tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBlue Bloods Pt. 01

Blue Bloods Pt. 01


The Reagan Brothers with Reagan Women and More

Jamie Reagan was just getting off his shift. He came up behind Edit Jenko (Vanessa Ray). "Hey Eddie, wanna go catch a beer or two?"

"Sure Jamie, I'll meet you out front, I wanna change and get out of my uniform. See you there in ten, okay?"

"Sounds great, I had such a great day, I'm even buying." He headed to the locker room and changed too. Just as he opened his locker, his cell went off. He looked at it and saw it was his brother, Danny Reagan, "Hey Danny, what's up?"

"Hey Jamie, we're in a bind, Linda (Amy Carlson) and I were going to spend some alone time, sort of a date. Dinner, dancing and maybe even a movie, but our babysitter called off at the last moment. Linda suggested calling you. We know the boys love you and they are old enough so you wouldn't really have to babysit, just be there in case anything arose. They take care of themselves and I'll spring for a couple of pizza. What do you say?"

"Oh I don't know Danny. I was heading out for a couple of drinks with Eddie and I've already cancelled on her a couple times already."

"Hell, invite her to babysit with you. I know you wanted to see the last season of Game of Thrones, I have it on DVD for you to watch."

"I'm in the locker room changing. When I get out and meet up with Eddie, I'll ask her, no promises Danny."

"Okay, but please hurry, I'd hate to call Nicky, she really doesn't get along with the boys."

"I'll call you in a few, see ya." He changed and waited out at the front of the precinct. His jaw dropped when Eddie came out. Being spring, she was dressed in a white, flowery sundress. Her legs were bare and in heels, her legs looked amazing. Her hair was out of her bun and curled, it danced about her bare shoulders. The golden blonde and her bright blue eyes made him stop and stare, "Wow Eddie, you look fantastic, nothing like you do in the squad car."

She giggled, "I love being a cop, but that uniform, just drives me crazy. I was thinking about cutting my hair short so I don't have to spend fifteen minutes every morning pulling it up."

Jamie shook his head, "Don't you dare, it's one of your best features, and it rivals a whole bunch more. Oh, by the way, I got a call from my brother Danny, Linda and him wanted to know if I could babysit the boys. I told him I was going out for drinks with you. He told me to have you come over too. He's putting up the beer and pizzas and has season 5 of Game of Thornes, what do you say?"

"I don't know Jamie; I'm not too good with young boys."

He chuckles, "Not too good with older ones too, but they are old enough that they'd be up in their rooms either watching TV or playing video games. I just have to be there in case of an emergency, what do you say? I didn't want to cancel on you again, but I'd much rather be spending some free time with you. So you wanna?"

"What do you mean I'm not too good with older men too? Okay, but I'll drive my car and follow you, just in case I want to leave."

Jamie called Danny and told him he'd be there in fifteen minutes. When he got there, Eddie pulled up behind him and getting out they climbed the stair to Danny and Linda's house together.

Danny opened the door, "I really appreciate this you two. I hated to call Nicky; she just doesn't get along with the boys." Just then Linda came down the stairs, she looked amazing. Her short light blonde hair was feathered around her face and as always those mesmerizing turquoise and blue eyes captivated Jamie. Eddie took in her slinky pearly-white wrap-around silky dress. It showed off her every curve and shapely legs and tight bubble butt.

Linda came over to Jamie and gave him a peck on the cheek, "You have no idea how bad I need this night off. It's been a bitch at the hospital all week and with Danny working longer shifts with the murder he just solved, we haven't been connecting, if you get my drift."

Jamie just nodded and looked to Eddie, "No problem Linda, Eddie came in her own car if the boys get out of hand. I know I won't have a problem with them, you two go out and have fun, I'll call if I have any serious problems, I doubt if I will."

They left and Jamie and Eddie called the boys down to eat pizza. They headed back upstairs while Eddie and Jamie found the DVD and popping it in, they settled down to a bowl of popcorn and a couple of ice cold beers.

Half way through the first episode, the boys came down, "Uncle Jamie, we were wondering if we could spend the night at one of our school friend's home?"

Jamie paused the show, seeing it had nudity in it and he didn't want them to see it. "I don't know, I'll call your dad and see if it's okay." He called and Danny and answered it immediately, "Jamie is everything okay?"

