tagNonHumanBloodstone Ch. 2

Bloodstone Ch. 2


Chapter 2: Today Is Only Yesterday's Tomorrow

My name is Eric; I am a 35-year-old physician. I have, until recently been a rational man, believing only in facts, science and test results. Fantasy, speculation, superstitions and the occult have never been apart of my beliefs…that is until now. I recently discovered that the tales of vampires draining the life out of helpless victims, the stuff of books and movies, are indeed true. No Anne Rice Novel, no Bram Stoker legends prepared me for the events that have changed my views of life and death.

Evanna, her image still haunted me. Day and night I see her face her body, the emerald green eyes piercing my very soul. I could not sleep. I could not eat. While at work I treated dozens of people in a small community emergency room, only to find my mind wandering to that day when fate destined me to meet the woman whose beauty I have never had seen before, nor have seen since. Had I done her tortured soul justice? Did I indeed free her from her earthly eternal bonds? Or did I imprison myself, to wallow in a sea of self-pity?

I was just winding up my shift at the ER, the graveyard shift of course, when I saw out of the corner of my eye a gurney sitting in the trauma bay, with a covered body lying lifeless. I thought it odd since no major traumas had been treated tonight. I quickly walked over wanting to see for myself, what an unannounced arrival was doing here. As I drew closer I saw blood at the region of the sternum oozing thru the white sheet, and heard a faint gasping. The body was covered head to toe, as if the poor soul had been pronounced dead and left.

I quickly called out to the person under the sheet and at the same time withdrew the bloodstained covering. As I gazed upon the body I felt a coldness overtake my body. A sharp pain filled my chest as if I were the one with the wound. I gazed in total horror, stunned, as the words that haunted me for over a year rang clearly in my ears. "Eric, are you willing?" It was her, Evanna. Her blood soaked body lie on the gurney, a hole just below her breastbone pumping bright red blood, the wound that I made, that released her soul, or so I thought.

"No, fuck no, this isn't happening again!" I clenched my eyes and covered them with my hands refusing to believe what lie before me. I finally after a few moments opened my eyes only to find the gurney vacant as it had been all night. I let out a sigh, a whimper that only a child could manage to exhale. I straightened myself and composed myself quickly before someone saw me. "Eric, are you willing once more?" I turned and there she stood, Evanna, eyes cold, dull and blood red, fangs protruding from her mouth. She walked toward me. I backed up until I found myself against the wall. She reached out her hand toward me as if to plead and beg help. The hole from the steak of bone that I thrust into her she held covered as blood permeated from between her fingers. "Eric, please help me." I reached my hand out toward her and grasped her hand. The memories of her flesh filled my mind. Our bodies mingling intertwining as one, the ecstasy we shared if only briefly would last any man a lifetime.

"Eric, what the hell are you doing?" The words broke my mind for a second, and she was gone. Instead, before me stood Jerry, the dayshift doc had arrived. "You look like shit Eric, like ya seen a ghost, go home get some rest." I nodded in agreement and walked out of the trauma bay. I glanced back for one more look. Nothing. No sign she had ever even been here, no blood stained linen, nothing, except Jerry looking at me, shaking his head like I needed a psych consult.

Upon my arrival home, I collapsed into my recliner with the thought of her on my mind. I had thought it to be over, a thing of the past. The scar on my neck was still there as a reminder, I would never forget. Why today? Why today? Why… I finally succumbed to fatigue and drifted to sleep.

The blissful rest I welcomed would not last. Visions of Evanna's face the moment the bone impacted her, a look of contentment and sheer horror both mingled her facial features. Dreams gave way to nightmares and with a sudden gasp I sat straight up drenched in sweat. I went to my bedroom and in a small cedar jewelry chest I found the amulet she wore. It was over two hundred years old and yet looked as if it were just crafted. I held it in my hand and felt the warmth that it exuded. I examined it closer, to reveal a small seam down the side. I had never noticed it before today. I gently attempted to unseal this amulet, opening it into two halves. It was not just an amulet, but also a locket. On the inner portion two names appeared: Evanna and Eric. The other side a date appeared to be inscribed as well :Oct 30, 1802. Shit that was it! Today was October 29th; tomorrow would be the anniversary of her death, two centuries ago and a year from the day I also ended her life of eternal torture. Her appearance this day now made some sense, but the date in the locket?

