tagLetters & TranscriptsBlondegirl85 - Pregnancy Fetish

Blondegirl85 - Pregnancy Fetish


Blondegirl85 -- God I'm horny.

BOSTONLOVER: Well hello to you too. I'm super horny as well. What are you in the mood for tonight?

Blondegirl85: I have this idea, but it's a little weird. It's fine if you don't like it.

BOSTONLOVER: Tell me. I'm sure I'll love it.

Blondegirl85: I want us to play out a scene where we have sex for the first time and I get pregnant.


Blondegirl85: Is that a good Mmm?

BOSTONLOVER: God yes. My cock just throbbed when I read that. I totally have a pregnancy fetish.

Blondegirl85: Really? Awesome. So we're sitting on the couch at your house. Kissing and hugging.

BOSTONLOVER: I push you on your back and start tickling your sides.... not aware my hands are brushing the sides of your breasts...I stop and smile at you.

Blondegirl85: I whimper and arch my back, looking up at you, not realizing my skirt is around my hips.

BOSTONLOVER: I start to look over your body...you are so beautiful.

Blondegirl85: I blush, no I'm not.

BOSTONLOVER: Yes you are...I think you are gorgeous. Always have...I caress your face lightly.

Blondegirl85: I bite my lip nervously.

BOSTONLOVER: I stare deep in your eyes as I caress your face.... wanting to kiss you again so badly...I lean down...I press my lips on yours.... I kiss you hard.

Blondegirl85: Mmm I kiss you back. Rolling, making both of us fall onto the ground, you on your back. I giggle.

BOSTONLOVER: I giggle and look up at you.

Blondegirl85: I kiss you again, pulling at your shirt aggressively.

BOSTONLOVER: I lift my arms as we kiss...once my shirt is off, I pull at your sweatshirt.

Blondegirl85: I lift my arms, not breaking the kiss, sliding my tongue in circles around your tongue.

BOSTONLOVER: Mmm....I pant.... I break the kiss just long enough to slide your sweatshirt off...I kiss you again and run my tongue against yours...I start to massage your breasts.

Blondegirl85: I whimper.

BOSTONLOVER: Mmmm.I pant, still kissing you.

Blondegirl85: I reach down to pull at your jeans.

BOSTONLOVER: I start to tug at your skirt.

Blondegirl85: I kick off my jean skirt.

BOSTONLOVER: I kiss you again.... aggressive and passionate.... I reach and undo your bra.

Blondegirl85: I grab your hands, pinning them above your head playfully

BOSTONLOVER: Mmmm..... I smile...staring at you.... God I want you.

Blondegirl85: I bite your bottom lip playfully.

BOSTONLOVER: I try to bite back...playfully.... Mmmmm. Now who is teasing....? I giggle.

Blondegirl85: I giggle, letting go of your hands.

BOSTONLOVER: I begin to slowly grind against you...I reach back and undo your bra and slide it off...I touch your bare breasts for the first time.

Blondegirl85: Mmmm. I sit up and grind slowly.

BOSTONLOVER: I keep massaging your breasts...lightly rubbing your nipples.

Blondegirl85: Your bedroom... not here, I don't want my first time here.

BOSTONLOVER: OK.... I don't want my first time to be here either...lets go.

Blondegirl85: I blink - what did you say? I stand up, staring at you.

BOSTONLOVER: I blush.... I don't want my first time to be here either...yes, I am a virgin...in some way...I have been saving myself for someone special...you.

Blondegirl85: I turn and walk up the stairs to your bedroom.

BOSTONLOVER: I walk with you...holding your hand, we get to my room.

Blondegirl85: I slip off my panties and climb on your bed.

BOSTONLOVER: Staring at your naked body.... wow...you have an amazing body...I slide my boxers off.

Blondegirl85: I kiss your neck softly.

BOSTONLOVER: Mmmmm....I pant softly.... leaning to kiss your neck back.... licking it.... my hands sensually caressing your breasts.

Blondegirl85: I reach down and hold your cock, stroking it.

BOSTONLOVER: Mmmmm. I keep kissing your neck.... I move my hand between your legs...lightly touching your pussy.

Blondegirl85: Feeling your cock hot and hard. I stroke your cock harder and faster, squeezing the tip.

BOSTONLOVER: Oh God...you feel my cock throb...I rub your pussy in circles...slow then faster.

Blondegirl85: Mmmm, I jerk even harder, my hand covered in precum, looking at you.

BOSTONLOVER: Oh god sweetie that feels so good.

Blondegirl85: I squeeze the tip again.

BOSTONLOVER: I stare deep in your eyes.... you feel me rub your clit fast and hard, Mmmmm..... oh god baby.... you're going to make me cum.

Blondegirl85: Oh, I bite my lip, legs shaking as you rub me.

BOSTONLOVER: I rub your clit faster and harder, rubbing your wet pussy.

Blondegirl85: I jerk your cock even harder.

BOSTONLOVER: I shake as you jerk my cock.... knowing I am getting close.

Blondegirl85: I reach down with my other hand and fondle your balls.

BOSTONLOVER: I lean down and suck your breasts.

Blondegirl85: Rubbing underneath your balls.

BOSTONLOVER: I kiss your neck.... I am close I whisper.... I am going to cum.

Blondegirl85: Want me to stop? I ask, holding your cock tight.

BOSTONLOVER: No....unless you want too, God I want to be in you...I rub your pussy faster.

Blondegirl85: Inside me now, I roll you onto your back and climb on top of you. I can't wait. I know I should, this is supposed to be romantic. But I need you.

BOSTONLOVER: I need you too, so bad.

Blondegirl85: I guide your cock against my pussy and push down hard.

BOSTONLOVER: I rub my cock over your pussy, I slide deep in you.... breaking your hymen, my cock deep in your pussy.

Blondegirl85: I cry out.

BOSTONLOVER: I start to slowly slide my cock in and out.

Blondegirl85: I push down harder, feeling you touch my cervix.

BOSTONLOVER: Oh God baby that feels SO good, I start to fuck your wet pussy faster.

Blondegirl85: I whimper. Closing my eyes, I start to cum.

BOSTONLOVER: I feel you cum....that's it baby.... oh God I am so close.... I am going to cum too. I thrust hard and fast, fucking your wet hot pussy. I start to cum too.

Blondegirl85: Mmm, condom I cry out. Realizing you're cumming inside me.

BOSTONLOVER: I cum and fill your pussy with my hot cum..... Oh God...hearing your words and feeling my cum in you.

Blondegirl85: I lean down and nuzzle your nose.

BOSTONLOVER: I nuzzle back.... my cock still in your cum filled pussy.

Blondegirl85: Condom I pant again. You didn't wear one.

BOSTONLOVER: I know.... I am sorry.... I forgot.... all I could think of was you and how much I wanted you.

Blondegirl85: I know.

BOSTONLOVER: Are you on the pill or anything?

Blondegirl85: No.

BOSTONLOVER: Is it bad that I like knowing I could knock you up?

Blondegirl85: Mmm. I'd love that.

BOSTONLOVER: I'd love that too.

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