tagNovels and NovellasBlue Velvet Ch. 06

Blue Velvet Ch. 06

byJoe F.©

I walked in the front door and said, "Hey Mom, I'm home!"

"I'm not quite ready Dear. Get yourself ready and I'll be out in a minute." She called from down the hall.

I stopped next to Mom's door and tried the knob. It was locked; it wasn't like Mom to lock her door. As I started to walk away I heard her voice coming from her room. "You can't see me till I'm ready. Now shoo and get yourself even more handsome than you normally are. I want to be on the town with the sexiest and most handsome man around."

I laughed at that statement and replied, "In that case I'll need a few hours to get ready." And I walked on down the hall to my room.

I shucked off my clothing and tossed them into the basket with all my other dirty clothes. Then I walked into the shower and started the hot water running. The sound of the shower brought back memories of this morning with my mother naked in the bathroom and me watching from my bed.

My cock began to harden at the memory of her luscious appearance, and unconsciously I began to knead it with my calloused hand. I closed my eyes while I slowly stroked and for a few seconds I was absorbed in a much too realistic fantasy.

In this brief fantasy my mother stepped out of the steamy shower. She was completely nude save for a towel wrapped around her hair. She reached for her robe, draped it casually over her shoulders, and then turned to see me gawking at her loveliness.

She smiled a broad inviting smile as she turned completely toward me. We looked into each other's eyes for a second and then her intense gaze moved from my face to my body. Her eyes traveled over my chest and stomach before stopping to stare transfixed at my now very rigid member.

Her tongue flicked across her lips and she took a tentative step toward me. As she moved nearer to me she reached down and gently took my rigid staff in her soft, wet hand. "Mmmm, I think you want me." She stated softly.

As I was about to reply she suddenly vanished and I was left very alone in my bathroom stroking my now very rigid appendage. Feeling vaguely unsettled by the vision that I had just experienced I took several deep breathes and shook my head slowly to clear the mind.

I stuck my hand under the showerhead and then turned on the cold to make a comfortable mix for my shower. Stepping into the shower I lathered up and washed off all the grime, grease, and semen from today's adventures.

As I washed my hair I could have sworn that I heard my bedroom door open and close. I rinsed the soap out of my eyes and put my face against the frosted glass of the shower stall, I saw nothing going on in my room so I went back to my shower and soon I was clean as a whistle.

After the shower I shaved and put on my Mother's favored after shave, then I stepped into the bedroom and started getting dressed. I pulled my boxers out of the drawer, fished out a pair of socks too, and tossed them on the bed. Then I went to the closet to get my party clothes out. They weren't much, but they got me by.

When I opened the door I got quite a surprise. There, hanging next to my old duds was a brand new suit, and not just any brand new suit. It was a burnt orange Italian cut three-piece suit just like the one I was looking at when Mom and I went to the mall just a week or two ago.

Pinned to the collar of the suit coat was a note. The note read, "Thanks for the call this morning. It got all the girls in the office chattering. They think that you are some debonair stranger that I met at the disco last night. I told them about our night out, but I didn't bother to tell them that you were my son though. Aren't I wicked? I know that you wanted this suit and didn't think we could afford it. Well I think that we can't afford not to get it. I was thinking all day of how handsome you looked in the suit and so I stopped at the mall and picked it up for you on the way home. I hope you like it." I looked at the suit and then back at the note it was signed, "Your Best Girl, Sarah" Below the signature was a P.S., it read, "I also got a shirt for you, I hope you like it too."

I took the suit out of the closet and pulled the plastic off of it. Then I unwrapped the shirt and lay it out on the bed. I pulled the trousers on and they fit almost perfectly. I put on the shirt, tucked it into the waistband of the trousers and turned to look at myself in the mirror. I looked like some pop star or something. I put on the vest and adjusted the back before slipping on the jacket. The suit felt perfect on me and made me feel like somebody very special.

I turned to the mirror and looked at myself. I flipped the collar of the shirt out over the collar of the suit jacket and turned first one and then the next. I almost couldn't believe that it was I standing there. They say that the clothes make the man and if that is true these clothes made me a pop star.

