tagInterracial LoveBlondie's First Black Dick

Blondie's First Black Dick


My wife and I had been married several years when, looking to ad some spice to our sex life, we began experimenting sexually with other people. Our first experience was with a handsome, Hispanic police officer, whom she seduced in our apartment one night after she’d had enough booze to lose her inhibitions.

That night, I discovered how incredibly exciting and stimulating it is to watch my beautiful, blond wife fuck another man. We both enjoyed it so much that we invited Officer Franco back for an encore performance the following week.

Blondie gave him the full treatment, greeting him at the door in a short sexy dress and spike heels, then dancing and stripping to black garter belt, nylons and shelf bra before giving him an enthusiastic blowjob and fucking his eyeballs out. Needless to say, the lusty lawman became one of my wife’s “regulars” guys who were invited back frequently for evenings or weekends of sexy fun.

After that first walk on the wild side, we tried many other variations of sexual adventuring with more men, couples and even the occasional single woman. After much experimentation, we finally agreed that the most exciting scenario for both of us was her having sex with a man or men while I watched, took photographs and got my turn after her partner had cum in her. That, I had discovered, was the most exquisite sexual sensation there is, sticking my cock in my gorgeous Blondie’s hot, cum-filled pussy, just moments after another man had ejaculated in her.

Let me take a moment to describe my wife for you as she looked in those days. Blondie was a short, 5’2”, very pretty, very sexy, bottle blond. She wore her hair in a short to medium-short cut, changing the style occasionally, but never the color away from platinum.

Her given name was actually Belinda but from the very first time she had bleached her hair platinum in high school, she had become Blondie to one and all, even her own family.

Appropriately enough, she actually bore a bit of resemblance to the pretty cartoon character and had taken to the nickname agreeably. Say the name Blondie to anyone associated with real estate in our area and they immediately knew the sexy, successful agent you were referring to.

Blondie's small, lovely face was almost heart shaped with a high forehead, large expressive brown eyes and a perky, slightly pointed nose. But the prime jewel in this lovely crown was her luscious, full-lipped mouth, with lips so soft and naturally rosy, they begged to be kissed. I’ve had more than one man tell me they could get hard just thinking about my wife’s glossy, lip-sticked mouth.

Having once worked as a cosmetician, she was always made up expertly, generally wearing heavier makeup than most women in the real estate business, but always in a way that served to enhance her natural sensuality.

Blondie took no special pains to exercise so she was a tad too buxom to be truly petite, but hers was a soft, ripe plumpness that seemed to exude an aura of fecundity and fertility. Her breasts were mid-sized and well formed, conical in shape, and as she matured into her thirties, they began sagging some, slightly but sensually, from firm round bases to nicely tapered rosy points, centered with perky pink nipples.

Beneath them she had a nicely indented waist flaring out over shapely hips. In her thirties, she began to develop a plump, slightly protruding tummy, typical of women in her age group that, if anything, added to her sexual appeal for most men.

Beneath that ripe, round little belly nested a neatly trimmed, hairy vee of dark brown, her natural hair color. She had a shapely pear of an ass and very pretty, well-formed legs tapering down to small feet.

Altogether, for her thirty-plus years, the woman carried a very hot, foxy package on her compact 5’1” frame. If you wished to sum up, my wife, Blondie, in a few words, the most apt description would be “short, stacked and very sexy.” The guys who got to fuck her couldn’t get enough of my hot little sexpot.

The man who did the most to alter the course of our sexual adventures was one of Blondie's regulars, a slim, attractive, very well hung (10 inches) CPA, named Charles, who had a libido to match his dick and a wife who didn't care to handle either. She knew he was fucking around but didn't mind that he was expending all that excess sexual energy with my wife, which made it easy for him to stay all night.

When Blondie got horny, she'd call Charles at work and they would arrange a little party, usually at our place but sometimes at a hotel in his nearby hometown.

Wherever it was, when Charles walked in the door, my wife would be eagerly awaiting his arrival in one of her many sexy outfits, usually spike heels and high-top hose worn with a garter belt or corset/waist cincher, under a sexy, body-hugging slip or a see-through negligee. Most of the time she wore black, but sometimes she'd go all white or pink, which looked dynamite with her blond hair and frosted pink nails and lipstick.

