tagNonHumanBloodstone Ch. 3

Bloodstone Ch. 3


Evanna lie in my arms, as I held her close, never wanting to let her go. Her hands caressed my chest as I ran my hair through her long blonde locks. She let out a long deep sigh, and rolled to look into my eyes. "Eric, for 200 years I was in a living hell. I could not die, I could not live. You released me from that torture. The day I died, the day I became an unholy creature, was the day I was to be married. The man's name I was to marry was also Eric. Eric LaFayette. " Her eyes moved from my gaze turning downward. "Please remember Eric. "

"Remember?" I didn't understand what she was trying to say. "Remember what Evanna?" Her eyes filled with tears, as if I had betrayed her.

"You... you don't remember us?" Our love, the life we had together?"

I suddenly became well aware of what she was implying... I was he... Eric Lafayette. We had the same names and no, I understood all to well the implications. Through the years we somehow managed to find each other again. I shook my head in disbelief. I didn't believe it. I inched uncomfortably upward in bed, reflexively pulling myself away from her. She seemed to sense this. As if I wanted no more part of this. "I... I... " those were the only words that came form my mouth. I searched for something to say, but nothing appeared, just me with my mouth open looking at her.

"You don't have say anything Eric, you just did and didn't even realize it. You couldn't bare to be with me then, and you have lost all memory of me now. " She slowly moved from the bed and removed the locket... the amulet. She handed it to me and pressed it firmly into my hand. "Eric perhaps in time you will come to remember what was, and what could have been... but until then we can never be. Look for me to never to see you again in this timeline... what could have been... what could have been... " her voice slowly faded as did her image. I wanted to grab onto her, hold her and keep her with me forever, but the opportunity slipped away before my eyes, perhaps as it did so many years ago. I reached for her, but it was to late, she was gone. I placed my head into my hands. I felt as if my world was falling apart. I began to sob uncontrollably. At the height of my grief I bellowed "NO" at the top of my voice.

I sat straight up. No bedroom, no tears, I was sitting in the chair I had fallen asleep in earlier on. I was somewhat relieved. It had been a bad dream, well most of it had been. As those thoughts ran through my head, I noticed something in my hand, clenched as if it were not meant to be lost. I opened my hand and within it was the amulet. I stared at it briefly in disbelief... her last words "what could have been" echoed through my mind.

Driving thru the Virginia countryside in the fall was what I needed. Where I was driving to, on the other hand did not compliment the day. The sky was sapphire blue, the air was cool and delicious to breath. It was October 30th, the day of her death. I found my way down the winding back roads to the cemetery where she was buried. As I walked up to the stone where she was buried, I felt an uneasiness overcome me. I knelt by the stone and placed a single red rose at its foot. I traced her name with my finger, hoping she would appear, but knowing she wouldn't. I found an oak tree just up from where she was buried and sat. The day began to fade the hours waning to twilight. I produced the amulet from my pocket and walked to her stone. A tear trickled from down my cheek. I wanted so badly to remember... if it were even possible... the life we had... the life we could have had. I softly whispered one word "goodbye. "

From behind me I heard laughter and a clapping sound as if I were being applauded. I turned to find a man standing where I had been sitting. I looked at him wondering who the fuck this sick bastard was.

"Oh bravo monsieur, how touching, and the rose was a very thoughtful!" He began to walk toward me. He had a modern dress, black head to toe, with a long black leather duster. His hair was jet black pulled neatly into a ponytail that ran the length of his back. Finally he stood before me. In the fading sunlight I could see his eyes. He had the same coal brown eyes that she did a year ago. He continued with an evil laugh.

"How sad. The tragedy, the drama, the passion!" He strolled around me in a circle. I froze, I didn't move I felt his hand brush the collar of my shirt, and pull it back revealing the scar that she had delivered. "Oh my. Nasty little bite that the cunt gave you now isn't it, but I guess it could have been worse... hmm.. More like a passionate nibble methinks. " I spun around, looking him dead in the eyes. He grinned a wicked smile that revealed two fangs slipping past his lips.

"Who the fuck are you?" I demanded. He looked at me as if I should know him.

"Well now Eric, that is your name still... isn't it. You are much more... feisty than you were so many years ago. " He began his circular walk around me. I was paralyzed with fear. "She didn't mention me to you did she? How typical. You give a person immortality, and this is how they repay you. " He again stood in front of me. Peering into my eyes he could see and taste my fear, but also knew I had not a clue what he spoke of.

"You have no idea of what happened do you. "

I swallowed hard. "Evanna said the same thing, but... I don't remember anything. Before last year I never knew who she was. Now she seems to think I am her lost love. " My voice trembled as I managed to complete my thought.

