Another story! This one is a sorta reversal of a typical mind control scenario, where the slighted nerd ensnares the stuck up bitch. What happens when it backfires and turns a horny guy into a sissy sextoy? Lewd shit, obviously.


Chloe flicked through the tabs on her laptop's browser, skipping between links and trying to polish up her history paper. This was her first year in University, and she was burning the candle at both ends to keep up with five classes worth of exams, papers, and quizzes in the final days of the semester. This essay on the Inca was going to be 30% of her total mark, so she wanted it to be perfect.

She was supposed to have a partner on this assignment, someone to proofread and suggest changes to her paper while she did the same to his. Unfortunately, they'd just had a falling out. Jim Liao was the loner in their class. Never openly belligerent, he had a bad habit of not taking anyone's feelings into consideration when he entered into arguments in the discussion group, often coming off like a smug jerk. He'd been left out of the pairings, and she felt kinda bad for him. So she asked if he wanted to team up with her, he lit up like a Christmas tree and said yes.

It started off fine! They'd kept it cordial, sending feedback back and forth. When he transitioned to more friendly banter, she'd been down for it. She was an outgoing sort, and was almost proud of getting him to come out of his shell. And Jim wasn't dumb. Far from it! He had some really neat insights when it came to the subject matter, having a passing interest in the subject before they started talking which helped her a lot in the early phases of writing her paper.

Then it all fell apart. He started directing the conversation to more personal issues, which she wasn't too keen on. And when she pushed back on it, he didn't take the hint. He started getting closer to her in the library and in class, making excuses to touch her hand or brush past her shoulder. She'd seen the signs before, and Chloe did everything humanly possible to tell him she wasn't interested.

It was only when he suggested they go back to his place for some 'hard cramming' for an English exam that she flipped out. She told him, in the middle of the first year cafeteria, that she didn't want anything to do with him. That he was a creepy little idiot that she only started talking to out of pity. The moment the acidic words left her lips, her heart sank. That was a very cruel thing to say. worked. He left her alone. It meant that she didn't have his help on the last stage of the paper, but if it meant she didn't have to deal with Jim's clumsy attempts at flirting, she would somehow survive.

Her email client pinged. Mousing over to check it, she saw that she'd gotten a new message from...Jim. The title of the message was "I am sorry" though. She sighed. On some level, she could understand where he was coming from. She'd expressed interest in him that no one else, no one female at least, had. But on the other hand, he had fallen for the classic blunder of the male psyche: mistaking casual interest and general human decency for romantic attraction. That and not taking the damn hint that she wasn't interested the first two dozen times he'd inferred his crush.

She opened the message. Immediately, her computer screen went red. A klaxon played over her speakers as her computer security program took complete hold of her laptop.


Chloe's heart leapt into her throat. What the hell was in that email? A Mindworm? She'd heard stories about Mindworm programs: files you could send to other people to place them into a hypnotic trance to give them programming, but she'd never in a million years expected to receive one! She thanked her lucky stars that she'd sprung for the premium anti-Mindworm suite on her new computer. Had it hit her old desktop, she'd be a goner for sure!

As the security program quarantined and disassembled the virus, she fumed. Jim had tried to jack with her mind? She could have him kicked out for this! Universities didn't take Mindworms lightly. But as the hate burned in her body, she got a much more malevolent idea. She looked through the program to see what it would have made her do.

"Level 5 Obedience, Muscle Weakness, and an...Enhanced Sexuality Package. Great. What a fuckin' charmer." Rage built up in her mind as she pictured his smug face lit with monitor light, emailing off this worm to her and trying to make her into some kind of sex slave. Fuck him! The idea for her revenge stewed inside her, and gradually thoughts of alerting the campus authorities faded away. She'd return the favour!

Buying her own version of the worm wasn't too difficult. They'd become a bit of a fad as of late, with the cracking of the so-called 'consciousness code' in the human brain that let visual images and sounds finally get past the brain's internal defences and hijack the mind itself. Within six months of the initial research, it was available in dark web markets. Fully customizable, she could have a program tailor-made within 24 hours...with the right funds. And lucky for her, she'd had some birthday money saved up for a new phone. Instead, she'd be using it to get sweet, sweet revenge on a little shit named Jim Liao.


