Blue Bloods Pt. 01


Linda caught her at the door and after a few moments of fast talking, settled her down and guided her back to the bathroom, where Eddie had just emerged, "Go take care of yourself and come on back out here and we'll talk, we'll drink and..." she chuckled, "Well, we'll see what else we can think of to do."

Maria took a deep breath; bit her lower lip and nodding headed into the bathroom. She closed the door and Linda and Eddie heard the lock being set.

Eddie hurried to the living room and found her skirt and blouse. Slipping into the skirt, she zipped it up and was in the process of buttoning her blouse when Maria came out. She smiled at the two blondes, "You didn't have to dress because of me Eddie, I sort of liked what I saw."

Eddie gave her a devilish grin and reversed her process and unbuttoned the blouse. She slipped it off, tossed it back across one of the chairs. She leaned down and picking up her wine glass, she emptied it. She turned to Linda who already had the bottle in hand to refill.

Maria came and sat down between Linda and Eddie and she shook her head, "Some detective huh? I come in here and there are two half full wine glasses and it doesn't dawn on me that you have company, duh!"

Linda chuckled and handed her, her wine. She watched as Maria guzzled it down and went back for more. She took another sip and looked on as Linda took hold of her wine glass from her. Linda put it on the table and Maria took a deep breath. She knew what was coming next, but was frozen in place, unable and unwilling to prevent it.

Linda scooted closer and reaching out, she cupped the nape of Maria's neck; she scooped up her long, thick chestnut brown hair and guided it back behind her ear. She tugged lightly at Maria's neck and leaning forward willingly, her lips parted as Linda's met hers. A deep moan escaped from her throat as she pressed harder against Linda's unencumbered breasts. Their tongue danced from one mouth to the other and Maria sucked in her breath when she felt fingers on her blouse, plucking away at the buttons to free her large, full tits.

Eddie was behind her deftly unbuttoning her blouse. Eddie slipped it from her shoulders. Her hands immediately went to the back of her skirt. She found the tab on the zipper and pulled it down. Eddie wiggled the skirt from side to side and it fell about Maria's black high-heeled shoes. She tossed it aside and took a step back.

Maria was dressed in a black and red lace bustier and matching panties (look her up on the internet, she's on her hands and knees modeling this outfit). Eddie stepped forward and reaching out, swept her long reddish brown hair from the top of the bustier where her breasts tried to leap free from. "Mmmm I thought they were nice, I don't want you hiding them, they are magnificent. Her hands began undoing the red ribbons that held the bustier together.

Maria arched her back and threw her head back when she felt Linda behind her. She slid the tiny panties down her lush, slender legs. She felt Linda's hair tickling her thighs and she let out a groan when she felt Linda's tongue swiping up and down her hairy, wet slit. She pushed back against Linda's invading tongue and started cumming immediately. She was so wound-up from the hell her ex-husband put her through; she started creaming all over Linda's tongue.

Eddie managed to untie the bustier to just below Maria's bulging tits. They spilled out over the top and her rich, dark nipples peeked out and begged to be sucked and licked. Eddie stopped at that point, she loved how sexy Maria looked with the bustier on and how her tits spilled over the top. She gathered up Maria's long, rich hair and pulled her closer. She kissed her hand and releasing her hair; her hand slipped down and found one of Maria's stiff buds. She tugged, twisted and tweaked it until she had Maria moaning onto her mouth.

Maria loved the attention from both ends. She shoved her tongue past Eddie's lips and darted all about her mouth. She reached around and released Eddie's bra. She immediately tore it from her sleek body and began mauling Eddie's smaller, but shapely cones of flesh.

Eddie managed to get up enough courage to pull away. She looked at Linda who was still dressed and had her head buried between Maria's lush ass cheeks. She grabbed her by the arm and she smiled when she heard Linda moan out in protest, "Linda, why don't we take this to the bedroom where we all can be more comfortable?"

Linda looked from Eddie to the lush brown body of Maria and nodded, "Fuck the guys, who knows how long they'll be and Danny promised me a night of hot sex, again he welched on his promise, let's go." She grabbed Maria around the waist, pulled her to her, gave her a hot, open-mouthed kiss, allowing Maria to taste her own juices on her lips and tongue. She guided her down the hall to the master bedroom. She turned on a tiny light, bathing the room in a soft seductive light. She turned and pulled Eddie into her embrace and placing a hot kiss on her lips; she released her and climbed up onto the bed.

