tagChain StoriesBlossoming Rose Ch. 08

Blossoming Rose Ch. 08


Monday, June 7

Dear Diary,

I have so much to tell you that I hardly know where to begin. But like Julie Andrews once sang, I’ll start at the very beginning.

After the excitement of New Orleans and the ‘happenings’ there, I kind of retreated into my shell again. Why? Worried about becoming a whore. Worried about enjoying sex too much. Worried that one day, a man would tell me that some other woman’s ass was tighter than mine. Don’t get me wrong. I was very happy to see Star get her comeuppance but the owner’s words still stuck in my brain. I admired Marie but I wasn’t ready to become her.

We tripped across the country to Dallas, where the men are as big as the state. Much to my surprise, Mac’s brother, Alex, turned up for another visit, only this time, he wasn’t here to see Mac. He came to see me. Yes, Diary, you read correctly. He came to see me!

Marie gave me a huge smile when I told her. “You’re like a Lay’s potato chip.” She whispered, “No one can eat you just once.”

Her words brought hot blood rushing to my face, recalling the times that she had done just that. Just remembering her very agile tongue made my thong suddenly dampen. I smiled back at her. “I’ll take a rain check.”

Alex showed up at the club were headlining at, The Dollhouse, and once again, we were faced with the problem of having jealous girls trying to sabotage us. But this time, we paid closer attention to our items and also had an ally named Krystyl on our side. She was the owner’s daughter and she could have been a top performer herself. Her nice-sized breasts with pouty nipples, creamy red-gold hair and lightly freckled skin made my mouth water. And there’s nothing wrong with that, Diary. Being bi-sexual isn’t bad!

“You’re Diana, right?”


“I thought so. Marie described you to a T.” The way she smiled made me wonder what my former roommate had said. “She said you were sweet.”

“She’s too nice.” I said, arising from my duty of checking the costume bags. “Is there something you need?”

“No.” Krystyl gave me a mischievous little smile. “At least not right at this moment but I have something for you.”

“Something for me?”

“Yeah. A tall drink of water, dark amber eyes, built like a brick shithouse … “ I stared at her like she was crazy. “Goes by the name of Alex.”

“Alex? Alex is here?”

“He’s at the front door waiting for you. I didn’t know who he was so I didn’t let him in.”

I left Krystyl at a dead run. Of course, I apologized for her later and she’d only laughed. When I came around the corner, Alex was standing there, a Bud dangling loosely from his hand. His handsome face lit up when he saw me and I threw myself into his arms.

“I guess you missed me.” He swung me around with a laugh.

“Yes, I did.” I wanted to kiss him but suddenly felt as awkward as a teenager around him.

He solved the problem by leaning down and molding his lips to mine. “I’ve been thinking about you a lot. Mac’s been telling me that you’re doing a great job.”

“Mac’s a real sweetheart. She’s pulled my ass out of the fire a few times.”

“Speaking of asses … “ His strong hands wandered south, cupping my butt cheeks and giving them a hard squeeze while he rubbed his hard cock against me. “Any chance of you getting out of here for a few hours?”

“No. I’ve got too much to do.” I licked my lips, thinking about return engagement with his cock. “But I’m free after the show.”


“But I want dinner this time.” I pulled him close, licking his ear. “And I’m going to eat it off of your body.”

I didn’t mistake the shiver that I felt from him nor the change in his dark eyes. “Is that a promise?”

“Most definitely.” I leaned up to give him a kiss this time. “Now, let me get back to work, okay?”

“I’ll see you after the show.”

I couldn’t control my happiness. The other girls, even the bitch, wondered what was going on. Only Marie and Mac know.

Well, the show’s about to begin and I’ve got to get going. See you later!

Tuesday, June 8

It’s almost three in the afternoon and I can’t believe what’s happened. What would you say, Diary, if I told you that Alex is laying on my left side and Mac on my right? You wouldn’t believe me, right? Well, I’m telling the truth. But I bet you want to know how this happened, don’t you?

The show went off without a hitch, which was to put it lightly, a miracle. One of the club’s regular dancers, a piece of spun sugar that went by the name of Destinee, had the nerve to show up wearing a piece of EmberLyn’s clothing. Only then did we discover that she had stolen EmberLyn’s entire costume bag. We managed to recover all of her stuff, except for a dress that she’d given to a friend.

Then, twenty minutes before the show started, Darling Mikki, one of the leading performers, started her monthlies and I ended up having to commandeer Krystyl’s car to get tampons at the store. Tampons and ibuprofen, that is.

Alex showed up as he said he would and sat at a reserved table near the stage, nursing drinks and smiling whenever he caught my eye. My heart raced, of course, but I tried to do my best to keep my mind on the task at hand. It was tough. I kept thinking about Alex’s thick cock pumping deep into my pussy and by the time the first dancer was done, my panties were soaked. I tried to ignore the trickle of juice running down my leg until Marie ran her hand up the inside of my thigh and walked away with a smile, licking her palm.