Jim watched the minutes drag by on the clock in the bottom right corner of his screen. It had been over three hours since he'd sent his email. He'd done it during the hours that he knew Chloe liked working at too. She should be at her computer, and she should have opened it by now. Once the programming was complete, she should have sent an email back saying she'd received the message and would be waiting for him. What was taking her so long to respond?

He spun around in his computer chair, sighing. There was a tension in his gut after sending the Mindworm. He could get his life ruined if it didn't work out. But then again...what was the point of living if he was still a virgin? All his attempts to find a girlfriend this year had come up empty. There were so many guys around him who were stronger, or taller, or more fit. He didn't take to working out. The most he could do was some track and field in high school, but he'd never be some superstar jock that was just drowning in pussy. He was a nerd, and most of the time he was fine with that. But it wasn't getting him laid.

Reams of mind control and dubcon porn on his computer had paved the way for this moment. He would have her to himself. He wasn't greedy! All he wanted was a few days of sex and companionship from Chloe. Afterward, he'd make her forget about the whole thing, and she could go back to being a stuck up bitch. His crush on her had been all-consuming. Her perfect blonde hair, eyes like sapphires, and so utterly confident in whatever she did. He didn't even mind that she was an inch taller than him! She was perfect. The kind of girlfriend he'd want to bring home to his parents and show off the fact that he wasn't some shut-in loser anymore.

But it had all come crashing down. He tried feeling her out for how she'd react to a proposal, but it was like talking to a brick wall sometimes. She wasn't dumb, but it was like she was purposefully ignoring his attempts. Finally, he had to get more overt with his interest, and like a steel trap, she slammed shut around him. He'd publicly stabbed his heart in front of a hundred people. The chilled silence she'd left as she stormed out of the cafeteria had been like nails on a chalkboard to him. Dozens of people got to see his rejection. He had no doubt it was uploaded online somewhere. 'Loser Gets Cucked in Caf', no doubt. 400,000 views, all of them saying what a failure of a person he is.

But no. This was the last straw. He was going to have her as his girlfriend, at least for a little while. She owed him anyways. He'd written like half of her paper for her!

Finally, the reply came in. The title wasn't quite right. It should have been 'Programming Complete' rather than 'Programming Successful', but that might have something to do with the variations in how a mind interprets instructions. The seller of the Mindworm had told him there might be something like that. But so long as he got a fully obedient sexpet, who cared? He opened up the email.

It looked strange at first. The words in the email twisted when he looked at them. He rubbed his eyes, thinking that it was just fatigue. But they were swirling on the screen now. Swirling and flashing. Swirling and flashing and forming patterns and...and...

"Hello Jim."

He recognised that voice. He tried to look around to find the source, but his eyes were glued to the screen. He whimpered. He pushed his hands against his chin to try and turn his head, but all the strength had gone from his limbs, leaving him a helpless puppet.

"By now you're figuring out that I've sent a Mindworm in response to yours. Surprise! Turns out I'm not as dumb as you thought. If you're under my control, then you're going to post an innocuous 'can we meet to discuss our project?' message in the History Class Groupchat. Then, you're going to let me into your room." The voice in the email when quiet for a moment, then added, "And you're going to answer the door without anything on. Totally naked, okay? Not a stitch of clothing.

The voice left him there, soaking in the programming. It felt like his mind had turned to moist clay, getting reshaped, smushed, and reshaped again until it took the perfect, vulnerable state. Obedience was instilled into his very essence. Obedience to the owner of the voice.

He got the call on his phone, which was the trigger to snap him out of the programming cycle. It was now running the Mindvirus internally, leaving him aware but unable to disobey. He stood up and stripped down. His underwear took the longest to pull down, but after some squirming of resistance, it dropped to the ground as well. He kicked the clothes into a heap at the side of his bed and waited.

The knock made him leap to his feet. He opened the door, forgetting he was completely naked. When Chloe's eyes drifted southward to his exposed cock, Jim let out a pathetic mewl. He looked utterly helpless without a scrap of clothing on. Definitely on the cute side of things naturally, he must have had a complex about how short he was compared to other guys. He was also hairless from the eyebrows down, which Chloe definitely appreciated in a small guy like this. Less work for her, at least.

