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I suppose that most people are envious of me and would love to have my huge dick. If you don't have one and I mean a really big one, not just 8 or 9 inches erect, that's what I am limp, then you probably have no idea the problems it causes. For instance, I can't sit down on a regular toilet without it hanging down into the water...what a pain. I've had to get one of those thick seats to compensate. And,I can't wear a normal bathing suit... thankfully baggies are now back in style.

Anyway, for as long as I can remember, I've always stood out in the crowd (no pun intended) in the genital department. The ironic thing is that I'm not a very big guy otherwise. My name is Leonard, I'm almost 5'-10" and have a slight build. I've never been athletic, always preferring to read a book or fiddle with my coin collection. In high school, I was somewhat of a loner and it always embarrassed me when the guys would refer to me as "tripod" in public. You're probably thinking "what's embarrassing about that," but the fact is I didn't date girls, preferring to focus on my studies, and it made me feel self conscious when girls would point in my direction and giggle to one another.

Before I proceed with what happened my freshman year in college I should probably give you the "details." Although I've gained a few pounds now, when I entered college I was at my full 5'-9 and a half inches tall, but I liked to say 5'-10", weighed in at 135lbs, with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, and of course glasses. I'm sure the details you are more interested in is that my dick measures 9 inches limp and grows to a whopping 12 inches when I am fully erect. As far as thickness goes, I've always put objects next to it for comparison instead of measuring around it with a measuring tape. While I'm not as thick around as a soda can, I come pretty darn close. It's more like the thickness of a lot of shampoo bottles. I guess that's always been an easy comparison in the shower.

On to my story...

I received a full academic scholarship to a well-known university in the South and showed up that first day with a complete "deer in the headlights" look. My roommate, Brad, was a workout freak from Nebraska who always wore his shirts a little too tight to show off his physique. It wasn't long until we were known as "Mutt & Jeff" by everyone in the dorm. The one and only way I gained respect from him was the time he walked in on me dressing.

"Holy shit Len!" "Do you work that thing out or what? How did you develop such a huge love muscle?" He cried out.

I got all red in the face and tried to hide myself, but the cat was out of the bag. I suppose that's how it all began with Dawn. Gossip spreads quickly about the new freshmen, but usually its junior and senior guys checking out the incoming girls.

Dawn was the Captain of the football cheerleading squad and to say she was the ultimate female specimen would be a clear understatement. I had never dated in high school, but I had smuggled a fair share of Playboy magazines into my room and she could have been stacked up against any of the playmates of the month. Dawn was a legitimate 5'-10", which is actually very tall for a cheerleader, considering the way the guys have to lift and throw them. She had a "Barbie" type figure with slim hips, long tan legs that never seemed to end, and big round tits that looked like two grapefruits attached too her slim torso. I've always been attracted to brunettes with brown eyes and Dawn had both with a gleaming white smile that I know made her dentist proud. Of course Shania Twain wasn't even on the scene back then but looking back on it, she had that type of look with an energetic bounce and twinkle in her eyes.

The first time I encountered Dawn was during freshmen orientation. Someone had arranged for the Cheerleaders to brainwash us into school loyalty and hatred toward the rival University not too many miles up the road. My eyes immediately locked on Dawn, as I'm sure several thousand other horny freshman guys did. Every bounce and thrust of her pom poms had my eyes glued to those fabulous breasts with periodic glances down the length of her golden-brown legs that I'm sure she had worked on all summer. I remember daydreaming about whether her breasts had tan lines and if she covered her perfect ass with a thong bikini when she laid out. I quickly had to stop that thought process because I felt myself getting hard and it was uncomfortable as hell to get a 12 inch hard-on if I hadn't already positioned myself correctly in my pants.

After the Rah Rah session, I turned around to head back towards my dorm room with my hands in my pockets, to keep the monster headed south, when I heard a female voice call my name,


Not recognizing the voice I slowly turned and raised my head to see my dream goddess, Dawn, springing towards me as she tried to catch up. As she stopped in front of me, her hair wind blown, but in a perfect sort of way, I uttered a meek sounding, "Hi."

She was even more perfect up close as she looked slightly down at me with those sparkling doe brown eyes and enrapturing smile.

