tagNonHumanBlood Lust

Blood Lust


It was a late October night. Jiles had spent the evening at the pub. He was deep in to his cups when he had decided to walk home. The walk was not particularly long but the urge to relieve himself had become overwhelming. He stepped in to an alley, withdrew himself, and found relief. As he finished, he felt small arms gently reach around him. Startled he turned, his manhood still out, to see a demure yet muscular, tall, blonde, short haired, green eyed, and pale skinned beautiful woman. She moved toward him and began kissing him. Her hand simultaneously took hold of his cock and began stroking him. Surprised but not resistant he began to reciprocate the kiss. Once she had stroked him to rigidity, feeling his strong heart beat through his large cock, she pulled back to expose her glorious breasts.

She inquired "do you like my body?".

Jiles responded somewhat slurred "oh yes".

At this moment she knelt down and took his cock in her mouth. She easily took his full length, tonguing his balls when he was in her throat, bobbing on his man flesh. She could feel his heart rate begin to quicken as he approached orgasm, blood surging through his cock. At the moment his balls tightened and his cock began to spasm she took him deep in her throat. As his first blast of cum erupted from his dick she bore her vampiric fangs, sinking them deep in to the base of his cock. Jiles was paralyzed with both the overwhelming sensations of pain and pleasure. He could do nothing to stop her. She eagerly drank both his cum and his blood.

Jiles' withered husk was found the next mourning. The third one like this in just a month. It seems reports of similar corpses had been found in other villages prior. Always healthy and virile men, found drained in the same fashion. The locals had no doubt a vampire was stalking them. The call for a slayer was out.

Ordinarily vampires aren't so overt in their feedings. They prefer to go relatively unnoticed but something had made this one bold. Perhaps her appetites had become insatiable. The towns poeple could only speculate.

The truth is her tastes had become narrowly refined. Most vampires desire their victims to be terrified. This it seems makes the blood sweeter. Eve, as is her name, had discovered that the blood was infinitely sweeter at the pinnacle of sexual arousal; the orgasm. Her natural disposition had always been for the finest of men. They were her prefered victims. The problem being the scarcity of these men and her significantly increased appetites. It would seem the sweetest of blood had now become like an addiction.

Salvation seemed at hand for the townspeople. A mighty armored saint, by the name of Rath Quoxil, had arrived. Riding in to town on the mightiest of steads, he seemed to be a giant among men. His powerful frame hidden by the finest of adorned armor, cross bow slung and consrcrated sword sheathed. The locals were relieved at his arrival yet once the saw this powerful warrior they were struck with fear at his imposing presence.

He had been on the Eve's trail for some time and after a briefing with the towns leadership was sure these murders must br her doing. He arranged for all to stay in after dark save for one poor soul. The volunteer he impressed in to service. The bait, he would hold his vigil watching. Several nights passed with out incident. Finally on the fifth night she descended upon the lure. As she approached her victim Rath loosed a bolt from his crossbow. She immediately spun about, catching the bolt, then leapt toward Rath's vantage on a roof. Rath immediately knew she was an ancient one. He barely had time to drop the bow and unsheath his broad sword and dagger. Eve was able to perry Rath's blows. He had never fought such a potent foe. The melee continue as a stalemate but Rath was growing weary. Dawn was near. All he had to do was maintain the draw till the sun brought him favor. Eve knew just as well dawn was near.

She howled at Rath "you will be mine slayer" as she, in a blur, vanished towards the local catacombs.

She retreated to the safety of the catacombs, hunger unfulfilled, and her appetite frenzied by the mortal strenght of Rath.

Rath breathed heavily and collapsed, weary from the battle. Still he realized his manhood was rigid and he was consumed by thoughts of impaling Eve with his cock rather than a stake. He had vanquished other female vampires before with no such inclination. No matter, he knew he would have to search the catacombs by day if he had any chance of finding and destroying Eve. He composed himself and made for the catacombs.

Once inside the underground passages he began his methodical search. His hunt was unproductive for many hours. He was deep in the extensive catacombs when he decided he must retreat before sun down. As he began to retrace his path his thoughts were once again consumed by carnal lust for Eve. It occurred to him she must be near. She seemed to have an aura of sexuality that influenced men. Rath could sense Eve's presence near but through the dim torch light could not find her. Sword drawn he made for day light. It seemed the catacombs had changed, he feared he was lost and the sun was most assuredly setting.

Finally she appeared before him. Dressed in a shear material that barely covered her breasts and folds af womanly flesh. Rath was mesmerized by her beauty. He dropped his blade as she approached. She easily pressed his huge frame against the tunnel wall, her long nails rasping against his armor. She pulled his helmet from his head revealing his dark brown hair, anthracite eyes, and tanned face. Eve felt her pussy begin to burn with desire for this most handsome man. No mortal had ever filled her with such blood lust and sexual desire. She began to kiss Rath, thinking how sweet his flesh tasted, as she began peeling off his armor like it was mere tin foil. She ripped through his cod piece releasing his cock. She felt her pussy begin to drip with desire as she took hold of his massive member. She stroked his cock in disbelief. Never had she seen any cock, mortal or otherwise, nearly as big as Rath's. She descended on him and began licking and sucking on his meat. She had to fight back the urge to drain him at that moment but she had other plans for Rath.

Once she had pleasured Rath, for awhile, with her mouth she stood and ordered him to lay on top of a crypt. Rath was completely hypnotized be Eve's charms, he obliged. As he moved to the slab she peeled the remainder of his armor from him leaving him comlpletely bare. She removed the bits of fabric that covered her revealing her glorious perfection. She climbed over top Rath and descended her pussy upon his mouth. Rath knew what she wanted and eagerly began tongueing her beautiful pussy. He licked her clit; slid his tongue inside her cunt, drinking her juices; pushed his tongue in her ass, as she moaned with pleasure. Finally he went back to licking her clit while penetrating her ass and cunt with his large fingers. Eve came wildly bucking about on his face.

When her orgasm subsided she moved down to once again take his meat in her mouth. She savored the taste of his cock as she lapped up his precum. Once he was saturated with her saliva she positioned the entrance of her cunt at the head of his cock. She pressed against his member. Gradually her tightness acquiesced to Rath's massive girth. Eve whimpered in pain. Rath's cock was impossibly huge, even for a vampire, to take with out pain. Eve slid down Rath's long measure, enveloping him completely. His olive skin contrasted her pale complexion especially as her pallid folds passed over his swarthy cock. She fucked his distance for what seemed liked hours, with many waves of orgasmic pleasure passing through her body. Eve was amazed at how long Rath could hold out. No one had ever resisted her pussy for even a fraction of the time. At last, she could feel Rath's heart beat quicken. She knew he was close to exploding. Eve quickened her pace as Rath's cock began to deeply throb. Rath let out a thundering moan as he began to pump Eve full of his hot mortal seed. Simultaneously Eve buried her fangs in to Rath's neck. She drank deeply but not so much to make him a desicated corpse like the rest.

Eve whispered in Rath's ear "you belong to me and now I can fuck your beautiful cock for all eternity."

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