Blue Panties

byTom Soup©

I retraced my lips to her lips. I felt my lips playfully suck her bottom lip between mine. She submissively relaxed and enjoyed the feeling. I relaxed my lips and she took my top lip between hers and teased me the same. Now I was the submissive one. We kept on kissing as I now slowly just used one finger to focus and explore the exquisite touch of her panties. I felt her lips caressing down my cheek kissing me. We deeply inhaled one another's smell and taste. Her hand pulled at my belt and stroked down the hidden shaft of my hard cock. "You're so hard Steve. She breathily spoke. "Your cock feels so big. So wonderful. Just like I knew it would."

Our bodies twisted to each other. Her legs spread open but I barely took notice. Our hands caressed over each other. We felt every part of each other for the first time. We explored and caressed. We stroked and pulled. We pushed and pressured. My hand went up under her tank top where she had no bra and I could travel the curve of her breasts. They learned the medium of her flesh and the path between her round softness. I whispered to her, "Oh Jessica, You feel so good. I've wanted you so much".

She purred back, "Oh Steve, I want to make love to you so bad. Every time I've touched my pussy since we first met, I've thought of you."

I whispered back, "I want to make love to you too. And feel you hold my cock inside you."

"Oh yes Darling. Put your cock in my pussy. Fill me with your cock. It's so hard to my touch. I want it inside me. I want your cum inside me Steve."

Our lips met again. Kissing even more passionate than before. I used a second finger to stroke her pussy and felt the lips spreading under her panties. My thumb nestled down past her pussy and nuzzled next to her asshole gently rubbing her there. My hand had pushed her tank top over the apex of her nipples and the cloth was bunched across her. It clung to her, suspended by her swollen hard nipples. The side straps had already dropped from her shoulders and hung on her arms. I pushed her tank top higher completely exposing her breasts. I began kissing down her neck and moved my mouth to her breast. I openly stroked her with my tongue and sucked at her breast in a spiral around her nipple. Her nipple touched the side of my lips. I moved over it. Gliding my lips so her nipple touched between them until it was centered. Opening my lips, I encircled her nipple and sucked it in. At first I just let it rest on my lower lip as my tongue tip teased it like an eyelash with flickering licks. Then I opened wider and inhaled her nipple into my warm sucking mouth. Her hand slid up from my cock and caressed my chest then returned back with a renewed vigor. Our passion and longing over the edge.

"Oh Baby, that feels so good. Suck my nipples. Yes. Bite them a little Steve. Bite them and pull my nipples. I like that."

She bent her back, thrusting her breast forward as my mouth devoured and encased her nipple. I let my teeth stroke her nipple as I sucked it in and out of my mouth. Not too hard but not too gentle. I was biting down just enough to pleasure her.

"Oh yes Steve. Yes keep doing that. I can cum when you do that."

She squeezed and tugged at my belt finally loosening it. I knew she could feel tingling in her pussy as her hand caressed the back of the hand that was rubbing her panties. Her panties were completely wet. She was even wetter than before. Her panties were now soaked with her creamy pussy juice. The inside of her thighs was slippery as well. She was humping her hips back to my hand. Her breasts humped my mouth. I loved the feeling of her getting close to cumming. I could barely feel little tiny pussy hairs curled over from wetness behind her panties. The lacy hem begged my finger to slide inside. I rolled one of her nipples between my finger and thumb as I kept licking it. I kept rubbing her panties in front. I kept stroking her up and down from the top of her panties to the very bottom.

"Oh Steve, slide your finger inside my panties. Please."

Her other hand dropped from my chest to my pants and she stroked both her hands over my bulging pants front. I wanted my cock out. I wanted her to take it out so bad.

"Take my cock out." I begged her. She looked down at the outline of my erect cock straining in my pants. Her fingers quickly slid firmly to my top button and unfastened it. She pulled at the zipper and it took quite an effort to slide down over my hard cockhead. At the same time, I looked down at her skirt bunched all the way up over her hips. I saw her panties where my fingers were stroking. I saw the visible deep crotch of her now much darker saturated blue panties. The sky between her legs had turned a richer and wetter shade of blue. All my lust for Jessica and Jessica's panties just exploded in my mind and cock at that moment. Her blue panties were a visual ecstasy before me. I wanted to finger fuck those panties. I wanted to brush stroke those panties with my tongue.

She knew how I felt. She knew how excited her panties made me. I could feel the heat inside the car of our passion. There was little thought given about the chance anyone will see us. We were in a drunken panty inspired trance. Jessica pulled my zipper completely down, and spread the wings of my pants open wide.

"yes baby. Yes. Feel my cock. Take it out."

"Oh Steve. I want your cock." She anxiously moaned.

She turned her hand and placed her palm flat against my wet white briefs. So much precum had already leaked out. My cock made a wet sound created by my cock tip tickling through my pubic hair as she moved her hand against it. She spread her fingers and slid her hand over my cock. I spread my legs wider for her. Her hand felt great on my aching cock. And our mouths could hardly kiss we were breathing so hard and so excitedly.

Jessica moaned loudly, "Oh Steve, you're so hard and excited. I love the feel of your cock. Please. Please. Put your cock in my pussy. Please Steve."