"You fucked her, you killed her... my creation. " His voice was full of anger. "And you have the audacity to say you don't remember. Such a little fool you are, as you were then. " He again paced around to my back. He stopped and in my ear began to speak again. "My name dear sir is Vlad, Dracul, Dracul and Nosferatu. But in the time when we last met people had not come to have so many fancy names... so I will bore you not, call me as you wish. " As he began to speak my mind was flooded with images, of days long passed. I saw Evanna, her beauty had not changed. I saw myself. I looked somewhat different , my hair longer, my clothes different, but it was I. We were sitting in the parlor of her home. We seemed to be engaged in conversation. I could hear no words, but I could tell the words were heated... a lover's quarrel.

"You see there Eric it wasn't all love and happiness, you wanted to postpone the wedding, you tried to come up with pathetic excuses as to why, but the more you tried the more angry you became. Finally you left in a fit of sheer stubbornness. I had been watching her for some time, and at your departure I decided to make my presence known. She was rather easy to seduce. Who knows had you not left I might have sought out other prey. But alas she was emotionally distraught. That makes for a rather easy target, don't you think. "

What I next saw was this thing, this bastard, and Evanna.. they were together. I remembered her soft moans of passion echoing his by his every thrust into her. Her enjoyment of his penetration was evident. At the height of passion he peered into her eyes and asked "was she willing?" The words echoed through my mind. The same words. I closed my eyes tightly trying to make the image disappear. Then I heard the answer the reply that condemned her soul to dark eternity. "Yes. " I opened my eyes to see him suck the life from her. Blood drenched the sheets her throat had been torn so horribly that her pseudo death was instantaneous.

I now remembered everything. How I returned later that night only to find her body soaked in blood, lifeless and cold. My mind filled with guilt that I experienced so long ago. I never forgave myself. I blamed myself for her death, although who had done this remained unknown for the brief remainder of that lifeline. Now I remembered. Now I knew the method of her death and the thing that caused it. The two centuries of hell she endured trying to reclaim the love we once had with unsuspecting victims, never to find love.

The trance like state began to fade. I looked around to reclaim my orientation. I was back in the cemetery. The dark image of the vampire emerged from the tree. I heard that heinous laugh fill what was left of the night sky. He approached me and looked into my eyes. His had grown blood red. "Well then, little man, what do you think now of your precious little one?" He snickered. " I haven't decided what I am going to do with you. Should I destroy you outright, or should I create a new fledgling and allow you to lament your decision, for all eternity?"

I felt a rage grow within me that I have never felt before. I was blind with anger. He stole her life and in doing so stole mine. I reached for him with both hands trying to grasp his throat. His reaction was one of surprise and amusement. He countered by picking me up with one hand and throwing me effortlessly threw the air. I landed the windshield of my car, shattering it into a spider's web of broken glass. As I rolled off I realized my arm had been broken. I managed to open the door and start the engine. As I looked up he had vanished. My arm throbbed. It was almost dawn. I knew where he was, the house. I drove the short distance from the cemetery to the house that Evanna once inhabited. I pulled myself from the car and entered the remnants of the house. This time it was not unfamiliar. I found a sharp piece of wood and headed for the basement. The sun was in full view. Day light had arrived. As I descended the basement where I had once ended Evanna's , torment I saw a coffin. I braced myself for what had to be done. I flung coffin door open, there he lay. His body warped twisted and disfigured. I took the shank of wood, and with my good arm thrust it into this evil creature with the remaining energy I had. I did not let go. I pushed it into him until I felt it exit his body.

He let out a wail of pure evil. Black thick blood gushed from his chest. His eyes opened, then a gasp, and his body went limp. There was a loud cry from above as if hundreds of tormented souls cried out in joy at being released, from hell. A sudden wind knocked me backwards, as the coffin burst into flames, consuming its dead host for all eternity. I watched as the last remnants of the coffin smolder and vanish.

That was five years ago. I have since purchased the land and home where Evanna and I once had lived. I have restored the house to its former grandeur. I must admit that it does seem a bit lonely. Such a magnificent home for only one man. I have managed to hold Oct, 30th in my heart. This year would be no different. Unfortunately a storm prevented me from visiting Evanna's grave. I would go tomorrow, on All Hallows Eve. So for tonight I decided to sit in front of the fire and enjoy a glass of wine, when I heard the doorbell chime. I answered and a young lady in long raincoat and umbrella stood before me. Her face obscured as she tried to close it.

"Do you have vacancy here tonight?"

"Um miss this isn't a bed and breakfast. I am sorry"

A light feminine laugh arose as the umbrella closed. "not even for a friend. "

There she stood. Alive. Evanna!. I embraced her. We held each other tightly. Her lips pressed into mine. Her scent was as I remembered. I was dumbfounded. How could this be. "Are you real?"

"Are you willing Eric?"

I simple answer parted my lips as I no longer tried to figure out any more mysteries, and perhaps enjoy a second chance that we never had so long ago. "Yes. "

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