Blondie's First Black Dick


Charles leaned back while continuing to pump in and out of my eagerly responding wife, giving Tommy room to lean over and knead Blondie's breasts with his huge black hands. As he rolled her nipples between his long fingers that huge cock bobbed closer to her face, until she reached out and wrapped her small white fingers around it and began a slow stroking motion. Tommy leaned in closer and Blondie looked up into his eyes in surrender, then pulled his cock down to her mouth and began kissing and licking the shiny purple head. Turning to face it directly, she opened her mouth and took it in while she continued meeting Charles thrust for thrust.

For the first time ever, I was watching my wife suck a black dick, a huge black dick; and I knew she was just getting it primed to go in her pussy as soon as Charles shot his load. Tonight my wife, this pale belle of the south, was finally going to get fucked by a black man and I was actually trembling with anticipation. For that matter, Blondie appeared to be, as well.

It didn't take long; Blondie continued meeting Charles’s thrusts as he picked up the tempo. The sight of my beautiful, blond wife, his steady piece of ass for the past couple of years, sucking a black dick while he fucked her, was enough to make Charles cum fairly quickly, unusual for him. Even before his spasms of ejaculation had fully ended, he pulled back hurriedly, making room for Tommy to move between Blondie's legs and replace him. They accomplished this so expertly there wasn't time for Blondie to protest had she wanted.

Charles’s big dick had stretched my wife’s tight pussy and his cum was oozing out of her, creating a hot, liquid lubricant for Tommy. When Tommy reached down to guide his member into her, Blondie dug her heels into the sofa, arched her back and spread her legs wide, welcoming her new lover, her first black lover. That huge hunk of thick, black meat went into her like a knife in butter and my pretty wife suddenly had almost a foot of hard, thick, black cock buried in her pussy to the hilt.

Blondie let out a groan of pleasure, then wrapped her legs around Tommy's back and began slowly squirming her hips, fucking him back, cautiously at first, but then with growing intensity. Looking up through slitted eyes at the young black man looming over her, my lovely wife crooned to him,

"Oh yeeaasss, yes, yes, yes, Baby, fuck me, fuck me fuck me! Give me that black dick, Stud; oh god yeeaass, give me that big, black dick, Baby!"

Charles and I grinned at each other, very aware that my wife had just opened up more than her legs; she had just opened up a whole new realm of sexual adventures.

Tommy raised Blondie's legs to his shoulders where her come-fuck-me pumps rested, stiletto heels pointing straight up, then began to pound in and out of her like a jackhammer. Blondie gripped his forearms and groaned with pleasure. She loved to get fucked this way. One of her regulars, a young attorney, fucked her like this and she couldn’t get enough of him. She was conveying her newfound pleasure to Tommy as she moaned,

"Oh god yes, that feels so good, Lover, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Fuck my white pussy, Baby, fuck me with your big, black dick," over and over like a mantra.

I was elated; there lay my wife with a black man, a total stranger, between her legs, pumping his huge black dick in and out of her, the biggest cock she’d ever had. And, best of all, the slut was absolutely loving it! Defying all her upbringing, she was doing the unthinkable for a southern white woman, fucking a black man.

And with her husband sitting here watching, jacking off, shaking with excitement and triumphant that he’d finally gotten her to do it. She was making it good for him, too; he was moaning loudly as he hammered that hard black dick into my wife’s soft white belly.

Unfortunately, in this first experience with miscegenation, the mating did not last all that long; Tommy was simply too intense and driven with the pleasure of fucking this beautiful blond white woman to hold back his climax for long. I watched fascinated as he bucked and slammed his ebony thighs against my wife's upturned, round, white ass, shooting his searing African seed deep into her womb. Blondie was meeting his spasmodic thrusts with her own, exhorting her first black lover,

“Cum in me, Baby, oh god fucking yeeaass, fill me up, Baby, shoot my pussy full, Lover, oh yeeaass give me your black cum, Stud, fill my sweet white pussy up!”

And that’s exactly what that young black man proceeded to my pretty white wife until his climactic spasms finally subsided. Tommy remained inside Blondie for a few more minutes, moaning with pleasure and slowly rotating his pelvis against her cunt until she finally patted his forearm and told him she needed to pee.

