tagErotic HorrorBlood Rose Ch. 02

Blood Rose Ch. 02



Annabelle breathed deeply as her eyes opened. With a level of vigor she never thought she would ever feel again, she sat up in bed. Impulsively, she began to laugh. She felt... strong. Revived. Alive. The fever that had ailed her for days, that had already claimed the rest of her family, was gone. She was herself again.

No, that wasn't quite right. She felt better, stronger now, but not necessarily like herself. It was more like she felt like someone else. It didn't matter. By all rights, she should have joined her family in the afterlife by now. She hadn't. And as much as she would miss them, she was grateful for that.

All that had happened over the last few short weeks felt so far away now. It had started when her brother Peter had contracted the fever. Before long it had started to spread. One by one, each of her family had fallen ill. Annabelle herself had remained free of the disease long enough to see Peter die five days after he had been stricken, but it wasn't long after that she had fallen victim to the fever herself. They had contacted the doctor in town and he had been busy making medicine, but it had taken time to make and more time to reach him; and in that time, the fever had managed to kill off a good portion of her family.

By the time it had come down to her father, her sister, and herself, they began to realize the doctor was late. A few short days later, Annabelle had been the only one left. She knew she was staring death in the face when suddenly that woman arrived. Such a lovely woman was she, with hair like red silk, and her eyes... those beautiful, sparkling violet eyes that were so difficult to look away from. She'd said she was a nurse, and that the doctor had been robbed and murdered before he could complete the medicine. Then she'd started saying she had a way to save her, but she could only save her life by giving her a new one. Annabelle didn't care what that meant; she wanted to live.

After that was just a blur.

Annabelle looked quickly around the room in search of the mysterious nurse who had saved her. She appeared to be alone, but she did find what the nurse had left her. Smiling, she picked up the lovely red rose that had been placed on her pillow and gave it a sniff. Her senses felt stronger than she remembered them. The sweet fragrance of the rose seemed amplified, reminding her again of how grateful she was to be alive.

"Awake at last?" Annabelle instantly recognized the silky voice and proud English accent of the mysterious nurse as she stepped in through the door. Her gait was as graceful and weightless as before, even as she carried a bowl in her hands. Whatever was in that bowl, it smelled delicious.

"Yes," Annabelle breathed, smiling. "Thank you."

"At last. I waited all day for you to wake." Annabelle took a look towards the window, and found it dark. She hadn't even realized it was nighttime; everything seemed so bright. "How do you feel?" the woman asked.

"Alive again, thanks to you. Whatever you did, God bless you." It wasn't until she stood up that she felt the mild pang in her gut. "Though I am feeling a little hungry... no, not hungry exactly..."

"Here," the woman stepped forward, holding out the bowl in her hands for her. "I have what you need."

Annabelle took the bowl, and only looked for a moment at the dark red liquid in it before bringing it to her lips and starting to drink. Ah, the thick rich taste that ran down her throat was utterly exquisite! She slowly leaned back as she drank, emptying the bowl, savoring every last drop.

When she was finished, she brought the empty bowl down with a loud sigh. The woman stepped forward with a smile on her face and a handkerchief in her hand. "My, you were hungry," she grinned, wiping at the corner of Annabelle's mouth. It wasn't until she saw the deep red that came off on the white handkerchief that Annabelle began to grow suspicious.

"Was that... blood?"

The woman looked her square in the eyes. "I warned you that you would be giving up one life for a new one. This is merely an adjustment you will have to make. You made the choice to live by embracing the Darkness; now I want to show you how to make the most of that choice."

Annabelle eyed her suspiciously. "Who are you?"

The woman smiled again. "My name is Electra. Now come with me. You have much to learn."


Elizabeth seated herself down on the bed. Damn, it was a comfy bed, too. "What exactly is the Blood Rose?"

"Put simply, a discipline," Annabelle explained. "It's something I've been teaching vampire girls like yourself for several decades now. It involves total communion of the mind and senses, and an amplified awareness and intimacy with the world around you."

Elizabeth tilted her head and raised an eyebrow. Annabelle laughed, and said, "Don't rack your brain over it now, you'll get the idea eventually. You're welcome here anytime now, anytime you wish, but I do have particular times when I hold my sessions."

"I suppose I'm supposed to get some kind of memo then?"