"Hey, one of the guys on the team knows your roommate and he said you really didn't have any friends to hang out with yet. How would you like to get the unofficial campus guided tour of all the hangouts?"

I wanted to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming, alive, or had been transported to heaven and could only manage a wimpy stutter,

"A a arre ya ya you serious?"

"Sure," "My names Dawn, by the way." "I'm a senior, but I remember my first week here and how lonely I felt, and well, I hate to see the same thing happen to other students."

"Great!" I said, slowly getting myself together. "What day and what time?"

Dawn lips caused my dick to start growing again as I focused on the way her glossy pink lips pursed as she replied. "Tomorrow at 4 o'clock at the rec center, dress casual."

"I'll be there," I said.

"O.K. Lenny, I can call you Lenny can't I?"

I quickly shot out a "Yes, that's fine," when in fact no one had called me Lenny since about the first grade, but I didn't care what she called me. The fact was the Captain of the cheerleaders, Dawn Ashton, was talking to me, a lowly freshman, and a geek at that.

I was snapped out of my trance by Dawn's melodious voice singing, "See you tomorrow Lenny!" and with a wink, she was turning, her mini cheerleading skirt barely covering her ass, swaying first back and forth and then up and down as she pranced off in the direction of the girls dorm.

I was in heaven as I plopped onto my bed and thought about what had happened to me. I felt like masturbating right then with the hard-on I was sporting, but decided against it. Who knows, I thought with the way my luck was going, maybe I would score. It would be a first for me.

As I put all this down on paper, I realize that I should have been a little more skeptical about a popular cheerleader seeking me out, but I was caught up in the euphoria of the moment and the sincerity she portrayed. Little did I know what she had in store for me.

Classes whizzed by the next day and I hurried back from my two o'clock class to take a shower and get ready for the biggest event of my life. As I walked on air coming through the door to my room I noticed Brad laying on his bed flipping through a muscle magazine.

"Hey studly," he said with a smile, "I hear you're meeting up with Dawn today."

I couldn't believe it. With a student body of over 20,000 students, how does word get around so quickly?

"That's right," I said, somewhat defensively, "Just an informal get together. She's going to give me a tour of the student hang outs."

"Well, just be careful," Brad said, "John Payne, the starting linebacker for the football team has a thing for her. I don't think they're officially dating, but I think John is definitely the jealous type."

Great, I thought as I hopped into the shower, the headlines in the campus paper tomorrow would read, 'Geek gets his ass kicked by jealous gridiron star.' I started lathering up thinking about Dawn and how I'd love to be soaping up those magnificent globes of flesh that bounced up and down with every cheer. I had one hand milking my soapy dick up and down the 12-inch shaft while I used my other hand to soap up and shake my sack and balls. My hands aren't very large and my balls felt like I was handling two baseballs. The truth is, they're more the size of pool balls in a sack that hands down around 6 inches from the bottom of my penis. I stopped just before blowing my load and rinsed off. Don't want to jinx myself, I thought.

The door suddenly flew open and there was Brad.

"Hey Len, do you... jeez laweez Len! You could kill someone with that thing." He stood in awe having only previously seen me in an unerect state. "I'd hate to be a gal on the receiving end of that thing. She'd never be able to feel anything but a John Holmes replica dildo after that."

"What do you want?" I said.

"Oh, I was just going to tell you not to worry about John. I was just talking with a friend of mine on the phone and he said they broke everything off last week."

"Thanks," I said, "Mind if I dry off now?"

"Oh, hey sorry, I just can't get over your appendage. We need to get you in the gym, you could be the ultimate male weapon." He laughed and closed the door.

I peered at the reflection in the mirror and the reflection I saw was pretty comical. The bulge I was sporting down below was bigger than my biceps. Kind of like the male version of Barbie, I laughed to myself. I decided to wear some khaki shorts, my favorite Calvin Klein black boxers, a preppy white and blue stripe button down shirt and my penny loafers. Somehow I couldn't get into the surfer dude, hip-hop, or jock look. Obviously none of those looks fit me. I felt I looked studious and clean cut. That must be what Dawn sees in me.

