Blowing Max, Then My First Anal


He stared down at the vision of his cum target soaked in his copious expulsion of sperm. His face contorted as his body shook in spasm, his large belly heaving. I watched his thick arms reaching down for me, his hands working in unison to direct my head and his cock as his dance of absolute control played out upon me. As I hung gripping his legs, on my knees receiving the brunt of this beautiful, giant black man's endless convulsive eruptions, I felt the flow of his cum running down my face and dripping onto my legs. Bathed in the masculine dominance of his power, my body shuddered with waves of surrender and delight knowing I'd satisfied the lust raging in his body and mind.

As the last spasms of his orgasm racked his body, Max gripped my hair in both hands and gently thrust his huge cock in and out of my mouth to sooth the throbbing fire of his body. I melted into the delightful surrender of being used once again to give a man's body such incredible pleasure.

"Fuck ya baby take that dick," He demanded through clinched teeth. "Swallow around it...swallow that cum with my dick in your mouth."

I whimpered as he pumped his last flows of cum into my mouth. As he slowly withdrew, I could taste his strong, pungent, musky semen. I rolled the slick liquid around with my tongue just enjoying that wonderful sensation of having a mouth full of a man's sperm again.

I took Max's cock in my hand and licked and kissed away the glistening sheen of sticky cum.

"Hell yes baby." He panted. "Hell yes lick that dick clean for me."

"I'm a mess." I smiled up at him. "I think you soaked me from head to toe. That was amazing. I could feel you cuming all over me."

"Ya baby, you looked like you were enjoying the hell outa that shit too. I was watcin' you get in to it and it was hot as hell baby. You defiantly love some cum."

"Especially yours Max," I complimented.

As Max watched, I finished cleaning his cock and spooned as much of the mess he'd made on me into my mouth as I could gather with my fingers. With my mouth full of his cum, I opened wide to display his glory for him, then drank his sperm as I teased him with my smile and my eyes.

"Give me about an hour and I'll be ready to lay you down on that bed."

I cleaned up as Max made us drinks. He handed me mine along with a small white pill. "Take this baby it will help you loosen up and relax for later." Without even asking what it was I swallowed the pill with a gulp of strong rum and coke. "Come on in here to your room and lay down for a while. I'll come to visit you in a little while."

I turned the bad down and snuggled up inside as Max turned out the light. "Just relax baby and take a nap if you want. You're safe and sound. I'll be out here in the other room." He closed the door behind him as he left me.

The bed felt wonderful against my naked body and I curled up thinking about what was to come soon. In a little while, a large, beautiful black man would come to me naked and the moment I both feared and longed for would arrive. Max would take his place behind me and in his deep, persuasive, comforting voice ease me into a new world of submission to the sexual desires of a man. My pale white body shuddered with the eager desire to be the object of his full masculine lust. I tried to imagine my tiny frame pinned under him as he cried out in ecstasy and gave himself over to the ferocity of his natural male desire to fuck. The pill was beginning to take effect. My body was beginning to feel like liquid as I melted into the bed, waves of twilight euphoria washing over me. I was thankful Max had given me the pill as I drifted into sleep.

I woke to Max's voice in the lighted room as he sat on the edge of the bed. It took me a moment to become fully aware. My body was now limp and filled with an incredibly pleasant sense of complete relaxation and acceptance of what Max was about to do to me. The drug, obviously some form of opiate saturated my brain. I don't know what Max had given me but it was wonderful.

"How's my baby." Max whispered. "You ready for me?"

"Oh yes baby I'm ready for you." I heard my groggy voice answer as if from someplace else. Did you bring my friend Maximus with you?"

"Ya bay he's right here." He said as he rolled on to the bed beside me, bringing his dick within reach. His cock was flaccid and his balls hung loose and warm beneath his limp tube of manhood.

"Can I help him get ready?" I requested.

"Ya baby go down there and wake his ass up." Max replied.