"Well how do you do? May I come in?" she asked. Chloe was wearing an example of her typical school day clothes: blouse and lightly torn jeans, studded belt, a thin necklace dangling around her neck drawing slight attention to the hint of exposed cleavage. She was a good-looking blonde girl, confident in her appearance without needing to flaunt it. That self-assuredness had helped draw Jim's eye. Now it looked infuriating in the face of his own inability to resist.

"Let me go, Chloe," he said through clenched teeth. Deeply seeded instructions kept him from getting violent with her, but he was certain with enough effort he could break free of the control. "Let me go before this goes too far."

"I think it hasn't gone far enough, Jim. Not until you learn your lesson. First of all, calm down."

The instruction hit his brain like a smothering blanket. His energy drained, adrenaline faded and leaving him in an unnatural calm while still being horribly uncomfortable. He tried with all his might to get angry, but the rage slipped out of his fingers like a wet bar of soap.

"First thing's first: for the foreseeable future, I am your owner. You are my...well slave sounds kinda bad. Servant? We'll go with servant. You are to address me as Mistress, alright?

Jim gave her a shaky nod. It was hard to muster the strength resist when he couldn't escape the suffocating calm that had been forced upon him. She could tell he was fighting against it. His eyes still held a spark of anger. Chloe would fix that soon enough.

"So, I'm going to ask you some questions. You're going to answer them truthfully," Chloe ordered. Jim nodded again his acquiescence, though the way he winced let her know he had a fearful notion of where this was going. "First off: what's your best guess as to your sexual orientation?"


She made a disappointed noise. "Not even a little curious?"

The side of his mouth twitched at that. "I've...thought about it. Thought about what it would feel like. But I'm not attracted to guys, just attracted to power."

"Oh, I see. So you're submissive, or at least have submissive tendencies?"

It looked like someone had just told Jim there were snakes on his back. He squirmed, his head bucking back and forth as he tried to force out a denial. "Nnn...nnngh...yes. Yes I fantasize about being a bottom all the time. It gets me so hard. I try to fight it and put forward a manly front, but all I want is some hot blonde to ride me into the ground until my legs are jelly." His face burned with the shame of admitting something like that, especially to someone who was now his mortal enemy!

"And what about...crossdressing?" she asked. He thrashed in place, trying to escape the control the Mindvirus had forced on him. "Oh boy, I think I struck a nerve with that one. Tell me, what are your thoughts on dressing like a girl?"

"Stop...please..." he said.

"Jim. Don't make me force you."

"Damn everything. Yes. Yes I've thought about it. I wore my sister's clothes once and I got so fucking hard." His head hung limp, face burning. How had he let his darkest desires slip like that?

"Well isn't that interesting? I guess we'll have something to work with. Tell you what, Jimmy boy. You tried to trap me, now I got you under control. And since you planned to fuck me like some kind of slutty slave, I'm going to do the same thing to you! How does that sound?"

A spark of hope entered his voice. " Want to have sex with me?"

"No, silly. We're going to dress you up like a pretty girl, and we'll get a real man to fuck you!"

To say that was an undesirable outcome for Jim was an understatement. He screamed in outrage, but after being told to be quiet, all he could muster was a light wheezing noise. He squirmed against unseen restraints, the Mindvirus' power keeping him ensnared and bound to the instructions she gave. His head filled with all kinds of dirty, filthy, malevolent acts of revenge he could take. But right now, he was completely impotent. And against his will...that lack of power was kind of exciting.

She waved off his obvious discomfort. "Oh hush, you're going to love it. We'll start off simply: what's your name, sweetie?"

"J-Jim. It's Jim" he said. The words clung to his mouth like they were coated in glue. It was hard to speak normally, but she wouldn't let her win. He couldn't!

"No, sweetie. Your name is Jewel. You're an eager little sissy who is nervous about embracing her girly side, but don't worry. I can help you!"


"Oh yes. And I know how hard it is to be honest with yourself. But we can't move forward unless you tell the truth. What's your name, sissy?"