As I approached the student rec center, I saw Dawn standing there looking off in another direction. She had on a tan pair of lycra stretch shorts that hugged and just covered her perfectly rounded butt. Her tan legs stretched down to a pair of three inch heals that would definitely have her looking down at me. But what I noticed most were her breasts. They were pushing hard against the fabric of her top, both out and to the sides. As I got closer I could see the lacey pattern of her bra and the outline of her nipples causing the material to dent outward. I moaned inwardly as I thought how much self control it was going to take to not reach out and grab those two tits and squeeze for all it's worth.

"Hi Lenny!" Dawn said in her perky voice. "My, you look preppy today. Are you ready for the grand tour?"

"Ready as I'll ever be." I said, thinking that sounded kind of dumb.

"Great, let's go!" and with that she thrust her hand through my arm and started off down the path off to the side of the rec center. I immediately felt a hot rush as the side of what must be C or D cups pressed into my arm. She was taller than me with her heels which made me feel like a little boy being pulled along by his mother. Although my mother sure as heck didn't look like this!

Dawn had her car waiting around back, a flashy red sports car that Daddy must have bought for her. We got in and she gave me the campus tour then proceeded into town to show me other popular spots as well. Whenever I thought she wasn't looking, I would steal glances at those awesome tits and watch as her already short shorts kept creeping up her golden thighs. Finally she pulled into a place she described as "the greatest bar-b-q in the south. I followed her in with my eyes glued to her cute ass. Her shorts were splitting it right up her crack. The lighting had a soft glow, which seemed even softer with the dark paneled walls. As I sat on the bench at our table, I noticed they were soft and bouncy, covered in thick see through plastic.

Besides the awkward conversation, mainly on my part, lunch was uneventful until I felt a stirring in my groin. Only this didn't feel like the normal stirring, this felt more like a real rubbing. Dawn kept talking in such a matter of fact way that I didn't dare look down to see what was going on. I finally reached down to my groin and was surprised to find a foot!

I heard laughter and looked up to see Dawn's beaming face, "I just wanted to see what type of rise I could get out of you. You seemed a little uptight Lenny." She winked.

Well, she was getting a reaction all right, but it was making me more "tense." Lunch ended and I thought our little adventure was over, but Dawn seemed to have other ideas.

"Where are we going?" I asked

"Oh, the last place we're going is a special hang-out."

I left it at that. We drove for about 10 minutes as the last of the sun's rays disappeared behind the moss-covered trees. All of a sudden Dawn slowed and turned off the paved two-lane road onto a dirt road that banked off to the right. The trees grew thicker and after a few hundred yards we came to an open meadow surrounded by trees. The focal point was a small pond. I wondered what she was up to, when she stopped the car and turned off the engine. "Well, this is it." She said

"This is what?"

"This is where all the major post-game and post-date make outs take place." She replied. "A lot of freshmen girls will be brought here this fall."

"What about freshmen guys?" I asked

"Nah, not too many, only the coolest." Was her reply

"Wait a second," I said somewhat hesitantly but proceeded anyway. "I..I...really appreciate how kind you've been to me and everything... but no one's ever put me in the category of popular or coolest."

"Awww don't be modest, Lenny. I think you're kinda cute."

And with that she turned her body towards me. Curling her legs up under her, Dawn looked at me with those dreamy big brown eyes. Her tits were thrust forward just begging to be fondled. I didn't know what I felt, but it seemed like a mixture of bewilderment, lust, shame, and pride all rolled into one. Here I was, 3 months removed from high school, a virgin and geek, with a total sex goddess, and I had no idea what to say.

"I...I...I" I stammered.

"Shhhhhh" her perfect glossed lips pursed as she put her index finger up to them. "Would you like to kiss me?" she whispered.

Instantly I was caught between two thoughts, the first Duhhhhhhhh, who wouldn't and the second was me with a big "L" above my head for loser, because I could see myself fumbling the ball here big time. Fortunately, Dawn didn't wait for an answer and leaned into me. The hard nipple and cushion of her right breast pressed into my arm. I was frozen in place, but somehow managed to form my lips into something that would resemble a kiss. Her lips pressed into mine and felt strong yet mushy as she stayed pressed up against me. Not knowing what to do, I closed my eyes and tried leaning into her a bit. My cock was rock hard. Fortunately I had on long shorts because I had grown to my full 12 inches and if my shorts were any shorter I would have been sticking out the bottom. She let out an audible "Mmmmm" and moved her lips away from mine, down to my neck and then up to my ear.

