Blowing An Uncut Older Man


"You mean suck one of your balls into my mouth?" I asked.

"Ya baby...suck one of my nuts into your mouth".

I was surprised at this request as my own balls were much to sensitive to pain to ever imagine this feeling good.

"Will I hurt you?" I asked.

"No, no you want hurt me...don't be afraid to suck 'um. You wont hurt 'um" he answered.

His balls hung so loose and so long I had no problem getting to his large testicles, the left one hanging much lower than the right. His balls were wet from all my licking so I opened my mouth wide a drew the lower one in with a firm suck.

"That's it baby suck those balls" he said. I moaned with pleasure at his instruction.

As I looked up at the underside of his cock, his hand came into view and he took his huge dick in his fist, stroking as I sucked his left testicle as far into my mouth as I could, moving it around with my tongue. There was nothing to compare to the feel of the flesh covered hairy oval filling my mouth. Bob was introducing me to many new things tonight and I was really enjoying this strange new way of filling my mouth with a man. I could taste and smell his musk strong now as his body temperature rose. He moaned and sighed, breathing heavy as I sucked hard on his ball. He held my face with his free hand and pressed himself in to me.

"Now the other one" he instructed.

I let his left testicle slide out of my mouth and found the right one with my tongue and sucked it in. My nose was pressed into the hair between his body and the base of his dick. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the smell, taste and heat of his body as he stroked himself, his body now shuddering with pleasure.

He drew himself out of my mouth and rubbed his ball sack on my face. "Open your mouth wide" he insisted. He guided his left testicle into my mouth again, his balls now soaked in my saliva. I wrapped my arms around his hips for balance as he held my head with his free hand, keeping me from falling backward. His balls were so huge in my mouth and he really seemed to be enjoying this so I did the best I could to stimulate him. It was an amazing sensation, my mouth crammed full as he stroked himself. I could see his hand wrapped around his dick, all the loose skin sliding up and down, the thick bulging veins and the now rock hard head of his dick as the foreskin slid over than back as he stoked himself. "Oh god baby...oh ya...oh ya" he grunted. After a few moments of this he seemed on the verge or orgasm. He let my head drop gently a few inches and withdrew his orb from my mouth.

"That's a first for me" I said "thank you, you've got such beautiful balls, I love sucking them."

"I've always liked my balls sucked," he said.

"I've never done that before but I really liked it" I answered.

He still had his cock in his hand. It was hard and the head was now huge and dark purple. His angry dick pointed directly at my face as I recovered and adjusted to take him once more into my mouth. He took my head in one hand and presented the large head of his dick to my lips. I opened my mouth and he guided himself in, slowly feeding me his engorged penis.

His body shuddered and flinched as I ran my hands all over his beautiful belly, his firm ass and full legs. I love rubbing a man like this. It seems to stimulate him all over and I found it adds to his pleasure immensely. A man's entire body is an erogenous zone, not just his cock! He quivered under my courses as he watched his cock disappear, inch by inch into my mouth.

I moaned softly as he slowly stroked his cock now fully half in my mouth. It felt incredible, a rock hard shaft enclosed in a soft, supple, thick, spongy sleeve of flesh that my lips and tongue seemed to melt in to. As he pushed and pulled, I could feel all of his skin move in and out of my mouth even as his cock stayed in place. The ridges of the bulging, thick veins sliding past my lips. I wanted him to stay like this so I signaled my submission by holding his ass in my hands, pressing slightly, moaning as he feed me his wonderful, strange dick. I moved my head in slow, sensual motions, rolling his cock in me as I moved my tongue around under his large head, now pressing against the back of my throat. I looked up to see him gazing down at me, eyes half open, mouth gaping as his breathing became louder and louder.

"Oh my god yes baby...yeees suck it baby, suck it, suck it," he moaned as he lost himself in the pleasure of watching and feeling my eager, loving blowjob. We stayed like this for several minutes. I was suspended in time. After all this time my mouth was once again, finally full of a beautiful man's engorged dick that wanted so badly to erupt in my warm mouth. I savored the feel and taste as I feasted my eyes on him, roving over his large, hairy belly, his arms, the view of his pubic mound, his face so full of delicate pleasure. A waive of erotic pleasure swept through me, coursing, tingling as a shivers ran up and down me. I pulled him close, asking for all of his cock in me. He let out a sharp cry and leaned in to press his dick down my throat. I opened my mouth and throat wide to take him all and held him there for as long as I could hold my breath. I drew back to breath and pushed my face in again, deep throating him again and again.