As I rose to lay across Max's massive body, my head swirled with the dizzying affects of the drug. As I brought my face over his cock and balls, the vision and scent of his large, loose manhood sent waves of warm euphoria washing over me. I lifted his long, limp, heavy dick and laid it across his large belly, then sank my face in to him and began to run my tongue along his balls lying pooled between his legs spread wide on the bed. I'd never seen him in this flaccid a state before. The sheer magnitude of all that soft fleshy mass of cock and balls made me want to bring him to arousal with gentle caresses of my tongue and lips. I softly kissed the base of his shaft and breathed deeply of the scent of musk now strong on him from his earlier orgasm. As I began to lick his cock, I could taste the wonderful, strong salty flavor of his cock unwashed from his previous arousal and orgasm. I ran my open mouth and tongue along the full length of his flaccid shaft draped across his belly. His thick, gorgeous, black manhood began to fill out quickly.

"Oh ya baby that feels nice and wet and warm." He moaned. "That mouth feels real good baby. Suck on it for a few minutes."

I laid my head on his belly and lifted his growing mass of cock to my lips. I kissed a drop of salty, sticky fluid from the eye of his cock and slowly took him in, gulping him as I wet him inch by inch so that more and more of his beautiful, large black dick worked its way into my mouth. I felt the head of his cock throb to firmness as I held him still in my mouth. In less than a minute, he was fully erect and groaning quietly at the pleasure I was giving him. His pleasure became mine.

As I continued to gently suck his dick, his hand roamed over my small round ass. The pleasure of his hands on me was dizzying and my head spun. My body was so sensitive and in such a heightened state of euphoria that it felt like on long, sustained orgasm had enveloped me. It was as though I were inside pleasure itself. I could feel everything around me; even the air seemed to caress me in gentle wisps.

"Damn baby you need to get off that thing or I'm cum again."

I stopped immediately and cuddled alongside Max's huge body. "I don't want you to forget what you came in here to do to me." I teased as I kissed and licked his chest and nipples.

Max slid off the bed and retrieved a large, round bolster from a corner of the room. "All you got to do baby is just lay across this and relax your body." He instructed as he placed it midway in the bed. "Just let your body go and I'll do all the work."

I took my position draped across the bolster so that my ass was elevated and my upper body lay flat in the bed. Max went to the dress draw and returned, crawling onto his knees behind me. The sheer weight of his body rocked the bed as he positioned himself. He pressed my knees together and straddled me locking my legs together between his huge thighs.

"Just relax in to it baby. Just let it happen." He instructed as he began to rub my ass, legs and the small of my back. The feel of his hands all over me sent waves of relaxation through me. I felt cold drops of thick liquid drop between the cheeks of my ass followed by his hands as he spread me with his thumbs. I felt him work his thumbs up and down me, stopping to press against my anus with light pressure.

"Mmmm... you got a pretty little ass baby." He said. I began to moan as he spread generous amounts of lubricant on me. I could hear his cock sliding in and out of his hand as he coated himself.

Max moved in closer to me. "Now just relax baby and don't move. Don't struggle."

"Yes Max." Was all I could muster as fear mingled with acceptance. Max was warning me that there would be no turning back. This is what I'd set in motion. I'd made promises and my moment of fulfilling that promise was at hand. I'd relinquished control of my body to Max. He owned me now and he was about to take that over which he held dominion.

I felt Max's huge dick press between my cheeks as he slid his cock up and down my slickened ass. I could feel his legs pressing in around mine as he rocked against me. He backed his cock away and I felt his massive legs move as he shifted his body weight over me. My moment of surrender was upon me. I closed my eyes and steadied my breath, terrified but desperate to feel the full power of this man's body. I went completely limp, even my arms and legs went to rubber under the influence of the drug he'd given me. I felt helpless and at peace as I surrendered completely to what was about to happen.

"Here we go baby." He warned.

I felt his left hand pull my ass cheek aside, then felt the head of his dick press against my rectum. Holding his cock in his right hand, he began to lean into me applying force with the huge head of his dick. At first, I just felt pressure against me. Then more and more pressure built until I felt his cock begin to penetrate me. Immediately the pain began. As the large head of his cock forced my anus open, the pain became almost unbearable. I cried out in fear.