The bitch descended on Alex like the plague of locusts, trying to take up where she’d been before and Alex, ever the gentleman, endured her presence until I came up, freshly coiffed and ready for a little action.


“Oh, no!” Amber, also known as the bitch, stood up, her eyes flashing. “You’re not going to pull the same crap on me!”

“Sorry to burst your bubble but Diana’s my date and I’ve just been passing time with you while waiting for her.”

Alex’s declaration made my smile even larger and she shrieked in anger, stalking away, but not without throwing me a withering glance. I was happy but I knew I’d have problems with her later. After all, there was another six months to go on this tour.

“So .. “

He faced me, a bright smile on his handsome face. “So, how about that dinner?”

I opted for Chinese. We took the order back to the hotel room and I was happy to find that Mac wasn’t there. I quickly stripped Alex and had him lay on the bed, then opened the containers of sushi and began to set them all over his naked body. Raw salmon on his nipples, cucumber and carrot on his ribs, California-style circling his hard cock. A pink mound of pickled ginger went on his left shoulder and a green lump of wasabi on his right shoulder perched on his right. Grabbing a pair of chopsticks, I looked down at what would probably be the best dinner I’d ever had in my life.

Until Mac opened the door.

The look on her face was priceless. She wasn’t as beautiful as her brother, but she shared his DNA. She stood in the doorway, her eyes riveted on the body of her naked Adonis brother, the raw fish buffet on his delicious body and me standing above him with a pair of chopsticks. I had no idea what to say. Neither did Alex.

“Hungry?” I pasted on a tentative smile and held out a pair of chopsticks.

I was more than surprised when Mac closed the door and took the utensils from my hand. “Famished.”

I poured some soy sauce into a shallow waxed bowl and handed it to her. “Let’s eat.”

And so we ate. I served Alex and fed myself while Mac used the chopsticks mostly around her brother’s rock-hard cock. More than once, I caught her using the sticks to probe his firm meat and the expression on Alex’s face was one of rapture. I had spent so much time on myself that I neglected to think about others, namely Alex and his sister, Mac. Might this be some unknown area of the map?

I took a slice of pickled ginger and carefully balanced it on the purpled head of Alex’s cock and bent down to eat it off, using my tongue to slide into his pee hole. Alex responded with a moan and looked up at me, then to his sister who had placed a stray slice of salmon on the table-like head of his cock. Without a pause, Mac swallowed the fish and the mushroom head of his cock in one movement. Alex moaned again, this time louder, since it was his sister. I grinned at Mac who promptly smothered me in a kiss, her tongue searing me with a combination of natural heat and wasabi.

I didn’t need any more coaxing than that kiss, especially when her hand strayed down to my sopping wet panties and burrowed between wet cotton and humid flesh, sliding into my pussy. I hung onto Mac like a drowning rat, accepting her kiss and her domination. Alex slowly arose, the uneaten chunks of sushi falling onto the bed. Rice was everywhere but we didn’t care. Mac released me and she and I pulled out clothes off as Alex lay back, opening his arms to us.

I let Mac take his mouth and I concentrated on his thick cock, licking it from balls to tip and savoring the sweet taste of his slimy pre-cum. Mac joined me a minute later, swinging her ass towards Alex’s head and both of us moaned against his hard pole as he slid a stiff finger into the depths of our exposed pussies. My lips met Mac’s over Alex’s cock and I shook, my juices jetting out and coating Alex’s finger. Her mouth was so soft, softer than Marie’s, if that was possible and her tongue was as experienced as Marie’s.

Alex gave me a curt smack on the ass, pushing me around so that I could sink down onto his cock while Mac straddled his face, pulling me back into a deep kiss that threatened to make me soak the bed. Alex filled me up, his thick meat pulsing inside my weeping pussy walls and Mac’s tongue filled my mouth, driving me toward an inescapable orgasm that had me screaming Alex’s name into Mac’s warm mouth.

Mac hadn’t cum yet. Her moans and whimpers from Alex’s work on her pussy told a story of being close but she hadn’t reached the peak. Now sliding onto her brother’s cum-greased cock, she reached for the stars, allowing me to take her place over Alex’s exploring tongue. It didn’t take me long before I was cumming again, coating his lips, tongue and throat with juices. Mac came seconds later, her fingers tweaking my nipples and a wide smile on her face.

Alex gently pushed her off and pressed us onto our backs, wanking like a mad man. Thick gobs of his cum shot out onto our bodies and we dutifully rubbed it in, saving a few morsels to taste and share between each other. He gathered us into his arms, alternately giving us kisses and waiting for his cock to reawaken. I reached across his body and touched Mac’s hard nipples, hoping that the night’s festivities weren’t over yet.

They weren’t.

Could I have been any luckier, Diary?

Well, I must go again. Alex has woken up and he’s pushing me up onto my knees, kneeling behind me. God, I want his cock again, but since I feel his breath on my thigh, I think I’m going to get another treat first.

More later!

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