Blue Balls


"Hi" she piped up. "You looked like you could use some help," she giggled.

"Tha Thanks" I stuttered trying to get up while prying my eyes away from her crotch.

"Remember," she said, "no playing with yourself this week, leave that to me on Sunday night!" And with that she did a swivel turn causing her skirt to swish back and forth as she lost herself in the crowd of students.

It was all I could do to cover my now erect penis with my books as I tried to regain some kind of composer. That was Friday. Now the only thing my mind could focus on was our date Sunday night.

I was more nervous than I'd ever been in my life. More nervous than my first accordian recital back with Mrs. Welks in the first grade. As I rapped on her door that night I wondered if I was wearing the right clothes. I mean what does someone wear when they lose their virginity? I had always thought it would be a spontaneous thing. I decided to wear plain old white fruit of the loom underwear beneath my long khaki shorts, penny loafers, and a short sleeve pink button down shirt. I also decided to wear my shirt untucked, which for me was a big deal. It just seemed incomplete without the belt and not very neat.

Actually, I had started out the door when my roommate Brad, shouted out.

"Hey Len! No need to look like more of a geek than you already are, lose the belt and wear the tails out, believe me it's a lot cooler."

Dawn answered the door in an outfit that didn't exactly put me at ease. Her hair was fuller than I had seen it before and kind of teased at the ends. She had on that same liquid pink lipstick that just begged for attention. Dawn's shirt was a form fitting half shirt with a deep plunging V-neck. The half shirt of course emphasized her tiny waist while the tightness of the shirt and the V created about two inches of cleavage at the top and seems that were begging for mercy at the edge of her "D-cups." I could feel the stirring in my groin beginning.

"Hi stranger," she mouthed more than said. "Come on in."

She turned and left me at the door, mouth aghast, as I gawked at how the tiny white shorts clung to her perfectly tiny butt. She was bare foot, which still put her at eye level with me, and walked more on her toes than her feet, causing her muscular calves to flex with each step.

I followed her in through the foyer to the great room of her apartment where she turned to face me. Awkwardly I brought the pink rose out from behind my back and thrust it towards her. I had debated whether to bring her something or not and I guess the traditional part of me convinced me to do it. Either that or my mother making me buy a corsage for my lone date in high school, the Senior Prom.

"For me?" she grinned, taking it in her hand and looking down at it.

"How sweet." And then she glanced up; brushing her bangs away with her other hand.

"I'll have to be extra special for you tonight."

My soft nine inches was probably pushing 11 and I could feel myself starting to sweat a little. What was my next move? I gave a meek smile and said, "Oh, it was nothing." And then just stood there.

"How 'bout we have a glass of wine," she said, thankfully breaking up the silence. I quickly answered in the affirmative, although I had never had beer, wine, or any form of liquor in high school. She put the flower in a vase and quickly brought two glasses that must have been prepared earlier, out of the refrigerator.

"This is more like a wine cooler, a white zinfandel, by Berringer."

"Tha that's great," I stammered, still caught up in this goddess taking my flower and delivering a glass of wine to me.

She sipped at first and then drank the whole thing down, licking her lips with the final drop. I did the same and somehow kept from choking at my first taste of wine. "Come here," she said walking into the great room and giving me a great view of her ass as she bent over to turn on the CD player. "Let's dance."

Now here was something I could do, I thought at first, having taken dance lessons at my mother's persistent urging, in high school. "You'll be able to use this the rest of your life," I remember her saying.

Dawn seemed to have gone to a different dance studio, as she put her arms around my neck and leaned into me pushing her perfect breasts into my bird chest forcing the sides to press out like a balloon being pushed against a wall.

"Uuhh, uhhh, what type of dancing did you have in mind," I forced out.

"The slow and sensuous kind Lenny, let yourself go a little, get rid of those inhibitions and move with the music."

Then I felt her pelvis lock into mine as she continued the body-meld she was performing on me. At this point my hands were still at my sides and I knew she must be able to feel my full 12 inches at attention and pushing out of my underwear and to the edge of the top of my shorts. Fortunately I was canted to the side; because normally sticking straight up I pass my navel by 3 to 4 inches.