I absolutely loved watching my wife get ready for these sex parties with other men, or sessions, as we referred to them, knowing as I watched her preparations that she was excited and aroused, horny for the man who was on his way over to fuck her, Charles or whoever it might be coming for another piece of my wife.

When it was Charles, I'd fix him a drink and then sit back and watch while he and Blondie engaged in steamy foreplay. They would French kiss and fondle each other; he’d suck her erect nipples and finger her creamy pussy through her scanty panties. Blondie would be moaning with desire as she probed his mouth with her tongue and rubbed his cock through his slacks.

Eventually she would unzip his fly, take out his hard dick and start jacking him off while they continued kissing hotly and wetly. Then she would drop her head to his lap and begin licking and kissing his big dick until he was begging her to suck it.

Over time, I had found that watching my wife in heated foreplay with another man was almost as exciting as watching actual intercourse. Blondie was a great kisser with that full-lipped mouth and watching my wife kissing another man, whether hotly and wetly before or during sex, or lovingly and tenderly afterwards, was a uniquely stimulating form of eroticism. For some reason, I found this to be particularly true when she was stroking a man’s cock while she kissed him.

Usually, to prolong the foreplay and to keep the sexual tension building, I would interrupt the action and ask Blondie to dance for the man (or men when we invited a pair or trio) she was entertaining that night. This had become a part of our standard routine since our very first party with Franco; Blondie would step up on our over-sized, glass-topped coffee table and dance to pulsating rock music for her enthralled audience.

To sit there and watch my wife stripping, doing bumps, humps, grinds, squats and spreads for other men, often total strangers, was very thrilling. It was so much better than watching a club dancer because you didn't have to sit there with your hands on your beer fantasizing about what you would like to do to the babe on the stage. Here you could take your cock out and stroke it while you watched, which I always did and our guests usually followed my lead.

And what a mind-blowing sensation that was for most of them...being able to openly jackoff while watching my gorgeous blond wife strut her stuff. Of course, the most important difference was knowing that when this tantalizing, voluptuous, thirty-something, go-go girl came down from her stage they were definitely going to get to fuck her.

For her part, Blondie loved to watch men jacking off while she pranced about in panties, bra, garter belt, hose and heels. Usually, her panties were sheer see-throughs and her lacy shelf bras left her nipples exposed, so she was usually dancing nearly nude for them. Being an exhibitionist, dancing and stripping for strangers turned her on as much as her audience.

Sometimes she would encourage their participation by stepping down from her mini-stage, sitting on the edge of the coffee table with her feet on the floor and urging her guests to kneel between her spread legs and rub the heads of their cocks up and down her creamy pussy lips. She'd let them slip it in a couple of inches, giving them a preview of how hot and tight her pussy was going to feel when they finally got around to fucking; then she'd get back on her small stage and resume her dirty dancing.

I loved seeing my wife engage in all this teasing and visual foreplay, especially when she’d end her dancing by stepping down and straddling a guy, rubbing her hot, creamy pussy lips up and down his cock until it slipped inside her. That, we all know, is a fantasy that every guy who ever watched a stripper or a go-go girl has had: having that gorgeous, sexy broad step down from that stage and sit on your hard cock. Thanks to my beautiful slut wife, there are a lot of men out there today who can say truthfully that they’ve actually had that happen to them.

Another fantasy Blondie made real for a lot of guys was that of stepping down from her stage and lying back on one end of the sofa or on a pallet on the floor with her legs spread, playing with her exposed pussy for her admiring audience. She had a variety of vibrators and dildos, which she would use to make herself come again and again as they watched her and masturbated.

Many of these guys would tell me how lucky I was to have such a beautiful wife who would do this; they couldn't get their wives or girlfriends to do it for them no matter how hard they begged. I reminded them of how fortunate they were to have found their way to my wife, who was glad to engage in mutual masturbation with them.

Blondie did not deny them if they wanted to shoot their hot semen on her breasts or belly or neat bush as she bucked and humped her hips in the throes of her own self-induced orgasms. Of course, they were also welcome to expend themselves in that voluptuous, full-lipped mouth or in that hot pussy.