I wanted him to fuck me in the mouth but he seemed hesitant, perhaps afraid to be too aggressive with me. I wrapped my hands around his ass pulling him to me in a rhythmic motion as I gave a little pleading whimper, begging for him to take control. He got the message and immediately lost his inhibition.

He let out a gasp of surprise and clamped my head between his strong, large hands.

"Holly shit baby...oooh god that's incredible" he gasped as he began to thrust himself into my mouth, slowly at first to measure my ability to take his cock deep, then fell in to a natural fucking rhythm as his body undulated with the incredible pleasure of plunging himself into a warm, willing mouth in complete acceptance of him.

You could say I had him right where he wanted me. And this is what I relish about giving men head. That moment when they realize I'm theirs to do with as they please, to drop all their inhibitions learned from so many women who suck dick not out of the delicate ecstasy of feeling the power of a man's body in their mouths, not to loose themselves in the suspended time of knowing they are the object of a man's most sought after fantasy, not because they loved the incredible feel, taste and smell of a man as he looses control, not in the anticipation of that final moment when his entire body explodes in an agonizing eruption of cum lovingly taken in their mouths, not because they relished the feel, texture and pure primitive taste of a man's sperm, but because most of them did what little was required to appease their men, or to keep them from straying. I would learn that few women truly enjoy this kind of unconditional surrender to a man's desire and erotic gratification and that was fine with me. I could keep my dance card full of underserved married men like this one as long as I could learn to spot them. Or learn how to make them spot me!

"Oh my god yes...that's so good, so good baby," he pleaded as he plunged his cock in and out of my mouth. I could feel the skin of his hard cock rolling along his shaft as he face fucked me. He was in a steady state of vocal expressions of astonishment.

"Ya..ya..ya..that's so good. "No pussy in the world that good" he said with a truncated laugh. I smiled around my mouth full of his cock, let out a giggle and squeezed his ass tightly in my hands. My entire body melted in to full submission, going limp with incredible pleasure as I looked up, my eyes communicating my complete subjugation to him, fixated on his quivering belly, his strong arms bracing me, his chest heaving, his hips thrusting and the muscles of his ass flexing as he used me for his uninhibited pleasure for a full five minutes of fucking my mouth. For those five minutes, I was consumed by my own delicious, sensual pleasure as I thought ahead to the moment this wonderful, aroused man's cock would explode in my mouth. What would this one feel like? Would his cum taste different than my cousins? Would he cum as hard and as long? Would he let me stay until he was ready again? All my questions would be answered and the anticipation was overwhelming.

After those five minutes of incredible abandon for us both, he slowed and allowed me to suck and lick him as my hands fondled his balls and my tongue played along the fleshy landscape of bumps, veins and folds of generous flesh sheathing his throbbing cock. As I treated him to my most lavish and erotic efforts at sensual oral service on his cock and balls, he moved ever closer to his inevitable release. He was moaning, sighing, and stammering barley audible verbalizations of pleasure. "That's just incredible what yur doin' to me baby". With his expressions of amazement it was clear to me he'd never had a blowjob like this. I smiled wide with satisfaction, very pleased with myself that my times with my cousin were not just a fluke. I knew then I could take any man to this place as long as he enjoyed having his cock sucked, and so far I've never met a man who doesn't. I was truly good at sucking dick. The kind of good that can only come when serving another persons desire is your greatest source of satisfaction.

As I took his huge wet cock in my mouth again and gently sucked him he gasped and shook. Moaning loudly each time I drew him into my mouth. His cock head surged hard and firm, foreskin now locked behind the bulging, wide ridge of his mushroom head.

"Oh god baby I don't want this to end but I can't take any more," he pleaded.

He grasped the base of his cock in his right hand and gently pushed my head away.

"You can come if you're ready baby, I'll do you again. It doesn't have to end until you're finished with me" I assured him.

"Oh yes" was his only response as I imagined him looking forward to cuming in my mouth again and again.