Dawn led as we slowly turned swaying slowly to the beat of the mood music she had chosen. I hadn't ever experience anything like this and felt the worst thing I could do change whatever course she had charted for us. Dawn then began to slide very slightly at first only one or two inches up and down as we made our slow circles. For me this was agonizing pleasure. Those wonderfully formed breasts now pressed more lightly into me rising and falling. Then she began to move more dramatically up and down rubbing her tits against me like she was trying to get something off them. There was no way she couldn't feel the stiff rod in my pants that angled off to the left, the head of my penis bulging vulgarly at the side of my pants trying to get out. I glanced down slightly to see my pants protruding outward in a queer sort of way.

Dawn then started turning herself away from me while maintaining a constant pressure. "Let's try it this way," she said lustily.

If I thought her normal way of dancing was new to me, this was completely beyond my understanding. Dawn reached behind her back thrusting her tits out and grabbed both my hands slowly putting them on to her slim hips. "Lenny, don't you want to run your hands up my body and cup my breasts?"

"Aaaaw yeeeeah," was my raspy reply as my glasses slid down my sweaty nose.

I ran my hands up her body, first in, as I gripped her tiny waist and then slightly outward as I moved up and forward to encircle those firm globes.

"That's it baby," she encouraged, "They're yours for tonight, squeeze 'em, pull on 'em, and later you can suck them!"

With her leaning forward the crack of her ass lined up with my dick and she continued the up and down movement she had begun with her breasts before. My throbbing penis was now straight up and down. I could feel it push past my waistband, the meaty head pressing into my stomach about four inches above my navel. I couldn't believe, in my awkwardness, thinking it was a good thing my shirt was covering me up.

Her tight ass cheeks were creating a lot of friction as she slid up and down my member. I felt some wetness on my stomach and new that pre-cum was leaking out. "Uuuuhhhhh," I moaned.

"Pull them out," she said turning her head and flashing me a smile.

"Pu..pull..wh..what out?" I stammered

"My tits, Lenny, pull them out of my bra and tug on my nipples!" she instructed

I couldn't stand it, she was driving me nuts! I stopped kneading her breasts long enough to reach under her tight top and pull it up around her neck. I was now caught in a predicament never having taken off a woman's bra before. Caught up in my own urgency I reached up under the underwires of her cups and just pulled forward...they just fell out, staring me in the face.

"Oh my gosh," I muttered under my breath

She grabbed my hands firmly and pulled them to her hanging breasts forcing me to grip them hard. Then she started squeezing my hands to grab her more firmly and tugged downward. I quickly got the idea and starting feeling the warm flesh between my fingers as I yanked on her tits harder and harder.

My balls were aching for some sort of release as she now had her ass gyrating in all directions as I moved my hands forward more and pulled at her nipples.

"That's it Lenny, you're getting me hot and wet now!" "Let's get down on the floor."

She turned back around facing me and said, "but first, lets release that monster you've got hiding in your pants."

She pulled her top and bra from around her neck and threw it on the floor. Her tits were totally mesmerizing me as I focused in on the hard nipple I had been pulling on. Her aureoles looked to be the size of an arousal can top, but they were puffy and stuck out in a concave shape about half an inch.

Then Dawn started the process of undoing each of the buttons on my shirt starting from the top. Her hair was slightly tussled from her little dance and she looked at me seductively through her bangs while she touched her tongue to her lips. About half way down I don't think she was even prepared for the sight she saw.

"Oh my!" she squealed in delight, "I can tell this is going to be more fun than I thought."

She pulled my shirt off my slim shoulders, undid the button on my shorts and let them drop straight to the floor. There I stood in all my geekish glory. My cock at full mast looking like a fat V-2 rocket sticking about 4 inches above my fruit-of-the-looms. The waistband was the only thing that kept the monster from lurching forward at her.

"I hope you saved yourself for me," Dawn said, "because this thing is mine."

"I did!" I admitted sheepishly

She took her hand and reach under my sack lifting my aching balls like she was testing the weight. As she gave a gently squeeze I couldn't stifle my moan, "Ooooohhhhhhhh." I had my eyes closed and as I finished my moan her hand moved away.

