Blowing My Cousin


He stepped closer and spread his legs wide until my body was partially uner him. He held my head back as I opened my mouth to receive him. He slowly guided my mouth over his cock and pushed it in deep testing my claim. He began to slowly push his enraged cock in and out of my mouth again. He stared down at me transfixed by the erotic vision of his cock plunging in and out of my soft, round face. "Oh...that's so good honey," he moaned. He was panting now, his body wreathing as he stared down at me taking his cock. The motion and power of his body all focused on me. I hung from him holding his ass firmly in both hands.

I could feel the muscles of his ass flex as he fucked my face. He was so aroused, so excited that he was sucking in breaths and expelling with a sort moan each time. "Yes baby...yeas baby...yes baby" he chanted. I was about to learn what it felt like to have a man loose all control as I received his full, uninhibited orgasm. He seemed about to fuck my mouth full of his sperm. I closed my eyes and waited for his cum. My head was now firmly locked between his large, strong hands as his pelvis drove his dick in and out of my mouth. I was breathing as I could as each inward thrust pushed his huge cock head deep into the back of my throat closing off my airway with each plunge. I knew I would have to hold my breath as he lost control during his orgasm and thrust himself deep in me as he came. He buried his dick deep in me and held it there. I held my breath and expected to feel his cock explode cum down my throat any second. But just when I thought he might release in orgasm, he pulled back and slowed to a gentle thrust again, moving just the head of his cock in and out of my mouth as he caressed my face with his hand.

He pushed my head back and told me to hold my tongue out. He placed his cock on my tongue and I began to lick him again. He seemed to be fascinated by my tongue on him, "ya that's it lick it baby...lick it." His cock was rock hard as he slowly stroked it over my tongue. "Open your mouth and hold your tongue all the way out", he said. I held my mouth wide as he rubbed his cock in and out over my tongue. Did he want to shoot his load into my open mouth? I tilted my head back, extended my tongue and held my mouth open wide ready to receive him, ready to catch every drop of his cum, to feel it spurt into my open mouth. But he pushed my head back to where my tongue was just under his cock head and I resumed licking him. Was he teasing me? No, he just simply wanted to watch me lick his cock and find out if I were willing to let him jack himself into my open mouth, perhaps for another time. He had an oral fetish as did I, but his was receiving and mine was giving. It was a perfect match. I watched him as he watched me.

He towered over me like an oak tree as he once again pushed the flesh of his cock up to its head. He seemed to really enjoy concentrating the skin of his cock into a loose mound that I could lick and suck. He looked as though he were in a trance as he quietly moaned and sighed, never taking his eyes off my mouth and tongue. I moaned and sighed softly as I sucked and licked the mound of flesh he held gathered against the head of his dick. He raised his cock and drew my head up between his legs, resting the hairy sack of his balls on my face. I licked and sucked his balls gently for several moments as he stroked his cock. As I hung there between his legs, staring up at him from under his fist full of huge dick, I was suddenly overwhelmed by it all, his smell, the heat on my face, the taste of his musky balls, his labored breathing and soft moans of satisfaction, and the knowledge that soon I would feel this huge gorgeous cock explode with cum right into my mouth. My heart pounded up into my throat and defend me. My breath shudder uncontrollably as my voice cracked in tiny whimpers of surrender.

He pushed my head back again and brought his cock to my mouth. I opened wide and engulfed his dick again, this time sucking it with long strokes so that I could feel every ridge and bulge of his cock pass over my tongue. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine his engorged cock spurting long, powerful gushes of sperm into my mouth as he held my head in his hands. Me in complete surrender, obediently receiving his cum for as long as he wanted me to, filling my mouth with his thick load as I took all the dick and semen he wanted to give me, each thrust of his cock squirting another long stream of sperm into the back of my throat as I allowed him to do what ever he wanted in my mouth, then swallowing it all as I tasted the wonderful pungent tang of his semen.

"If you get tired let me know" he whispered. That turned me on even more as it meant he was a long way from being done with me. I closed my eyes, wrapped my arms around his lower body and just melted into the incredibly erotic sensation of sucking his wonderful cock. I don't know how long I had him in my mouth, but I was content to stay there on my knees sucking him for as long as he would let me. Finally, with a long exhale of breath, he pulled back and lowered himself onto the bed.