I sat down on the edge of my bed and slipped on my platform shoes. Then standing up I looked at myself again, "Hey, you look pretty sharp." I said to the stranger in my mirror.

I went back into the bathroom and brushed my hair and teeth before heading for the door to my room. I opened the door and stepped out in the hall where I got the shock of my life.

Standing in the hall next to my mother's room was a beautiful young woman dressed in a very revealing black disco dress.

The dress was practically off the shoulder with spaghetti straps and a very low cut bodice that revealed a broad expanse of shoulder and swelling cleavage. The dress itself ended in what was called a handkerchief hem I think and fell to just below the knees. Below the hem were revealed a very shapely pair of legs ending in a pair of delicate feet encased in a pair of black high heels.

Traveling back up her shapely body I realized that she had long red hair that was styled off the shoulder and showed off her very sexy neck. I moved my gaze to her face and gazed first at her crimson lips, then her green eyes.

Looking into her lovely eyes I detected a bright twinkle of amusement that disturbed me for some reason. As I gazed at her in vague consternation, her crimson lips split into a broad smile, exposing a broad expanse of perfect teeth.

"You act like you don't even recognize me, sweetheart." She said laughingly.

"I almost didn't Sarah." I stammered uncomfortably. "Damn, you're beautiful. Maybe we should stay home so that I can have you all to myself this evening."

Her skin glowed a faint pink of embarrassment and she replied, "Mmmm, that idea is very tempting. But, if we did that I wouldn't be able to show off my handsome and very sexy beau."

She paused for a second, while she looked me up and down. As she appraised me I thought that I detected a very non-maternal look in her eyes, but I was probably mistaken. Then she continued musingly, "But thank you very much for the compliment and the sentiment baby."

I bowed deeply and replied, "My pleasure my lady." Then I looked her up and down again and said, "But the sentiment is oh so true. Once we're out on the town I am going to have to fight for your attentions. You're going to have so many men hanging around you that you'll probably forget all about me." I faked a frown and then laughed.

"Don't worry baby. You are all the man that I'll need tonight." She said melodiously as she stepped toward me. She stopped inches from me and placed a warm kiss on my lips. "You are so very sweet darling." She said warmly as she turned and put her arm through mine. She pulled her body tight against my arm and walked me down the hall and into the living room.

We stopped in the middle of the room, Mom released her grip on my arm and she said, "Before we go, I want to have one dance alone with my man. That is if you don't mind."

"I would love that." I said thickly.

"Good, so would I. " She said and she walked to the stereo and put on her favorite song.

As Bobby Vinton's voice crooned 'Blue Velvet' Mom walked slowly over to me, put her arms around my neck, and laid her head on my shoulder. My arms wrapped themselves around her thin waist and I pulled her firm body hard against mine as we began to slowly dance around the room.

We danced in silence; both of us lost in our private thoughts. Mom's legs brushed against mine with each movement of our bodies. I heard the soft swish of fabric as our clothes rubbed together. Mom's fingers at my neck danced over the back of my neck and across my shoulders raising goose flesh on my skin and causing me to shiver slightly.

While we danced my hands moved slowly and almost to the music over the slick fabric of Mom's new dress. I could feel her firm flesh beneath the thin fabric. My left hand coursed over her back and gently kneaded her shoulder blades before slowly sliding down to the small of her back and pulling her tighter against me.

My right hand moved across her back, finding no sign of a bra strap, before moving slowly downward until it slid past her waist and wandered onto the firm muscles of her buttocks. The flat of my hand pushed lightly on the rounded mass of her taut ass and I found myself grinding my rising lance against Sarah's warm crotch.

We danced across the floor as my fingers moved in a circle across the firm flesh of her ass and my thumb traced the faint ridge of the waist of her panties. After a few seconds Sarah kissed me lightly on the neck and softly cooed into my ear, "Now don't be fresh darling."

My fingers reluctantly retraced their path back over Mom's firm ass and found safe haven stroking the firm flesh of her back. "Mmmm, that feels good my beloved." She said softly as she pressed her soft body more tightly against mine and again kissed me lightly on my neck.

I kissed her lightly on her ear. She giggled and said delightedly, "Oooh, that tickles."

