tagSci-Fi & FantasyBlood & Magic Ch. 05

Blood & Magic Ch. 05


Normally, Kirstin kept her coffee intake to one cup at work. However, the morning after spending time with Sakeena led to her seeking her third. There was little she could do to concentrate with the anxiety she felt about Jessica revealing Kirstin's picture. Sakeena insisted it would be taken care of, but Kirstin was skeptical. Someone would have to have intercepted Jessica that night and not even Melissa could move that fast. Kirstin rested her arms on her desk, waiting to hear the laughter of her male peers.

Sipping on her coffee, Kirstin returned her focus on documenting Helena's testimony. She couldn't write "witness could not recall previous events" without feeling stupid. Just then, an object hit her desk, heavy enough to make a noise to pull her away from the computer. Standing at her desk was Alan, wearing tan dress slacks, a white button up with the sleeves rolled and a wide grin on his face. He gestured to the desk. "Did you hear?"

"Hear what?" Kirstin asked as she looked down at a newspaper, folded up as if it had been just purchased. The cover image was of a woman in a bar, open mouthed expression as she had her arms wrapped around her body. Kirstin felt her heart sink in her chest before she realized the woman's hair was black. She was also curvier than Kirstin. Upon glancing closer, Kirstin gasped when she recognized Jessica Hillier, stripped down to her leopard print bra and panties in what looked to be a hole-in-the-wall bar. The headline read, "No Pants: No Service: Hysterical biker woman thrown out of bar for wearing no clothes."

"Holy shit." Kirstin said as she opened the paper to read what had happened. The article didn't give away Jessica's name, stating that the strange woman had a date and begged not to be thrown out. "This was in Hell Michigan?"

Alan nodded, "Narcotics has been passing copies around the department. Hillier's team is puh-iiiisssed that she blew this sting."

The sympathy Kirstin might have felt faded when she thought how Jessica would have done the same to her. A smile spread across Kirstin's face as she looked at Jessica's wide eyes, hands over her wide bosom. "What's that white stuff on her legs and arms?"

"Toilet paper." Alan snorted. "She tried wearing it like a toga and then some waitress spilled water all over it. You won't have to worry about the department mocking you, they're getting such a kick out of Jessica getting knocked down a peg. She always liked to boast about what work she was doing and we're hoping this will shut her up."

Rolling her eyes, Kirstin said, "Well unfortunately we can rely on the men in this department to do just that, I can only imagine what they'll do to mock her."

Alan nodded and then shifted his eyes to the door leading to the hallway. Kirstin wasn't sure what he alluded to, looking in his direction only to see that it was empty. She checked her watch and saw that it was still early, just around the time when Jessica would be in her office. "You want to find out?" she asked in a hushed voice. When Alan nodded, they both hurried out the hallway and down to the Narcotics department.

No sooner did they leave the stairwell did they hear a loud banging sound come the other side of the door leading to Narcotics. Kirstin bit her lip as she grabbed the door handle and pulled it open. Narcotics had six desks placed in the room and Jessica's was at the end. Sitting on top her desk was a twenty four pack of toilet paper. She stood at her desk wearing a blue blazer over a black shirt and jeans. Her face was red and her eyes, like daggers were aimed at her colleagues.

"What the fuck is this?!" she screamed.

"It's your new uniform Detective." a woman in the room said, causing the others to laugh.

Screaming, Jessica grabbed the toilet paper and threw it across the room. It made a soft noise as it bounced off the wall, making her look more childish in throwing her tantrum. "I don't want to ever hear you fucking mention this to anyone again! Do you hear me?! If you do I swear I'll kick your asses!"

It was the crack of Jessica's voice that took the wind out of her threat and everyone in the room went back to their business. While the clamor of voices was still loud, Kirstin took the opportunity to leave her copy of the newspaper on a nearby desk. "Let's go!" she whispered as she pushed Alan out the door.

As soon as they were back in the hall, both of them laughed, wiping tears from their eyes. "Oh man that's good. I'm going to start leaving toilet paper nearby whenever I get a chance." Alan said.

"Let me know, I'll go in on some." Kirstin said.

"I should get back to work. Did you learn anything from Dr. Fakhouri?"