Dawn turned away from me again and said, "This is what you really came for, wasn't it?" She then started tugging at her shorts, pulling the tight fabric out and then down while she shifted her hips from side to side. I gulped loudly when I saw she wasn't wearing any underwear.

"What do you think of my ass?" she said

I could honestly say that it was the best ass I had ever seen. In fact it was the only real female one I had ever seen. It had a small bubble form to it that made it look like it was perfect for palming. Her tan lines proved what I had thought when I first saw her, she must wear a thong when tanning.

"'s great," I said enthusiastically but hesitantly, fearful of saying the wrong thing.

"It's better than great, it's the best ass you'll ever lay your eyes on," she challenged.

"And it's nothing," she continued, "compared to this," and she turned around to show me a perfectly trimmed triangular bush. There were no tan lines on her hips and only the slightest indication of one around the small brown triangle.

"Now get down on the floor with me, Lenny," she cooed, "I'm sure I'm going to have to give some instruction here. And take that underwear off on the way down," she ordered.

"Yes ma'am," I said somewhat sarcastically, but knowing that I'd do whatever this woman wanted me to do.

Dawn laid down on a large throw pillow that must have been strategically placed there before my arrival with her back up against the couch. Her knees slightly bent and spread she told me to kneel on all fours in front of her. My dick was still stiff from the sight of her and my balls hung down heavily with a large amount of sperm stored up in them.

"Now, this is where you earn your pay, Lenny," "I'm going to spread the lips of my sweet pussy and I want you to lick me to a half dozen orgasms. Do you understand."

"Uhhhh, yes," I said, "But I've never done this before so you'll have to help me."

"Don't worry, Lenny, you keep licking and occasionally sticking it in my slit and I'll move around to where I want to be."

She took her hands and spread her cunt lips apart and I slowly moved my head down to a sight I had never seen. Even Playboy was too mild in those days to show anything more than a girl's bush. I stuck my tongue out determined to give her the best I could give. I could see the wetness and moved my head in licking up and down like you lick an ice cream cone. She let out a moan and said, "Goooooood, that's a good start."

After about five minutes of this, trying to alternate between up and down and side to side movements, my tongue started to get sore. I pulled it back in to rest and she quickly pushed her pussy up against my mouth.

"Now suck with your lips if your tongue's tired...don't stop!"

She put both her hands behind my head grabbing my hair and pulled my face into her. At the same time she had her ass off the ground grinding her crotch up into me.

"Yeah, keep going, your doing great!" she encouraged.

I felt good with her words of motivation and continued my forced assault. My tool had softened somewhat from the lack of attention and my focus on her. I could feel it hanging straight down brushing the carpet. Even though my dick wasn't totally stiff, my balls were aching more than ever. This was by far the most stimulus that I had ever had.

20 minutes later, Dawn was on her sixth orgasm. Her breathing was hurried and raspy. Her head shaking side to side,

"Oooooh yeeaaahh! Keep it up big boy, I'm thinking about that huge prick of yours and wondering how it's going to fit in my little pussy."

The sight of her as I glanced up while not taking my tongue off her clit and the things she was yelling out were bringing my dick back to its full size. Finally she said, "O.K., that's enough."

And she pushed my head away pulled up into the fetal position on her side and purrrrrred.


I basically kneeled there with my dick in my hand wondering what to do. Dawn opened her eyes and said,

"All right Lenny, now it's your turn."

And with that she pushed me backward on my back. She looked hotter than hell with a post-orgasmic glow. She pushed my bent knees apart and started draping her hair across my cock swishing her head back and forth. This caused my cock to jump while she slowly started kissing me from a light touch on my lips and then down my flat white chest to the head of my penis. By this time another spot of cum had oozed out of my piss hole and Dawn stuck out her tongue to just barely touch it. As she pulled her tongue away a thin strand of cum followed her. All of these sights and light touches were reeking havoc on my senses. My dick seemed to have a mind of its own jumping erratically up and down.

She started ever so slowly squeezing my balls first one then the other. At the same time she was balancing herself with her other hand on the floor, her 36D tits hanging down in front of my face. I reached out to lick one, but before I could touch it she lowered herself so that her tits were resting on either side of my neck. I peered over her shoulders to view the smooth curve in her tan back and that fine ass sticking up in the air.