Back in Erin's living room Jamie knelt over Nicky, he paused and looked down at her, "Nicky, if you want me to take your virginity, I need you to grasp my penis and put it in you, or at least at the entrance."

She looked up at him with those dark eyes; she bit down at her lower lip and licked it. She reached down and grabbed him immediately; she tugged at it and swept it up and down her fleshy lips. She arched her hips and the knob of his cock penetrated her tight hole. She leaned back and felt him follow her. She held her breath as she felt him slowly sink into her tight pussy. Her eyes widened as she felt him sink deeper and deeper. She let out a groan when she felt him come in contact with her hymen. She nodded and bit down harder on her lip, "Do it Uncle Jamie, please take it. I need to feel like a woman and your thick cock will do it, please, I know it will hurt. My girlfriends told me, but once you're in, I heard the pain subsided and pleasure overtakes the pain, please do it!" She screamed out, "Do it now!"

Jamie let out a grunt and shoved forcefully forward and he felt her hymen tearing and he slid deep into her slick hole. He felt like his cock was being squeezed and strangled. He felt Nicky's nails dig into his back as she clung hard to his shoulders and back. Her one leg fell to the floor, trying to make more space for him to enter. He held still, the heat of her pussy and the blood coating his cock was incredible. He looked into her eyes, they were moist with tears, but they also twinkled as she whispered up at him, "Oh fuck, I'm finally a woman. I never felt such pain, but it was gone quickly. Now there is an itching deep in me that desperately needs scratching. Please Uncle Jamie, fuck me, fuck me and make me have my first vagina orgasm. I want it from you, you and only you. I always had a crush on you, until now I was able to conceal it. With your huge, pulsating cock filling me, I can't hide it any longer. I want you to fuck me, fuck me like you never fucked anyone before. The pain is almost gone, give me the pleasure I always wanted from you, please!"

He leaned in and planted a soft kiss on her bee-stung lips. He increased the kiss, adding tongue and more pressure. He began moving, sliding in and out of her. Gathering up her slender, but petite legs, he raised them up and holding them together, he began pumping in and out of her. He knew, from how she felt around his cock and what she said, he wouldn't last as long as he'd like, but knew he would make her cum first. He slammed into her, holding off not to drive completely into her, she was still too new to fucking to take his entire length. He heard her breathing increase and her body reacted to his and was clawing at him.

Nicky let out a loud guttural groan and started cumming. Her entire body when into spasms as she bathed his cock with her thick, creamy cum. It came out pink, mixing with her blood, her cum overwhelmed her blood and coated his cock.

Jamie smiled down at her, "Are you ready for your first dose of semen, Nicky?"

When she heard this, her eyes went wide, she wrapped her arms around his neck and just before she kissed him, she nodded, "Please Jamie, fill my sweet pussy with your potent cum, fill me till I overflow with your cum!" She kissed him, shoving her tongue into his mouth. She groaned out loudly as she felt him cumming. This triggered yet another orgasm and she fell back against the sofa cushions, so tired, she was unable to move.

Jamie laid on her, holding up slightly on his forearms, not wanting to leave the coupling the two of them had. After a few minutes, he rose up and slipped his still, stiff cock from her well-fucked pussy. A river of pink ran out and filled the towel he put down. He found another and placing it against her thick cuntlips, he had her sit up. He helped her to the bathroom, where she emptied her overflowing pussy, cleaned up and hopped in the shower. He cleaned up at the sink, slipped over to the bedroom and watched as Danny finished fucking Erin.

Erin was on her knees; Danny was behind her, driving his huge cock in and out of her dripping cunt. Just then, Erin fell to the bed, quivering from an intensive orgasm. Danny followed her and gave Erin, exactly what Jamie gave Nicky, a pussy full of his semen and another orgasm that shook the entire bed.

He backed out of the bedroom, ran into Nicky who just came out of the bathroom with a huge towel covering her petite body. She planted a soft kiss on his cheek, "Thank you Uncle Jamie, I was wondering if you could come over sometime in the near future. I want mom to show me just how she can deep-throat someone as large as you. I think she'd like that and who better to practice on then the person who took my cherry and I've always wanted to suck off."

Jamie encircled her body, he was still naked and started getting hard again, "If Erin says okay, count me in. I better get dressed and get your Uncle Danny out of your mother's bedroom. Aunt Linda is probably wondering where we were so long."

She giggled, "I think you're right, I'll pester mom until she says okay, get some rest, the two of us are going to wear you out."

