tagNovels and NovellasBlue Velvet Ch. 05

Blue Velvet Ch. 05

byJoe F.©

About an hour later I was awakened by the sound of my bedroom door opening and closing. That sound was followed by the sensation of someone lifting the blankets of my bed and climbing in next to me. The scent of my mother filled my nostrils as she spooned up next to me. She draped her arm across my body, pressing her soft breast against my back, and seemingly passed immediately into sleep.

As I said earlier, this was a common occurrence in our house, sometimes I felt like a husband without the benefits of having sex. But most of the time it really didn't bother me, I loved my mother dearly and I really loved the companionship in bed too. We were like an old married couple sleeping back to back in a queen-sized bed.

It was entirely platonic and it was kind of sweet in a way, but it sure was could be embarrassing on those mornings that I woke up with a raging hard on and I had to slip out of bed without Mom seeing my boner. Or like the other morning when I found her cuddled up to me with my naked dick stroking between the cheeks of her soft ass.

I just hoped that I didn't roll over in the throes of a wild dream and actually ram my dick into her cunt while she was asleep. I am sure that would jolt her out a sound sleep, and it might be really hard to explain.

With her breath soft against the back of my neck I passed into a sound sleep only to be awakened again, a couple of hours later, by the sound of the shower in my bathroom. I cracked open my eyes and looked toward the bathroom door. The frosted glass doors to my shower were directly in front of the door to the bathroom. The door was open, the light was on, and I could make out the faint outline of my mother washing herself in the shower.

Mom had just recently begun to use my shower in the mornings that she woke up in my room. Up till just a few weeks ago she had used the shower in her room all the time, but now she had even begun to bring her soap in so that she could have it to use. I just hope that she didn't bring any of her makeup in. That would be hard to explain if I had a lady visitor over for the night.

I watched her body through the frosted glass of the shower door; she looked like a colored shadow. There were no details but even in profile through the glass her body looked delectable. When she bent to wash her legs her breasts became visible in profile, I loved the way they swayed as she scrubbed her skin. Then she straightened up to put the soap into the dish, turned off the water, slid the shower door open, and leaned out to grab a towel. As she stepped to the door her naked body came into view.

Although Mom occasionally shared my room, seeing her naked was not a typical occurrence. In fact I couldn't remember the last time that I had seen her totally undressed. It had probably been two or three years ago when I was trying to spy on my Aunt Delilah at one of our family reunions.

We were staying at this rustic camp for the weekend gathering. The place was like a summer camp tucked way back in the woods of the Missouri Ozarks. Each family had a private cabin or tent like structure complete with kitchenettes and multiple bedrooms. Everything was pretty modern but the showers and toilets were in separate buildings, one for the men and one for the women. These bathhouses were pretty basic structures with the toilets in open areas and the showers set up in stalls like you see in the MASH TV show. The lower part of the walls were made of plywood while the upper four feet of the wall was just window screen attached to the two by four studs.

It didn't take me long to figure out that I might be able to get a good view of my voluptuous Aunt Delilah or one of my nubile cousins in the nude if I hung out with my binoculars near the bathhouse. It took even less time to get some nice peeping done, but the object of my desires didn't make her appearance until well into the weekend.

The evening of our second day there, I finally saw Aunt Delilah heading toward the bathhouse with her bath towel in hand. I was wearing my binoculars under the pretense of going nature watching so I was already prepared.

I raced down a little used path that I had discovered and snuck up behind the women's bathhouse just as my quarry entered and began to disrobe. I lay down behind a fallen log and trained my binoculars on the screen covering the upper part of the frame walls.

I couldn't see much in the gloom of the shower area, just shadowy movement as she dropped her robe from her shoulders and hung it up on the hook next to the shower stall. I adjusted the field glasses and zoomed in tighter on her shadowy form.

As she turned back toward the shower, all I could see a pair of breathtaking breasts in faint profile. The breasts jiggled faintly as she turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. When she was satisfied with the water temperature she stepped beneath the showerhead with her back to me and she let the warm water wash over her body.

Once she was actually in the shower the light was better. The shower stall she was in was on the corner so she was well illuminated from at least two angles.

