tagLetters & TranscriptsBlondegirl85 - Fun in the Rain

Blondegirl85 - Fun in the Rain


BOSTONLOVER: Hi my sexy Canadian. How are you doing?

Blondegirl85: I'm good. It's pouring rain here.

BOSTONLOVER: It's raining here too. That gives me a good role-play idea.

Blondegirl85: Tell me the details baby.

BOSTONLOVER: So it's pouring rain outside, been raining for days.

Blondegirl85: I walk slowly to your truck, knowing my white shirt is soaking wet.

BOSTONLOVER: I have my arm around you...my hand on your ass.... grabbing and squeezing...staring at your wet shirt

Blondegirl85: We get to your truck.

BOSTONLOVER: I push you against the truck and kiss you.

Blondegirl85: I look up at you, rain running down my face.

BOSTONLOVER: Pressing my body against yours...kissing you hard, our bodies soaked.

Blondegirl85: I kiss you back. I reach into your shorts and stroke your cock hard and fast.

BOSTONLOVER: Oh god I pant...still kissing you...I undo your jeans and slide my hand inside.... I start to finger you...god that feels good baby...not too fast...I will cum in my shorts.

Blondegirl85: I jerk harder. Giggling.

BOSTONLOVER: Rubbing and fingering your pussy faster

Blondegirl85: Running my thumb against the tip.

BOSTONLOVER: Mmmmm....oh fuck baby.... I pant.

Blondegirl85: I slap your hand away from my pussy, stroking your cock. I stop suddenly and push you away, grinning.

BOSTONLOVER: I look at you...you tease, I was going to cum. I grab you roughly and kiss you.

Blondegirl85: I push you away. We should go home baby. I smile sweetly.

BOSTONLOVER: Ok. I unlock the truck and let you in. I get in and drive us home. We get home.

Blondegirl85: Just before I climb out of the truck I lean over and whisper in your ear - I want it so rough it hurts. I giggle and climb out of the truck, rushing to unlock the front door.

BOSTONLOVER: Mmmmm..... I get out and chase you. We get in the door.... my eyes full of lust. I grab you immediately and yank your top and bra off.

Blondegirl85: I pull at your shirt.

BOSTONLOVER: I kiss you then start to suck your breasts, sucking and licking your amazing beautiful breasts.

Blondegirl85: How secluded is your back yard?

BOSTONLOVER: Pretty secluded...we have privacy.

Blondegirl85: I unzip your jeans. Wouldn't it be hot to fuck on the wet grass?

BOSTONLOVER: I keep licking and sucking your nipples. Mmmmm....oh yeah...first one out back wins...I dart for the back door.

Blondegirl85: I laugh and strip naked before running to the back door.

BOSTONLOVER: I unlock the door and run out back. I strip off my jeans.... standing in front of you naked...cock hard.

Blondegirl85: On the ground now.

BOSTONLOVER: I get on the ground and stare up at you.

Blondegirl85 :I stand over you facing your feet. I slowly kneel, lowering my pussy against your face.

BOSTONLOVER: Mmmm..... I immediately bury my face in your pussy.... licking and sucking it, sucking your wet lips, sucking your juices.

Blondegirl85: I suck your cock into my mouth, deep throating your wet cock.

BOSTONLOVER: Mmmmm....I wiggle as I feel your mouth on my hard throbbing cock. I start rubbing your ass while I lick your pussy. I slowly slide my tongue in your wet pussy.

Blondegirl85: Mmm.

BOSTONLOVER: Sliding it as far as I can, fucking your pussy with my tongue.

Blondegirl85: Oh god baby. I jerk your cock.

BOSTONLOVER: Mmmmm. Oh god.

Blondegirl85: I slap it against my tongue.

BOSTONLOVER: I buck up slowly...fucking your mouth. ...I slide my finger into your ass. I suck your clit. Oh god baby I love your pussy. I need to fuck you baby.

Blondegirl85: I roll off you and sit up.


Blondegirl85: I kiss you, water running down your face

BOSTONLOVER: I kiss you hard...I grab you and lay you down and climb on top, rubbing my cock over your pussy.

Blondegirl85: Tease! I arch my back, lifting my hips.

BOSTONLOVER: I kiss you hard and slam my cock inside your wet pussy, burying it deep.

Blondegirl85: Oh!

BOSTONLOVER: I start to thrust hard and deep.

Blondegirl85: I love you inside me baby.

BOSTONLOVER: Fucking you hard, I love being inside you baby...if it were up to me I would always be in you.

Blondegirl85: Mmm.

BOSTONLOVER: I suck and bite your neck...slamming my throbbing cock inside your pussy.

Blondegirl85: Go harder. I love when it hurts. I pant.

BOSTONLOVER: I bite you harder.... pounding your pussy harder and harder, stretching your pussy, fucking your cunt so hard, pounding it, ramming my cock harder and deeper...hitting your cervix.

Blondegirl85: Oh fuck, I roll over and sit up, bouncing on your cock.

BOSTONLOVER: I lay under you.... bucking up hard.... still fucking you.

Blondegirl85: Harder!

BOSTONLOVER: I reach up and grab your tits hard...fucking your pussy so hard, bucking up hard.... ramming and pounding your pussy.

Blondegirl85: Cumming!

BOSTONLOVER: Oh fuck baby...that's it cum....I buck harder.... ramming your pussy, fucking you hard and deep. I keep ramming you harder and harder.

Blondegirl85: I run my hands along your wet chest, cum baby, inside me.

BOSTONLOVER: I am close sweetie.... very close...I am going to fill your pussy baby. I slam harder and harder. Oh god baby, pounding you harder and deeper. Cumming!

Blondegirl85: I reach behind and pull on your balls as you cum.

BOSTONLOVER: I cry out as I shoot my hot cum inside your sweet pussy.

Blondegirl85: Oh that's it baby. Mmm.

BOSTONLOVER: I fill your pussy with so much cum.

Blondegirl85: That was so hot. Can I ask you a question?

BOSTONLOVER: Anything lover. What is it?

Bloneigrl85: Do you have a pregnancy fetish?

BOSTONLOVER: Blushing, how did you guess?

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