"How does this feel, Lenny?" she cooed into my ear as she began to drag her tits down my body so that they were now enveloping my rigid cock.

"Ooohhh my gosh, its unbelievable, I...I...can't take much more..." I stammered, my body racked with years of fantasy sensations now becoming reality.

Then she was lifting up and grabbing my cock at the very base, just above my balls. Her hands couldn't grip all the way around but she was still able to squeeze pretty hard. This left 8 inches of my now purplish looking dick sticking straight up above her hand almost touching her slightly parted mouth. She pulled up on my shaft still maintaining her tight grip.

"You know Lenny, I love the sight and feel of your big cock. Just the thought of it brought me to 6 orgasms."

"Ooooooohh," I moaned opening and closing my eyes and involuntarily thrusting my pelvis towards her.

"I want to see you shoot that big thick load of yours," she hissed while jerking up and down on my shaft now with both hands, one on top of the other.

"Ahhhhhhh!" "I can't take much more Dawn, I'm gonna lose it!"

"Not yet, Lenny! You haven't stuck it in my pussy yet! Don't get off with out me!!"

She then stopped her stroking, kept a tight grip on the base of my shaft with one hand and started to running her perfectly manicured nails across the underside of the eight inches still showing.

"Ahhhh....Ahhhhhh....hellllp meeee!" I cried, not able to control myself.

Glancing down with almost a fearful look, I saw three rope-like veins bulging menacingly on my reddish-purple cock. My plum-size head was the darkest I had ever seen it. My balls were killing me as I needed release but wanted to hold out for her pussy and not disappoint her.

Dawn loosened her grip on my meat, still holding on and brought her other hand down to tickle the skin between my balls and anus. That was all I could take. My cock started having its own seizure, jerking violently while Dawn moved her face away and watched the fireworks take place.

"Iiiiiiiiiiimmm dyyyyinnng, Ahhhhhhh!"

I yelled out without any inhibitions at all. Dawn had a smile on her face watching me thrash around, jet streams of cum shooting out 10 to 15 inches straight up in the air. She pointed my raging cock back towards me as the geyser continued to gush out. My thick white fluid was blasting out more than I even thought was possible. Dawn was massaging my balls as my cum was landing on my chest, face, and in my hair.

After 30 seconds of constant cum shooting, Dawn let go of my cock and the tower of power fell over landing on my stomach with an audible, "Thwaaaak."

My body was still shaking and my balls were aching with the complete discharge of all the fluid built up in them. I looked between my legs at Dawn still kneeling there and saw her pouting lips and look of disappointment on her face.

"Lenny, I thought you were going to wait for me? Now what am I gonna do about my hungry pussy."

I glance between her legs at the moistness that was still there due to my tongue-lashing and her juices and sighed.

"I'm sorry Dawn, I didn't mean to get off like that. I don't think I'm going to be any use to you now."

She reached over and picked up my limp 9 inches in the middle, my cock looking like a worn out rope draped over a fence post. She shook it several times with no response and then grabbed my balls as I jerked in pain.

"Owwww!," I said in obvious agony, "That hurts."

Dawn reached back to a drawer on her entertainment center and pulled it open. I was shocked and embarrassed when she pulled out a sizeable black dildo. I had only seen them in magazines before and had certainly never seen a woman use one before.

Dawn said, "You can watch what you could have had, if you had kept under control Lenny, then I have to get some sleep. I have an 8 o'clock class tomorrow."

She took what looked to be about an 8-inch dildo, around half the thickness of my cock, and slowly worked it in and out of her snatch with one hand while simultaneously rubbing her clit with the other. My cock remained totally limp, as I had to view what I should have been getting. While she got off moaning and thrusting her hips into the fake dick, I grabbed a dishtowel and tried to wipe off all the cum I had drenched myself in. By the time I was done and had put my clothes back on Dawn was finished.

"Ooooohhhhh, that felt fine!" she half talked and moaned. "I hope you can do better for me next week big man."

With that she cupped my balls through my pants, planted a kiss on the side of my face and whispered, "Remember Lenny, this dick is mine...No touching this week. If I've found out you have then it's all over."

"You don't have to worry about that," I said "It's so worn out it will take me a week to recover."

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