tagErotic HorrorBlood Letting

Blood Letting


She placed on her tight black velvet dress and her spiked heels and climbed into her car. It was a three hour drive to the party and she wanted to get an early start. She checked herself in the mirror and smiled some. She had always thought that she was pretty. Her long black hair that hung down to the top of her ass and her blue eyes that sparkled like Lake Erie on a dew dropped morning.

She sped off from the driveway at four o’clock that afternoon headed for Lansing. It was getting dark about six and she was on and endless stretch of highway. The trees hung down over the road like tunnel and she was a bit freaked out when she noticed that her gas gauge had somehow drifted below empty.

“Damnit,” she cursed herself. “I should have stopped and filled up before I left.” She was scared as the gauge dropped further and further. There was nothing in sight, but endless road and woods.

After a few more miles the car died. She was there stranded with no where to go. She dug in her purse and found her cell phone and turned it on. Calling her friends would not be a bad idea. It was six-thirty. She knew that someone would come and get her and bring her back with gas so that she could get on to the party.

The cell phone lit up and she began to dial the number. The cell phone died. She turned it on again and looked at the battery gauge. Dead. “Damnit,” she cursed herself again. “And I did not bring my fucking charger.”

She hung her head down and slipped back into the car seat. She had not even passed a single house in at least six miles and there were no cars in sight. A few tears rolled down her cheek.

She stepped out of the car and slipped a few dollars into her black strapless bra and then placed her purse in the trunk of the car. “Surely there has to be a house not far ahead,” she spoke to herself. “I know they’ll let me use the phone.”

She started walking. It was cold and damp out and she had forgotten to bring her jacket. She shivered against the chilling winds, but continued to move forward hoping to find a house soon.

Seven o’clock rolled around and there was no sight of any house, driveway, car, any sign of life at all except for the sounds of scurrying animals in the woods and the hoot of an owl every few minutes or so. She hummed to herself to keep her spirits up as she quivered from the ever sweeping winds and the damp air around her.

Eight o’clock had made its toll and now it was completely dark and she could not see a thing. There was still no house or any kind of light in her sight range. She sat down on the side of the road and curled up in a shivering ball. She had given up hope of finding anything and it was to cold to press forward any longer.

It was then that her huddled up body was lit up with a set of car lights. She popped up from the ball she was curled in and stood up hoping to wave the car down.

The car came to a slow stop. It was a limousine with dark tented windows. The back window rolled down and a deep voice spoke from the back. “That your car parked down there, Miss?”

She nodded her head and approached the window speaking, “Yes, sir. I ran out of gas and I was trying to get to a phone. Do you have a phone I can use?”

A light laughter was heard from inside the car and then the man spoke again, “No, Miss. I am sorry, but I live up the road about 8 miles. I can take you to my home and you can use the phone there. It’s the nearest place to here.”

She gave a sweet smile and nodded, “Oh yes. Please. That would be wonderful.” She was completely thrilled that some help was offered and very grateful to the mysterious man in the back of the limo.

A short man got out of the driver’s seat and walked to the back of the limo opening the door for her. She, still shivering from the cold, walked over and climbed in. It was then that she got a view of her rescuer.

The man was indeed most handsome with long black wavy hair down to his mid-back. It was tied in a neat pony tail. He wore a proper suit and tie and a pair of dark sunglasses. His hands were covered with white ridding gloves and he was quite the sight to the onlooker, sort of a gothic version of Fabio.

“Thank you so much,” she spoke sweetly to him and gave him a most beautiful smile.

He saw her shivering and removed his jacket while speaking to her, “It’s not a problem at all, Miss.” He handed her the jacket. “Here put this on, you look so cold.”

She slipped the jacket over her shoulders and nestled into the warmth of it. He must not have had it on long for it felt as though it just came out of the closet and had not been warn in quite a while.

“So, Miss,” he spoke in his deep tone. “What brings you out here this time of night? Aren’t you afraid?”

“Yes, very afraid,” she replied. “My car ran out of gas and my cell phone is dead. I’ve been walking for an hour and a half and I have seen no sign of life. Well, none except for you.”

He laughed and gave a coy smile. “Well, it must be my lucky day to rescue such a beautiful damsel in distress.” He chuckled a bit.

The car came to a stop and she turned and looked out the window. The house was magnificent with bay windows, balconies, a tower, and many statues. She stared on in awe for a moment and then the car door opened.

The short man stood there with his hand out to help her from the car and she smiled taking his hand and standing up from the seat and looked up at the house. “This is my home,” the man spoke and then got out himself and took her gently by the arm as though to lead her.