What a sight it was to behold, for the very first time, as a softening, but still huge, cum-slickened, black cock came sliding out of my wife’s cum-filled pussy. Blondie's pink, hairy twat was a sticky, matted mess after milking two big loads of cum out of two very big dicks. I was thankful we had remembered to put a towel on the sofa earlier. Holding the cum-soaked towel between her legs, she excused herself and quickly headed for the bathroom.

Charles, Tommy and I all grinned at each other, satisfied and pleased that we had gotten her to do it. I went into the kitchen to make fresh drinks and overheard Tommy exclaiming to Charles,

“Man, you wasn’t exaggerating when you showed me that picture; that bitch is fuckin’ beautiful, Man, a fuckin’ righteous piece a’ ass, Man. An’ her pussy’s just as tight as you tol’ me. Man, that ho’ got some fine-ass, good fuckin’ pussy!”

It sent a little shiver through me hearing a black man refer to my wife as a bitch and a ho’ but I realized that’s just what she was to him, a whore, a cheap slut who invited total strangers into her home and fucked them while her husband watched.

When I returned to the living room with the drinks, Tommy looked up at me from the couch where he sprawled naked, grinned toothily and asked,

“You gonna let me fuck your pretty lady agin’ tonight, Man? I hope you’ll let me get some more of that fine, tight pussy, you know, Man?"

He looked over at Charles and winked as he continued,

"Yeah, Bro, I done cummed too fast that time cause she so fuckin’ tight; nex’ time I want to take it nice and slow and really enjoy that fine white pussy.”

He grinned confidently and smirked,

“Yeah, Man, I wanna take it nice and slow and make yo’ hot little honey squeal and squirm, oh yeah, Man, ol' Tommy he gonna make your ol' lady squeal and squirm, Bro.”

Charles was grinning from ear to ear. I smiled at Tommy and said,

“Well, Tommy, I expect that’s up to her whether you get to fuck her again or not; but judging from the way things have gone so far, I’d say your chances are pretty good. She very rarely just fucks a guy once and sends him away. Based on your past experiences with my wife in situations like this, wouldn’t you agree, Charles?”

He grinned again and nodded emphatically at Tommy. I left them and took a fresh drink in to Blondie in the bathroom where she was putting on more makeup. She gave me a very sexy, sultry smile in the mirror and asked,

"Well, are you happy now, Sugar, that your little white wife has finally fucked a big black stud?"

I grinned and replied, "Yeah I sure am, especially since my hot pants wife so obviously enjoyed it. How does it feel, Miss Southern Belle, to know you just fucked almost a foot of black dick and let a black stranger cum inside you, a black man you'd never laid eyes on until little more than an hour ago?”

She just smiled her naughty-girl smile into the bathroom mirror and crooned,

"Mmmmmmmm, delicious, Sweetie, absolutely delicious. God, what a cock he’s got! It’s got to be the biggest one I’ve ever had and it felt so wonderful, Sugar, just fucking wonderful. What a nice, big, thick, beautiful dick, Baby! If he’d just lasted longer I’d probably have been able to cum with him.”

She looked thoughtful for a moment, smiled her sluttiest smile and purred,

“Ooooh, wouldn't that be sexy, cumming with him, cumming all over his big dick while he was cumming in me? Mmmmm, yeas, wouldn't it though?"

Then with a mischievous smile, she said,

"But I don’t think that boy could’ve held back if he wanted to, you know, Sugar?”

Lifting her eyebrows inquisitively, she asked,

“What’d he say, did he like it? Was I nice and tight for him?”

I had to laugh at that before sputtering,

“Are you kidding? He’s sitting in there right now with a huge boner just waiting for you to come back and fuck him again, Baby. He’s so fuckin’ horny he’s fuckin’ honkin’ you know.”

I grinned and told her,

“Yeah, the boy says he wants to take it nice and slow this time and make my hot little honey squeal and squirm.”

Blondie smiled wickedly and purred,

“Oooooh, wants to make me squeal and squirm does he?”

My sexy little slut wife winked into the mirror and sighed,

“You know, I feel soooo wicked, Darlin; if my folks and the people I grew up with in Baton Rouge knew what I was doing tonight they would absolutely die, wouldn’t they Sugar?”

With an afterthought she exclaimed,

"Omigod! And the women I work with!"

When I grinned she continued,

“Wouldn’t we have some fancy explaining to do if he got me pregnant? A little black baby would be awful hard to explain to our families, wouldn’t it now?”

She winked again and sighed,

“I probably should have made him wear a rubber but I just didn't want him to; I wanted to feel him cumming in me; that's the thing I like most about fucking other men, you know, letting them cum in me, unprotected."