The song ended much to soon and she pulled back, looked me in the eyes and leaned forward to plant a warm kiss on my lips. "Thank you my sweet." She stated pleasantly. Then she turned to switch the stereo off.

As she was bent over the stereo she said, "Now what are our plans for tonight sweetheart?"

"I figured that we would go down to Sonny's and see what is happening there." I said casually.

She turned her head toward me and said, "Sonny's? I thought that all they had there was that juke box."

I responded, "Sonny hired a DJ to do disco tonight. He set up a bunch of lights, speakers, you know the whole shebang." Seeing a look of question in her lovely eyes I continued, "If it doesn't work out there we can wander off to some other place. The Disco Depot, just down the street, is a pretty happening place."

Her eyes brightened and I finished, "Hell, if we want to we can wander around all night, hitting every hot spot in town, and then we can top off a hot night of dancing, drinking, and debauchery by making mad and passionate love on the beach at sunrise."

A look of confusion and surprise crossed her face until she saw a smile grow across my face and I said, "Just kidding!"

"I almost took you seriously." She said softly.

"Well I guess we could if you wanted to. There wouldn't be anybody around to see us at that time of day." I said with a smile. "It wouldn't be the first time for me in fact." I added mischievously.

"You're a very wicked young man." She said with a wry smile.

"Your beauty brings the lust out in me." I said lasciviously.

I watched the crimson flush climb from her luscious breasts to the top of her head. I smiled at the thought of her embarrassment and said, "Well, we better get going sexy before I toss you down right here, rip your dress off and make mad and passionate love to you!"

She put her hands on her hips in her best wonder woman pose and said severely, "Now look here young man, I may be your date tonight but, I'm still your mother. And don't you forget it."

"How can I forget if you won't let me?" I replied with a chuckle. "Besides, I was just kidding Mom." I concluded, not all together honestly.

I walked to the door, opened it, and held it open. I looked back at Sarah as she stood stock still in the middle of the room with a perplexed look on her face. As if she were mulling something over in her lovely head. I watched her as she shook her head, smiled at me and finally said wistfully, "Yeah, we'd better go lover."

She turned to the couch, picked up her purse and walked toward me, as she passed me she stopped and gave me a very brief kiss on the lips then moved quickly toward the car.

As soon as she was across the porch I closed the door and ran to her door on the station wagon to open it. I held the door open like I was her chauffeur and bowed deeply as she stepped past me and sat down on the broad bench seat.

She swiveled her legs into the car and sat there expectantly. As I was closing the door I noticed that the hem of her dress extended past the edge of the seat so I bent over and moved it up so that it wouldn't get dirty. As I stood back up Mom kissed me on the lips again and said, "Thank you."

I moved around to my side of the car, sat down, started it up and backed out of the drive. We turned onto the street and had just reached the first stop sign when Mom asked, "Would you mind if I sat a little closer to you?"

"Not at all baby." I replied automatically and genuinely, as I was looking both ways before crossing the intersection.

Mom slid quickly across the big bench seat. The sudden contact of her body to mine sort of startled me for a second. I felt the softness of her lovely breast on my arm and turned to look at her for a moment before I lifted my arm to let her move even closer.

She laid her head against my shoulder, looked at me with her soft and alluring green eyes before asking in her most innocent voice, "Are you sure that you can drive with just one hand baby?"

"Oh yes." I assured her softly, "I've had lots of experience."

"Oh I bet you have." She replied almost inaudibly before she placed her hand on my thigh.

The contact was not necessarily sexual in nature, but it was enough to get my skin flushed. Mom seemed to be oblivious to my slight gasp of breath as her fingers touched my leg and she never moved her fingers of her hand as we drove the few miles to the bar.

The drive to Sonny's took maybe ten minutes. When we drove into the parking lot we found that practically every space was filled. I decided to park the wagon in the service station parking lot instead of the bars', no use getting a scratch on it if I didn't have to. Besides if we decided to make a quick escape I didn't want to take a chance on being blocked in.

I told Mom what I was going to do and asked if she wanted me to drop her off, then meet her inside. She said, "No. I think I can walk across the street. Besides I don't want to leave you alone for even a minute. Some young gal just might steal you away from me."