The light poured over her alabaster skin, illuminating her shapely back and occasional allowed me a brief glimpse of her swaying breasts as she lathered soap into her hair.

My cock was hard as a rock by then. I unzipped my pants and began to slowly stroke my rigid meat as I watched. It was hard to keep the field glasses steady as I masturbated so I focused my field glasses on a single point, her back and swaying breasts.

As I stroked my now steel hard rod she lifted her hands to her hair and scrubbed vigorously. The scrubbing caused her breasts to sway deliciously and increased my heat to an otherwise unheard of level. She leaned her head under the water spray and rinsed the soap from her hair and then slowly turned to face me.

She turned slowly around until the sight of her massive tits filling my lenses made me gasp in awe. They were big and firm with long, firm nipples surrounded by half dollar sized dark brown aureole. I stroked faster as I gazed in wonder at her massive fruits.

She lathered up a washcloth and rubbed soap across her impeccable skin. I watched lustily as the lovely wench slowly washed her voluptuous body. My body burned with desire, my mind blurred in lust.

I stroked my meat while I watched her run her soapy hands over those huge tits and then rinse her body beneath the torrent of water gushing from the showerhead. She arched her body and allowed the warm water to cascade over her hard body and caress her voluptuous curves.

I moved my lens over her form as I brought myself to completion. It finally came to rest on her fair face just as a stream of cum erupted from my rock hard cock.

As semen shot unrestrained from my tortured member I saw, to my shock and surprise, that the shapely body I had in my view was not my Aunt Delilah. Instead it turned out to be my mother.

I was somewhat mortified by the realization that I had been spying on Mom and not Aunt Dee. I automatically and somewhat irrationally dove for cover even as cum continued to spurt from my dick.

I lay there in the cover of the fallen log until I heard the slamming of the screen door to the bathhouse before I rose from the cover of the log and headed down the trail toward camp and the men's bathhouse to clean up.

I had only traveled twenty-five or thirty feet when I came face to face with Aunt Dee. She was leaning against a tree smoking a cigarette. "Been spying on your momma I see." She said with a devious grin.

"Nnnnno, nnnot really." I stammered in response.

She took a long drag from her smoke and exhaled slowly as she said softly, "I can't say that I blame you, she is a majestic animal." Then she looked intensely into my eyes and said, "If you don't want her to find out you're a mother peeping pervert, here's the deal." And she commenced to set out her demands to keep her quiet, but that is another story entirely.

I hadn't seen Mom nude since then. Lately she had become less restrained with her dress, even running down the hall in just her bra and underwear a time or two when she was in a hurry to get some coffee in the mornings. But she was not one to move around the house in her altogether when I was around.

Needless to say, Mom's body was just as majestic as I remembered it to be. Her breasts were stunningly large. They were more than a handful, maybe more than two handfuls and she carried them firm and high for a woman of thirty-seven. Her slim waist and her flat stomach accentuated her tits and made them seem even more majestic.

When she stepped from the shower and turned away from me to dry the front of her body I got a good view of her heart shaped ass, her brick red bush, and a nicely tapered pair of muscular and altogether captivating legs.

She turned back toward me and ran the towel over her body, stopping to fluff the hair covering her vagina before dropping the towel to her side. The hair on her pussy was lush and full. The color was actually just a shade lighter than that of the hair on her head.

I watched as she lifted her arms and wrapped the towel around her head and reached for her robe on the hook next to the door. She wrapped the robe around her body and walked into the bedroom. I immediately closed my eyes and feigned sleep.

Mom walked across the room to the bed. She stood next to me for a moment before she leaned over to kiss me on the fore head.

I pretended that she had just awakened me. I groaned softly and rolled over slowly coming to rest on my back just in time to see the robe fall open, exposing her magnificent globes and hairy cunt to my gaze at an eye popping close range.

I stared wide-eyed at Mom's immaculate body for the second or two that she stood exposed before me. Her large breasts were as impressive up close as they had been from across the room, however from inches away the very erect nipples looked out-and-out deadly in their hardness.

She waited a beat before she grabbed the robe and closed it up muttering loudly, "Oops sorry."

