tagLetters & TranscriptsBlondegirl85 – First Meeting

Blondegirl85 – First Meeting


BOSTONLOVER: Hi Cutie. You must be flooded with messages with such a cute name like that.

Blondegirl85: Yeah.

BOSTONLOVER: You always give one-word responses.

Blondegirl85: Yeah.

BOSTONLOVER: LMAO you're cute. So what's a cute girl doing on here on a Friday night?

Blondegirl85: I'm going out in a little bit but thought I'd see who I could flirt and tease with.

BOSTONLOVER: Oh of course. Do you like teasing older men?

Blondegirl85: Maybe. I'm only eighteen so I bet you're older than me.

BOSTONLOVER: I'm almost forty. Is that O.K.?

Blondegirl85: I love older men. I fucked a thirty year old once. He lasted so long and I came so hard.

BOSTONLOVER: Oh really? So what do you look like baby?

Blondegirl85: I'm barely five feet tall. I have blonde hair and brown eyes. I'm very petite so my breasts are small.

BOSTONLOVER: How small? You sound delicious. I can just imagine you riding my cock all night.

Blondegirl85: 32B.

BOSTONLOVER: Perfect size. Tell me about your nipple baby? I'm stroking my cock while you type.

Blondegirl85: They're small and pink. I love when they get sucked hard. So what do you look like?

BOSTONGLOVER: Short brown hair and blue eyes. I wear glasses but have contacts in right now. I'm over six feet tall. My cock is eight inches and throbbing hard. I'm naked sitting in one of my living room chairs.

Blondegirl85: I'm naked on my bed but I'd rather be sitting in your lap.

BOSTONGLOVER: Reaching out I pull you into my lap. Rubbing your cute round butt.

Blondegirl85: I lean over and lick your bottom lip and then pull it into my mouth, sucking gently.

BOSTONLOVER: Oh fuck baby that's so hot. I slide my large hands down your inner thighs. Thumbs running against your pussy lips. I feel your wet swollen lips. I push deeper and stroke your clit with my thumb.

Blondegirl85: Oh yeah baby. I wiggle against you, rubbing my nipples against you.

BOSTONLOVER: Gripping your hips I grind you against me, the tip of my cock rubbing against you.

Blondegirl85: Oh fuck that's it. I'm going to cum so hard!

BOSTONLOVER: Cum for me baby girl. Cum for your sugar daddy.

Blondegirl85: I grip your cock and rub it hard against my clit. Feeling your hard cock rub me so hard.

BOSTONLOVER: You're soaking wet. Fuck you're a hot little fuck.

Blondegirl85: Cumming!

BOSTONLOVER: Did you really just cum sweetie?

Blondegirl85: Yeah. I was a little horny.


Blondegirl85: Yeah. Don't worry though. The more I cum the more I need to cum. I also cum harder each time.

BOSTONLOVER: I'd love to fuck you for real baby.

Blondegirl85: I know.

BOSTONLOVER: I lean you back so you're lying on my strong legs. I spread your legs and lean over, licking your bare pussy lips.

Blondegirl85: Mmm.

BOSTONLOVER: I slide my wet tongue into your pussy and lick around in circles. My thumb rubs against your hard clit.

Blondegirl85: Mmm.

BOSTONLOVER: I lick your clit in hard fast licks. My two fingers slide into your pussy and push up.

Blondegirl85: Oh fuck. That's it.

BOSTONLOVER: Massaging your gspot, feeling it swell. I tap it gently and then stroke it.

Blondegirl: Jesus Christ that's so hot. I need to cum again so badly.

BOSTONLOVER: I suck your clit into my mouth while massaging your gspot. I hear you moan and whimper my name.

Blondegirl: Cumming!

BOSTONLOVER: Good girl. I slide my wet fingers into your mouth, watching you suck on you juices.

Blondegirl85: Yeah. Want me to suck your cock now?

BOSTONLOVER: You think I'm going to say no?

Blondegirl85: I slide down your body until I'm kneeling between your legs. I hold your throbbing cock in my hand and lick the tip.


Blondegirl85: I suck the tip into my mouth, tasting your precum. I rub your heavy balls.

BOSTONLOVER: Grunting, I push my hips up, wanting you deeper.

Blondegirl85: I open my mouth wide and deep throat and hold.

BOSTONLOVER: Oh fuck baby. I'm going to cum.

Blondegirl85: I pull back and giggle. I stand up and climb back into your lap, guiding your cock inside my wet pussy.

BOSTONLOVER: Oh yeah baby. I want to fuck you so hard. Make you cum so hard.

Blondegirl85: Fuck me. Do it.

BOSTONLOVER: I grip your cute round ass and bounce you hard and fast on my cock.

Blonegirl85: Where do you want to cum baby?

BOSTONLOVER: All over your cute little breasts.

Blondegirl85: I slide down and stick my chest out. My nipples so hard.

BOSTONLOVER: I jerk my cock and cum all over your breasts. Hot streams of cum landing all over your breasts.

Blondegirl85: Mmm.

BOSTONLOVER: I moan and pant. My cock still cumming all over you, coating your breasts.

Blondegirl85: That was so hot baby. Did you actually cum?

BOSTONLOVER: Oh god yes. All over my stomach. Thank god I have some tissues.

Blondegirl85: That's so hot. Fuck I just looked at the time. I have to go.

BOSTONLOVER: Is this a one-time thing? I'd love to play with you again.

Blondegirl85: Yeah me too. You going to be online tomorrow night?


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