"Jim. It's J-Jim!"

She leaned over to pet him like a whining dog. "What's your naaaame? Be a good girl, now."

"It's Je...Jiw...stop it!" He clutched his head with his hands, trying to keep her words from echoing in his head. Each time he heard her orders, they chipped away at his defences. He was mewling pathetically when his hands dropped away from his head.

"Jim's a boy's name, right? Well, you're not very tall, you're weak, and you don't have any body hair. Look, you almost entirely smooth! So you can't be named Jim. Tell me, truthfully. What's. Your. Name?"

He sniffled. "Jewel." A little shock of stimulation hit his brain, teasing his pleasure centres. Saying his girly name pressed some button in his brain and made him crave to obey. He tried to fight it, but since he was at her mercy, he knew it was a losing battle.

"Aw, that's such a pretty name! And what are you, dear? Are you horny, Jewel?" She traced a finger down his hairless chest. The Mindworm had infected his senses, cranking up his sensitivity and made even the touch of her finger seem sensual and lurid. She moved to fondle his cute little nipples, prodding them until they stiffened for her amusement.

"Yes...mmm~" His voice perked up at the end there, definitely reaching the highest end of his register. Chloe could see a twinge of fear in his face when he realized he'd just gotten himself into more trouble.

"Wow, your voice certainly goes pretty high. How about we stick with that, huh? From now on until I say, you're going to speak in a feminine voice. The sillier the better, okay sweets? Don't hold back. No matter how ridiculous it makes you sound."

Jim's voice cracked as he fought down the new instruction. He found that he couldn't get out any noise at his normal tone. The higher his speech, the more audible he became. If he wanted to talk, he'd have to talk like a sissy for her.

"Stop...what can I do to make you stop?" he squeaked.

She laughed, folding her arms. "Oh, for some reason you're not liking this turn of events? Well too bad, Jewel girl. You're my pet for tonight. Or my doll. My sweet little dress up doll..." She gasped as her eyes drifted to the towel around his waist. There was a noticeable rigidity to his cock. "And what's that in front of you there? The thing sticking straight up from all that excitement."

"That's my cock."

"No, silly. That's a clit. You're a sissy, right?"


"Then it can't be a big, throbbing cock. It must be a cute, sensitive clit. Let's help it get back to normal size. Go limp."

Jim fought against it. He thought of all the things that made him excited. Thick thighs, huge tits, giant...throbbing cocks. He shook his head, his concentration broken. His dick retracted into barely one inch of fun, the same size it got after getting out of the pool, much to his chagrin.

"See? What is that, hanging from your groin there?"

"It's my..." He scrunched up his face. Resistance was getting so hard. Thoughts would solidify, then immediately sublimate into a cerebral mist. "My...clit." He was immediately rewarded with a dopamine shudder. Though he couldn't get hard, he felt something form around his tip. It became a clear drop of fluid, which he looked down with horror to see. He was leaking precum now?!

"Don't worry, sweets. Girls get wet all the time. What's important is that you put on some underwear to keep yourself from making a mess." From her bag of horrors, she pulled the worst thing yet: a pair of scarlet lace panties and a padded red bra.

"Nooo!" He worked his feet again, trying to free them. "It's not fair...I'm so horny..."

Chloe nodded and handed him the undergarments, which he dutifully put on. The feeling of soft fabric drifting up his thighs and settling on his groin was like the closing of handcuffs around his fragile sense of masculinity. He'd never done anything like this before. The fantasies had attacked him unbidden and unwanted in his weaker moments, and he'd indulged in porn with this kind of stuff in it. But he'd always shied away from imagining him being the crossdresser. That wasn't something Real men did!

"How does it feel? And remember, honesty is key."

This time, the honesty couldn't be helped. "It feels good, Mistress. I've always wanted to wear girly clothes, and it feels better than I could have dreamed." World spilled from him like water bursting from a dam. His resolve was crumbling, and he was losing his sense of self to the pink haze of Jewel.

"That's wonderful dear. So, let's recap. You've got no bodyhair, you're small, you're voice is high, you're sensitive to the touch, and you have a clit between your legs. What does that make you?"

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