Kirstin had learned, but it was the contents in Sakeena's purse that stood in her mind. Kirstin closed her eyes to refrain from blurting it out. "She's going to look into it. I'm just writing up the report of Helena's story."

"I'm going to check up on Matthew workplace to see if I can speak with any of his coworkers." Alan said as he opened the door to the stairwell.

"I'll be back up in a sec." Kirstin said as she decided to use the bathroom before going back to work.

Just then, the door to Narcotics burst open with Jessica standing in the doorway. "You!" she shouted.

With her arms folded, Kirstin took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Knowing that she had endured the same humiliation gave Kirstin a newfound strength. "Detective Hillier. how are you this evening"?

"Shut up Delaney!" Jessica stomped up to Kirstin and was inches away from her face as she spoke in a hushed voice, "I don't know how you...you...did that to me..." Her hand wrapped around her chest to clutch her shoulder as her face turned pink, "...but this isn't over between us! You might have gotten me to hold off on those pictures but I swear I will get you for humiliating me!"

Blinking, Kirstin made a shocked face as she said, "Humiliated you? Jessica I don't think i know what you're talking about."

"Yes you do!" she stomped, Kirstin could have sworn she saw a tear in her eye. "You sent someone to...strip me during a sting operation. I could have been killed! "

Shaking her head, Kirstin spoke in a soft voice, "I'm so sorry that happened to you Jessica. I would never do that to a colleague. I know how much your job means to you. I'm just glad you're okay." Without waiting for a retort, she turned away and headed for the stairs. She could hear Jessica punch the wall nearby and couldn't help but smile. Sakeena told the truth, but Kirstin doubted it was the psychologist that managed to get the best of Jessica. After all, it wasn't Sakeena who stripped Kirstin, it was Melissa.


If Sakeena didn't have anything about Melissa in her home, Kirstin thought she could find something in Sakeena's office after hours. Kirstin just wasn't sure how she was going to sneak into Sakeena's office. Kirstin drove to downtown Ann Arbor and parked her car several blocks away on the other side of town, walking the rest of the distance to better conceal herself. She wore a hooded sweatshirt under her leather jacket to conceal her face.

Kirstin walked casually across town, sticking closer to the wall once she got to the corner of where Sakeena's office was. The second floor was close enough for Kirstin to spot the window where she was forced in front of, tied up and wearing nothing but her panties as she was touched. She banished the unpleasantness of feeling helpless with the fantasy of just being alone in the office with Sakeena, tying the psychologist up herself and stripping her in front of the window.

Once she saw that the light in the office was on, Kirstin clung against the wall and stared, making sure that Sakeena wasn't looking down at the street. The blinds were down, blocking a clear view of the office. She checked her watch and saw that she had ten minutes until Sakeena would leave. It was a long wait, but Kirstin killed the time by rehearsing how she'd break in. She remembered the side door Sakeena pushed her out of and decided to wait, hiding close by to catch it before it swung completely shut.

Before she could plan her move, Kirstin saw the light go out. "Shit." she hissed as she ran to the side of the building leading to the alleyway. To her pleasure, Kirstin saw a large green dumpster resting against the same side as the door and she tiptoed up to the large container, crouching behind it so she could peak over the top. She imagined that if Sakeena was about to head out of the office, she had about a minute or two before she would leave.

Seconds felt like hours as she counted up to sixty. Two hundred and seventy three seconds went by before the door finally swung open. Kirstin held her hand over her mouth as she kept her head at eye level, watching Sakeena step out wearing her long brown raincoat. Her dark hair bounced with every step and Kirstin felt her body grow warm imagining Sakeena at home, using that toy in her bag.

Kirstin was about to ready herself to rush to the door but hesitated when she saw Sakeena do the same, pausing as she held onto the open door. At first Kirstin thought that Sakeena might have forgotten something, but she didn't turn back, she simply held the door open long enough to let someone in, but no one ever came. Sakeena let the door go and continued walking towards her car. Kirstin ducked behind the dumpster as she waited for Sakeena to pass, all the while wondering what was behind her peculiar gesture. Why hold the door open if no one was there?