Shaking my head I muttered lamely, "Hey no problem."

She stood up and slowly buttoned her housecoat. As she secured the buttons I could still see some of her body through the slit, sort of like the old Marilyn Monroe picture where the coat was partly open and was held only at the collar. As she buttoned the coat she looked at me curiously, as if expecting a different response or something.

When the housecoat was totally secured, and her nude body was sheltered from my view, she leaned over toward the bed and reached down to playfully tousle my hair.

"What time do you have to get to work sweetheart?" She asked.

"Not till noon." I replied drowsily.

"Ok." She responded. "Do you want me to set the alarm?"

"No." I replied, "It's already set babe."

"Ok baby. " She replied as she walked to the bathroom and extinguished the light. "I love you." She said softly as she moved from the bathroom to the door to my room.

I heard the door open and then click closed. Within seconds I sound asleep again.

I stumbled out of bed around ten in the morning. Unsteadily I made my way from the bedroom to the kitchen. Mom had left the better part of a pot of coffee for me. I snatched a cup from the cupboard and filled it before venturing toward the kitchen table. I put the cup down and gingerly lowered myself into a chair. I am not a morning person and it usually takes me at least two cups of coffee before I am ready to meet the day.

I finished the first cup of coffee and got up to refill my cup when I noticed a note taped to the cupboard above the coffee pot.

The note was in Mom's hand writing of course and it read, "I had a wonderful time last night and I wanted to know if we could do it again tonight." And it was signed simply Mom.

I gazed at the note for a minute or more and I had to wonder what part of last night she wanted to revisit.

"Oh well." I thought to myself, "In for a penny, in for a pound." Last night was actually pretty fun. I very much enjoyed the role-playing. And Mom really seemed to come out of her shell and get into the swing of things. Hell, tonight just might be even more fun for the both of us. Besides I had no plans for tonight anyway.

I refilled my cup and sat down again at the table to contemplate my existence so to speak. Today it actually took four cups of coffee to get me going, "I must have been worn out by all the dancing." I thought out loud.

The sound of my own voice in the silent house finally stirred me to action and I rose and retrieved my work clothes from my bedroom closet. I slipped on my uniform and recounted the events and conversations of the previous evening. It was a bit confusing and at the same time exciting in its portent. I smiled to myself and lifted the fifth and final cup of coffee to my lips.

I took a sip from the Luke warm coffee and thought to myself, "Damn, I need to call Mom."

I took the phone from its cradle and called Mom's office. The phone rang twice and was answered by a cheerful and obviously young voice, "Good morning, Stevens Insurance Agency. How may I direct your call?"

"I need to speak to Sarah Howland." I said quickly.

"And whom may I say is calling?" She inquired.

I was about to say simply, "Her Son." But then I remembered what she had said last night and thought that this might be a good time to pull a little joke on all concerned. "Just tell her it's her date from last night. She'll know who your talking about."

"Ok." She replied and I could hear her tell Mom over the intercom what I had said.

A second passed and then I heard Mom come on the line, "Hello baby. How are you feeling this morning?" She said lightly.

I could tell from the faint echo in the phone that she had been busy and put me on speakerphone so she could work while we talked. 'This is going to be even better.' I thought to myself and I said, "I'm doing just fine sweetheart. But I'd be doing even better if I hadn't found you gone when I woke up this morning." I paused a beat for effect before continuing, " I was hoping for a little morning delight to kick start my day, if you know what I mean."

There was a moment of silence on the line and I was afraid that I had gone too far but then Mom came back on the speakerphone and said, "I certainly know what you mean, and I'm sorry to have disappointed you baby. Maybe I can make it up to you tonight and maybe tomorrow morning too."

I replied lasciviously, "Oooh momma. Sounds like a great idea to me. I just hope that I'm up to it. You're one mean momma between the sheets." I could hear titters in the background as the girls in Mom's office 'accidentally' overheard this conversation.

"I'm sure you will be baby. You're not half bad yourself." She paused for a moment and I could hear her say to her coworkers, "Go back to work."

I said next, "How about we make it a night on the town tonight? I figure a little dining and a lot of dancing just might put you in the mood."

