my pussy. And to be honest, I enjoyed having sex with him. We usually got along pretty well. Until the day I asked him to tell the board of directors to order the creation of a football program. Why did I want to start a football program at Milton College? Simply because varsity football usually means a boost in male enrollment in higher education.

In 2006, Milton College boasts of only sixteen hundred male students among its thirty nine hundred person student body. And only six percent of the students were ethnic minorities. You'd think the school's Hispanic president would agree with me but Leonard turned into a gibbering wimp when it came to dealing with the feminist administrators of the school. They wanted to keep the school exactly like it was. A bastion of political correctness. One of the most boring places I could think of. Leonard lacked the balls to see the good I meant to do. He didn't want to piss off his colleagues with a bold proposition. He wouldn't side with me against them.

I've always been a proponent of diversity and a force for change. I've never been one to follow the crowd. Hell no. When I left my native Ireland in 1978 and moved to America at the age of twenty one, I experienced a world of change and opportunity. I went to UMass-Amherst and graduated with my MBA in 1982. I fell in love with a tall, intelligent and charming black gentleman named Armando Brown. Both our families were less than accepting of our relationship.

We didn't care. We got married anyway and moved to Boston. We have a son named Mitchell and a daughter named Isabel. They're both in high school right now. Ever since my husband died, shot by a racist cop who mistook him for a thief in his own house, I've been really worried about the lives and safety of my offspring, especially my son Mitchell. The world is not kind to men these days, especially black men. Men of all races are now minorities on college and university campuses across America. Fewer and fewer men are going to college. And many of them drop out. My son is brilliant but I see what's happening in the world. I want him to have it better than I did. He plays football for his high school and he's quite good at it. I want him to attend Milton College someday.

I don't want him out of my sight. The last thing I want is for him to go to school far from home. He could become a victim of racial profiling in some strange town and get killed. Or he could be falsely accused of rape by some attention-craving crazed whore he made the mistake of dating. Not my son, folks. He's going to attend Milton College and no other school. But he wants to play college football. So, I endeavor to create a football program at Milton. That way he won't be able to say no when I nudge him in the right direction.

My daughter Isabel is going to be fine. She's tall, good-looking and wickedly smart. She's the student body president at her high school. She's also captain of the women's basketball team and she's ranked among the top ten percent of her class. She'll be fine. I can see her going to Harvard or MIT soon. Mitchell on the other hand requires constant attention. He's smart, and a terrific athlete on top of being a good student. Unfortunately, he's got some strange friends I don't much care for. The last thing I want is for him to get some bitch pregnant. That could ruin his future.

I've been looking out for him ever since he was born. When the doctors asked to circumcise him, I said hell no. I've never been fond of that barbaric and outdated practice anyway. If some of my fellow Jews hate me for that, then so be it. Mitchell is my son and I'll decide what's best for him. Him and his sister Isabel. Everything I do is for them. I want a better world for them. A world of diversity and acceptance. You might not agree with my methods but you can't fault my noble intentions. Leonard didn't know how serious I was about starting a football team at Milton College. I really wish he had seen things my way. Milton College would only benefit from having a football team.

The Milton College Department of Athletics already sponsors a plethora of sports teams including women's basketball, lacrosse, softball, cross country, soccer, swimming, gymnastics, rifle, volleyball, field hockey, ice hockey and rugby along with men's baseball, basketball, cross country, volleyball, golf, rugby, swimming, lacrosse and ice hockey. The Athletic Director agreed with me but he was bound by what the administration wanted of him. He couldn't do anything. It was really up to Leonard Reyes. And he refused to use his power to make changes around the campus. Until I decided to show him exactly what he was dealing with. Underestimating a woman is one of the most dangerous mistakes a man can make. And Leonard Reyes had just made a very dangerous and stupid mistake. I decided to teach him a lesson.

We've had all kinds of kinky sex together. What Leonard doesn't know is that I videotaped all of our sessions. I had a particularly juicy video with which to blackmail him with. Leonard had some rather unusual fetishes. One of them involved him getting sodomized by an authoritative woman wearing a strap-on dildo. I found that kind of weird but I did it for him anyway. I put on the black leather outfit and special mask he bought for me to wear. Then I strapped on the dildo. Leonard was on all fours in the motel's bed, face down and ass up. I spread his ass cheeks and eased the dildo inside him. He gasped as I penetrated his ass with the strap-on dick.

I laughed gleefully as I rammed the dildo into Leonard's ass. He squealed in pain mixed with pleasure and begged me for more. I fucked him good. Until he couldn't take it anymore and asked me to stop. I pulled the dildo out of his ass. Yeah, it was fun in a weird way. I totally got off on it, to tell you the truth. Leonard loved it. Anyhow, I had it all on tape. I knew how to make Leonard get onboard with my plan.

So, one day after classes ended, I went to his office with my camcorder. I showed him the tape. He turned pale. I grinned nastily and told him that unless he fought against the administrative board to create the football program, this tape would end up on the Internet. He could kiss his career and his marriage goodbye, along with his reputation. Suddenly, Leonard became very cooperative. He said yes to all my demands. I patted his ass before leaving his office. Oh, man. I feel good!

The next day, Leonard Reyes called for an emergency meeting of the administrative board. A meeting he made sure I was privy to. He proposed a massive fundraiser to add a varsity football program to Milton College. This decision was met with surprise on the part of most board members. However, he bravely stood his ground. In the end, they agreed. It was decided that we would raise two million dollars to start the football program, and get corporate sponsorship to build the stadium. And just like that, my plan worked.

Two years later, Milton College celebrated the creation of the varsity football program. We would compete in the NCAA Division Two. This was the first of many positive changes happening around the campus. We hired the legendary Brady Nelson, an ex-NFL Coach as the Head of our fledgling football program. He went around the state recruiting young men to play for us. This brought the school's a tremendous amount of publicity and male enrollment skyrocketed. I showed my son Mitchell the school's brochure. He graduated from high school in June 2008 and hadn't gotten into UMass-Amherst or Boston College like he wanted.

Mitchell wasn't happy about his last choice, UMass-Boston. A fine school which unfortunately lacked a football program. So I told him to apply to Milton College. He agreed. And sure enough, he won a full student-athlete scholarship to the school. As for my daughter Isabel, she got accepted into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's undergraduate bio-engineering program. My two wonderful brats were going to make it after all. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. All is well that ends well. Oh, and as for Leonard Reyes, he retired under some rather strange and rather suspicious circumstances. I'll let you guess why. The board of administrators voted me as the new president of Milton College. You see, it was either they voted for me or their dirty laundry got aired. They made the right choice, of course. I love my life. I love my new kingdom. And I love power. Life is good!

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