Annabelle shrugged. "Something like that. But you should really try to think of this house as a second home of sorts, because I encourage the girls who come here to socialize as much as possible, and there are plenty of ways to do that here. Trust me, you'll be making plenty of friends here." She paused a moment, getting a particular look in her eyes that got Elizabeth a bit anxious. "In fact..."

Annabelle began moving towards the door. "I'll be right back. And I won't be coming back alone." She stepped out through the door for a moment, then leaned back in and added, "Oh, and don't even think about getting dressed!"

Elizabeth hadn't even noticed until Annabelle said that that she was still stark naked. Come to think of it, so was Annabelle, and she was going off to get someone that way. That should have seemed a little stranger than it actually was.

Elizabeth stood up and took a good look at herself in the mirror. She took a look at her youthful face, at her long dark hair, at her light hazel eyes. She looked up and down her body, and for the first time in her life began to realize something: she was actually attractive. If the girl looking back at her was actually a person standing in front of her, she might actually be tempted to touch her.

Light footsteps at the door a few moments later heralded Annabelle's return. And true to her word, she did not return alone. There was now a third girl in the room with them. And just as naked, too. She was tall, thin, and blonde, and she didn't look a day over seventeen, but something in her eyes presented a feeling of age and wisdom.

"Elizabeth," Annabelle purred, draping her arms over the other girl's shoulders, "this is Charlotte."

"Hi," the other girl smiled.

"Uh, hi," Elizabeth returned.

"Charlotte," said Annabelle, "why don't you go have a seat on the bed." Charlotte did as Annabelle said, and then looked at Elizabeth with an eager smile. Annabelle took Elizabeth by the arm and led her to where Charlotte was sitting. Charlotte leaned back slightly, supporting her weight on her hands, and spread her legs apart, exposing her pink pussy.

"Down on your knees, Elizabeth." Her heart was thumping as she followed Annabelle's direction, bringing the place between Charlotte's legs to eye-level. Never in her life had she seen another girl's vagina this close. She could smell it; Charlotte was ready and waiting to be tasted. She nervously placed a hand on Charlotte's inner thigh and stared at the beautiful pussy in front of her face.

Annabelle knelt down beside her, diligently watching her every motion. "Go on," she said softly, "don't be shy."

And with that little encouragement, she leaned in, and her tongue ran itself up Charlotte's lips. Charlotte's body shivered in response. "Go on," Annabelle encouraged. "Don't stop." Elizabeth licked it again. And again. She could taste the salty juices in there. "Keep licking," said Annabelle. Having taken that first step, Elizabeth continued what she was doing, starting to go faster. Charlotte began mewling softly.

"Spread her lips apart," Annabelle instructed. Elizabeth obeyed with none of the hesitation she had before. Her fingers pulled at either side of the thing she was licking, opening it like a pink flower. "Now start licking her clit." Elizabeth's tongue obediently sought out the little nub at the top of Charlotte's valley, and began selectively toying with it. Charlotte moaned louder.

"Now stick your fingers in there." For a moment, Elizabeth stopped to think about just how crazy this situation was, but only for a moment. She continued tonguing the tiny spot while she carefully slid two fingers into the tender folds of Charlotte's pussy. She felt a hand on the back of her head, trying to pull her closer. Charlotte had begun to squirm where she sat, and she was still moaning louder. Elizabeth realized then how much she was enjoying this, and how happy the sounds of Charlotte's pleasure were making her.

"Mix it up some," commanded Annabelle. "Suck it a little." Elizabeth did as Annabelle instructed. She began sucking the little nub between her lips, and alternated between that and what she had been doing before. She suddenly noticed that some of the noise in the room was actually coming from herself; she was humming while she did this. Without even consciously knowing it. And Charlotte was probably appreciating it too.

Elizabeth turned her eyes upward as she continued to service Charlotte's sex. Charlotte had her eyes closed and her mouth open, and attached to her right tit was Annabelle's mouth. She momentarily threw her head back and grunted hard. It gave Elizabeth a warm, happy little feeling when she considered that she was the reason Charlotte was experiencing this kind of pleasure.

Annabelle looked down at her. "Focus, Elizabeth," she instructed. "Pump her harder. You're gonna make her cum." Elizabeth obediently returned her full attention to what she was doing, moving her lips and tongue faster and pumping her fingers harder.