Without a word we resumed our original position and I began to work on him again. I knew he would cum soon, so I gave him a full review of all the things I'd learned he enjoyed. I spent several minutes just stroking his cock as I licked and sucked his balls, making sure he could see all the action. He never took his eyes off of me. I grasped the base of his cock and gathered the sheath of his skin up to the head of his dick. With his eyes fixed on me, I sucked the loose folds of skin in between my lips just the way he liked it, wrapping my lips around the underside of his shaft, massaging with my tongue to enjoy the taste and feel of his flesh in my mouth. I knew he liked to watch so I tried to make it as visually sensual as I could. I sucked and lick him like this and moved my mouth up and down the first inch or two of his shaft and this sent him into a fit of shuddering squirming bliss. I knew that when he came he was going to cum very hard.

"Do it to me baby" he whimpered. In a few seconds, his enraged cock would be bursting a load of cum in my mouth and I was determined to make sure he would remember this as the best blow job he had ever had. I was going to make this beautiful man's body feel something incredible, something he'd never experienced before, to allow him to feel what it's like to have someone eagerly, lovingly accept his cumming cock in their mouth not because they were obligated or pressured, but because they needed to feel his orgasm as much as he did, because they were completely focused on giving him the most intense pleasure they possibly could. "I want to make you feel really good Joe, I want you to enjoy this. Just relax and let your whole body feel it." I was fixated on telling him what I wanted to do to him. As I spoke to him, I gently licked and kissed his rock hard cock. "I want to enjoy your body for a few more minutes, then take you in my mouth as you cum. Just relax and enjoy it, and cum all you want, I promise no one is going to spit your cum out tonight" I slowly stroked his huge cock as I licked and kissed his thighs then worked my tongue up to his balls. I lavished his balls with my tongue and lips, making love to them with my mouth. He was whimpering and moaning, squirming as his legs rolled open and closed around me.

I moved up and treated his cock to one last, prolonged session of licking and mouthing, pulling the skin of his dick up, sucking it in as I slowly pulled the skin taught again under my mouth. I held his cock in both hands and wrapped my tongue around the underside of his cock head. I could taste a flow of salty fluid as it oozed from the glistening head of his dick and ran down the "V" formed by the underside of his huge head and right onto the area I was licking. "Are you ready to cum in my mouth for me?" I asked. "God yes baby do it to me, please baby do it now" I rose up and saw clear liquid puddled in the deep open slit of his cock. I placed my tongue in it and sucked just the tip so I could get it all. I took a second or two to savor the taste of his precum, and then I opened my mouth wide and slowly engulfed his huge cock head. His cock was even harder than before. The head swollen and so firm and huge that I had to open as wide as I could to get my lips around it's ridge and take more of his cock in my mouth. Even the veins of his cock were hard enough that I could feel them on my tongue as I slid my tongue back and forth on the underside of his stiff dick. I settled into a rhythm of drawing his cock skin into my mouth as I took him deeper, then pulling it slowly tight as I moved my mouth up his shaft. This was driving him crazy. His breath was coming in gulps and gasps as he built up to his orgasm. I could tell he was trying to hold off as long as possible. He knew that I would stay with him like this for as long as he needed as he took his time building up to the most excruciating orgasm of his life.

He was watching me suck his dick with an expression of sublime amazement, trying to hold his eyes open as he feasted upon the sight of his cock on the verge of erupting in a mouth that seemed to be doing things to him he couldn't believe. "Oh my god, oh my god that so good" he said and his voice sounded as though he were astounded at what he was seeing and feeling.

"Oh my god yes, oh my god baby yes...yes...yes", he moaned, "I'm gonna cum so hard baby. Suck it baby, suck it suck it, suck it off" he chanted as his head dropped to the pillow and he surrendered to the orgasm that was about to wrack his body.

I could hardly believe this was happening to me. Just hearing him say the words "suck it" over and over sent my heart racing so hard I felt as though it would explode. Finally, after all the fantasies I was here with a beautiful cock just seconds form cumming hard in my mouth and it was absolutely the most wonderful, most incredible thing I'd ever experienced.

His entire body was now a mass of pleasure, squirming and rolling as his last few seconds of holding back finally collapsed. He drew in one long breath and blew it out in a long moan of complete release. I could tell he was cumming because his cock became rock hard and the head of his dick swelled even larger and harder.