"Yeah Danny, no problem, but the boys want to spend the night at a friend's place. I told them it was up to you and Linda."

Danny could be heard talking to Linda and he came back on the phone, "Jamie, put Jack on, I want to see where they want to go."

Jamie gave Jack the phone and they talked and he handed the phone back to Jamie, "Yeah Danny, so what's the verdict?"

"It's okay Jamie, but you'll have to drive them, I don't want them walking all that way, especially seeing its getting dark."

"No problem Danny, I'll take them and wait till they are inside before I drive away. Do you want me to make sure it's okay with their friend's parents?"

"No, it's okay; they do this on a regular basis. They have our number if it is a problem. Thanks for doing this; at least you and Eddie can take-off after that."

"I don't think so Danny, we just started watching Thrones, have fun, they are already raring to go." He turned to Eddie, "Hang tight, I'll be back in less than ten."

Eddie kicked off her shoes and curled up on the sofa and leaned back and closed her eyes. When Jamie left, she went exploring at the DVD's and found "50 Shades of Grey", the unrated version. She popped it in the player and started the movie.

By the time Jamie returned, the movie was still in the tame portion. Jamie perked up and flopped down beside Eddie and the two of them watched in silence. Jamie shifted as he felt his cock begin to stir when it came to the part where Christian took Anna to his bed to take her virginity.

Eddie was getting turned on and somehow he hand ended on one of Jamie's thighs. Her hand slid up and down and she stiffened when she came in contact with his huge cock. Her hand stopped and slowly closed around the thick shaft. She released it when she heard him moan out.

Jamie was breathing heavier and his hand found her bare knee. He slid his hand slowly up her bare leg and was surprised and pleased when he saw her part her legs, giving him easier access to her upper legs.

Eddie leaned back and was now pressing her shoulder and half of her back against his chest. Her head rolled back and it rested on his shoulder. She tipped her head back and she was staring up into his eyes.

As the steamy bedroom scene continued; Jamie lowered his mouth and closed over Eddie's parted lips. He was met with her tongue as she danced along his lips and flicked back and forth with his tongue and opening her mouth, she slipped back and drew his tongue into her mouth. Her hand was now strongly stroking his huge cock and her breath was coming harder and faster. She deftly opened his pants and slipping her long, slender fingers into his open pants, she closed her cool fingers around the hot flesh of his cock. Her thumb found a large dollop of cum oozing out of the large pee-hole. Her fingers couldn't meet seeing he was so thick, "Holy fuck Jamie, it's huge!"

He chuckled, "Yeah I know, it's a curse and a blessing sometimes."

She tipped her head up and kissed him again, "How so, I know it would be a blessing for women, but how a curse?"

He kissed her again, this time with a lot more passion; it nearly took her breath away, "I tell you Eddie, being so large, I've never had a woman take more than half of it into her mouth. I have to be careful to make sure a woman is properly lubricated; most guys don't have that issue. I can't go too deep sometimes. Not all women are large enough to take my entire length without scraping their cervix. Some scream out on pain, you have no idea how fast that can kill the moment. But sometimes, if I find the right lady, my god, it can be heaven, for her and for me." He kissed her even harder now, he felt her hand increase the speed on his cock and he arched his back, allowing Eddie to slide his pants down to his ankles. He found her soaked panties and scraping at the gusset, produced a moan that urged him onward and upward. He pulled her panties aside and began furiously finger-fucking her tight, yet well lubricated pussy. The slushing and slurping sounds her pussy was making, made him aware, she was more than capable of taking his huge member in her.

Eddie's head was spinning, just imagining taking this huge cock into her mouth and pussy. Her mouth was already watering and aching to taste him. She managed to break free from his expert finger-fucking. She slipped from the sofa and pulling his pants free from his feet, taking his shoes and socks with it, she examined his cock. She moved it from one hand to the other. Stroking and squeezing its length and thickness. She lifted her arm and measured it from wrist to elbow and it was just that large. She used both hands on it and was able to have her fingers meet with a few inches to spare. She slowly lowered her head and opening her mouth, she drew the large, beet-red head between her lips.

In the Italian restaurant Danny picked out, he had a quiet, dark, out of the way booth for Linda and him. He used the Uber service so he could consume wine without worrying about being pulled over for being under the influence. They were already into the second bottle of wine. Appetizers were served, their main course had arrived and Linda was getting friskier and friskier by the second. Danny requested an out of the way table, but Linda insisted on a booth, he now knew why.