He spread his legs further and held his cock over my face. I lowered my body down and presented my tongue and open mouth to an enraged cock head. The huge veins bulging hard and blue all over his dick. He stepped in to me and once again laid his large hairy scrotum on my face. I treated every inch of his loose, long ball sack to one last, lavish tongue bath as the now overwhelming, pungent musk of his genitals filled my nostrils. I drew the round fleshy orb of his left testicle into my mouth and sucked for a moment, then moved to engulfed his right nut, then his left, alternating this for a few moments as he rubbed his wet cock on my face, stroking ever so slowly as he built himself to that delicate edge of orgasm.

He was a mess now, all loud moans and cries of pleasure. "Can I cum in your mouth?" he sighed.

"Oh my god yes baby, cum as hard as you want. Please cum in my mouth while I suck you" I begged.

He released his cock and pleaded "Suck it off baby...suck it off"

I took the base of his dick in my left hand and held my tongue out, extended under his huge head, licking and mouthing the tip.

He was nearly ready to explode and I wanted to hold him here as long as I could without frustrating him, not teasing, not being cruel, just taking a moment to make sure the blood was pounding in his brain, and that he knew how much I wanted to feel him cum as hard and as long as he could; how much I wanted him to loose control of himself without reservation.

As I caressed his cock with my mouth and tongue I spoke to him. He was looking down at me, waiting for me to engulf his cock now on the edge of eruption. He didn't want it to end so he indulged me, knowing he would soon feel my warm mouth take his cum.

"Are you ready to cum in my mouth?" I whispered to him.

"My god yes baby, do it to me" he panted

"Let it all go baby" I whispered "Give it all to me. Cum as hard and as long as you want, I'll keep sucking you 'til you're finished"

"Oh ya baby" he pleaded in a whimper "Suck me off, suck me 'til I cum. I'm gonna cum so hard"

Holding the base of his cock I took one last look at this incredibly beautiful, unique dick jutting out hard from his body, his perfect balls, the gray hair covering him, the hard, bulging veins, a cock head now so enormous and purple with arousal it seemed twice as round as his cock, a generous glistening flow of precum beginning to ooze from the deep, open slit of his head, and all that wonderful skin sheathing his shaft as though wrapped in a blanket.

I pulled his cock in and out for one last look at how the flesh gathered, pulled it all forward, licked the thick coat of skin pushing against the ridge of his cock for a few seconds, then with one full motion of my tongue, swathed the slit of his dick clean of precum. I tasted him, that wonderful, pungent taste of a man's semen I loved so much. I moved my hand back to the base of his enormous powerful cock as I opened my mouth wide and slowly, gently guided my mouth over the bulb of his head, whimpering as I took him. The firm round flesh of his head now fully in my mouth, I began to gently stroke the skin of his dick, pulling as much of him into my mouth as I could. His dick was so hot in my mouth now, his body heat releasing waves of strong musk that I breathed in deeply, the scent of a man about to erupt in orgasm.

I moved my head in and out, sucking and sucking his cock, moaning in pleasure as I communicated my desperate desire to take all that his body could give me in orgasm. Surrendering myself to him as I caressed his ass and thigh with my free hand, letting him know that my moment of pleasure had also arrived with the loving, complete, unconditional acceptance of every drop of his sperm into a mouth that wanted only to experience his utter sexual gratification.

As I sucked his cock, he savored the last seconds of buildup to his orgasm. His body began to convulse, his breathing hard and gasping, his voice now pitched high and pleading, "Oh god baby...oh god...oh god yes...yes...yeeeess" he screamed loudly.

As one last surprise, and to intensify his orgasm through an irresistible stimulation, I slowly swished my tongue left and right under his cock where his dick was most sensitive.

"Oh-ya-baby-thaaaats-it-thaaats-iiiit," he cried as his mind and body slid down that swirling, spinning ride into orgasm.