There was only one other person Sakeena would have spoken to this late and that person could move faster could be processed by the naked eye. With her newfound awareness, Kirstin kept her eyes open, refraining from blinking as she looked around for Melissa, hoping to catch a blur of her movements. Kirstin remembered how in several blinks, she had been disarmed and disrobed and figured her other senses might prove more useful. She decided to close her eyes and listen for any sounds of movement. It was the sound of a nearby bottle rolling along the ground that caused her to open her eyes.

An empty forty ounce bottle of alcohol rolled from the other side of the alley to the center. It was too heavy for the wind to blow and it wasn't windy at all that evening. Kirstin looked ahead to where the alley led to Washington, another street well populated with bars and restaurants. If she hurried, she could maybe catch Melissa kicking up lose trash in her path, unintentional tracks left to wherever she resided at night.

Jogging towards the end of the alley, Kirstin made it all the way to the corner of the block before she slowed her run down to a casual stroll, stepping out onto Washington as if she were perusing the town. She looked straight ahead towards Main street and then casually looked over her shoulder. All she saw was a few citizens walking towards State street, mostly college couples. The one person who did stand out was a thin man with neatly cropped Auburn colored hair. Kirstin almost walked into a trashcan as she turned around, realizing that it wasn't a man, but the same tomboyish woman who she had seen before.

Melissa walked alone, wearing tan jeans and an untucked salmon colored business shirt. She paid no attention to the other patrons passing by, walking in a straight line without the need to step to the side and avoid bumping into someone. Kirstin cringed at times where it seemed evident that Melissa was going to collide with someone up ahead, but as if by magic, they would immediately sidestep the woman once they were inches away from her. Much to Kirstin's surprise, they didn't even look at her with indignity, wondering why she didn't provide the courtesy of providing more personal space.

Melissa walked four blocks before stopping at a light and crossing to head down State street. Kirstin remained a block away, slowing the pace of her walk so as not to be spotted. Across the street was a church before the rest of the road led to a neighborhood of houses rented out to students. Most of them were two story homes, each with a small backyard and a narrow driveway for just one car. Melissa was already making her way down the right side of the street, looking up at the numbers to each house. It was when she reached a large blue home with light blue porch that she stopped.

She walked up the concrete steps and stood outside the door, checking her phone while she looked down both sides of the street. Kirstin decided to stand on the other side of the street, using the trees and the unlit homes on that side as cover. There was a sense of shame in her voyeuristic behavior, stalking Melissa without any bureaucratic reason to do so..

She saw Melissa turn and smile at the sight of someone further ahead. Walking towards the house was a woman wearing a plain black dress with spaghetti straps, the length extending just above the kneecaps. Her black hair was at mid length, falling just below her ears. She seemed to have come back from a night of drinking as she had difficulty walking in her high heels. Her skin was dark, olive skinned that still looked pale in contrast to the darkness that surrounded her. She seemed slightly younger than Melissa by only a few years. Kirstin guessed she might have been young enough to be a graduate student. It still didn't answer why she was meeting Melissa.

While the inebriated woman clutched her purse with both hands as she averted her gaze, Melissa remained calm as she stood at her full height, reaching out to touch the younger woman's hair. Without hesitation, Melissa leaned forward to kiss her on the lips. She whispered something in the woman's ear and then she nodded as she led Melissa inside the house.

As soon as they disappeared, Kirstin ran across the street, checking both sides of the street once more to make sure no one was nearby. The driveway to the home was empty, granting her access to the side of the house. With her back to the wall, she inched towards the porch, looking around the corner to see through the window. Melissa and her partner removed their shoes, the light showing off a staircase to their immediate left. The partner planted another kiss on Melissa, leaning forward to run her hands against her chest. Melissa whispered something else before they both jogged up the steps.

Kirstin quickly returned to the side of the house, looking up at the long narrow windows on the second floor, hoping that one of them would light up once the two women entered. Five seconds passed before the light to the window on the right lit up, illuminating a tanned ceiling from Kirstin's vantage point. Looking to house next door, Kirstin checked each window to make sure no one was home. Once she was sure that all the lights were out, she felt it safe to hide behind the rear side and continue spying on Melissa.

At first, the window was vacant, unable to tell any story. Kirstin thought about breaking into the house and listening on the other side, anything to shed more light on Melissa. Out of nowhere, Melissa and her partner came into full view, both of them embracing as they made out in front of the window. From Kirstin's vantage point, she could see the back of the younger woman, her olive skinned shoulders exposed as Melissa pushed the straps of her dress off. Once the last strap was removed, it fell to her feet. She was braless and wore a black thong, showcasing a taut buttocks that was cupped under Melissa's hand.