"No's not working!" I screamed. I brought my hands up around me to push against him in protest.

He grabbed my wrists and clamped them together in one large hand, bracing my arms firmly into the small of my back subduing me as he pressed me into the bed. "Don't fight me." He ordered in a commanding voice.

Panting and whimpering I apologized for my moment of panic. "I'm sorry Max...I'm sorry."

Max resumed as he pressed the head of his cock against my ass again. The resistance of my initial penetration gave way as I felt the head of his dick force its way into me. I cried out in pain "Ohhh...ohhh...oh god...oh god." With each slow, gentle thrust he pushed more of himself into me. The pain eased as the large bulb of his cock head passed fully into me. Max gently inched his way in as he moaned softly.

"That's it baby...there you're doin' fine baby see?" He assured me as he released his grip on my wrists. I brought my hand up alongside my face to clench the sheet as I felt his endless length of cock press deeper and deeper.

My body shuddered in a small convulsion of involuntary spasm as an incredible feeling of fullness and pressure inside of me made my pulse pound in my head. I released a long, load moan as he began to move slowly in and out of me. He had both hands on my ass now as I felt his body press against me, fucking me rhythmically as he grunted and sighed in pleasure.

"Damn baby that feels so good. So tight and warm. How's that feelin' now baby?" He asked.

"It feels wonderful Max." I whimpered. "God it feels so big and so full in me."

"Ya baby I knew you'd like my dick in you, just had to trust me." He said as he continued to go deeper in me with each slow thrust of his fucking motion.

I became aware of my entire body, the feel of the sheets under me, the waves of pleasure that coursed through me as I surrendered completely under this massive man taking his pleasure in my ass. I could hear the sound of my voice, moaning loudly in concert with his. He sped up his thrusting motion while buried deep in me. Then he leaned over on to me. I could feel the heat poring off his body, his breath blowing onto the back of my neck as he lay on top of me. He pressed me so deep into the bed that it restricted my breathing to rapid shallow gulps of air. I could feel his legs clinched in on mine as his lower body undulated on top of me. The course hair of his legs and belly rasped against my delicate skin. I could feel his balls roll against my thighs as he buried his cock in my ass.

My god his body was so hot on top of me. Was this anything like what a woman felt while being fucked? I had no idea but it felt as though my entire body was full of Max's cock. I felt the incredible pressure of him in me as though his cock filled my stomach. At last I knew what it was to have a man fucking me and it was absolutely the most incredible pleasure of complete surrender I'd ever experienced. Struggling to breath, I felt a wonderful sense of light-headedness as waives of pleasure washed over me. As the pleasure built I knew I was about to experience the most wonderful orgasm of my life. I cried out as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over me. My entire body shuddered and quivered in an orgasm so powerful I felt on the verge of passing out. As my orgasm subsided, an indescribable euphoria suspended me in a state of complete gratification so intense I began to cry, the tears of my exhausted body moisten the sheet where my face pressed into the bed. I had no idea this would be such an incredibility emotional and profound experience. I felt a delicate feeling of naked vulnerable exposure as I reveled in the euphoria of my complete, unreserved submission to Max. I could give a man any pleasure he desired from me now, and I craved the possibilities of how I might be used again and again to gratify the lust of Max and the men he wanted to share me with.

Max began to fuck me a little faster. The weight of his enormous body supported over me by his legs and elbows and still I was crushed by him. He pulled my long hair aside and began to lick and kiss my neck as he whispered into my ear.

"All that ass teasin' drove me crazy baby." He groaned. "I knew you would be a good fuck baby...gonna make me cum hard it feels so good fuckin' you."

"I want to be good to you baby" I moaned in sympathy for him as he undulated slowly on top of me. "I want to be a good fuck for you." I wanted him to fuck me like he owned me, like he paid for me, like I was his to do with as he pleased.

