tagLetters & TranscriptsBlondegirl85 - The Wake Up Call

Blondegirl85 - The Wake Up Call


Blondegirl85: Hi baby. Have you been waiting for me long?

BOSTONLOVER: No. I have a hot story idea. I'm so horny.

Blondegirl85: Let me hear it. BTW I'm naked and lying on my bed at the moment.

BOSTONLOVER: Fuck you turn me on. Here's the idea. You're sleeping over at my place. We have had sex but always use a condom. I take advantage of you while you are sleeping.

Blondegirl85: Mmm.

BOSTONLOVER: You like it baby?

Blondegirl85: My parents are gone to the cottage. You're sleeping over. We spent the whole evening making love and literally passed out.

BOSTONLOVER: We would.... Hehe.

Blondegirl85: Of course. I'm lying on my back.

BOSTONLOVER: I am laying beside you, cuddled up to you.

Blondegirl85: I whimper in my sleep and cuddle closer. My body's so sore from all the sex.

BOSTONLOVER: I dream of the hot sex we had, getting horny, half asleep, I run my hands over your bare tummy then slowly up to your amazing breasts.

Blondegirl85: I whimper in my sleep, dreaming of when you fucked me on the kitchen table

BOSTONLOVER: I run my fingers over your nipples, my hard cock now rubbing against your outer thigh.

Blondegirl85: I love you. I whisper in my sleep.

BOSTONLOVER: I wake up more, seeing you responding to my touch. I love you sweetheart. I kiss your neck. I caress your breasts lightly.

Blondegirl85: Still asleep I squirm against you, spreading my legs wide.

BOSTONLOVER: I pull the cover back, staring at your pussy. I lean down and run my tongue over your pussy.

Blondegirl85: Oh god. I open my eyes

BOSTONLOVER: Spreading your pussy lips with my tongue, I lick you softly, licking and sucking your juices.

Blondegirl85: Baby, I whimper.

BOSTONLOVER: Yes baby I pant, lightly caressing your clit

Blondegirl85: Mmm.

BOSTONLOVER: I rub your clit.

Blondgirl85: Oh god I'm so sore.

BOSTONLOVER: Want me to stop baby? I gently lick your pussy again.

Blondegirl85: No. I sit up and look down at you between my legs. How long have you been doing that?

BOSTONLOVER: Maybe ten minutes. I run my tongue all over your pussy from ass to clit.

Blondegirl85: Oh.

BOSTONLOVER: I lick again.

Blondegirl85: I run my hand through your hair.

BOSTONLOVER: I spread your pussy lips and run my tongue over the opening to your vagina. I gently slide my tongue in your pussy

Blondegirl85: You're hard again aren't you baby?

BOSTONLOVER: I am so hard baby.

Blondegirl85: After all those times tonight? I giggle.

BOSTONLOVER: Mmmmm. Oh yeah baby. You make me so horny. All I think about is fucking you.

Blondegirl85: I lay back.

BOSTONLOVER: I keep licking and sucking.

Blondegirl85: I flip onto my hands and knees

BOSTONLOVER: I lean behind you and lick your pussy from clit to ass. Then I kneel behind you. I rub the head of my cock along your pussy and ass.

Blondegirl85: Oh god that feels so good sweetie

BOSTONLOVER: Mmmm. God I love you baby. I love making love to you. I rub my cock between your pussy lips.

Blondegirl85: You're so hard and hot. I love it.

BOSTONLOVER: You make me hard baby. Always have and always will. You have no idea how much I want you I pant. I slowly push my cock into your pussy

Blondegirl85: Mmmm I cry out. Oh god I'm so sore, so wet. God!

BOSTONLOVER: If it hurts too much I can stop baby, holding my cock deep.

Blondegirl85: No. Don't stop. Fuck don't tease me baby.

BOSTONLOVER: I slowly slide my cock in and out. Oh god your pussy is so wet and hot baby. God I love being in you, making love to you.

Blondegirl85: You feel so good, so hot. So much hotter than last time.

BOSTONLOVER: I keep sliding my cock in faster. You are so wet. I reach under and rub your clit

Blondegirl85: I grip the sheets, rocking back and forth

BOSTONLOVER: My hard throbbing cock inside you. I hold your hips and start thrusting a bit faster, fucking your pussy. I love you so much sweetie

BOSTONLOVER: I run my hands over your bare ass

Blondegirl85: Oh god baby. Cum for me.

BOSTONLOVER: Oh god baby.... I want to.... I need to. I start fucking you faster, thrusting faster and faster, and panting...the sensation too much. Cumming!

Blondegirl85: Cum inside me baby. I push back as you flood my fertile pussy.

BOSTONLOVER: I hold your hips and bury my cock deep and cum, shooting my cum inside you.

Blondegirl85: I flip over and sit up. Looking at you. I love you.

BOSTONLOVER: I love you so much.... I kiss you

Blondegirl85: You came inside me. I smile

BOSTONLOVER: I smile back.... yeah...I did...is that bad?

Blondegirl85: I nuzzle your nose, maybe.

BOSTONLOVER: I nuzzle back. You are so beautiful baby and I love you with all my heart

Blondegirl85: I love you.

Blondegirl85: Can I sleep now? I laugh.

BOSTONLOVER: Mmmmm. Yes you can sleep. Sorry I woke you. I smile.

Blondegirl85: I lie down on my side and smile at you.

BOSTONLOVER: I lie on my side and smile back, caressing your face.

Blondegirl85: I have to go to bed now. Will you be on tomorrow night?

BOSTONLOVER: God yes. Can't wait until tomorrow.

Blondegirl85: Good night.

BOSTONLOVER: Good night.

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