"Oh, yes..." Charlotte breathed. "Oh god... Don't stop!" Elizabeth hardly needed to be told that. If anything, she was just getting more excited. "Oh my god, I'm gonna cum!" Those words alone were enough to get Elizabeth going faster than ever. She wanted this to happen as much as Charlotte did.

She heard Charlotte's happy cries beginning to build, and she prepared herself for... she really wasn't sure what she was supposed to prepare for. She'd certainly gotten herself off many times, but she'd never been on this side of it before. For a second or two, Charlotte fell silent, then she suddenly went stiff and screamed as Elizabeth's fingers became drenched in juices. As Charlotte's body convulsed a few times, Elizabeth pulled her fingers out and, without stopping to think what she was doing, put them in her mouth.

God, they tasted good!

"How is she, Charlotte?" Annabelle purred, her hands once again draped around Charlotte's shoulders.

"She was wonderful," Charlotte beamed.

"You hear that, Elizabeth?" Annabelle mused. "You're a natural pussy-eater!" Elizabeth smiled. She was actually happy to hear that.

Elizabeth seated herself on the bed next to Charlotte. Charlotte smiled at her, and Elizabeth found herself returning it. "I think you're going to fit in like a glove here," Annabelle purred. Then suddenly Annabelle's look lost its enthusiasm. "Now, we do still have the issue of that little cherry of yours. We really must do something about that."

Elizabeth gulped.

Charlotte suddenly arose from the bed and moved over to the drawers saying, "Well, there's one way we could do that here." She opened the top drawer, reached in, and... Elizabeth gasped when she saw the six-inch purple vibrator that Charlotte pulled out. Charlotte, however, looked at it, pursed her lips to one side, and set it down on top of the dresser and began rummaging through the drawer. She began pulling out one sex toy after another and setting them all down on top of the dresser, until—

"Ah, perfect!"

Charlotte turned around with that thing in her hands, and Elizabeth found her mouth unable to close. She'd never seen one, not really, but she knew exactly what it was: a strap-on. And Charlotte was intending to use it on her.

Annabelle smiled wide. "What do you think? Would you like to be popped right here and now, or would you rather I haul in a guy to do the honors? It's your call, but you should know that virginity has no place in the Blood Rose."

All it took was the mention of a guy doing the "honors" to get her thinking once again of Nathaniel. She'd fantasized so many times about him being the one to deflower her... Suddenly she realized that she was being suggested the prospect of being de-virginized by a woman; in a way, Nathaniel could still potentially be her first if she did this. And perhaps this could make her more ready for him anyway.

It suddenly occurred to her how easy this question was. Yet somehow, the words couldn't seem to get through her throat. All she could really do was give Charlotte an affirming nod.

That was enough.

Charlotte grinned and put her legs through the harness, while Annabelle moved over to help her fasten it. When the thing was secure on Charlotte's lower half, she began eagerly moving in Elizabeth's direction. Elizabeth found herself shrinking from the thing protruding from Charlotte's crotch, leaning back and supporting her weight on her elbows. Once again, she was afraid. And as before, that meant being more turned on than ever. Charlotte climbed onto the bed, spread Elizabeth's knees apart and knelt between her legs. Her skin tingled as she felt the tip of the rubber rod touching the lips of her pussy.

This was it.


Elizabeth nodded.

Slowly, carefully, Charlotte pushed the rubber thing into her. Elizabeth squinted her eyes and her teeth mashed together, and a squeal of pain slowly worked its way out of her mouth. The thing finally stopped its slow and ponderous intrusion, and began its in-and-out thrusts. She felt tears running down the side of her face. God, it hurt!

"Just be patient," she heard Annabelle say. "It'll only hurt for a moment. And when the pain stops, then you'll find out why people do this."

As if in response to Annabelle's words, the pain was already starting to fade. Her eyes slowly opened as she found herself starting to like what was happening. The big rubber thing moving in and out of her tight hole was steadily starting to feel good. She looked up at Charlotte, seeing her open mouth and heavy breathing, and understood that Charlotte was particularly enjoying this herself. With a quick glance at where the strap-on was... strapped on, she understood why. She could tell how the back of the thing was rubbing against her crotch each time she pushed in...

Elizabeth laid her head back and moaned aloud, her train of thought buried.