She gave me a sly, naughty smile in the mirror and murmured,

“And it was really exciting with a black guy. I could feel him cumming, you know.”

Glancing down at her inner thigh, she said,

"If quantity counts, he damn sure came enough to make me pregnant; look, Sugar I’ve already wiped my pussy out twice and it's still running out of me; he really shot a big load."

Blondie was on the pill, but it certainly wasn’t 100 percent protection and there hadn't been time to even consider a rubber, even if she'd wanted him to use one. She had fucked him bare and now the risk that Tommy's big black dick might have impregnated her just added to the excitement.

I told her to hurry up and come back to the living room...the night wasn't over yet. I said,

“You know, you’re probably one of very few women in the world who has ever had the pleasure of fucking two guys with ten-plus inch dicks one right after the other.”

My slut wife smiled smugly into the mirror as I continued,

“And now they’re sitting in there in our living room, waiting to fuck you again, Sweetheart.”

She grinned wickedly and said,

"What about you? I don’t suppose my husband wants to watch that big black stud fuck his sweet little ol’ white wife again, hmmm?"

I just grinned and she continued,

"Mmmm, hmmm, yeah, fuck your wife nice and slow and make her squeal and squirm around with his big ol’, black dick in her; that's what you and Charles want to see,isn't it, Sweetie?"

She moved against me, pressing her exposed breasts into my chest; pulling my head down she gave me a hot, open-mouthed kiss and purred teasingly,

"Well you’re all three in luck tonight, Sugar-pie; now you just go on back in there and tell that young black stud your hot little honey will beback in there in a few minutes and she's gonna and let him fuck her nice and slow, just like he wants, OK?”

I grinned happily and she finished,

“Now go tell those horny studs not to get impatient; tell 'em your wife will be out in a minute; she needs to fix her hair and makeup. I mean, after all, Sweetie, you do want me to look pretty for my young black stud when I let him fuck me nice and slow, don't you, Husband Dear, hmmm?"

Going back to the living room, I grinned at Tommy and said,

“You’re in luck, Bro; she liked your idea of a nice slow fuck. She’ll be out in a minute; she’s fixing herself up; says she wants to be pretty for you, OK?”

The naked young black man on my couch grinned confidently and said emphatically,

“Fuckin’A, Bro!”

Five minutes later, when she stepped back into the dimly lighted living room, hair brushed and makeup redone, Blondie was even sexier than before. Even in the diffused glow of the lamps, you could readily see that she now had that smoldering, fresh-fucked radiance about her that only passionate intercourse brings. And all four of us were grinning, realizing that conditions were now significantly different from when I had coaxed her in here previously.

What we all now clearly understood was that a nice, lady-like, southern white woman, this beautiful and oh-so-proper, successful real estate agent, had defied one of her society's greatest taboos: she had crossed the line and become a member of that small, exclusive, decadent sorority of white women who had willingly had sexual intercourse with a black man. She had willfully, even helpfully let him plant his African seed in her womb.

And now, here she stood, smiling, confident, aroused and obviously eager to continue her dissolute moral behavior and repeat her gross social infraction. Watching this prospect develop, I found the feelings going through me at that moment beyond verbal depiction. All I could do was grin foolishly and happily.

To get the action rolling again, I suggested to Blondie that she ought to put on a little show for her newest lover, perhaps sexy dancing and a striptease, to which she gladly agreed. She put on her favorite dancing music then mounted her coffee table stage. After dancing to just a couple of songs she had removed her negligee, bra and panties and was naked except for her garter belt, hose and "come-fuck-me" pumps.

It was incredibly erotic to watch my wife being such a total, wanton whore... dancing naked with nylon-clad legs spread, thrusting her pelvis at this black man, showing him everything she had to offer, holding nothing back, letting him look up between her spread legs and get a good close-up view of that dark, hairy cunt he had just pumped full of cum. Her pussy lips, slickly pink and swollen from fucking, were protruding through her dark pubic hair, winking enticingly down at her black stud.

Watching her now, I could see a glistening, pearlescent sliver of seminal fluid between her labia as she danced for her two lovers. Cum was still oozing out of her; several thin, shimmering lines of liquid ran unevenly from the slit of her cunt down to the tops of her nylons.

