tagErotic HorrorBlood On The Moon

Blood On The Moon


©Nora Quick 2014

Author's Note: This is an entry in the 2014 Halloween contest. Please vote, and your comments are welcome. This story contains M/F non-human sex, non-consensual sex, & consensual sex and is erotic horror. Enjoy!

Blood On The Moon

"Of course tonight it is advised that no one venture out past five-thirty p.m.," the talking head on the evening news said. "Halloween Trick or Treating has been cancelled for all of the Twin Cities tonight and a strict curfew is in effect for anyone under the age of eighteen. The University has cancelled all evening classes and after school programs at local area schools have been canceled. In these trying times, we must all stay in and stay safe.

"Here's Yoko Santoro now with police spokeswoman Diana Mueller with more."

Jilly turned off the TV and resumed vacuuming. Werewolves. Werewolves were creatures in movies and books, but somehow they had spilled over into reality. Sometimes they were sexy, like Lucian in Underworld, or laughable like anything in Twilight, but often scary in their appearances everywhere else. And they were real.

She could gleefully kill whoever blabbed to the media. David was out there, part of the small taskforce tracking the killings that had happened over the last eight full moons. It had been kept quiet for six of them, and now the MPD was having to deal with panicked public as the full moon hit on Halloween night.

Fifty-nine days ago someone had leaked from the task force. Rumors of wild animal killings had been circling, hard to keep those out, but the Department of Wildlife had sent men, the FBI had given lab time, and they eyewitnesses rounded up by cops like David had given the impossible theory light: the Twin Cities were plagued by werewolves. As long as the public thought it was wild animals they had been cautious but calm, but now madness ruled.

The public was in a panic. Newscasters brought in werewolf "experts" who were nuts, one in all. Psychics previously discredited by James Randi, mediums that were known frauds and media whores, even men who had written encyclopedias of werewolf mythology for movie buffs. They had everyone whipped into a frenzy. Not only was there a full moon on Halloween, in the early morning hours there would be a total lunar eclipse. The fraudsters claimed this was significant, holy to the werewolves.

Holy. Jilly laughed, an empty sound as she vacuumed, trying to work the knots of worry out her system. Like any god cop wife she knew the worst worry for police was a panicking public.

Now they were working around the clock, but no one was equipped to deal with monsters being real. Werewolves were people. For twenty-eight and a half days they were humans, and that one night of the full moon they were demons with claws. People had been shot on the street for getting too angry, families had been run out of town because their eyes appeared yellow in some photograph. And David hadn't come home the night before, dealing with near-riots in Dinkytown where students who wanted to party away their worries clashed with religious fanatics who blamed them for the werewolves.

She had longed for him all night long, wanting to hold him, to be held, to make sweet love and forget the brutal ugliness that now gripped the Twin Cities. She'd been a wreck at work and expected him to be home waiting for her, but his partner had left a message he'd be home for dinner, then back out into the thick of danger.

When she thought of the coming night Jilly almost sobbed. Once she had seen a photo of a victim. David had just brought home a file, fell asleep on the couch, and she had looked. He'd woken up as she was vomiting, and he was gallant enough not to say "I told you so," but he never brought his work home again.

The kids at work had been restless. She taught fourth grade and the school had let out an hour early for the full moon, parents scared shitless. She finished vacuuming and hoped they would all be there the next day at their desks. If they all could just make it through the night, everything would be okay. It had to be.

No kids yet, mostly single men or women, some couples in their homes. In the past few months there had been two or three murder scenes in one night. First a single wolf, now a pack.

She put the vacuum away and lit a cigarette, smoothing her dyed blonde hair back. She and David wanted kids but until the madness passed it was on hold, and she'd gone back to the filthy habit out of terror. Without her cigarettes and nightly glass of wine, she would go mad.

They had bars on the basement windows, triple panes on the first floor, the upstairs windows were nailed shut, they had the security system on all day long, and David had his guns. They'd talked about getting a dog but hadn't had a chance yet, and she was scared.

The streets were empty. It was unreal. Shivering she moved the ashtray and stared out the window until a lone car came as dusk spread. The Toyota pulled into their driveway and she hopped up and unlocked the door.