Jamie dragged Danny out, they both took quick showers and after dressing gave the two Reagan women kisses and headed back to the house.

Linda, Eddie and Maria somehow managed to make it into the bedroom, now naked; they were locked in a licking contest. Linda was getting the best treatment. She was lying back against the large pillow. Her eyes were spread wide and she was rolling her head from side to side. Between her legs, Maria had her head buried deep in her tight-lipped pussy. Every once in a while, she's arch her hips when Maria strummed her clit.

Maria loved eating pussy. She hadn't done it since college, but took to it like a fish to water. She had her thick, long hair spread out across Linda's lily white thighs. Her full, rich lips were sucking at the blood-engorged pussy lips before her. She worked her tongue and a couple of fingers in and out of Linda's foamy pussy. She inhaled Linda's rich scent and it inflamed her senses. Her large full, dark nippled tits scraped against Linda's thighs whenever Eddie, who was behind her, found her clit and worked it over.

Eddie, behind the kneeling Maria, was on her back, staring up at the hairy cunt before her. It wasn't completely covered in hair, but the thick dark lips were outlined with a thin line of hair and a larger patch was above the clit, directing whoever was looking for her treasure. Eddie's slender, long tongue danced up and down Maria's full, thick lips. She's suck on one and stabbed her tongue deep into the oozing hole and when she released it, she's suck on the other lips and once again, explore Maria's bubbly hole. Every once in a while, she's slip upward and tease Maria's clit, causing her to quiver and jerk, her large tits swayed along Linda's thighs whenever this happened. Eddie's other hand was fingering her own hole, seeing no one was available to take care of her needs.

This went on for well over half an hour, all three of them came a couple times and just when things began to calm down, Danny and Jamie returned.

Danny pulled Jamie aside, "Let's get naked and join in. Just look at Eddie, I love when I get to see a woman playing with her pussy. How about you going up and feed Linda that cock of yours. I saw earlier how she took to it. I know she'd love to try it out and I'll help Eddie out. I think this is going to be a very long night. Oh fuck, just look at Maria's gorgeous ass and those huge tits of hers. I love Linda, but just like Eddie, neither of them are in the same class as Maria. I'd love to fuck those tits, but that will have to come later, are you ready?"

They were both naked and they silently entered the room. Jamie scooted up to the head of the bed and kneeling down, he surprised Lina's who had her eyes closed. She opened her mouth to ask where they were so long, but was stopped by Jamie, filling her mouth with his huge stiff cock.

Linda was more than happy to oblige, she wrapped her lips around the thick head and took half of it into her mouth.

Down below, Danny managed to climb up onto the bed. He spread Eddie's legs and as she tried to see what was happening, she was blocked off by Maria's lush body. She let out a squeal around Maria's juicy cunt and groaned out when she felt Danny's long, thick cock penetrate her dripping cunt. She twisted around and thrust upward, but was unable to break free. After just a few short seconds, she stopped squirming and began urging him on. She thrust her hips upward, accepting more and more of his cock.

Danny was nearly balls deep in her, he leaned over the kneeling Maria and reaching out, cupped her huge tits and began playing with them roughly.

Maria managed to rip her head from between Linda's outstretched legs and look back. She smiled at Danny, her lips, cheeks and chin covered in his wife's cunt juices. Her large tits barely contained in the loosened bustier, winked at him as his hands cupped one and plucked away at the dark, stiff tip.

Eddie was moaning and groaning constantly. She was on the verge of an orgasm like none she's ever had before, "Holy fuck Danny, your cock is hitting areas of my pussy, I never knew existed. Fuck me, fuck me slow and steady. I want to feel every inch of you sliding in and out." She clutched at his arms as he hovered over her. She licked her parched lips, the pussy juices she extracted from Maria's pussy, was already gone and her heavy panting caused her to yearn for more moisture. She licked her lips over and over again. Her eyes bugged out of her head when she finally felt Danny sink the remainder of his cock deep into her pussy. She wiggled her hips, causing his cock to scape against her cervix and a shot of pain and pleasure coursed through her glistening body.