Linda, having raised two boys, she was apt to eating with one hand while feeding or controlling one of the boys. Tonight though, as she ate with one hand, her other hand managed to open Danny's pants and reveal his stiffening cock. She nonchalantly stroked his cock, while eating and carrying on a conversation.

Danny on the other hand, had a difficult time eating using both hands, one to eat and the other to steady himself. He had a tough time taking a much needed gulp of wine to steady his nerves. He grabbed Linda's tiny wrist and grunted out, "Oh sweetheart, you better slow down or this night is going to end a lot sooner than either of us want it to."

She slowed her hand movement on his huge cock, the affliction ran in the family, he was just as large as Jamie, but after two boys and a woman who he's been married to for over fifteen years, she knew how to handle it and him. She was stretched deep and wide and could take him easily in any of her three holes. She giggled and raised her wet palm to her lips. She licked the cum that oozed out from her expert hand-job. "Mmmm, just as tasty as always, Danny! Are you sure you want to go dancing or would you like to head home and to the horizontal dance, without any pants?"

He groaned out, Oh you know the answer to that by now Linda, but tonight is your night and if you want to see a movie or go dancing, I'm all for it."

She slapped him playfully on the shoulder, "You are such a lousy fucking liar! Finish your food, feed me a nice high calorie dessert, I'm going to need to extra carbs tonight and promise to take me dancing next time and you and take me home and have your way with me."

"Waiter, I'd like to order dessert!"

Back at Danny Reagan's house, Eddie was down on her knees. She was stroking Jamie's cock while her lips and tongue were lapping and sucking at his shaft close to his large nut sack. Eddie was producing and extreme amount of saliva and it was flowing from her puckered lips, down to his swollen nuts. Her lips parted and her tongue flicked at the thick shaft. She moved upward as her hands continued upward. She twisted her hands around his shaft, coating his huge cock with her spit. She hovered over the top and closed her lips over the large mushroomed head. Locking her lips around it, she was stretched wide and Jamie barely fit in her mouth. She spread her lips a little wider and dribbled a large stream of saliva down his cock. She followed the dripping spit down with her lips. She gagged and coughed when she just had about half of his fourteen inches down her throat. She was always able to deep throat her lovers cocks before and seeing she had seven inches of thick cock down in her oral cavity, she was doing rather well, but it wasn't good enough for the sweet blonde police officer. She was used to accomplishing everything she put her mind to doing, but this was way beyond anything she ever tried swallowing before. She coughed even harder, her eyes were streaming tears down her cheeks and she pulled back when Jamie pulled lightly at her tousled blonde hair.

"Give it a break Eddie, it isn't something to be ashamed of, I've been sucked by some of the best and none have succeeded. He gently swept a stray lock of hair from her eyes and tucked it back behind her ear. He cupped her cheek with his palm as his thumb gently caressed her damp skin.

Eddie turned into Officer Jenko; she stared up intently into Jamie's eyes. She licked her lips and taking a deep breath, once again hovered over his cock. She lowered her head and slowly descended upon his cock. She began breathing heavily through her nostrils as her air flow was being cut-off. She sank deeper and deeper. Her lips hit her hand; she was now as the ten inch level, four to go. Her throat muscles began to contract and she slowly rose up, pulling her lips up and off his cock.

Jamie's entire cock was coated in her throat mucus. Her lips were coated in her thick spit and it dripped down her chin. She was gasping for breath, and a huge smile broke out across her lips. She lowered her mouth and parting her lips, her tongue whipped around and around, as she made love to his cock.

Out on the front porch of the house were Danny and Linda. They were in a hurry to get in the house and fuck each other's brains out, but just as Linda reached for the doorknob, she heard a loud grunt and peeking through the door's sheer curtains, she saw Eddie on her knees, gobbling up on her brother-in-law's huge cock. She sucked in her breath, she knew Danny was huge, but seeing another cock, just as large and being sucked on by someone other than her, she felt a gush of juices wetting her already damp panties. She stopped Danny from entering and guided him to peek in on his brother and Officer Jenko.