David looked rumpled and pale, his dark hair messy despite its nearly brutal shortness, but as usual he was a wonderful sight. Only a year into their marriage the blush had not worn off, and he still filled out a uniform better than any other man she had ever seen.

"You're home."

"Glad you are. I lost my house key chasing a suspect last night."


He stopped on the stoop. "Lost him. Are you going to let me in?"

"You can come in for a kiss."

Smiling he leaned in and kissed her deeply. Without breaking contact she backed up and he kicked the door closed behind him. It was unusually passionate despite being newlyweds, still she welcomed it, beyond relieved he was home and in one piece.

Reluctantly she pulled back, toes curled, nipples aching. She ran her hands over David, making sure he was real. "Why didn't you call last night?"

"We were swamped, honey. This new group is claiming it's a hoax, and since tonight is Halloween they were planning to prove it by staging a sit-in over in Nicollet Mall. Try being a cop caught between keeping fools safe and respecting their civil rights."

"I don't envy you. Come on, let's figure out dinner."

She led him by the hand to the kitchen. Every night he liked to take his gun belt off and hang it by the doorway to the hall and she watched him do it, the movements more sensual than she was used to.

David was tall and well built, filling out his navy uniform like a fantasy. His dark hair needed a cut to get back to the buzz he normally sported, and his handsome face was serious. His jagged nose, never healed from a break, had always made his smile just as crooked and gave him a friendly appearance, but now his smile seemed rakish and made deep things low in her body turn over.

His movements were slow, and watching him undo the belt made her think of him stripping that uniform off in a private show for her. Suddenly Jilly was hungry for more than dinner.

"Spaghetti okay?"


She jumped, blinking. He'd never objected before. "Honey, you okay?"

"Not hungry... for food."

He set his gun belt down on the table and drew her close. "I'd rather eat you."

Blushing she pulled back. "Not a good thing to say with werewolves on the loose."

His lips brushed her neck as he nuzzled her close. "I don't eat the way werewolves do."

Her limbs melted slightly, languor spreading from within. Still, she fought it. "I don't know, David. I've been so worried. I need a little time to relax. I thought we could have dinner, cuddle on the couch with a movie, then... you know, before you have to go back at nine."

"The security system is on, the windows are protected, the doors are locked, and my gun has silver bullets. We're fine."

"Aren't you worried? You feel cool to the touch."

He jerked from her grasp. "It's just Halloween spooking you. Every channel is showing scary movies or scary specials because the rest of the world can't believe what's happening here.

"But we're safe. All the attacks have been by the university, we're safe here. Look, I have to go back out tonight a little earlier than pl-"

"You can't!"

"I have to. I'm home on two hours R and R, you want to waste time arguing?"

"David, you can't. I'm scared something bad will happen."


"Follow me." She led him out to the living room where she had first spotted the warning sign. Pointing to the moon she shivered. "Do you see the small halo around? That's blood on the moon. A lot of people believe that's a sign of bad things to come."

He laughed at her, the sound a little grating. "Honey, have you been watching that kook on Kare Eleven again?"

"David! This is madness. Real monsters exist, they are eating people, and if the monsters are real, maybe the kooks are right and Halloween is the highest holiday!"

Given that David came from a long line of O'Malleys, she knew he would argue it was just a Celtic superstition made fun in America and now the world over. But he just stood there, considering. "I suppose that's why I'm needed. If Halloween is special to them, they'll be out tonight. It could mean they want to make more."


He nodded and took her hand, his flesh as cool as hers surely felt. "We've found three separate sets of bite marks on victims, but not every full moon have we found three victims. The theory is they've been making more from the start."

She shivered and he drew her into his arms. "This is truly a nightmare, David. The kids weren't even excited about Halloween like usual. No one came in costume, and no one wanted to listen to scary stories."

"Makes sense. Turns out, some stories are true."

Before she could reply he kissed her again. He was so big and strong, and within his arms she felt safe in a world gone mad. She felt small and feminine in his embrace, always had, but tonight she welcomed it.

He pulled back, stroking her hair. "I wish you wouldn't dye it. Your roots... They're like cinnamon."

