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Blood is Life


The blonde opened her eyes slowly and raised her head to look up at Takara. Takara had been standing there for a while, waiting for this moment. Her lips were pulled back in an evil grin, her teeth shining in the moonlight. The blonde girl, Takara had already forgotten her name, whimpered and tried to move away from Takara but she couldn't. She was suspended from the ceiling by her wrists and her ankles were bound together. The rough concrete wall of the abandoned building dug into her back, sending shots of pain through her spine.

"Who are you? Where are we? Wh-what are you going to do to me?"

Takara leaned her face in close to her captive's, closing her eyes and taking in the bound girl's scent. She opened her eyes slowly and licked her lips, trailing a single finger across the dark fabric of the shirt between her prisoner's breasts, each button of her shirt flicking across her fingernail, and down her belly. In a soft whisper, she answered, "I want your precious fluids, girl. I want the essence that you can give me."

The blonde, Tracey was her name, Takara remembered vaguely, smiled in fear. She tried to move her arms again, but the were held fast by heavy gauge chain and manacles that bit into her skin as she moved. "Okay. I'm okay with that. I mean, I don't really like girls, but I'm willing to try anything once. Or more than once, if I like it," she said with a laugh tinged with terror.

Takara chuckled low and moved away. She wasn't tall by any means, barely over five feet tall, but Tracey couldn't deny the absolute power that Takara held. Without talking to her, she knew Takara was strong and relentless, like a wild animal and just like that powerful beast, she had no remorse. None at all. Takara was going to take what she wanted and then kill her.

Takara stripped off her shirt and let it fall to the floor and then her pants quickly followed, her bare feet softly scraping across the floor. She stood silhouetted in the window, moonlight streaming in from behind her. She looked like a visitation from Heaven but her thoughts and actions were straight from Hell. Her dark skin made her look like she was made from dark chocolate in the moonlight, her long dark hair swaying gently as she shifted.

The only thing on her body now was a small knife strapped to her powerful right thigh. She moved back toward Tracey, her muscles shifting fluidly under her skin, reminding Tracey of a panther.

Takara stood in front of Tracey's bound legs and pulled the knife from its strap. Tracey looked at the gleaming blade and started to scream, Takara clamping a strong hand over her mouth. She set down the knife and grabbed a dirty rag from the floor and stuffed it into the blonde's mouth, reclaiming the knife. "Scream all you want," she said, her lips pulling back into a snarl. "It won't help."

She grabbed the knife and positioned it at the bottom of the shirt, playing it slowly upwards, the buttons popping off and clattering on the floor. The shirt fell open, revealing a dark bra against pale skin still slightly darkened by a lingering summer tan. The knife slid under the front hook, the cool blade digging into the soft skin of Tracey's breasts. The snap parted easily under the razor-sharp steel and Takara pushed the cups away, dragging the point of the dagger along the curves of her breasts and down her taut belly to her navel. Tracey gave out an involuntarily moan through the cloth as the edge scraped her, the thin white lines turning angry pink as blood rose into them.

Takara turned the blade downward and snapped the button of her pants, keeping her movements slow and methodical. She unzipped the zipped and slowly pulled them off of her victim, bunching them around her ankles. Takara grinned again because Tracey had no panties on. She looked into Tracey's eyes and licked her lips, pushing the blondes legs up, revealing her trembling pussy lips. She turned the knife around and ran the pommel up and down Tracey's lips, Tracey simultaneously groaning and struggling against her bonds. She sliced the fabric of Tracey's pants, tossing the ruined fabric on the floor.

She maneuvered herself between Tracey's legs and took her time lowering her face down the insides of her captive's firm thighs, grinning as she felt Tracey's legs shudder against her face. Finally, she reached her goal, touching her tongue to the small sensitive bud she found, making Tracey jump at the electric touch. Takara scraped the edge of the blade up the inside of her thigh, the sickening noise seeming to reverberate in the empty room. She pulled it back down and saw Tracey watching her, panic filling her eyes. Takara smiled wide and licked her again, rubbing the soft nub with her thumb.

Takara quickly pulled the edge of the knife across the inside of Tracey's leg, moaning and clamping her mouth over the oozing wound and sucking on it, feeling the tangy taste of blood fill her mouth, Tracey screaming and trying to pull away, her bonds holding her fast. Takara ran her tongue along the cut, trying to tease more blood out of it, but it was a shallow cut, the bleeding stopping quickly.