"Hell baby, you know I'm always in the mood where you're concerned." She said in a low sultry voice.

I said, "Ok, how about eight or so at your place?"

"Sounds good to me. Where do you have in mind to go?" She asked in a sultry voice and then continued, " A girl needs to be dressed appropriately you know"

"I don't know." I said. "I was thinking of a dark place with a little hot disco and a lot of cold margaritas for my sweet lady." I paused as if thinking then concluded, "I guess that we'll just have to play it by ear and see what comes our way doll."

Mom replied in the same warm voice, "Oooh, that sounds like a good time to me, and by the way you might just want to bring your tooth brush and a change of clothes with you because I think we just might make a weekend of it."

"Ok sweetheart, love ya." I replied as I prepared to hang up.

"I love you too." She responded and the line went dead.

That little conversation got my heart pounding even though it was all in fun. Mom really was getting into this role-playing thing and I hoped that she was having as much fun with it as I was. But I had to keep reminding myself that it was all in fun as I continued to contemplate our date of this night.

I finished pulling on my uniform and headed out the door. Today I decided to drive my Ford station wagon to work.

It was a seventy-two Ford Country Squire that I had picked up for a song a couple of months ago. The folks that had owned it previously were an older couple that were buying one of those little foreign jobs and wanted to get rid of the wagon because it used too much fuel.

They had brought it in to the station to have it checked out before they unloaded it. I had taken one look at the boat and fell in love with it. When they told me they were going to sell it I asked how much. The price that they gave me was way too low for a car of this quality, but I wasn't going to tell them that.

I knew that I didn't have enough cash to swing the deal myself so I excused myself and went into the office and called Mom. I told her about the deal, she asked me how much it was really worth, I told her and the figure made her whistle and exclaim, "This would be a really good deal for you then."

I said, "Yeah, it's a down right steal."

She responded, "Ok, I'll loan you the money, but you have to repay me in six weeks, with interest."

I said, "Fine by me."

She responded, "Ok then, go and write them a check for it and I'll deposit a check into your account first thing in the morning to cover it."

I walked into the lube bay, pulled out my checkbook and said, "Ok, how much was it you wanted for this old boat?"

I fired up the wagon and drove to work. Jim was there when I arrived; he was sitting in the office smoking a cigarette while he read an article in the latest playboy.

"How's it going?" I asked as I walked into the smoke filled office.

"Slow." He replied simply.

"Good." I responded as I reached for my coveralls.

Jim looked up from his reading and said, "Oh yeah, George came in for his check this morning and he said thanks for taking his shift the other night. He said that he'd for sure be in here at six to take over for you tonight."

"Sounds good to me." I replied. "I have a hot date tonight."

"Ya going out with Peggy Sue?" Jim asked without looking up.

I replied, "Naw. An old friend is in town for a while and I'm showing her a good time."

"A good time eh?" Jim snorted in response. "I hope she is showing you a good time too."

"The best." I lied as I zipped up my coveralls.

"Oh yeah, before I forget. Peggy Sue dropped by this morning on her way to work and told me to have you call her." Jim said dismissively.

Turning toward the door to the garage I had to smile at Jim's tone of voice when he talked about Peggy. Jim didn't like Peggy and I am pretty sure it's because she shot him down some time or other. After I had gone out with Peggy a couple of times Jim had said in his best Darth Vader voice, "Be careful Luke. I think she has gone over to the dark side." The dark side was what Jim called girl on girl love.

Actually Peggy was a bisexual by nature and inclination. She liked to call it "being a little different", but it all amounted to the same thing and for me it made everything even more exciting. We had done our first threesome the second time we went out.

I had taken her out drinking as a duo and we had ended up going home to her place as a trio. The girl, Sandra I think, had said it was her first time with a woman, but she seemed pretty at home with her face buried between Peggy's thighs and my dick up her ass.

"Ok." I said with a smile, "I'll call her when I get time."

I walked out to the garage area and picked up where I had left off last evening, rebuilding some carburetors for the garage down the street. We had a trade off arrangement with them, they sent us work that they didn't have the time or the expertise to do and we sent them over flow work, or repair work that was too big for us to handle here in our small shop area.

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