His words were strange so she tipped her face up and kissed him again. He tasted of something metallic, a sharp tang beneath the familiar taste of her husband. The arousal of minutes ago came back, a slow burn, but frustratingly she didn't feel his cock harden along her belly.

Still his kiss was passionate, his hands exploring her body over her clothes. Probably just stress, she realized, and forced her mind to shut down. They had been lovers since high school, friends since grade school, there was no one else in the world she loved so fiercely, so smoothly, trusted so much, or could feel such passion for.

David moved slower than he ever had before, and the change thrilled her. She gripped his shoulders and rubbed against him, fairly purring. She knew her emotions were out of control, but it felt so right, as it always did.

And perhaps, just perhaps, if she could seduce David, she could keep him home that night, and everything would be okay.

His hands slid under her shirt and deft fingers tugged down the cups of her bra. Moaning, Jilly wiggled and aided him, and was rewarded with a series of milking light pinches that drove her wild.

"Bedroom, now," she moaned against his lips.

Suddenly he pulled back and scooped her up into his arms, something he had not done since the day they moved in. She laughed with it, knowing she was solidly built and not that easy to carry, but this time he wasn't straining at all.

Once he set her on the bed David cannily followed, kneeling over her, pulling her shirt off. More aggressive than usual she thrilled to his leashed violence, and his kiss turned rough enough to bruise.

Still the burn remained, even as his cool hands swept over her. This was so different, and David's normal, simple style was all she knew. Closing her eyes she reveled in the fantasy of a new lover, knowing it was her husband's loving arms around her all the while.

Those milking pinches began again as he slid his mouth across her cheek, licking her as if tasting her skin desperately. Her hips began to move and if he wasn't inside her soon she feared she would go mad.

"Please, fuck me, David!"

He groaned and nuzzled her neck, sharp teeth skimming her pulse. "I've never heard you talk like that."

"I've never needed you so much!"

She grappled for him, trying to get at the buttons on his uniform but his hands left her aching breasts to pin her wrists at her sides. "Honey, not yet. I- I can't just yet."

She felt his cock, still soft, against the inside of her leg. "Stress?"

"Mmm-hmm," he detachedly murmured and brought his mouth to the peak of one straining breast.

He tortured her with playful nips and long, hard pulls, flicking the sensitive bud with his tongue until she felt like she was wetter than she had ever been.

He moved to her other breast and the maddening pleasure continued. When his hands left her she kept them at her sides, hands balled into fists, determined to give him what he needed, which seemed to be total control.

He undid her jeans and slid them down, rolling aside to pull them off, and then he ripped off her panties. She gasped, shocked.

His mouth descended, hands returning to her breasts. With long, teasing licks he made her moan, and short pulling sucks on her clit made her gasp. Combining it made her moan and her hips rubbed against him, fucking his face. She wanted to clutch his head, mash him to her, but she forced herself to remain the passive recipient of more pleasure than she could remember.

She felt a sharp sting like a bite and then he suckled, pulling, and the sensation was insanely powerful. It felt like his mouth was all over her body, teasing her, driving her on, and she felt as if her body exploded and knit back together simultaneously.

As David licked her cunt and sucked her aching clit she screamed his name with her release, and the climax drained her. Against her ankle she felt his cock begin to harden and almost wept with relief even as the orgasm still rode her in waves.

Finally he pulled back, merely undoing his fly, and scooted up to kiss her. She tasted her own juices and something metallic, the same strange flavor she had noticed earlier but it was...stronger.

David pulled back, his mouth red with blood. But she wasn't due for her period for another two weeks.


"More, I need more. If I am going to fuck you properly, I need more."

He had fangs. Long, pointed canines. Fear gripped her suddenly, terror freezing her.

Hissing he lowered his face to her neck and bit into her just as his cock slammed into her. She began to scream at the violation but then he began to pull from her neck and the pleasure returned.

David was a werewolf. He had to be! Her mind screamed even as her body strained. Jilly was suddenly two separate beings, one frozen in terror, weakening, horrified, the other straining towards a dark climax, betraying her with keening pleasure.

His hard cock slammed into her again and again, bruising her as it hit her cervix. Still her cunt gripped him tighter, the pleasure immense as he savaged her.