“It’s huge,” she spoke as he led her to the front door of the castle and opened the door.

He led her inside the establishment and the short man took her coat. “I am Dracon de Lioncourt” the man spoke as he lead her into the study and had her sit upon the very Victorian style couch.

The couch was lined in red crushed velvet and she made herself comfortable upon it and smiled to her host. She offered her hand out to him with a smile speaking “I am Juila Ashford. It is a pleasure and an honor to meet you.”

He took her hand softly and kissed the top of it like a gentleman and let it gently fall back into her lap. She somewhat blushed at the gesture having never been treated as such before.

She was still slightly cold and her hair was damp from the dew. She looked an awful mess, but he just smiled at her a moment and then spoke up, “You look as though you need to get cleaned up some, my dear Julia. There is a bathroom just upstairs if you’d like a hot shower and I can have Valliant, my butler, fetch you something clean to wear.” He paused for a moment and then continued. “There is not a gas station around here for miles and the nearest one is closed until morning. Perhaps you could grace me with some company tonight and we shall leave out first thing in the morning and get your car fixed. I have plenty of room in this old place. I live alone and rarely see a soul except for Valliant.”

She thought for a moment. A shower and some clean clothes sounded wonderful and the man was so kind. She would not want to disappoint her host. She nodded her head, “Yes, that would be wonderful, but I hope I am not imposing on you.”

He smiled again almost warmly and spoke, “No, my dear Julia. Any company around here is very welcome.” With that he summoned his butler and spoke to him. “Fetch a clean dress for my guest here and place some nice oils and soaps in the bathroom adjoining the largest bedroom so that she may clean herself up. I shall lead her up there in just a bit”

Valliant walked away with a simple, “Yes Sir” muttered and disappeared upstairs to follow his orders.

Dracon and Julia sat for about half an hour talking of small things and then he took her hand and led her up the large staircase and showed her to the bathroom. “Valliant will have dinner ready when you are finished. Just come down the stairs and take the third door on your left. That is the dinning room. I’ll be waiting there for you.”

He turned and left her to her shower with a soft smile upon his lips.

She closed the door to the bathroom and looked about. The tub was solid white porcelain along with the sink and shower. Valliant had run a hot bath in the tub for her. The water smelled of sweet rose oil and she smiled slipping out of her clothes and into the hot bath.

She sunk down into the water and looked about the room. There was another door that was open and led to an adjoining bedroom. She could see a very beautiful black dress hanging up on the wardrobe for her and a pair of new black pumps at the foot of the bed. She thought of how kind the man was and closed her eyes smiling.

She ran her hands over her hourglass form. Her nipples hardened to the touch of her hands. It had been so long since she had had a very relaxing bath and treatment anywhere near like this. It was sexual and arousing to her and she could not help, but run her right hand over her soft shaven mound beneath the water.

Her body trembled at her own touch and she became almost instantly wet. She brushed a few of her fingertips over her clit and began softly to make small circles over it. She closed her eyes once more and took a deep breath continuing to finger her clit softly and getting a bit faster as she went. She imagined the mysterious Dracon in her mind, thinking it would be wonderful to see what was beneath his suit.

Soon after she was plunging her fingers deep into the wetness of her cunt and biting her lip to keep from moaning and her host knowing what she was doing up there. She was so close to coming when he stepped to the door of the bathroom from the bedroom and looked in on her.

She did not see him or hear him. She just continued to finger her pussy madly and play with her throbbing clit. She had almost bitten a hole though her lip to stifle her moans of self enjoyment.

He stepped closer to her slowly as to not make a sound and was then standing right over her. He quietly slipped out of his clothing and dropped them without a sound onto the bathroom floor. As he saw that her eyes were still closed, he reached into the water and touched her and began to finger her clit for her.

She flew up out of the tub startled and glared at him. “What are you doing?” she asked in a mad way as she grabbed a towel and flung it around herself.

His naked form approached her. She began backing up hunting frantically for her dress. “Get away from me!” she yelled as she found her dress and tried to get it on.

It was then that he grabbed her and ripped the towel and dress away from her. “So I offer you my home, a good meal, clean clothes, and a bath and you come up here and diddle yourself and expect me not to be angry?” he backed her into a corner. “Well, if that is what you want then that is what you will get!”

He dragged her by the hair down the hall and to his bedroom. He flung her on the bed roughly and quickly with inhuman like speed bound her hands and feet to the posts of his bed. She stared up at him in terror.

“You are going to enjoy this you little slut,” he spoke rudely and in a tone far off what it had been before.