Danny had to stifle a laugh and a tiny moan as he watched a porn movie playing out in his living room. He scooted closer to Linda and his tented pants brushed against Linda's firm bubble butt. He knew he couldn't wait any longer. Danny slowly and quietly opening the door; Danny urged Linda into the living room and he closed the door behind him. Looking up, he locked eyes with Jamie; he smiled at him and saw Jamie's tensed body relax.

Linda, as if in a trance, slowly knelt down beside Eddie. Eddie let out a shriek and tried to move away, but Linda caught her by the arm and held her in place. She tenderly ran her fingers through Eddie's wavy blonde hair and tightening her grip, she urged her back down to her brother-in-law's stiff cock. "Mmmm, you do that so well, but still have a way to go to get it all in, here let me show you." A tiny smile crossed her lips seeing she was accomplished with large cocks. She stared down at Jamie's and she knew for sure Jamie and Danny were brothers.

Linda coated her lips with saliva and stroking his cock several times, making it extremely stiff, she bent over more than Eddie did and rolling her tongue around and around the tip, she let out large gob of saliva drip down his shaft. She closed her lips around the shaft and slid downward. Inch by inch, his cock disappeared into her mouth. It hit the back of her throat and she relaxed her muscles and tipping her head forward a little more, she pushed down and her lips were now brushing against his crinkled nut sack.

Eddie let out a squeal, "Holy fuck Linda, you did it. She dropped lower and licked and sucked one of his huge nuts into her mouth. She looked up and nearly came from the sight she saw. She didn't move as she watched Linda's lips slowly slide back up and released his cock with a loud pop. A stream of saliva ran down his cock and Eddie opened her mouth and caught it all. She turned and stared at the bobbing cock before her.

Danny had removed his pants, shorts and shoes. His cock, nearly identical to Jamie's stared her in the face. She scooted closer and planted her mouth over the upper slope of his cock. Opening her mouth, she released the spit she caught from Linda's mouth. She began running her lips from side to side, covering his cock from head to root with spit. Her hand followed and began stroking him to complete fullness. Her hot breath covered the head and then her lips and mouth enveloped the head. She slowly lowered her head, taking more and more into her hot, wet mouth. She had to release it when she started gagging. She looked to Linda who was taking Jamie deep and wanted to learn to do what she did so easily.

Jamie reached out and pulled the tie that held Linda's sexy dress secure. It fluttered open and he was about to remove it when his cell phone went off. At the same time, Danny's went off. He was going to reach into his pants go get it when Eddie's mouth once again enveloped the head of his cock and took more than half of his length into her mouth.

Danny reached for his phone and stopped once again, Eddie's tongue worked over his shaft and she increased her sucking action, causing Danny to pause before fishing his cell out of his pants pocket. He saw it was his sister, Erin calling. He took a deep breath to steady his voice and answered it, "Yes Erin, what do you need?"

Erin noticed the irritation in his voice and she bit her lip, "I hate to call you, but we had an incident here a few minutes ago. Someone threw a brick through our window and it shook the shit out of Nicky and me. Should I call the police or will you be coming over to see what you can do about it?"

Of all the times for Erin to call, but he owed her after helping him with holding off charging one of his snitches, "No, no, don't call the cops, it may get back to dad and you know how he gets, I'll be there soon."

Across the short area of the living room, Jamie answered his phone too, it was Nicky. She told him the same story and he looked to Danny and nodded, "I'll be there too, I'll head over with your Uncle Danny, see you soon."

Danny was slipping into his shorts and pants; he had a tough time concealing his stiff cock and looked to Jamie, "Seems like we can't catch a break, can we Jamie. Come on, get dressed, the sooner we settle this problem, the sooner we can get back here and really have something to celebrate." He looked to his pretty bride, her dress was open and he looked on at her lush body, "Keep it warm Linda, Jamie and I won't be long." He gave her a sly smile and motioned to Eddie, "Keep her motor running while I'm gone, I would love to test drive her, right Eddie?"

Eddie blushed and meekly nodded, "Oh don't you worry Danny, I think Linda and I will find something to keep one another entertained, right Linda?"

Linda reached out and pulled Eddie to her feet and drew her down beside her on the sofa. She swept her hair behind her ear, cupping the back of Eddie's head; she drew her to her and planted a soft, but passionate kiss on her lips. Pulling back she looked to Jamie and Danny, "You two better hurry back or the two of us just may start, and finished without you."

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