Blood, Sweat, & Fear Ch. 01


"If you ladies have any pants or shorts, you need to get into them, boots or walking shoes too." Martin said it on a quick trip into the cabin. While he and Miles worked on getting our supplies together, I quickly removed the dress and the spandex body suit. I immediately gained fifteen pounds, but I was also cooler by five degrees at least. I slipped into a pair of mid thigh length shorts. They weren't tight but they did fit me well. Without the body suit, I had a bit of a tummy but the loose overhanging blouse hid most of it. My breasts grew an inch or so and the blouse did nothing to hide that.

I was at the time almost thirty-eight years old so I did nothing to hide my expectations of slowing everyone down. What I did plan to do, was to make sure the others did not leave me behind. I didn't care what it took, I planned to survive. It was a conscious decision on my part even before I began to walk.

"Where are we going?" the blonde asked. I was surprised by the way she looked. I shouldn't have been, she was younger and she was also in a lot better shape no doubt. The first few minutes of hiking she had enough spare breath to ask it. I was already winded.

"We are going to start walking until we find a stream, then we are going to follow it. People need water. In this country, like any other, there will be a village on the stream. What we have to do is try to avoid any soldiers we meet along the way.

I was hot and sweaty almost instantly. My knit blouse was one of those designer knock offs and it did not fare well in the heat. It changed colors and shapes as it soaked with my sweat. My breasts hurt from the braless walking. I would have worn a bra but I knew it would only make me miserable. I had done enough gardening to know that heavy sweating and bras make terrible bedfellows.

We seemed to have been walking for hours but I knew from the position of the sun that it hadn't been long at all. During that first break the blonde began to complain about her bag being too heavy. She was obviously hoping someone would carry it for her. The men were carrying twice two bags each along with a rifle each. Miles was staggering at times from his load. Martin seemed to handle his well enough but neither offered her any assistance.

I could have carried more, but she was definitely looking for a man to carry her load. It was typical of her type, I thought. Then I realized that I knew nothing of her type. I decided to save my judgement until I saw her in action. I had a feeling it wouldn't be long.

I have no idea how much distance we put between us and the plane before Martin called for a break. The break was due to a rumbling and slight tremor in the jungle's floor. Even though we looked back there was nothing to see. I knew what it was just as well as Martin did. The others didn't seem to notice.

When Martin decided to call it a day, I was as grateful as the blonde. Martin had been rationing the water all day. We hadn't found a stream. I expected that was the reason. We didn't dare build a fire so it looked as though the night was going to be miserable.

I had heart of MREs or meals ready to eat, but had never seen one. The plastic pouch, Martin explained, had replaced the cardboard box filled with cans. Inside the bag were other bags. I got the one with spaghetti. It was cold and tasted more like the bag than food. I forced it down anyway. After the cold food all I wanted was a hamburger. I smiled at the thought.

The blonde moved over to sit by Martin. He looked to be in the best shape after the hike. I couldn't blame her. Odds were that if any of us survived, it would be Martin. Even with her sweat soaked body, and ratty hair, she looked much better than me. The two of them whispered a bit before they walked off down the trail together.

I waited a few minutes, five probably, then followed. Miles gave me a curious look, but I didn't explain. If it turned into a competition between me and blondie, I wanted to know what I had to do to survive. If my survival depended on Martin, I intended to know exactly where I stood.

I turned a corner in the trail just as she removed his rather average cock from his pants. She smiled up at him as she dropped to her knees. She licked his cock starting at his sweaty balls and ending at the almost blood red head. She licked with wide tongue strokes like a dog might lick a bone. She looked not at all disgusted. She looked as though she were enjoying every touch of his cock to her tongue. She was either a real slut or a great actress.

I watched as she rubbed the head of his cock over her lips. When she finally stopped, her lips glistened with his dripping cum. She slipped him into her mouth. Instantly her cheeks sucked inward. She was working Martin's cock hard in her mouth. She was doing it in a manner that showed she wasn't just doing it to get him off. The slut was enjoying it even in her present situation. If she didn't, she was a great actress. I wondered, if and when the time came, could I be that good an actress.

Martin moaned quietly as he obviously came in her mouth. She couldn't hold it all. Some of his cum dripped down her chin.

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