She was dancing hotter than I'd ever seen her dance for any other man, and I'd watched her do this routine for a lot of guys. And it was achieving the desired result; two big cocks were growing harder and harder as their owners sat back stroking them, soaking up my naked wife’s lewdness.

Observing this scene, I found myself contemplating our conversation in the bathroom; that a black man might get my wife pregnant was a fascinating thought. We’d heard all the stories about their penis size, their sexual prowess and their potency. Well, I’d just witnessed two out of the three; this stud was hung like a horse and had fucked my wife as vigorously as any man ever had. Perhaps his formidable appendage, penetrating her so deeply, had planted a budding, fertile seed in her womb that would impregnate her.

For sure, as she'd pointed out, he had certainly pumped enough semen in her to do the job; it had been streaming down her inner thighs when she got off the couch to go to the bathroom and was still running out of her when I took her a drink. Now there were still traces of it dribbling out of her as she danced for him.

The thought was, as I said, deliciously delectable in its deliberation: beautiful, blond, white, southern woman left pregnant after a tawdry, one-night stand with a young black stranger. Of course, she’d never carry the baby, but the thought of knowing forever afterward that a big-dicked, young, black stallion had gotten my wife pregnant carried with it a degree of sexual titillation I’d not experienced before.

I formed a picture in my mind of her dancing like this with her belly swollen and her breasts engorged with milk, dancing for a black man, the black man who’d made her pregnant. I pictured her fucking her black lover throughout pregnancy, taking load after load of his hot seed, obediently servicing his huge horse cock whenever he required relief.

I had never fantasized about such an occurrence before and found it exciting but troubling as well; I certainly did not ever want my wife to really get pregnant by any other man, but it was, without question, a delightfully decadent thing to contemplate.

It was also an utterly delicious feeling watching my beautiful white wife strut her stuff for this big black stud sitting there naked on my sofa, stroking his rock-hard cock as he followed her suggestive movements. I was almost disappointed when she finally stopped dancing and sat down between her twolovers on the sofa.

She began kissing Charles while both guys rubbed her erect nipples and fingered her creamy cunt. What an mind-blowing sight this was; there sat my wife, naked, between her white lover and her new black stud, a huge hard cock in each of her hands, moaning with lust, letting them know she was ready to be fucked again.

It didn't take long. Within minutes she stood up and led them into the bedroom where she got on the king bed between them. This time, the white man had to wait his turn as she indicated with a wiggle of her fingers that she wanted her black lover to fuck her first. She lay back smiling with legs spread, as he positioned himself to enter her. Looking into his eyes, she smiled invitingly and murmured,

“C’mon, Lover, fuck me nice and slow, nice and slow, just the way you want to, OK?”

Reaching down between them, she guided that black salami to her pink swollen pussy lips and emitted a small cry of pain as he pressed into her. When he hesitated, she grasped his muscular black buttocks and pulled him into her as she grimaced with pain and moaned loudly,

“No, Baby, don’t stop, don’t stop! I'm a little sore but I can take it Lover, give it to me, all of it, Baby, all of it, you hear?”

Opening her eyes slightly she smiled up at him and purred,

“I want your big ol’ beautiful black cock, Baby, all of it, all of your big ol’ black dick, Sugar, mmmm, hmmm, oh fuck yes I want it, Lover.”

Licking her lips she smiled and whispered,

“So you can make me squeal and squirm, Baby, OK? And so I can make you cum in me again, Stud, OK?”

When he grunted his agreement, my wife smiled knowingly up at this black stranger who was now her lover and asked coyly,

“You wanna come in me again, Stud? You wanna come in my white pussy again?”

Tommy groaned loudly that he indeed wanted to cum in her again. My wife smiled triumphantly at Charles and me and crooned reassuringly,

“Well come on you big black stud and do it. Come on, Baby, fuck my pussy nice and slow and when you’re ready you give little Blondie another load of your hot stuff, Lover, OK?”

With that, they began fucking slowly but in earnest, with my wife twisting and squirming her hips to match the rolling thrusts of his. And while she never actually squealed, that young black stud did make her moan and groan a lot for the next twenty minutes as he probed her soft white belly with that foot of thick, black cock.

Tommy tried to kiss her a couple of times, but Blondie turned her face away and he finally quit trying. At one point, I thought she was going to cum but she hadn’t done so by the time Tommy groaned loudly, gave a great shudder and began to pound into her with the explosive fury of his own climax. I watched, transfixed, as my wife’s first black lover came in her the second time.

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