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Bloody Mary


"Just do it already!" Sarah sighed in exasperation. "It's just two little words."

"Yeah right, smart ass. Two little words I have to say three times!"

Cindy rolled her eyes and slapped my bottom. "Just do it already, Michelle."

You see, some of my friends and I were invited to a Halloween party but, as all 19 year old College girls must do, I invited my girlfriends over for a pre-halloween sleep over. Ok, and maybe I wasn't the bravest person in the world. But can you blame me? For as long as I can remember, creepy things seemed to find their way to me. Footsteps behind me in a dark hallway, something breathing on my neck while I try and sleep...it's always centered on me. If it's scary, you can bet your ass it's happened to me.

And now it's the eve of Halloween and I'm being asked-no, forced- into standing before my bathroom mirror with the lights off. Perfect. And I was being shoved into saying 'Bloody Mary'. Shudder.

But I stood up straighter, tossed my long blonde hair over my shoulder, pushed my 34D breasts out and took a deep breath. "Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary."




Breathe out. Nothing happened. I'm alright.

High pitched giggling broke through my terrified haze. "You should see your face!" Sarah shrieked as she flipped the light back on. My two blue eyes stared back at me through the mirror and I could see what she would find so funny. I looked like Casper-the-not-so-Friendly-Ghost had just felt me up. It was pretty funny looking.

Cindy laughed too and slid out the room and fell onto her mattress. "I'm going to sleep now, bitches," she said, closing her eyes and stretching.

Sarah and I agreed. I got into my bed and tried to relax my tense muscles, but I was too worked up. How was I just supposed to fall asleep after all that? After tossing and turning for a few hours I finally gave up. Sleep wasn't going to happen. I kept feeling my hair being tugged and something touching my leg. Maybe it was all in my imagination, but after all my experiences in the past, I couldn't be sure.

I got out of bed, tiptoed my way around my friends, and padded my way down to the kitchen. After downing a glass of milk, I staggered back up the stairs, stubbed my toe, and cursed loudly.

Just before climbing back in bed, I heard a noise in the bathroom. Cindy and Sarah were still fast asleep, so my heart started pounding and sweat broke out over my skin, making my silk night-dress cling to my body.

Making my way towards the bathroom, I took a deep breath in anticipation of what I might find. Inching into the bathroom, I stopped dead.

There was nothing there.

I could still hear the noise, like nails tapping on glass, but I could see nothing. As I turned back to get back in bed, I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder.

I froze. The hand started guiding me backwards and I glanced back quickly. A pale arm had stretched out of the mirror and it was pulling me towards the mirror. But then my heart stopped. It wasn't just a hand. Inside the mirror stood a girl with limp black hair and white, lifeless eyes. A thin night-dress covered her body and I could see dark nipples showing through.

Before I could properly register what was happening, I was sucked into the mirror. It was like being frozen solid and then suddenly thawed again. I landed flat on my back and gasped in shock, but before any motor functions could properly return, I felt hands all over my body, ripping my dress apart.

The air over my body made my nipples hard and cooled my hot pussy. Sleeping without panties always made me feel good. If I was 'in the mood' it would be as simple as sliding my hands under my dress and bobs your uncle. Now it just made me feel vulnerable.

I looked up and found myself in an exact mirror image of my bathroom. I could still feel the hands on my body, but I couldn't actually see the hands. Soft fingers grazed over my nipples, rubbing over them gently before squeezing them deftly. I could see my nipples indenting and pulling, but I still couldn't see who was doing it. My guess was the girl from the mirror.

I could feel my pussy getting even wetter and I whispered softly: "show yourself."

Almost immediately, the girl appeared above me. Her hands were placed on my breasts and a hungry look was in her eyes. Ok, I know this is going to sound strange. I'm a total scaredy cat and nearly pissed myself when I heard the noises, but now that I had this supernatural being groping me inside my mirror, I was pretty turned on.

I slid my hands up her body and ripped her dress off too. A look of shock passed over her face and I grinned maniacally. Guess she didn't see that coming. Another thing she didn't see coming? I was the dominant type. And I was horny as hell.

I grabbed her shoulders and rolled her over so I was on top and my hands found their way to her breasts. Kneading them in a firm manner, I leaned down and forced my mouth onto hers and started pinching her nipples hard. She cried out against my mouth, but I didn't relent. I slid my knee between her legs and used it to rub up against her sex. Her juices gushed against my leg and I grinned like a crazy person.

Leaning down, I sucked on her nipple one by one, rolling my tongue over and over while my hand made the same movements on her other breast. Squeezing her breast tight, I opened my mouth wide and sucked as much of it in my mouth as I could.

Licking my way down her body, my tongue finally found the sweet nectar it was looking for. Flicking my tongue over her clit, I grabbed her ass and started rubbing and massaging it while she squirmed beneath me. Saliva and pussy juice slid down between her ass cheeks and I took my moment to slide my thumb inside her ass quickly. Her back arched, pushing her pussy harder against my mouth and I growled in appreciation, sliding my thumb in and out.

I could feel that her body was beginning to tense and I grinned as I started to spell my name on her pussy with my tongue.

I made it to the second L when her body shuddered violently and she shrieked. I took that as my cue and shoved my tongue into her pussy at the same time that I buried my thumb in her ass. Both her ass and her pussy clenched on the intruders and I shivered in my own arousal. Once she was finished orgasming, I retreated, but didn't let her get up. When she had recovered completely, I crouched over her face with my pussy directly over her mouth. "Lick me," I ordered and nearly came right then and there when a long, serpentine like tongue slithered out her mouth and flicked onto my pussy like a whip.

I twitched in pleasure and grabbed her legs behind the knees, pulling her ass up. Holding her legs on either side of my body while she licks me, I leaned forward and licked her from her clit straight to her ass, then pushed my tongue straight into that tight hole. Her body tensed and I felt another smaller orgasm rack her body. I dropped her legs and ass and it landed with a soft thud.

I looked down and watched as she retracted her tongue slightly, pressed it against my clit, and let it run down my pussy. The tip slid into my hole and I shivered in delight as her long tongue kept coming, running against my clit and into my hole. I gripped her raised knees in surprise as her tongue just kept growing longer. It fed over my clit, into my hole, curled back out of my hole and into my ass. She wiggled her tongue and I felt the flood gates open as I cum hard, my whole body squirming and twitching as my pussy gushed it's juices all over her tongue. Once my orgasm had passed, I rolled over onto my back next to her.

"Fuck me..." I whispered in disbelief.

She simply nodded.

"Who the fuck are you?" I ask, propping myself up on my elbow.

"You should know," she whispered in a husky voice. "You called me earlier."

I grinned.

Bloody Mary is certainly my new favourite "superstition".

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