As for me, I found it exceedingly stimulating to watch my wife lay back with her legs spread and let total strangers, men we had picked up in a bar, perhaps less than an hour earlier, jack off while getting the steamiest show of their lives.

One night, while Blondie was putting on just such a show for Charles, I commented to him that one of my own, unfulfilled fantasies was that of watching my gorgeous blond wife dance and play with her pussy like this for a black man. Charles was instantly intrigued, saying that he'd always wanted to watch a beautiful, blond, white woman get fucked by a big-dicked black stud.

We began teasing Blondie about the prospect of getting some black dick, maybe one even bigger than what Charles had; and she played along, teasing back, asking Charles if he'd really like to see that, and, if so, then maybe she'd do it.

Talking about her fucking a black guy made the action even hotter than usual that night. Later, after he had fucked my wife three times with that 10-inch cock and was preparing to leave, Charles asked us if we were serious about the black guy thing. He said he knew someone who’d probably be very happy to fulfill our fantasy.

Blondie balked, when she realized this was going beyond the fantasizing stage, but finally said she'd give it some thought. I gave Charles a very sexy picture of Blondie in heels, hose and garter belt, to show his black friend.

Two weeks later Charles called to inform us that he'd finally had a chance to meet with this fellow, Tommy, and show him the picture. He said Tommy had wanted to come over right then but Charles had told him he had to talk with us first. When I told Blondie, she was reluctant to agree. Raised in the Deep South, she knew what we were considering was the ultimate taboo, absolutely the worst thing a respectable white woman could do. It hadn’t been that many years since black men and white women had been tarred, feathered, even murdered for miscegenation.

But that was precisely the attraction for an already very naughty girl, who had been fucking other men on a regular basis for years now. After all, her first lover had been Hispanic and she had since fucked several other Latinos and loved it. And she did get turned on fantasizing about black studs. Why not go ahead and break the biggest taboo; find out if the stereotypes about black men and their sexual prowess were really true?

I used this logic with her and eventually she agreed to meet this black man. I called Charles immediately and told him to bring Tommy over the coming Friday evening. We were going to find out about those stereotypes finally, one way or the other.

When Blondie began getting herself ready Friday evening, I suggested she dress just as she normally did for Charles. She refused, saying she wanted to be fully clothed until she made up her mind about the situation. However, I was finally able to persuade her that this could possibly be the most erotic event of her life and she should be attired accordingly. When Charles walked into our living room with this very tall, slim, so-so looking, black man, my beautiful wife was waiting for them in her usual sexy outfit of heels, hose, garter belt and lacy black negligee.

She was an enchanting blond vision and Tommy couldn't stop staring. The black shelf bra she was wearing pushed her erect, pink nipples up against the see-through lace of her black negligee so that they were readily exposed to her guests. The dark pubic hairs of her mons were clearly visible through the filmy black bikini panties she wore. Her flaxen hair was pinned back in a way that fully exposed her soft, pale neck, which was sensually encircled by a rhinestone studded, black velvet choker. The few inches of supple, ivory thigh between her stocking tops and her sheer, black panties emphasized her innate whiteness.

She was an absolute stunner. I had never seen her looking more seductive and I realized that she was so glowingly radiant tonight because she was aroused by letting a black man see her like this; for the very first time, she was letting a black man look at her nearly naked body and she was clearly excited with what that portended.

Regrettably, she looked too damned good; Tommy, and I honestly didn't blame him, simply couldn't resist grabbing my gorgeous, glowing wife and kissing her very forcefully before we had even gotten drinks served. Blondie, taken by surprise, resisted him, pushing him away and running to the bedroom.

We all three stood there looking inanely at each other, until I quietly explained to Tommy that he was going to have to move more slowly if this were to succeed. We agreed that it might be wise to let Charles fuck her first to get her going. Charles and I both knew that once my wife started fucking she didn’t want to stop until she’d fucked every man present.

I then went to the bedroom and talked with my still unconvinced wife. She reminded me that she had only agreed to this conditionally and besides, she complained, Tommy wasn’t as attractive as she’d hoped he’d be.

