BloodBorne Ch. 11


Sherlaine laughed as he approached Xan. Food seemed to be a restorative to her, but he did not like the look of that knife in her hand when he entered the room. The contemplation was clear on her face; from what he knew about her, she wouldn't hesitate to take her own life. He could not allow that to happen. "I'll be taking that knife from you." He raised a brow when she hastily tossed it on the ground some feet away. "That wasn't polite, now was it?"

Xan said nothing as she balled her wounded hand in a fist and hitched it on her hip. "What are you doing back here?"

"I thought we would discuss our arrangement."

"Yes, like I have an actual say in what happens."

"Yet I only brought you here when you agreed to come."

"Bull-fucking-shit." She advanced on him, mindful to keep her wounded hand on her hip. "I never had a choice, not when you consistently threw blackmail in my face."

"I suppose you have a point."

"You suppose..." Xan shook her head furiously as she walked around the demon that seriously asked for her to give him a sound kick to the shins. "Fucking asshole."

"Watch your language."

"You watch your language." She paced the length of the room, muttering in Spanish as she glared at him. The interested quirk of his eyebrow inflamed her temper. On a curse, she threw her hands akimbo. "What is it you want then?"

"Once I start the ritual..." Sherlaine stopped when a small wave of energy began to swirl throughout the room. The energy grew in intensity until the room began to shudder around them. He looked over at Xan, at the horrified look in her eyes as her gaze traveled from her bloody hand to the spot of blood on the floor. As he looked at the spot, it began to darken; the darkness spread and lifted, opening a small round portal that hovered just a few feet over the floor. A distant, sharp sound came from inside the portal and grew louder as the opening widened. He smiled, anticipating the entrance of a fierce being shooting into the room.

Xan watched in horror as the portal continued to grow. It became the size of a door length mirror, stretching and increasing the volume of the noise that came from it. A familiar tumbling noise accompanied the screech-like sound; something or someone was falling. She was tempted to hide behind Sherlaine; whatever it was sounded as if it was badass enough to take the demon down. Her problems could be solved.

The newcomer flew out of the opening in a tumble of white cloth and black-brown hair. It was a small bundle of a being, and at the first look of the small foot that protruded from beneath the white covering, Xan felt dread. The dread only intensified when a tiny hand pulled the cloth away, revealing the stunned brown eyes of the last person Xan wanted to see.

Sherlaine began to laugh quietly, amazed at the gift he'd been given. It wasn't a boon that would aid him in his work, but as he watched the tiny figure suck on a delicate index finger, he knew that his plans would be interrupted no more. He had the means to destroy everything that stood in his way.

"Come to me, Xion," Xan whispered. She was sure a heart attack was imminent; her chest constricted painfully and her heart rate was dangerously high. She watched her sister disentangle herself from the blankets that covered her before she walked forward to take hold of her hand. "What are you doing here, kid?"

"You brought her here, Xandra," Sherlaine answered. He crossed his arms in front of himself as he regarded to the sisters in front of him. "This removes the need for a test run, thus, saving us some time." He smiled as Xan glared at him and glanced at the tiny figure that stared up at him in amazement. "Something tells me that things are about to get really interesting."


Another "boring" chapter? Some would say so. I say there is a method to my maddness.

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I hate this!

The very best authors always do this! Start a great story, get us hooked and then leave us hanging!

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Please come back & finish this series
I need to know what is going to happen

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