tagNonHumanBlood Doll

Blood Doll

bySean Renaud©

"Are you absolutely sure about this m'love?" The man speaking was sitting on the edge of a four poster bed covered in red silk sheets. He was wearing a pair of leather pants that clung well to his toned thighs. His shirt was on the floor at his bare feet leaving his chest equally bare, a fact that Helena was acutely aware of. It was hard to keep her eyes from wandering his chest with his strong arms and nicely formed six pack. "It's very dangerous." He continued lifting his head to look at her meeting her bluish eyes with crimson stare. It had been over two hundred years since he was last in England but the land of his birth still hinted around the edges of his voice. Straight black hair coursed down around his shoulders and part of the way down his back, normally he wore it in a single braid but tonight it was freed.

"Yes. I trust you." Helena responded approaching the bed and then sinking to her knees before him. "I am yours my Master." She was wearing just a lace choker around her neck. Her expensive business suit was neatly folded in the corner. With its padded shoulders and loose cut trousers it was a small miracle anyone knew she was a woman when she wore it. Let alone that she was such a well formed woman. "If you wanted to harm me you could do it at any time. We both know I couldn't stop you." Helena said lowering herself down and kissing both of his feet before raising her head.

There was of course no disputing her that she was helpless at his feet. Even if he was mortal she was half his weight and untrained but he wasn't mortal. "It's not about if I could force you Helena. It's a matter of if I can force myself." His eyes were wandering to her neck again. He'd always found her neck to be beautiful with her narrowed shoulders sloping down to her breasts. As if she was willing it her arteries were pushing up through her skin begging him to lean closer for a bite.

"I've seen you feed without killing Master." Helena responded brushing her red curls back from her shoulders baring even more of her neck. "I want to do this for you. Please taste me." She canted her head, just slightly begging him to bite.

Helena rose gracefully to her feet and stepped forward straddling the man she called Master. She'd never been able to get used to how cold his body was, every time she brushed against him it sent a shock through her body. She loved that cold feeling, but she hated that he was remained so perfectly still, especially when she was close. He didn't need to breathe so his chest didn't rise and fall like a man's would, his heart didn't beat with a comfortable rhythm. Helena knew that he was dead but looking at him never sat that concept in her mind. He did a remarkable imitation of being a live. He walked, he spoke, he danced, he even loved.

Yes he loved. There wasn't any doubt in Helena's mind that he loved her. She was more to him than he would care to admit. He often told her that he cared for her in the same way that a man cared for his car or his sword, she was property and her well being was a measure of his investment. It was more than that and she knew it. Even if it wasn't she'd seen the extent of love a man was willing to invest into a car and if he intended to worship her like her father had his car she wouldn't complain. Still she knew it was more than simple concern for his property. He'd been staring at her throat for months.

He claimed that he'd chosen her because she was intelligent. That she was the best choice to deal with his day to day affairs as he could not reasonably attend meetings while the sun was up. Helena had believed the lie for a while, but it hadn't been long before he'd started to stare at her, not her breasts or her hips like most men but her throat. She'd known even then what he was and it didn't frighten her. It excited her. "Do it Master." She leaned closer to him gently sinking her own teeth into his shoulder.

Sean took a deep breath and held it inside. He didn't need to breath, the breath was a habit from when he'd been alive, an involuntary twitch of his deepest thoughts and in this case the breaking down of a boundary. He did hesitate, even after Helena's complete and utter surrender he tried to fight his baser nature but failed. It was hard enough to battle the hungry beast in his chest when he believed she would hate him for surrendering, it was impossible once she gave herself in.

His fangs normally only slightly more pronounced that human canines extended to nearly an inch long, he seized her about the shoulders. If he'd been trying her arms would have broke but he held her as gently as he dared while slipping his fangs into her tender flesh. There was a moment's pause before his mouth started to fill with her blood. Sean waited until his mouth was filled and then swallowed. It was difficult to keep from losing himself in the delicious coppery flavor flooding over his taste buds. She was so alive, and so vital and something else. Something new. He wasn't certain what it was until he realized what it was that was missing.

She wasn't afraid. It's true that predators can smell fear. It has its on unique chemical trail and Helena didn't leave even a hint of it in the air. It's also true that smell has a profound effect on taste and without that fear her blood was something entirely different. Sean shuddered slightly as he leaned forward, not of his own will but of hers stretching his tongue out to taste her skin. It wasn't the first time he'd tasted her flesh, but it was the first time he'd dared touch her throat. "Do it Master. Please." She tasted incredible slight salty with a hint of some fruit he hadn't sampled in two centuries. Sean closed his eyes and slipped forward slipping his fangs into her throat as neatly as he could manage.

It only took a moment for his mouth to flood with her sweet blood. He let her blood fill his mouth completely savoring it like a fine wine before swallowing. Sean almost moaned as the blood passed through his cold body. He could feel the warmth travel down his throat and through his chest before hitting his stomach and spreading. There was another mouthful and then a third and fourth spreading that feeling through his body. It took all his will to start pulling away from her instead of draining her completely. "I'm fine Master." Helena whispered wrapping her arms around his shoulders and pulling him back against her.

Sean reached down slightly pulling his pants down enough to free his now hard cock penetrating his servant once again. Her body responded to by rolling her hips down against him. "This is incredible." Helena whispered. Sean managed to push out a grunt of agreement before finally breaking away from her throat kissing the wound. It was a small thing for him to close the wound and start moving against her harder. Helena latched onto his shoulders getting a solid grip before bouncing up and down on his cock. Every stroke nearly pulled him out before bottoming out inside her again. Her breasts bounced every time she moved.

The taste of her blood was still fresh in his mouth when he seized her jaw and kissed her. His tongue slipping into her mouth to dance against hers pouring his love for her into it. The two of them were like a single being in every sense of the word. Sean swore he could feel her soul, a bright white warm feeling inside him like her blood reminding him what life had been like only this had to be more intense than his heartbeat had been before.

Sean took her by the shoulders and yanked her down pushing his cock as far into her body as it could go and held her like that. Their eyes locked as he erupted into body and her body accepted twisting back against him, squeezing around him trying to pull him deeper into her body. Helena's eyes slid shut for a moment as she experienced his warmth flowing inside her then she kissed him.

"You want to be mine?" Sean asked and Helena nodded. He coaxed her tongue into his mouth. Hold still. He communicated directly to her mind. He didn't often do that, he preferred to speak. Helena squeezed down with her arms and he pierced her tongue with a fang. The sweetness of her blood rushed into him again but he only took a single mouthful before healing that wound. "From now on you will wear a tongue ring Helena. Even at work, even with your family and you will know you are owned."

"Thank you my Master." Helena whispered. Gratefully she slid down to the floor, at his feet, where she belonged and lovingly kissed each one.

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