She was begging now. She was begging and pleading for my cock. I felt her hand reaching inside the leg of my briefs and pulling my cock out the side. She pulled me towards her. Her pussy needed my cock. I needed to be inside her pussy as well. Her hips pushed back at my fingers as all of my fingers touched her. My thumb slid back further under her as it continued rubbing her asshole through her panties. Heat radiated from her snatch and my cock. Her hand gripped my shaft and her fingers circled and cradled the wet swollen head. The feeling of her hand sliding up and down my shaft drove me wild. I knew if she kept that up, in my excitement, I would cum soon. She continued to spread her legs wider so her pussy opened wider.

My fingers slipped inside her panties touching her wet outer lips. I stroked her slit. Up and down from bottom to top coaxing her clitoris more and more. From the sound of her breathing, she was barely hanging on to the edge of not cumming.

"Steve, Please.... Put your cock in me soon." She pleaded to me.

Her hand pulled my cock towards her. I climbed over the console and she spread her legs on either side of me resting her feet on the dashboard. With a hand on either side of my hips and a strong determined pull, she pulled my pants and underwear down past my ass and balls. Her eyes went to my cock all wet and swollen hard as she gasped her approving lust. Her hand cradled down to my balls so she could offer my cock like she was presenting a gift to her pussy. I enclosed my mouth on her other aroused but neglected nipple. Instead of teasing and nibbling as I had the first nipple, I matched the arousal of our more excited state and sucked furiously on it. I sucked it hard and deep with all the strength of my mouth.

"Oh yes Steve, Suck my nipples that feels so good. You're making my pussy ache." I want your cock in me when I cum Steve. I want your cock in my pussy."

I twisted my fingers to keep my fingernails from scratching her as I felt her warm little valley of pussy lips. Her wetness made it easy to slide the tip of my finger into her pussy. Then I slid in to the first knuckle and kept going until my finger was all the way deep inside her warm tight tunnel. Her hips shifted and tilted so another finger could press to her swollen clit. Her fingers stroked my cock faster. I was so close to letting go. I concentrated on sucking her nipples and stroking her pussy. Each of us teetered on bringing the other just to the edge of cumming and slowing. We were like two long distance runners taking turns with the lead, wanting to cross the finish line at the same time.

"Oh Steve." She moaned. Her breath too fast to say anything else.

My finger began moving in and out of her pussy. I slid it deep inside her until the base of my hand stopped my finger. My hand stretched her panties to the side. As my finger got wetter and wetter, it began to slide easier and easier in and out of her pussy. I could hear the wet sounds of her pussy lips licking my finger. I slid another finger inside her. Somehow Jessica found the seat release and her seat tilted back. Her hand never left my cock and my fingers never left her pussy while I reached down and triggered the other lever that pushed the seat back.

"Now STEVE NOW!!!FUCK ME FUCK ME!!! she shouted. If anyone was within 100 yards they could of heard but we didn't care. I felt her hand pulling and guiding my cock urgently to her pussy. Reaching down with my free hand, I grabbed the leg hole of her panties and literally tore them away from her pussy. I felt the warm wonderful feeling of my cock touching her pussy. My hands slid under her hot ass and inside the remnants of her panties. Her ass felt wonderful and full in my grasp. The round curve and tightness of her ass rested in my palm where I could faintly feel the bone inside. "Oh Jessica, your ass is so hot" I moaned. I stretched my fingers and felt her give control of her ass to me. My fingers wrapped around and tapered into her asscrack. I held her steady and firm as I lifted her ass and cunt into contact with my hard cock. The wet cock tip, perfectly shaped to ease inside her pussy, began finding its way into her tunnel of gripping wetness and prying it open wider. My hips pushed forward and that wonderful first feeling of sliding inside her pussy was explosive to my body.

In one smooth determined thrust, my shaft slid completely inside her pussy and I felt the tip of my cock push something deep and wanting out of the way. Just as my balls pressed tight up against her pussy and I was completely inside her I felt the simultaneous wave of ecstatic pleasure between us. We both quivered and cum exploded out of my cock filling her wet cunt with my hot jism. I pushed my hips tight to her and she pushed hers tight to mine. My mouth released her nipple and I gasped for breath.


Inside her I felt a second pulsing release as my cock fired another load of cum deep inside her. My hands grabbed her ass and she grabbed mine as her orgasm continued in surge after surge.

"Oh Oh Oh Steve. Oh baby Oh baby.." she moaned as I pulled her bottom tight to me.

We stayed like that. Locked tight to each other. We kept cumming together as waves rocked our bodies. She kept cumming and cumming, and I kept pulsing and pulsing in her pussy. All the desire between us crested and recrested. We gasped for breath and only slowly receeded back from the heavenly sky.


"Oh honey," the words escaped my lips, as her tight pussy gripped on my cock and squeezed the last drops of cum into her. My entire body melted into hers. Our bodies covered in sweat and passion. Eventually we realized we were in a public parking lot in broad daylight with our fingers, her pussy, my cock, and both our undies all wet and we giggled a little. As my cock slid out of her, we both realized that of all the times we had talked about making love and all the promises of long passionate lovemaking, it only took one stroke. It only took one touch of my cock inside her pussy and all the want for all the time of being together exploded in an incredible mutual orgasm.

What a great way to say hello.

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