Blowing An Uncut Older Man


I lay between his legs now, slowly kissing the inside of his thighs to rouse him from his light sleep. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes, turning his head to look down at my face eager to please him once more. "Hi there" he said. "Hi there" I answered.

"Don't move" I told him so he would not jostle the steaming hot water.

I moved my mouth down to his balls. I began to lick the sack of his balls, then worked my way up to his limp penis. Now it was simply a mound of flesh, his dick head disappeared into a foreskin that completely obscured all traces of his cock head, skin pulled up around it to form a fleshy tube tapering to a tiny hole like the bud of a flower. I ran my tongue the length of his cock lying limp in the crook of his thigh and belly. He moaned weakly as his cock slowly responded to my wet tongue. His dick began to fill out, not erect but into a larger lump of soft, veiny flesh. I rose up and lifted my water.

"What ya got there," he asked

"A surprise I think you'll like" I teased.

I took a large mouth full of the hot water and held it to warm the inside of my mouth. I swallowed the water and immediately took his soft cock in my mouth, taking it all in until my lips were pressed into the hairy mound around the base of his limp cock.

"Wooo, ooooh myyyy goood that's good" he exclaimed breathlessly.

His cock began to grow rapidly in my mouth, filling out as I held him in its wet heat. I sucked him slowly as he began to become erect and firm. He groaned and giggled a little at a delicious sensation he'd obviously never felt of a heated mouth on his cock.

I withdrew him and began to lick his balls and cock again.

"Damn" he said in surprised approval "Do that again"

Once again I took a full mouth of hot liquid and held it, then swallowed and immediately engulfed his now semi-erect cock.

"Oh ya...oh hell ya that's it baby," he moaned in shuddering breaths. This time his cock filled out to fully erect in my mouth. Once again his large cock head slid in and out of his foreskin as I stroked and suck his incredible dick. I treated him once more to my heated mouth until he was ready to let me settle in to making him cum again. He didn't take long at all this time. I spent about twenty minutes licking and sucking his balls and cock. Lifting his enormous, wonderful scrotum from the bed and pulling each orb into my mouth one at a time. Eager to take his cum, I smothered his hard cock in licks, kisses and bathed him with my slathering lips. With my tongue held flat and firm on the underside of his cock, just below that huge hard head, I stroked him firmly and rhythmically so that his foreskin slid up and down my tongue.

"Ohhhh, suck it off now I'm ready to cum"

He came in my mouth almost immediately as I took him in. He cried out in ecstasy as his body wreathed on the bed under me. He did not cum as hard but I felt him shoot twice as he convulsed for a long time in orgasm. As he finished in my mouth, his cock quickly became limp. I let it slip from between my lips and held his cum for a long time, just tasting him. I inserted the tip of my tongue into his deep foreskin to retrieve the sperm still held there. He tasted different this time, stronger and I wanted to taste it for as long as I could. I skinned the foreskin back from his flaccid dick and licked it clean of the thick residue of pearly white sperm.

I kissed his cock and balls again, thanking him for my second load of cum.

"Can you do that towel thing again?" he asked

"Certainly" I answered with a smile, glad he would remember this night and my special tricks.

I cleaned him up to his moans of satisfaction.

We shared another drink and considered when we might cross paths again. He expressed an eagerness to meet again soon. His flight left out the next afternoon.

"I could stop by in the morning and say goodbye in the nicest possible way"

"I'd love that"

I slept contented that night, and knocked at his door at 8:00 AM. He was waiting for me for completely naked

"I need to shower," he said.

"Oh no you don't!" I declared

The scent of his body was strong and masculine from his previous nights arousal. I found myself on my knees again in front of his large naked body. I knew what he liked now and quickly got him ready to cum again.

As he stroked himself I took his balls in my mouth again, then licked his cock ravenously as he stroked. He taste strong and salty and I licked everywhere I could reach, his balls, thighs, belly, and legs. I wanted the taste of him to stay in my mouth forever. He pushed my head low and held my head below his huge cock as he stroked faster with a serous, determined look of concentration on his face. I knew what he wanted. Without a word I opened my mouth wide and held out my tongue to receive his cum. He aimed his cock directly at my tongue and open mouth, the head resting on my flat tongue as he stroked himself to an orgasm.

"Oh ya take it baby" he whispered as a flow of precum oozed onto my tongue, followed by several long streams of gushing sperm shooting into my mouth and onto my face as he jacked off his cock on me. He raised his dick to finish up on my face, rubbing his oozing cum covered cock across my mouth and cheeks as his sperm flowed from the slit of his huge dick head. Then he plunged his wonderful cum soaked dick into my mouth as I sucked his cock one last time. His dick was salty from his nights sleep as it mingled with the magic, wonderful taste of his semen. He slid out of my mouth and I was coved in his cum. He cleaned my face with his still erect cock and I licked him clean as he moved back and forth from my face to my mouth to feed me all the spunk he could gather on that lumpy, wrinkled tube of meat. I didn't want to let him go but he had a plane to catch. We said our goodbyes and did manage to hook up one more time a few weeks later, but we only had our two wonderful nights together.

But I would go on to quickly find yet another unsatisfied married man much closer to home and spent a year as his very frequent little headgiver. And he would be my first big, beautiful, much older black man who happened to love watching a young, pretty white boy run his tongue through the cum he liked to shot all over his self. I'll tell you all about it in my next story!


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/03/17

I wish

Im a 62 yr old guy and I'd love to find a guy in or around Lancaster South Carolina to suck on a regular basis, us old fellows don't get to swallow as much cum as we'd like,

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by Anonymous10/25/17

Not me

but if it were, I wouldn't complain.

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by Anonymous07/30/17


Wish You were Between My Legs Sucking my Uncut Great Story.

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