He rose up from me and hooked his hands around my pelvis. He raised my hips off the bed and pulled me tighter to him with each inward thrust. I could feel the full force of his fuck now as he drove every possible inch of himself deep up in me.

"Oh god Max do it to me," I screamed. "Do it to me baby...fuck me...fuck me" I gasped the words in this delicious moment of complete surrender.

As Max drove home fucking my ass, his balls thudded against me. His moans became loud bursts of sounds as he approached orgasm.

"Ya baby I'm gonna cum right in your ass" he cried out. With a sudden, forceful trust he slammed me back to the bed and dropped over onto his hands, his body crushing me into the bed. He buried his cock all the way in me with the full force of his thrusting pelvis as he settled into the position in which he would achieve his final pleasure. My body lurched in the pleasure and pain from the sudden, deep, violent plunge of Max's enormous cock. My mind and body soared to ecstasy as his suffocating weight bore down on me like an animal subduing its prey. As his body hung on the very verge of orgasm, his legs locked around mine so that I was under his complete control. I felt the power of his massive presence on top of me as his body drove me deep into the bed, his belly heaving in the small of my back, his hot breath exploding on me, his strong arms like pillars on each side of me, the heat of his animal lust washing over me, my thighs locked together beneath his massive legs, my entire body filled with that impossibly huge cock, the rough grind of his course hair on me, and of course that beautiful, deep, velvety voice of his crying out just behind me. I lay captured and helpless under the absolute subjugation of overwhelming male force and power.

"Here it is it is. Here it comes baby. Fuck ya baby I'm cumin' in you," He gasped.

I could feel his legs twitching and flexing as his body surrendered to the powerful spasms of his violent release in me. His screams echoed in the room as he pumped me full of his cum. I heard the high pitch of my own screams of delight as my body cushioned the tremendous force and weight of his in the full throes of the wonder and magic of his tremendous orgasm. With all the power and force of his fuck, he delivered himself into me. I never dreamed could accept such an act with so much pleasure and ease. I knew than that it was this limitless expression of a man's power I so desperately relished as my submissive persona realized itself complete.

Max came long and hard, thrusting his cock as deep in me as he could go as though he wanted his whole body in me. I drank up every sensation of his orgasm, every wonderful thrust and grind and spasm and twitch of his beautiful body exploding on top of me. I lay under him in utter surrender and joy as I sank into the delicious pleasure of what his body was feeling. To bring a man to orgasm in my mouth was truly a pleasure for me, but this act was to experience a man in his mast aggressive, most powerful and most dominant nature. It could only have been better multiplied by the presence of other men and that was soon to come.

He rose up and clinched my hips in his hands as his last few spasms of orgasm flowed into my ass. He collapsed to his elbows, his hot, sweaty body lying on top of me. I wriggled under him to feel his body rub against me, to feel his cock moving in me. We lay like this for a few moments; he too spent to move, me not wanting the fullness in me to end. He pumped his cock in me as he grunted in exhaustion. After a few moments, he rose up and slowly drew his dick out of me. Another moment of pain as his cock was expelled from my rectum in an involuntary contraction. He rolled over onto his back and closed his eyes, content and ready for sleep. He drifted off and I went into the bathroom to clean up and make sure I wasn't injured, but I had no need to fear. I was fine, if a little sore and very, very shaky.

I returned and cleaned Max up with a hot wet towel as he moaned with pleasure and contentment.

"See you next Saturday night I hope?" I probed.

"Ya baby," He acknowledged. "Got some rest, you're gonna need it."

On the drive home I considered what Max had told me. I would meet his friends in a week. "This is insane," I said aloud. But if it were, it was clear insanity, at least for a while was exactly where I wanted to go.

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Max is such a beautiful man what white sissy faggott wouldn't want him to breed them. My first black experience wasn't so pleasurable. I was with a couple dominant black studs that were not so gentle.more...

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Love your strong sub tendencies

Your imagination is very active and your strong sub tendencies push a lot of my buttons as a top. You also have a nice gift for including the emotional impact and physical sensations of your experiencesmore...

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