She heard another soft moan that clearly did not come from Charlotte, and looked over in Annabelle's direction. Annabelle was seated on the sofa across the room, and was busy using the purple vibrator Charlotte had pulled from the drawer on herself. She had one foot on the floor and the other on the armrest of the couch, with her free hand groping her breasts while the other hurriedly pumped the thing in and out of her pussy as she watched what was happening. She saw Elizabeth looking at her and returned her look with an encouraging smile. "How is it?"

Such an open-ended question. Elizabeth didn't really feel up to trying to form a sentence right now.

Annabelle refined her question. "Do you like it?"

"Yes," she said, then paused. "Yes!" she said again. "Yeah, I like it!" And before she could stop to think about what she was saying, she suddenly blurted out, "Fuck me harder!"

Charlotte was only too happy to oblige her. The thrusts began coming harder, and faster. And Elizabeth was steadily moving from the realm of liking it to actually loving it. "Oh God, yes!" she shouted.

"That's it girl!" Annabelle exclaimed, right after a grunt of her own self-induced pleasure. Charlotte began leaning forward as she continued her thrusting, placing a hand next to either of Elizabeth's shoulders. Elizabeth looked up into her smiling face, and Charlotte brought her lips down to hers. Elizabeth eagerly returned the girl's kiss, meeting her lips and tongue with matching hunger. Her arms reached up around Charlotte's body and pulled her tighter to her. Charlotte's hands slid their way under her shoulders, allowing her to return her embrace as she continued fucking her.

A mere hour ago, Elizabeth would never have imagined herself doing something like this. Ever. Yet now here she was, losing her virginity to another girl, and there was no part of what was happening that she wasn't loving. The thing that was invading her pussy, the feel of Charlotte's naked body pressed against her own, the wet tenderness of their kiss... everything was wonderful. Her hands took on a life of their own, exploring every peak and valley of Charlotte's body they could reach.

Charlotte finally broke off the kiss and held her cheek-to-cheek, allowing Elizabeth to finally release the cries of delight that had been muffled by Charlotte's lips until now, as well as to look up and see the beautiful reflection of what they were doing in the ceiling mirror. Only for a few seconds, though, as another pair of lips—Annabelle's—came down to make out with her. Annabelle's kiss only lasted a moment, before she pulled away, looked into her eyes and said, "She gonna make you cum?"

Elizabeth didn't answer. Not with words, at least. She resumed her noises of pleasure, still looking into Annabelle's eyes. "C'mon, Charlotte," Annabelle commanded, "fuck her some more. She needs to cum."

Charlotte raised herself up on her hands and looked down into Elizabeth's eyes. "C'mon, cum for us baby," she smiled.



I want you to cum.

Annabelle's mental voice was seeming to have its desired effect; Elizabeth's orgasm was approaching. "Oh my God... oh my God..."

"You gonna cum?" they both said, though not at exactly the same time.

"Yes, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" And a few scant seconds later, Elizabeth tensed up and screamed as she felt the overwhelming flood of her orgasm. Charlotte cheered.

Elizabeth lay back on the bed and attempted to catch her breath as the rubber thing was withdrawn from her. She looked up, into Charlotte's smiling face, into her luminous eyes. Annabelle started to say something, but Elizabeth was so not listening. In a flash, she bounded up and grabbed Charlotte by the neck, and hungrily locked lips with her. She could tell Charlotte's passion level had not waned a bit.

She looked again into Charlotte's eyes when their lips disengaged, and realized then what it was she wanted to do at that moment. She looked over at Annabelle and said, "Can I taste her blood?"

Annabelle grinned and shrugged. "Don't ask me."

Understanding perfectly, Elizabeth looked back at Charlotte, who was giving her a wordless response by brushing her hair away from her neck. "Be gentle now," Annabelle instructed, but Elizabeth was barely listening. She rose up, pulled her lips back, and gently sunk her teeth into the tender flesh of Charlotte's neck. The taste of her blood sent a happy little buzz running through her body.

"That's it girl," Annabelle said. "Easy, gently now."

Moments later, Elizabeth released her with a long, slow breath, which she heard Charlotte echo. Their eyes locked, and the two girls giggled a moment.

"Ooh, look, you got a little..." Annabelle didn't bother to finish her sentence, but Elizabeth got the message when she leaned in and licked a bit of blood from the corner of her mouth. They giggled some more.

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