I could feel his cock throb as he began to cum. I felt a large flow of precum slicken the walls of my mouth, and then at last he blurted out a cry as a hard spurt of semen gushed into my mouth. With each spurt of sperm he yelled out loudly in a crying growl, drew a deep fast breath and cried out again like a giant bear. His body was convulsing violently as he struggled to stay on his feet. One, two, three, four powerful eruptions of semen shot from his cock into the back of my throat. I held his huge dick firmly in my left hand, and his ass in my right so I could be sure he would not slip form my mouth as he swayed and convulsed, cuming so incredibly strong and hard, shuddering and quivering as he screamed out in his pleasure. As his spasms continued, I could feel his cock throb, his sperm now coming in long flows as he continued to fill my mouth with a copious load of semen. His cock pulsed hard as he came, throbbing with each expulsion so hard I could feel it pump larger each time. As his orgasm subsided he continued to cry out, letting me know he was not ready to leave my mouth. I continued to suck him long after the last convulsions wracked his body. As his dick lost the rock hardness of his orgasm, I pulled him in and out and felt that delicious, wonderful foreskin once again slide up over his head, then back off. With my mouth full of his sperm, I felt all that skin bathed in slickness as I wallowed his foreskin with my tongue. He was spent now, flinching and moaning in high pitches as he stared down at me holding his cock and his huge load of cum in my mouth.

He placed his hand on the side of my face and coursed my cheek as he slowly withdrew his dick from my mouth full of his cum. He stared down in disbelief and gentle gratitude. I raised my face to him and displayed my mouth full of his sperm. "God that's beautiful baby". I closed my mouth slowly and sensually swallowed the large spill of sperm he had given me. "Oh god" he panted "Oh god". And now I knew something else that was different with each man, the taste of his cum. It was distinctly different from my cousins from years ago, but it was just as wonderful and felt just as amazing as I savored the thick coating of his jizzum remaining in my mouth.

I smiled contentedly up at him and kissed his belly, thighs and sank down to gently tongue those enormous balls. I kissed his dick all over, now going limp and pulled the remaining vestiges of sperm to the tip of his head and licked his slit clean. I kissed the head of his cock and asked, "How was that?" as I licked my lips clean of the glossy sheen of his sperm.

"Oh my god that was incredible" he sighed in complete satisfaction. "I've never had anyone make me cum that hard. I don't know how the fuck you did those things to me but I'm absolutely serous, I've never had a blow job even close to that good".

"I told you I got off on giving head," I declared. "I don't know why I just really, really got off on this"

"Shit", he panted, "I feel guilty. I don't do guys and couldn't compare to that if I did, but I feel like I should do something for you"

"There is one thing you can do for me" I replied

"What's that?" he asked.

"You can lay down on the bead and let me suck you off again!" I exclaimed

"THAT"S what I can do for YOU?" he asked with surprise.

"I told you that's all I wanted"

"Give me about a half hour" he said collapsing on the bed.

As he lay naked sprawled on the bead, I excused myself to the bathroom. "Don't move," I said over my shoulder as I walked away.

I ran the water hot and soaked a hand towel, rung it out and returned to him. Setting on the side of the bed I gently cleaned his sticky, glistening cock and balls with the warm towel. He loved this as he spread his legs wide so I could reach all of him. "Damn that feels really good. No one's ever done that to me."

"I'm a full service guy" I joked. We both laughed.

"You convinced me," he said.

I went to the mini-bar and mixed a rum and coke as he drifted off in the afterglow of his orgasm. I sat on the sofa watching his still body as he drifted. I finished my drink as I gazed at his beautiful body, aching to take his cock in my mouth once again. I remembered the words he spoke that lead us to this room: "Do you like men?" What an understatement. My god do I like men.

I fixated on him lying there, cock limp, balls resting on the bed between his legs. I wondered in amazement that something so vulnerable in it's resting state could have been such a source of something so strong and so full of a man's power as the explosive energy of the orgasm he had just had in my mouth. I felt a sense of amazement that I could make that incredible orgasm happen with just my lips, tongue and mouth and an obsessive dedication to giving men pleasure. It's a raging fetish I know, and I wondered where it came from as I considered what I would do for him next. But it doesn't really matter how I developed this fascination with men and their orgasms. It was something that gave me incredible satisfaction and I wanted more, with more men, more often. I hoped like hell it would not be another two years before I was alone in a hotel room with a man like this. I gave him his half hour of rest.

I returned to the bathroom, running the hot water as hot as I could get it. With a steaming cup of water I snuck quietly to the foot of the bed, crawled up between his legs and placed a hotel directory on the bed to my left to set my water on.

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