She knew that screaming would do her no good. She wiggled and tried her best to get her arms free, but she could not get free from the restraints.

He laughed at her as he buried his face into her still dripping wet pussy and began to suck frantically on her clit.

She tried to keep from moaning no matter how good it felt and she tried to free herself continuously.

He forced his fingers passed her pussy lips and jammed two of them into her hot wet cunt hole. “Sluts should be treated as such,” he spoke as he mercifully fingered her making her even wetter. His face was buried back into her hole and his tongue went into vibrating frenzies against her throbbing clit.

She continued to try and free herself even though the pleasure was more than she had ever felt before. Her wrists were turning red and they hurt from her trying to pull them free.

She came like a freight-train all over his face and he smiled looking up at her. “Good slut,” he spoke as he stood and crawled more up onto the bed and got on his knees beside her. His semi-erect cock pressed up against her lips and he looked down at her. “Suck my cock you little whore,” he spoke. “And I warn you, bitch, you bite it and you’ll be dead before I feel the pain.”

He forced his cock passed her lips and down into her throat and started to fuck her mouth. “That’s right you little suck-slut. Take it all in.”

She sucked on his cock unwillingly as she pulled and tugged her feet around hoping to get them free. His cock was being slammed into her mouth up to the hilt and down into her throat making her gag like crazy. His cock was at least 11 or 12 inches long and very very thick. She would have called it the perfect cock if she was willingly doing this.

He pulled his cock from her mouth and untied the restraints and pushed her over to her stomach and held her down as he slipped his cock into her wet pussy and began to fuck her unmercifully. She yelled out in pain and in pleasure still trying to get free, but he was to strong and had to good of a hold on her.

“Yes, you like that you little cunt-slut. You like my cock all inside your pussy, but I am not going let you off that easy my little whore. There is more in store for you.” He freed his cock from her pussy and retied the restraints with her on her stomach. He vanished from the room for a moment only to return with Valliant.

“See my little fuck-slut, Valliant? She’s such a bad girl. She wants more cock so we are going to give it to her.”

He untied the restraints and pulled her to her knees as Valliant freed his 10-inch cock and slammed it into her mouth as Dracon entered her from behind again. He slammed into her more and more until she was getting terribly sore and then pulled from her and pulled her off the bed.

Valliant then lay down upon the bed and Dracon picked her back up and put her on top of him. Valliant’s cock slid right into her and he took grip of her hips and thrusted up into her.

Dracon laughed as he came up behind her and rubbed her asshole with some kind of oil as he spoke, “Yes my fuck-slut wants more cock. She wants it in all her holes. I am going to fuck your ass my sweet little whore and you are going to love it.”

He slid a finger inside her anal opening and laughed to himself. “Such a tight little ass you have my slut. I am going to have to loosen it up some before I can fuck it right. He grabbed a dildo from a drawer in the room and slammed it into her ass.

She screamed out in horror and pain as she felt her ass stretch around the dildo, Valliant’s cock still slamming into her cunt. “Please, no” she begged, but Dracon just fucked her ass harder and faster with the dildo.

After a couple minutes he withdrew it and placed the head of his enormous cock against her anal opening and then slammed it into her without mercy. Again she screamed in pain, but it did not help. They both continued fucking both her holes with this inhuman like speed.

Both men’s cocks began to twitch and soon they both released wads of their sticky white come into both of her holes. They withdrew their cocks satisfied and looked at her laughing.

Valliant left the room and Dracon picked her up by the neck. He was so strong that it scared her. He looked in her eyes and laughed. “And I am still not through with you”

For hours upon hours and days upon days Dracon and Valliant brutally raped her. She was a whore and a slut and covered and dripping in their come. The only time she had to rest was during daylight hours, when they would leave her helplessly chained in the basement with only some food and water within her reach. At night they would both return and all night they would fuck her and make her suck their cocks.

For months this went on and then one day during the middles of fucking her Dracon stopped and looked down at her. “I am finished with you. You are so loose now I can’t even feel your cunt around my cock.”

She thought that she was going to be set free, but instead he laughed and pulled her up to him and bent her neck over. She screamed in terror as she saw the fangs stretch from his gums. He slammed the fangs into her neck and drank her completely dry and dropped her dead corpse to the ground.

That very night Valliant took her body and laid it in the woods near where her car was and covered in under piles of leaves and brush.

Her body was found two days later and the results from the autopsy showed that she was brutally raped, but no one could explain the ripping on her throat other than speaking of myths like wild wolves.

Dracon continued his reign of terror picking up unsuspecting females and using them for rape slaves for months before dropping their bodies off somewhere. He was never caught.

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