Danny was happy he came twice in and on Erin, he knew, as long as he could keep it up, he could fuck most of the night without cumming again. He slid upward, dragging the shaft of his fat cock along Eddie's clit. He felt her shutter and clamp down on his cock. Normally, this would send him over the top. He stared up at Maria who had slipped away and was now slumped beside his blonde wife. He couldn't wait to fuck her. He loved her large, full tits, especially those extremely dark, nearly black nipples and aeroules. His mouth watered, just thinking about sucking on those luscious morsels. He heard another moan and looking down; he stared into the bright blue eyes staring up at him. He leaned down as he sank deep into Eddie. He kissed her hard and combed his fingers through her tousled hair. He peppered her face, neck and shoulder with hot, tiny kisses. He felt her squirm beneath him as he fucked her as she wished, slow and steady. He dipped his head and plucked away at her rock hard nipple. His tongue flicked around and sucked harder. He felt her hands clutch at his arms and wrap her arms around his back as another orgasm wracked her slender body. He knew she was exhausted, her arms and legs dropped from his body and she lay there panting as her orgasm slowly calmed. He rose slightly and slipped his cum coated cock from her aching body. He knelt back and looked at her flushed body.

Eddie curled up in a ball and smiled up at him. "Thank you Danny!" She giggled, "I hope Jamie is as good as you are, I'm going to love working with him even more now."

He chucked and nodded, "Well, I know he has the same equipment as I do, but I am older and have a lot more experience, either way, I'm sure he's more than capable of satisfying you."

While all of this was going on, on the other end of the bed, Linda had Jamie's cock down her throat. Her nose was buried against his belly. She learned long ago how to deep-throat Danny and was now using her knowledge to do the same to Jamie. She thought Jamie may just be a bit thicker than Danny, but it was barely noticeable. She liked that Jamie just didn't kneel there. He was active too. She liked his hands on her body, setting off tiny fires all over.

Jamie always had a thing for his sister-in-law, and now with his cock deep in her throat and her body spread out before him, he wasn't about to let this or Linda's body to slip away. He kept his lower body steady, allowing Linda to attack his cock at her speed. He was teasing her ample breast, just the size as Eddie's, but not as firm. He tweaked her nipples and felt her suck harder on his cock. His other hand traveled lower, across her slightly rounded belly ad down to her extremely wet pussy. Maria had made it a swamp and his fingers slipped through her tight lips and deep into her juicy hole. He picked up the pace, finger fucking her harder and faster. His palm cupped her entire cunt and slammed two and then three fingers in and out. Her pussy expanded, accepting them easily. He smiled to himself, after all the time fucking Danny's big, thick cock, her pussy was elastic enough to take his cock, or three large fingers. He wanted more than his fingers in her. He managed to slip his cock from her mouth. It was covered in her throat mucus and he extracted his fingers from her pussy. He slipped his cum coated fingers along her lips and she greedily accepted them, staring up at him with those translucent blue eyes, it made him shiver. He gathered up his courage and gripping her by her legs, spun her around and pulled her to the edge of the bed where he was still standing. He planted her slender legs on his shoulders and pulling her to his body; his cock found its mark and slipped easily into her wet pussy. He heard a gurgling come from deep in her throat and she rolled her head from side to side. Her short tousled hair looked even better all mussed up and damp from her glistening body. He gazed into her gorgeous eyes and sucked in his breath.

She was staring back at him and she bit down on her lower lip. Through bated breath she whispered out, "Fuck me Jamie, I've always wondered if you had the equipment Danny has. Now that I know you do, I want to see if you can fuck as well as he can. You should have more stamina, but I want to see, come on, shove it in, and make me scream!"

Jamie slipped his hands up and down her shapely legs. He gripped her legs and slid slowly into her. When he bottomed out, he gritted his teeth and grunted out. He reared back and like flooring the accelerator on a muscle car, he took off and hit sixty in seconds. The entire bed rocked as he pounded hard, deep and fast. Seeing she was used to having a big cock in her, he didn't have to be careful of hurting her.

Linda loved it. She thrust up, meeting Jamie with urgent thrusts of her own. She was racing towards an explosive orgasm and she was pleased he wasn't sparing her; she loved it hard and fast. She reached out and clutched at his arms, using them for leverage, she rose up and her ass was off the mattress, her legs wrapped around his neck, she was swaying forward and backwards, driving deep against his invading cock. She suddenly dropped to the mattress and her eyes were locked on his. "Oh my God Jamie, I'm cumming, fuck me, fuck me hard, don't stop, holy shit every nerve is strung tight, I'm coming unraveled." She pulled her legs off his shoulders and slipped down; she wrapped them around his waist and pulled him roughly against her quaking body. She stiffened, stopped dead and suddenly shook violently as she came hard. She fell back and lay there panting, her pelvis continued to buck against him as she continued to cum around his cock.

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