As I turned the Ford into the station parking lot I had to shake my head and smile. Mom was really getting into this role-play thing. It was like she truely believed that we were just another girl and a guy out for a night on the town, even the flirtation and veiled references seemed genuine.

For me it was a new and exciting sort of kink. Mom was one of the sexiest women that I had ever known. When she walked into a room everybody turned to look at her. Men's eyes would pop open in admiration while their mouths would salivate with lust and women would close their eyes while they ground their teeth in envy.

Being out on a date with my beautiful sexy mother with nobody around us knowing who we were, was a real turn on. I knew that I was always going to be the envy of all the men there. Besides that, there was the forbidden fruit aspect of a relationship, fantasy or not, with my Mom that really made me tingle.

The gentle, almost innocent, kisses and caresses we shared really got my motor running. And if it wasn't for my respect and love for my mother I would definitely put a move on her at the first opportunity.

I parked the Ford and turned the engine off. Mom slid back across the seat and pulled the sun visor down on the passenger side to check herself out in the mirror. I looked across the seat and watched her intently as she checked her makeup in the mirror.

She caught me spying and said matter of factly, "I told the woman in the beauty shop that I was going out with a much younger man and to make me look ten years younger." She said as she applied a fresh coat of lipstick. "Do you think she succeeded?"

I gazed at her appraisingly and responded softly, "Yeah, she sure did. You look ten maybe fifteen years younger tonight."

She turned her face toward me and said lightheartedly, "In that case I'm way too young to be out with you. I better watch myself."

"I'd better hope the cops don't catch us. They just might put me in jail for contributing to the delinquency of a minor." I responded in mock seriousness.

Mom threw me a kiss and reached to open her door. "Now, let me open that door for you." I said quickly as I reached quickly for my own door handle.

"I can.." Mom began, and I knew she was going to chide me with, "I can get my own door young man." But, what finally came from her crimson lips was, "Yes dear. I'd love that."

I opened my door and raced around the car to open her side. She turned in the seat, rose regally and stepped back to allow me to close her door. As the door clicked shut we found ourselves face-to-face, mere inches apart. I looked deeply into her green eyes and longed to pull her to me and press my lips to hers like she was any other woman in my world.

She reached out her hands and took both of mine in hers. She continued to look me in the eye and I thought that I could detect small tears pooling at the corners of her eyes.

Evocatively she said softly, "I don't know if you truly realize how much this night out means to me darling. This is the first time in months, maybe years, that I have felt this truly alive and vibrant." She paused but her eyes remained locked on mine. I saw her swallow and then she continued, "And I have you, my sexy beau, to thank for all of it."

I started to say something but nothing would come out. I just continued to gaze at her for another moment and then leaned over and kissed her softly on her ruby red lips.

The kiss was a bit warmer and longer than I had intended. Our lips remained softly pressed together as the seconds passed. Looking at her I could see that her eyes were closed and I could sense an increase in her breathing.

I reflexively closed my eyes and moved closer, until our bodies were barely touching. As our bodies touched I felt the grip of her hands on mine strengthen and she seemed to lean in toward me.

My tongue moved between my lips. It was just making contact with her bright red lips and I tasted the first tang of her lipstick. I could have sworn that I felt Sarah's lips parting to allow my tongue passage when I heard off in the distance in my mind. "So that's the old friend you're squiring on the town tonight. She doesn't look old to me."

We both jumped a mile and moved hastily apart. Mom was busily smoothing imaginary wrinkles from her dress as I looked to my right and saw George leaning out the door to the office of the service station looking at us.

"No she isn't old at all." I replied, "We've just known each other a very long time." I looked back at Mom and smiled before continuing, "And she is very dear to me."

In the light coming from the well-lit building and streetlights I could see Mom flush and she lowered her eyes in embarrassment. She shuffled her feet and ceased fidgeting with her dress before looking up again and gazing in the direction of the voice.

"I thought that I knew all your friends." George continued as he stepped through the door and walked toward us. "But I've never seen this vision of loveliness before, she's much to pretty to be out with an old, ugly, horn dog like you Kenny." He stopped a few feet away from us and bowed deeply toward Mom. "If you ever tire of yon varlet, my lady, come hither to mine castle and I shall whisk you away to delights beyond compare."

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