Knowing she had to be incredibly horny, I appealed to her libidinous side, pointing out that he was a big guy (my diminutive wife loves fucking big men) and according to Charles, very well endowed. I reminded her that even if she decided not to fuck him tonight, she could still get some of Charles' big dick and let Tommy watch. She finally sighed and confessed,

"You're right, Sugar, he is big and that turns me on as you well know."

When I said nothing she continued,

"And I have been horny all week thinking about getting some strange cock."

Suddenly my wife's lovely face broke into a bright smile and she said,

"OK, Sweetie, give me a minute to fix my lipstick."

A few minutes later she strutted back into the living room, smiling as if nothing had happened.

We shared a joint; I was sure after a few hits, she would relax and let her lust take over. I had turned all the lamps down low so the room was warmly dim; easy rock music was playing softly in the background; soon we were all feeling tranquil.

There was, however, an aura of primal sexuality in that room that you could have cut with a knife. Two men, one of them black, were sitting here looking at my half-naked wife, just waiting for the opportunity to fuck her.

My wife in turn, was obviously aroused and prepared for sex; she just needed some time for her southern inhibitions to be overwhelmed by her desire to fuck a black guy. Seeing the dope was working, I suggested to Blondie that she sit next to Charles. As I hoped, as soon as their bodies touched, the situation turned electric; they began kissing hungrily, and Charles quickly got a finger inside her, causing her to respond heatedly. Tommy and I sat quietly on the other wing of the sofa watching; I cautioned Tommy to be patient and just observe for the time being.

My cock-craving wife was hotter than she'd ever been with Charles and I knew she would fuck him, regardless of whatever else might transpire. And I could sense that the presence of this strange black man was going to make the sex more exciting than ever before. Blondie soon had Charles’s erect penis liberated and she began blowing him with a lusty fervor.

With her glistening red lips around the head of Charles’s cock, she looked wide-eyed over at Tommy, directly into his eyes. Holding that steady, teasing stare, she took Charles’s cock out of her mouth, smiled flirtatiously at Tommy and licked her lips before resuming her sucking with a new intensity. I saw that performing for Tommy was turning her on. With that look she’d given him, she was saying,

"Watch this, you big, black stud; just sit there and watch while I suck this big ol’ white dick."

Tommy was unquestionably stimulated by the sight of this pretty blond sucking that big dick and he started to move in a couple of times; I quietly cautioned him to wait. Moments later, Blondie took Charles’s cock from her mouth and looked up at him; still stroking his cock, she cooed,

“Fuck me, Charles; come on, Baby, fuck me now; I’m ready, Baby, I want your cock in me now, Lover. Come on, Baby, I’ve been horny all week waiting for tonight.”

Charles immediately stood up and began removing his clothes. My wife slipped her panties off, then lay back on the couch and spread her legs, waiting for her lover to enter her. Again she looked into the watching black man’s eyes and smiled naughtily. As Charles mounted her and began working that big ten-inch dick into her, she maintained a defiant eye contact with Tommy as if she were saying,

“You’re just gonna have to sit there and watch while I give this white man what I know you want so badly, you big ol’ black stud.”

Grunting with pleasure and murmuring encouragement to Charles, she held the black man’s gaze until her lover was all the way in, her eyes conveying the unspoken message to Tommy that if he were patient, maybe, just maybe, he would get his turn. Only then did she finally turn away and begin kissing Charles, settling into a steady rhythm, fucking him to the beat of the stereo. I felt then, with absolute certainty, that my wife’s teasing of Tommy with those sexy looks was surely visual foreplay; she had made up her mind to fuck her first black dick tonight.

As the momentum of their heated mating built, I quietly whispered to Tommy to get ready. When he dropped his slacks and shorts, I was impressed, to say the least. He was everything we'd always heard about black men and their endowments. His erect cock bobbed up and down almost a foot out in front of him (we later determined it was just under 11 inches) and it was thicker than Charles’s cock. I knew my wife would never be able to resist the temptation of getting fucked by such a huge cock. She’d never had one that big and while she, like most women, sometimes proclaimed that size wasn't everything, it was usually the hung guys, like Charles, whom she preferred as regular partners.

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