Kirstin felt her breath getting heavier at the sight of the exposed woman, watching as Melissa spun her around, showing a thin body with small breasts that barely stuck out from the womans' chest. She realized she was facing the window and turned her head to Melissa, trying to cover herself. Lifting her head, Melissa pushed the woman closer to the window, forcing her off balance as she put her hands on the window sill. Melissa raised a hand and brought it down on the students' backside and Kirstin could see the young woman gasp, shuddering as she bit her lip.

The submissive nature of the younger woman made Kirstin envious, fantasizing about the image of her soft buttocks rippling against the impact of the hand. By now, Kirstin forgot about hiding behind the house, stepping away so she could hold her stomach, resisting a tingling sensation that grew once she Melissa pull the black thong down to the woman's thighs.

Her sex was covered by a faint patch of dark hair, with eyes closed she reached behind her back to caress Melissa's neck. By now Melissa let her hands explore the front, her right hand over her partner's breasts and the other hand sliding around her waist before traveling down over her nether region.

Memories of the cold hands sliding against her own labia made Kirstin shudder, her hand traveling from her abdomen down over the crotch of her jeans. She pressed hard and felt weak in the knees once the cold wet touch of the inside of her panties touched her flesh. What started as being a professional detective quickly turned into a naughty excursion that made Kirstin feel more juvenile.

Melissa's fingers curled once more, pushing in and out of the young woman. Her eyes squeezed shut as her mouth opened wider, her hands gripping tight over Melissa's. Melissa grinned and hissed something through her teeth as her fingers moved faster. The woman spread her legs further apart, stretching her thong out so Melissa could insert a third finger.

The imagined feeling of those fingers sliding effortlessly inside her dark red lips was too much for Kirstin. Her legs squeezed together as her own pussy ached, forcing her to undo the top button of her pants.

"...oh what am I doing?" she whispered to herself, her hand sliding over the elastic waistband of her grey Calvin Klein panties. They were a plain cotton pair with a kangaroo pouch fly, similar to men's whitey tighties. With her index and middle finger, Kirstin pressed over her clitoris, the cotton soaking up more of her natural lubricant as it tickled her most sensitive of nerves, the softest pressure sending a shocking pulse throughout the rest of her body. Her neck was sore from looking upward, relying on the erotic imagery to bring her to orgasm.

By now, the younger woman's hair was a mess, her bangs draped over her face. She leaned forward and pressed against the window, her breasts flattening against the glass. The angle seemed too awkward for Melissa as she pulled her hand back so she could reach under the woman's legs and continue bringing her close to climax.

Melissa's upper lip curled back bearing her teeth once more as her fingers moved faster. Her mouth opened before lunging forward as she bit into the woman's neck. Instantly, the young woman's head whipped up as she cried out in ecstasy, so loud Kirstin could hear it just before the woman covered her mouth with her hand.

The self conscious gesture in concealing her climax reminded Kirstin of the shame in feeling good, a timid woman's embarrassment in being heard, all of it adding to the submissive mood Kirstin thought of as she continued masturbating, leaning her back against the house as she slid her hands down her panties to enjoy the familiar sense of her own hands touching herself. Her mind clouded by her own aroused state, Kirstin wondered why Melissa kept her mouth over the woman's neck, Melissa's own body becoming more alive as her other free hand raked across her partner's chest.

Kirstin closed her eyes to think back when she felt Melissa's own teeth bite into her lower lips, the sharp pain that preceded the explosion of pleasure and that's when Kirstin's hand froze. Melissa wasn't biting, she was feeding. Watching as the young woman writhed in ecstasy from Melissa's fingers inside her, it was clear to Kirstin it was a distraction.

While most people seduced partners in order to get in their pants, Melissa used fucking in order to let her teeth, her FANGS, bite into her quarry. While the nubile young woman floated on cloud nine with her journey towards climax, Melissa took what she needed to turn her on, blood. The color in her pale face returning after biting into Kirstin was so clear, she was able to do inhuman things because she wasn't human, she was a vampire.

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