"Do you want the big senior to teach the little freshman how to make out?" she whispered into my ear. Her breath was so hot!

I let out a gasp, "Uhhhh huuuu"

"Let me show you how it's done," she hissed and proceeded to stick her hot wet tongue in my ear.

My hard-on was killer and started raising the slack in my pants up. She moved up on me crushing her tits into my bird chest as she did so. She then began running her right hand through my hair, her manicured nails combing my scalp as she pulled my lips back to her. I held on for the ride as this woman took control and obviously knew what she wanted. Her left hand grabbed my right wrist as she guided it up to her breast.

"This is what you've wanted to do ever since you saw me, isn't it?" she whispered once again in my ear.

Was there a correct answer to this I thought. "Uhhhh yeeaah" I stammered.

"Well go ahead, feel my tits!"

My dick was absolutely pulsing up and down in a frenzied rhythm. I started squeezing gently and she urged me, "harder...really crush 'em...come on squeeze 'em harder."

Never having gone this far with a girl before I did what I was told, but was also embarrassed at the scene she might see going on in my shorts. The head of my dick was almost poking out the end of my shorts. I felt her hand on my knee and then she started moving it slowly up my inner thigh.

"Oh!" she said, in a somewhat startled voice.

For a second, Dawn didn't seem to be in control. Possibly because she was surprised to be touching my dick so soon. She was only a few inches up from my knee. Dawn gripped my penis through my shorts, feeling the girth, and slowly made her way up the shaft, squeezing every few inches as she went along.

"My you're a big boy," she whispered into my ear.

Her hot voice sent more chills down my arms and legs and caused my dick to jump. I was having trouble with all of the stimulation Dawn was giving me and then she reached my balls and gave a gentle squeeze while simultaneously sticking her pointed tongue into my mouth.

I opened with a loud "Awwwwwwwwwwwww" as my penis started spasming and shooting stream after stream of cum first in my shorts and then because of my boxers out the loose fitting bottom and all over her dash and floor. She continued to rub and squeeze the front of my shorts driving her tongue in and out of my mouth like she was the one fucking me.

"Ooooooooooohhh" I continued to moan after the fifth or sixth jet of cum had sprayed out and my cock finally began to recoil and settle down.

"I...I...I'm sorry about that" I said, thoroughly embarrassed about losing control and blowing my load all over the place.

"Shhhhhh" she said, pulling my head down to rest on her chest.

As my head went down I thought I caught a glimpse of a mischievous looking smile.

"That's O.K., you just got excited that's all. I have that affect on a lot of guys."

With my head pressed into her tits I thought of the good fortune that had come my way in meeting Dawn. I'm the luckiest guy in the world. Little did I know what the next four weeks were going to bring.

"Let's get together again next Sunday night, Lenny," Dawn finally said, breaking me out of my trance. "I think we could have a lot more fun over at my place."

I couldn't believe it!

"And Lenny," she added.

"What?" I asked, still not believing my luck.

"Don't get off, if you know what I mean, between now and then. I want to see you shoot with everything you've got saved for me... promise?"

"I promise," I said.

I couldn't wait for next Sunday and the opportunity to see this hot vixen naked. As I strolled back to the dorm after Dawn dropped me off, the wet stains on my shorts finally dry, I couldn't help but wonder what the catch was. What would a beautiful, popular, senior cheerleader want to do with a geeky freshman? She had felt the size of my dick, but certainly it wasn't just that. Had she heard the rumors about my size before talking with me?

Looking back on it I should have been more attuned to the fact that the impossible was taking place and there must have been an ulterior motive. But, I was too consumed with a fog of lust and love to think in my typical analytical way. It was going to cost me more than I could have ever dreamed.

The week flew by quickly with all the activities of the new school year and the returning upper class getting reacquainted after the summer break. I managed to make it to all my classes and only saw Dawn once during the week. As our eyes made contact she winked and gave me her killer smile that melted me from fifty feet, causing me to stumble and drop my books. I squatted down to pick them up and as I raised my head there was Dawn squatting down as well, only she was wearing her cheerleading outfit. My eyes were right in line with her panties since the short skirt from her uniform had ridden up. I stared at her parted golden thighs right down to the V formed with her blue panties. My dick started to immediately harden which was very uncomfortable in this position.

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