Her vision dimmed, cold seeping in even as she found the jagged tail of climax and rode it. Orgasming, she sobbed as he shouted in triumph and fucked her so hard the bed slammed into the wall, headboard breaking on his last thrust.

David reared back as he came, licking the blood greedily from his lips while she watched in detached horror as her body exploded weakly.

The savagement ended and his eyes, strangely pale, returned to their normal dark hazel.

"Jilly?" Oh, god, Jilly?" He pulled from her and gathered her into his arms. "Jilly! I didn't mean to take so much. But I'm new, and I need blood constantly. Jilly? Jilly!"

But as the cold seeped in and her vision dimmed, Jilly knew only two things: David was a vampire, that had to be the scourge of the Twin Cities masquerading as werewolves, and death was a sweet release.

She died hearing him scream her name.


Pain. Darkness. Cold.

She couldn't move.

"She's in drawer number eighteen, right over here," a voice said.

"Shit.," a familiar voice said. Sam, David's partner.

David. Husband. Maker a voice whispered across her skin.

She couldn't move. Couldn't breathe. Didn't need to breathe. So cold.

"Sorry I'm late. I guess the weirdos were right and Halloween is something special to the wolves."

"Yeah, I know," the unfamiliar voice said, sounding bored. "There have been thirty-seven attacks tonight. If we don't stop this we'll be overrun."

Something clicked and then she was being moved, but it was still dark. Heavy plastic around her. She squeezed her eyes shut as a zipper sounded out, being undone.

Light behind her eyes, horrible, horrible light.

"Jesus!" Sam cried.

"Tore the throat out," the strange voice said. "Look, we have just ten minutes left in the eclipse. Will you shoot her already?"

Shoot? She trembled.

"What was that!?!"

"Nothing, Sam. If she's a werewolf she won't rise during the eclipse. I know silver ammo is dwindling but shoot the bitch already."

"She's my partner's wife!"

"She's a monster. Shoot her!"

Suddenly there was pain. A small pain, but her eyes opened to harsh florescent and Sam's terrified face. Fear smelled delicious.

"Shit!" Sam screamed and backpedaled away from her, dropping his gun.

She rose and felt the skin from her neck flap down to her naked chest. Touching it, she tried to hiss but gurgled instead.

Sam crawled towards his gun as the stranger in a white coat was banging on a door, screaming. She didn't think, just moved and had Sam in her arms. He was nearly a foot taller than her at six-four but he felt weak as a baby as she crushed his arms to his sides.

She dug her fangs into him and began to suck. The blood oozed through her open neck until she felt it begin to heal, the silver bullet in her forehead popped out with a sizzle.

In her embrace she felt Sam peak in orgasm, screaming against it, and drank, and drank, and drank. When he was empty and she felt the final throbbing heartbeat of his life and tossed him aside.

The white coat had screamed high as a girl until he fainted. She fell on him like a beast, sucking him dry. With his blood now she felt whole, fixed, better than alive.

Vampire the word breathed across her skin. Join your kin the magic voice said.

She dumped him as he died, feeling bloated with blood but as she watched her stomach flattened and her heart gave a sluggish beat, her limbs warming. The lights hurt so she turned them off, able to see in the dark.

She was naked, needed clothes. David, she had to get to him. Jilly found boxes of clothes in a side room and searched until she found ones that would fit. Ah, yes, the leather dress, the spike heels. They smelled of dirty alleys and cheap sex, but they would suit her.

Jilly was still hungry, but she knew she had to get to David. And she would kill anyone who came between them. Husband, lover, killer, maker. Together they would rule the Twin Cities.

And the stupid humans would die, never knowing the real monsters.

With a laugh, she tore the door off its hinges and stepped into the hall. One hour until sunrise, she felt it, and what remained of Halloween was hers. She had a whole bag of tricks for the sanguine treats out there, and time to show them just what blood on the moon meant.

Stepping into the night air, Jilly gave a smile to the moon, tipped her head back, and gave a howl. Somewhere in the distance, David howled back. Seconds later a chorus of dozens of such affected howls rose. Her kin, calling to her to join in the trickery.

She saw three cops staring at her in terror, frozen to the spot. Grinning, she turned and stalked towards them.

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