My first sensation of actual semen was when his cock became suddenly slick in my mouth as the first rush of precum gushed out around his cock. As I rubbed his thigh and balls with my free hand he let loose with an orgasm I can feel and taste to this very day. He gasped once, twice and then his entire body exploded. He thrashed around so much I had to keep my head moving to stay with him. He wanted to cry out but instead his breath exploded in and out as though he were suffocating. I felt his cock throb as the first wave of spasm shot a powerful, long stream of thick liquid into my mouth. All the while he was drawing in full breaths, holding it for a second and releasing long pleading moans of pure ecstasy. He shot so hard I could literally hear a swishing sound as the streams of semen blast against the back of my throat. His body jerked, his hips bucked up and down as he timed his thrust to his releases of fluid. Each time he shot a spurt of cum; I felt a strong throb of spasm from his cock in my mouth. His cock became slick as more and more of his sperm filled my mouth. He just kept cuming, spasm after spasm as he filled me with his sperm. It was so warm and slick, and he tasted so good. His entire body felt like it was draining into my mouth. All this power, all this pleasure focused on me as I felt the incredible pleasure course through him and in to me. I held on as he drained all his body's pent up sexual energy into me. He was looking down at me trying to keep his eyes open while his face contorted in orgasm as we watched his cock pump shot after powerful shot of his body's fluid into my mouth stretched wide around his huge dick. He came so long and so hard that I could actually feel my mouth filling with his sperm as each spasm of his orgasm forced another full, long gush of his semen in me. My mouth was filled with his cum and cock. As his orgasm subsided I held his cock in my mouth for a moment just to be sure he was finished. With his last bit of energy he pumped his last drops of cum, not wanting to give up a moment of his orgasm.

I slowly withdrew him form my mouth being careful not to loose any of his cum. My god it was a huge load. I had no idea a man could produce so much sperm. I held it in my mouth for a moment. To taste another mans cum was even more erotic an experience than I had ever imagined. Joe lay spent, his cock still erect but softening and twitching. I pushed his huge load to the back of my mouth and swallowed it slowly, savoring the taste as it coursed down my throat. With my mouth and tongue coated in his semen, I began kissing his balls and licking his cock head clean of the cum left oozing from him. I could smell the cum on his cock. His dick was sticky with it so I put it back in my mouth and sucked gently, just enjoying the taste of his sperm mingled his cock flesh. He watched as I gently bathed his cock and balls with my mouth and tongue until his dick was clean. I rubbed his legs and body as it twitched its last ounces of energy away. As he lay spent, I nuzzled my face against his limp cock and balls, smelling him as I played back the incredibly sensation of his body in a powerful orgasm, the feel of his cock exploding in my mouth.

"That was unbelievable baby, just fuckin' unbelievable. I've never cum that hard in my life" he said in a panting breath.

"Want to do it again?" I asked.

He laughed and said, "You want to do it again?"

"Oh my god yes" I answered. "I could suck your cock all night". "I'll do you as many times as you want"

Before the night was over, he gave me his cum three more times. Once as he stood before me, me on my knees. As before, I knelt before him and licked his cock with my mouth open as he watched contentedly, but this time he stroked his cum shot into my wide-open mouth. It felt very different than when I sucked him off and the sensation of his cum shooting into my mouth was incredibly erotic. The second time was with him straddling me as I lay on my back, my head propped on a pillow. He leaned into me, his cock in my mouth as he held the headboard and watched from above as he thrust down into my mouth in an orgasm that shot cum straight down my throat. The last blowjob was me curled between his legs again, sucking his cock as it once again exploded in my mouth. Dawn was breaking. I had been the object of this man's relentless libido for almost five hours and I was still wide-awake and wanting more. I made the four hundred mile drive to his house several times that year. Each time I had the pleasure of his incredible cock all night long.

I would not experience the please of giving a man head again for many years after that, and it would be a very long time before I had a cock and body that would compare to Joe's. He truly knew how to enjoy a good blowjob. That may sound strange, but his level of arousal and intensity while receiving head was unmatched by most of the men I have blown since.

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by Rwa476802/22/18

Great story

I loved this story. When I suck a cock I think I enjoy sucking it as much as the man getting sucked, especially when he cums in my mouth.

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by Anonymous05/26/17

First time

My first time was with my brother, he was in high school, I was in Jr. High...walked into his bedroom and he was jerking off. I knew he was gay, no biggie and I thought I was straight. It took no timemore...

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