My head and chest were pounding, I felt nauseated and lightheaded as if death itself were descending upon me. "Are you willing?" The voice was all too familiar. I turned and there she stood as I remembered her. No blood, no horror, only the beauty that no man could resist. "Hello, I wondered if you would appear again?" She smiled delicately and took my hand in hers. "Eric you knew that I would." I only nodded and tried to smile back. Was she real or only an image, a shade come to torment me? I wanted answers. I wanted her. I wanted this to be real forever.

I took and kissed her hand tenderly and in one motion placed the locket into her hand and closed it tightly around it. She looked at me then opened her hand. She took the locket and closed it and placed it around her neck. She looked to me with a tear in her eye, as I drew her close to me. I felt her heart beating with mine. She was warm the scent that she emitted was honeysuckle as I had remembered from before. I looked deep into here green eyes, and fanned her cheek with my hand. Our lips touched. She let out a deep sigh as our touch transformed into one body melding together. She gently pushed me away, and began to unbutton her dress. It was one piece made of lace and satin, the color of ivory. Underneath a white corset, which pushed her breasts together ever so gently. The amulet she now wore seemed to glow against her skin. She placed her hand upon my chest and looked curiously at the scrubs I wore. Lifting up and over my head she removed the top, and began to kiss my chest. I let out a deep groan. I placed both hands upon her head and caressed her hair. Long blonde locks filled my hands as she began her trek from my chest downward.

She reached my groin. My cock was fully erect with anticipation. She pulled the drawstring and the scrub bottoms fell to the floor. She grasped my cock into her had and swirled her tongue around the head. With a pumping action she stroked the shaft as she took me into her mouth and sucked gently at first, then more intensely. I felt a wave of ecstasy rush through my body. I felt as if I wouldn't even last but a moment and she knew it. Just as I felt an orgasm approach she stopped, and flicked the head of my cock with her tongue. I let out a half sigh, half laugh.

I looked down at her. She smiled. Gone were the looks of torrid passion from a year ago, the cold red eyes that once were, sparkled with life. I raised her up and kissed her passionately, our tongues mingled and danced together. I kissed the tops of her breasts, still held in place by her corset. And began to lower myself in front of her. She knew what would be and pushed my face eagerly into her mound. I placed my mouth full upon her pussy, darting my tongue into her. Her scent filled me as I began to suck gently on her swelling clit. Soft moans parted her lips as I began to slowly flick. I could feel her wetness increase as her hips moved in a slow circular motion, then lightly back and forth against my mouth. Her hands came to rest on top of my head as she ran her fingers through my hair.

I grasped her ass cheeks and pulled her toward me. Her moans grew more rhythmic, from intermittent to steady as her hips rocked into my face. I could feel her wetness grow with each thrust. Her swollen pussy began to spasm. I buried my face into her as she began to cum. Her moans slowly subsided until all that was audible were panting sighs of fulfillment. Her hands continued to caress my hair as I rose to meet her. No longer the controlling creature of the night, now she was an equal, capable of dominance and surrender. I held her close as we embraced. My cock came to rub against her she reached down and gently stroked it along her clit. With a mischievous look upon her face she guided me into her.

She locked her hands around my neck and interlocked her legs around my waist. I stood supporting her as she moved her hips back and forth taking the full length of my cock deep into her. I felt the tightness of her envelope me, her motion growing in intensity as passionate sighs pierced the air around us. I thrust gently into her, cherishing each pass of my cock into her wet hole. The many nights I had dreamed of her, wanting her to be with me, made each moment exquisite. I felt the pressure build within me. I pushed her against the wall cupping my hands under her ass she firmly grasped my face and looked me in the eyes her moans now building in speed and intensity. "NOW, PLEASE NOW ERIC!" It was all I could bear. I began to cum into her. Pulsating streaks of cum lunged deep within her. Our moans became wails of utter ecstasy, as I pushed deep within her.

The last moments faded leaving us in each other's arms. We found our way to the bed. We held each other close without saying a word, as if anything spoken might end this moment that I wanted to go on without end. She was first to break the silence…. with her words I knew that our rendezvous was no accident, there was a purpose for her presence. She returned in mortal form, from a time long gone. As eyes pierced mine, she began to tell me of a time long passed, the life that she had been deprived of at a tender young age.

To be continued...

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