She turned her head to look at her blonde lover and could feel the terror pouring out of her, a small drop of blood falling from her lips and landing on the bare skin of Tracey's pubic area. Takara snaked her tongue along her now-ruby lips and licked up the drop, leaving a small trail along behind it. Tracey struggled again, panic adding strength to her fight, but it was no use. Takara had brought dozens of women here and none of them had escaped, dried blood on the manacles attesting to that fact.

She sneered, remember the only man she had brought here and the stupid macho claims he had made until she silenced him. For good. Women were so much better. They were more responsive and tended to frighten easier, making the torture that much better for Takara.

The knife flashed again and blood flowed from the other leg, Takara capturing it in her mouth, desiring it, needing it to survive. The virus that almost killed her every month demanded blood and she took it however she could get it. Sometimes at the clinic, sometimes on her own terms. It was when she took the matter into her own hands that she enjoyed it. She relished in the absolute terror she inflicted before taking what she needed. The dread that filled them right before she claimed their very life force.

"It's nothing personal," she whispered, crimson blood spilling from her lips. "It's a matter of survival and I want to survive." She grinned as Tracey tried to pull away from her, to pull free of the manacles, pushing her legs to the side and straddling her stomach, pushing the very tip of her knife into the soft flesh of one breast. Tracey screamed through the gag, Takara chuckling and watching the river of blood start to flow down between Tracey's tits. She lunged down and planted her hungry mouth between the two mounds and sucked hard on the skin, coaxing as much of the precious red liquid as she could, making sloppy sucking noises as he drank.

Takara pulled her head up, feeling the hot juice flow down her throat, her chest rising and falling quickly. She could feel the warmth starting between her legs and slowly rising to her core as the blood filled her. She stared into Tracey's terror-filled eyes and leaned down, kissing her hard on the mouth, leaving small traces of blood on her lips. Takara ground herself against Tracey's pelvis, leaving a wet trail on the skin as she pleased herself.

She kept slicing body parts; arms and legs, shallow cuts across the torso and chest, several across her back. All of them gave Takara the life giving fluid she needed, her tongue and mouth trying to manipulate each wound for everything it would hold before clotting set in. Tracey had long since stopped struggling, her head handing down on her chest. Her breasts still rose and fell, though shallowly. Her skin was a ragged web of cuts, each one having a small trail of blood under it.

Takara pushed Tracey's head up and smacked her in the face, Tracey's eyes fluttering. Takara held her close and was still grinding herself against Tracey when the near-dead girl's eyes opened. "Stay with me, sweetness," Takara whispered. "This is the best part."

The girl's eyes focused on her captor, whose eyes were closed in ecstasy as she used Tracey's body to please herself. The smell of Takara's sex was filling the room the closer she got. "Do you know what I like, my sweet, delicious treat," she asked between breaths. Tracey shook her head no. Takara snarled and plunged the knife into Tracey's torso just below the ribs.

"Penetration," she answered, her voice breaking as the act sent her into orgasm, shaking against the screaming girl, their cries mixing together in the night, heard by no one. The knife carved downward, tearing through organs and skin on the way down, Takara pulling it out just as she reached the girl's navel, cutting more carefully below that.

Takara reached into the girl's body and her fingers squeezed around the entrails and with a growl, she pulled them through the massive incision, another incredible wave crashing through her body, sending her through another shuddering orgasm as she pulled the intestines of the now-dead out and fell to her knees, rubbing them over her face, bodily fluids spilling onto the floor.

She fell complete to the floor, overcome with ecstasy, her body shuddering over and over again as the body parts and fluids ran over her skin, her stickiness mixing with theirs, finally coming down from her sexual high as the body cooled. She vaguely reminded herself to call her clean up crew when she woke up the next evening.

Takara pulled herself up off of the floor, still feeling slight trembles in her muscles. She walked to the next room and turned on the hose that lay there, spraying herself as clean as she needed to be, then walking back and pulling her clothes on, leaving them loose to make it easier to hide any evidence. She smiled to herself as she stepped into the cool night air, knowing she was safe for another month.

"Maybe," she said to the night, "I should hunt more often."

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